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============================================ some placement questions [accenture]===> ================================================================================== ===================== gd :=======>

=================================================== 1. leaders are born or made. 2. education is necessary for politician or not. 3. india wants to continue relationship with pak or not. hr round:==========> =================================================== 1. when will u complete the course? 2. when will u join in accenture? 3. willing to relocate? 4. do u have passpot & driving license? 5. why accenture? 6. what companies u have applied? 7. infosys or verizon or accenture which is best and why? 8. tell abt urself? 9. what do u know abt accenture? tech-round:========> ============================================================ 1. tell about ur self? 2. explain sdlc? 3. what is waterfall and spiral model? 4. what is linked list and its types. 5. what are the rules for rdbms and who developed it? 6. commands in ddl,dml,dcl & tcl? 7. about normalization and asked real time impelmentation? 8. about packages in oracle? 9. abt triggers and when it will trigger?(before,after) 10. maximum no. of triggers for row and column in a table? 11. about primary key and foreign key? 12. what is os? 13. what is data structures? 14. what is the function of os? 15. abt project? 16. some questions from project? 17. tell abt oops concept? 18. difference bet. c++ & java? 19. factorial program in java? 20. fibonacci series in java using array? 21. count the no. of occurances �accenture� in a file? ================================================================================== =========================== others ======================= if u specified unix in ur resume they asked unix commands in vi editor. types of editors in unix? they concentrated mainly on os. final year project & microprocessor (mainly interrupts & interfacing). as far as h.r. is concerned be sure to have a good & convincing answer if u have a gap in important thing i feel that he was looking for was

confidence. ================================================================================== === total :- 450 written clear :- 80 hr clear :- 45 tech (final) clear :- 28 pattern of written paper and whatever the questions r remember�.i m giving to u. it was a objective paper without negative marking.there was 5 sets common for all and 1 extra(dbms) set only for m.c.a.�s. all set conatined 15 question each only and the time given for dbms set (for m.c.a.�s) was 15 minutes and then 75 min common for all. set were 1- english 2- maths 3- reasining 4- c 5- c++ all were bunch together,time management was upto u. ========================================================================= set dbms. ========================================================================= 1- data model is a) entity b) constriants c) entity relationship d) all the above ans:- c 2- choise the correct one select ,emp.age from emp1,emp2 where emp.sno = 456; a) cluster b) non-cluster c) index d) none of these 3- what is index? a) atrendum selectio of colum ans) a 4- match the following 1- one to one a) manager to employ 2- one to many b) employ to employ 3- many to one c) unique object 4- many to many d) employ to manager a) 1-a ,2-b ,3-c,4-d b) 1-c,2-d,3-a,4-b c) 1-c,2-a,3-d,4-b d) 1-d,2-b,3-a,4-c ans) c 5select from first where first.age = (select first.age from first where first.sno = 3); a) max b) allen c) rony d) noneof these there were 3 question on same type of queries(u should be good in foreign key relationship and relationship with in a single table). one question was based on index. also one more mapping relationship given based upon the figure. ================================================================================= set english ================================================================================ 5 question based upon simple preposition (dam easy) 3 question from article. 5 questions from a single passage.

4-5 questions of synonyms.(from a given word was bold�.for that). ============================================ set maths ============================================ very �very easy question from r.s. aggarwal�..(logical based maths). ======================================== set reasoning ======================================== 3 questions based upon equality of number�s �means three no�s given �� a) if all equal b) if 1,2 same c) if 2,3 same d) none�.. dam �easy 3 questions based upon equality of symbols �means if + means * and * means / and � means + and + means � then mean of 28*40/4+2-6 8 question upon set theory means if 100 r selecting in maths and 90 in physics 120 in chemistry & 22 in phy& maths both ,33 in maths & chemisty both 44 in ches & phy�11 in all then 1) how many only in maths��. 2) only in physics�� 3) only in chemistry��. 4) how many in atleast 2�� likewise��all were dam �easy ,if u r easy with van-diagram�..first make the vandiagram and then use the formula. set c 4 3 2 3 2 1 question on pointers� on file handling�. on functions�. structurs and unions from bitwise from memory & space(how much memory this will take)

dear ,if i will say it was dam-tuff�i think i will be insulting of the level of the questions�.the syntax of the questions were ununderstandable�some questions were taking more then 1 page�.forget abt the solving..noone could read them in 15 mins�. it was total luck�try to solve 4-5 �which u can and then put a intelligent guess( or same opt on all) on other�� u can use test ur c skills and explore in c�but paper level was too much from them also.only application part�s were there. set c++ inheritance scope of protected

virtual function static member function file handling question) if error is not catch by first catch statement then what will happen�.4 scenario were given�choose 1 among them. copy constructor and other�s were ununderstandable that from which topic they were and which concept we have to folloe???????????????? really i cann�t inselt this part too by saying dam-tough���. ur luck was really very needed�� hr � interview 1- if u have any question then ask me�..( it was asked as a first question in interview from many�.) 2- ur family background� 3- ur education background� 4 � if i will not select u then what u will do ???? 5- tell me abt urself.. 6 � what u think�u should devolp in urself.. 7- why u want to join accenture� technical interview 1- what is the need of normalisation in data base. 2- 1-5 all normalise forms( from many they directly asked 4th and 5th normanilise..(mostly from m.c.a.�s) 3- what is semafore in o.s. . 4- what is paging and demand paging. 5- how memeory works in a computer system. 6- how recursion works in c. 7- which datastructure used in recursion. 8- deference between structure n union. 9- what is erp�..(accenture having work in erp�as we m.c.a�s having erp in 3rd sem so�the person highlighted or wrote sth in resume ,they asked abt erp from them only). 10- what is reengineering in erp. 11- if u have too much cash in ur hand, then what u will do in behalf of the company�.. 12- why u want to join accenture�. 13- tell me abt urself. 14- what abt ur strength & weakness. 15- why i should hire u ?????? 16- why ur area of interest is �oops��..(mostly used to asked oops and they ask same question from many). 17- if u have any question, ask me�..