Word Part of speech alternatives noun amplify verb arbitration noun Meaning Example Sentence We can't offer you the raise you requested, but let's discuss some other alternatives. Could you amplify on your proposal please. We're better to settle this between us, because a formal arbitration will cost both of us money. We bargained on the last issue for over an hour before we agreed to take a break. I'll accept a raise of one dollar per hour, but that's my bottom-line. This is a collective concern, and it isn't fair to discuss it without Marie present. If you are willing to work ten extra hours a week we will compensate you by paying you overtime. I'd be willing to comply if you can offer me my own private office. We are willing to compromise on this issue because it means so much to you. I think we can offer all of these concessions, but not all at once. It is impossible to engage in conflict resolution when one of the parties refuses to listen. I confronted my boss about being undervalued, and we're going to talk about

other options

expand; give more information

conflict that is addressed by using a neutral third party

bargain verb bottom-line noun collective adj

try to change a person's mind by using various tactics

the lowest one is willing to go


compensate verb

make up for a loss

comply verb compromise verb concession noun conflict resolution noun confront verb


changing one's mind/terms slightly in order to find a resolution

a thing that is granted or accepted

general term for negotiations

present an issue to someone directly

but today she spoke cordially and listened to my point of view. but my counterpart would not stop talking. In their counter proposal they suggested that we keep their company name rather than creating a new one.M. My contract says that I am entitled to full benefits after six months of employment. but Monica is still holding a grudge. I was hoping to avoid discussing last year's dispute. Max has such a loud voice. Before we could start our counterattack they suggested we sign a contract. I have appreciated your cooperation throughout these negotiations. We have always been flexible in terms of your working hours. They had some last minute demands that were entirely unrealistic. It would be great if we could come to a consensus by 5:00 P. I tried to close the discussions at noon.things on Monday. he tends to dominate the conversations. In the past I have had little respect for that client. When the discussions came to a deadlock we wrote up a letter of intent to continue the negotiations next week. consensus noun cooperation noun counter proposal noun counterattack verb/noun counterpart noun agreement by all the working together the offer/request which is presented second in response to the first proposal present other side of an issue person on the other side of the negotiations cordially verb/noun politely demands adv needs/expectations that one side believes it deserves deadlock noun point where neither party will give in dispute noun argument/conflict dominate verb entitled adj flexible adj have the most control/stronger presence be deserving of open/willing to change .

My prime objective is to have my family members added to my benefits plan. We have a little bit of leverage because we are the only stationary company in town. I acted on impulse when I signed that sixmonth contract. He pressured me to accept the terms by using intimidation tactics. The decision to call off the merger was mutual. I want you to know that we don't have any hostility towards your company despite last year's mixup. I'm planning to high-ball my expectations when I open the discussion. From my point of view it makes more sense to wait another six months. After a bit of log-rolling we came to an agreement that pleased both of us. They misled us into thinking that everything could be resolved today. I was expecting my boss to low-ball in the initial offer. hostility noun long-term anger towards another high-ball verb impulse noun make a request that is much higher than you expect to receive quick decision without thought or time indecisive adj has difficulty choosing/making a decision (bargaining power) something that gives one party a greater chance at succeeding over another trading one favour for another leverage noun log-rolling verb low-ball verb offer something much lower than you think the opponent will ask for mislead verb mutual adj objective noun point of view noun pressure verb convince by altering or not telling the whole truth about something agreed by both or all goal for the outcome person's ideas/ thoughts work hard to convince another of an idea . but he proposed a fair salary increase. They were so indecisive we finally asked them to take a break and come back next week.haggling verb arguing back and forth (often about prices) We've been haggling over this issue for too long now.

Mary's resentment stems from our not choosing her to head the project. The client will only yield to our conditions. It's unrealistic to think that we will have all of our demands met. There are certain tactics that all skillful negotiators employ. he'd quit today without two week's notice. Before you can resolve your differences you'll both need to calm down. open to/interested in an idea anger held onto from a previous conflict a display of opposition end conflict. His ultimatum was that if I didn't agree to give him the raise he asked for. We didn't expect so much resistance on the final issue.proposal noun receptive adj resentment noun resistance noun resolve verb tactics noun tension noun argument to present While I listened to their proposal I noted each of their objectives. His positive body language demonstrated that he was receptive to our suggestions. Lower payments over a longer period of time sounded like a fair trade-off until we asked about interest charges. There was a lot of tension in the room when George threatened to quit. We considered it a victory because they agreed to four of our five terms. come to an agreement strategies used to get one's goals met feeling of stress/anxiety caused by heavy conflict trade-off noun terms that are offered in return for something else ultimatum noun a final term that has serious consequences if not met unrealistic adj victory noun very unlikely to happen a win yield verb to give in to another's requests Business Correspondence Glossary apologize . if we agree to work over the holiday weekend.

makes life easy cooperation noun the act of working together coordinator . issues confidential adjective private conscientious adjective cares about quality of work contribution noun individual effort or support in a group convenient adjective suitable.verb say "sorry" approach noun method or style of doing something attitude noun outlook on life by invitation only only those who are asked to come will be allowed in commence verb start complimentary adjective free concerns noun problems. favourable.

noun person who organizes something dedication noun a lot of effort put into something dependable adjective can be trusted disregard verb ignore. pay no attention to do not hesitate phrase don't wait dropped verb fell to a lower amount effective adjective produces a positive response efficient adjective performs well enclosed adjective included inside encouraged verb persuaded or inspired enquire (BrE) inquire (AmE) verb looking for information extravaganza noun exciting and rare event .

formal adjective following set requirements grateful adjective thankful guarantee verb promise impact noun effect indicates verb shows invoice noun document detailing purchases and money owed latest adjective most modern lay-off verb take a job away from an employee (when employee is not at fault) notice noun document that indicates a change or event outstanding balance adjective money still owed pleasure noun enjoyment postpone verb .

delay until later preferred customer buyer who comes back often present verb award something to someone professional adjective exhibits suitable behaviour on the job profound adjective deep punctual noun always on time reach me verb find and talk to me records noun files that keep track of business matters regarding verb being about regret verb feel bad reliable adj dependable replacement noun someone who fills the position of another representative noun .

company..B.a person who acts on behalf of another person.A . policy. resignation noun the act of leaving a job position respected adj considered good and honest retirement noun a permanent leave from the workplace (usually due to aging) senior staff noun employees who hold high positions or have been working at the same place for a long time severance noun money paid to make up for a separation sharp adverb exactly (in reference to time) skyrocketed verb went up higher very quickly stock noun share in ownership struggle verb work at with difficulty sufficient adj enough support noun financial help T..

To Be Announced versatile adj with a variety of skills and abilities welcome adjective (happily) permitted to do something .

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