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Au Wai Laam 10384267 Film and Philosophy 162-01 4th November, 2007 ‘Time travel only appears in fictions

and films and it causes a lot of puzzles. Therefore, it is impossible and scientists should not pursue it,’ Discuss.

Time is a very basic concept in the world. No one knows “time” exist or not. Some one say that time is moving and move in one direction so as to something in the future will happen. But here is a question: if time is moving, how can we examine the rate of temporal progression? While time is not made up of atoms, it is something abstract. We can’t find out the actual rate of temporal progression. We can’t grasp the time until now, how can we even talk about time travel? Time travel only appears in fictions and films and it causes a lot of puzzles. Consider Terminator, Kyle Reese is the biological father of John Connor. In 2012, John sent Kyle to the past. Kyle backward travel to 1984 and his encounter with Sarah led to give birth of John. And then Kyle died. In 1995, Kyle was born and then became friends with John. He led the birth of John, but he is smaller than John. How come the father is smaller than the son? And how come Kyle die before his birth? It is logical contradiction. But I think the time travel problem is easy to be solved by the times going. There have no science many years ago. I think Ah Don, the first man of the world, has not even imagined human can fly in the sky, live in 200 metres above the ground. Science is more advanced day by day. We can change the dream of “time travel” to be real. Although time is not an essence, I think time may be is an unknown energy. In this high

technologically century, many unknown are going to be known. Albert Einstein, a well known physicist and also my most admiring idol, had a special theory of relativity which mention the concept of time dilation. ’Time dilation is that travelling at a speed close to speed of light can “slow down“ the ageing of the traveller. A person travelling at the speed of light for a year from location x to location y and then back to x has spent a year of his personal time; but due to the difference of time frames between the traveller and the world at x, he will find that after a year of high-speed travelling, the world at x has in fact progressed for more than a year (such a scenario is called the Twin Paradox).’1 Extract from Twenty Problem In Phylosiphy. If we can travel at light speed, we can have a chance to go to future. But someone will ask: how can we travel at a light speed, this is technological impossible. About one hundred years ago, there has no any aeroplane in the world. The first aeroplane is invented by Wright brother,Orville and Wilbur who are American, in 1903. The aeroplane could fly 106 km/h in 1910. After upgrade and upgrade, the plane in 2004 can fly at a speed of 7700 km/h. Between about one hundred years, the speed of plane in 2004 is about 73 times the speed of the plane in 1910. The speed of light is about 299,792 km/h, is 2828 times of the plane in 1910. According to the improved rate of speed of plane, a light-speed plane will be invested after about 3900 years later. So it is technological possible to time travel. As a conclusion, I think time travel is absolutely not impossible. Scientist should strive to investigate about time. Even if there are many puzzles and trouble, scientist must be brave to face

Twenty Problem in Philosophy

them. It is because they can have a honor fame after they solve them. Time travel can be expected soon.