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Name: Au Wai Laam Student number: 10384267 Class number: 01 Popular Culture 128-01 21st November, 2007

News Report
We watch television everyday and receive many information form it. News reports is one of the major information source. While news report is report the most recent internetional affairs. News reports occupy a part of our life. We watch the world though the news reports. Therefore it should be accurate and realiable. News reports is constructed to show professionalism and neutrality by several charactors. News reports should broadcast on schedule everyday and it broadcast in different time slot to cater to different audience. And the news in three period are different, it represent the news are happen every minutes and exist everywhere. As a professional newscaster, they should wear formally to show their respect to the occasion and their duty of reporting news to the public. “The mode of presentation disposes us to a client or submissive relationshilp with the news and newsreaders. They talk, we listen. They explain, we accept.”1 So they should speak clearly to prevent give wrong message to the audience. About the design and decoration of the studio should be arranged solemnly. They should have two music, they are played before the beginning and after the ending respectively, they are the sign of the beginning and the ending of the news report. The pictures should be taken seriously and related to the news. They could increase the


The note from Crystal Ng

credibility of their reprot. Their stant when they are reporting news should be neutral. Let see if TVB news reports meet the above mentioned requirement. TVB news report broadcast in the moring, the evening and the midnight everyday. Sometimes the news are different, it shows they keep on reporting updated news. Their newscaster wear fomally and tidy. They speak clearly. About the disign of the studio, the have a earth map model behind the wall of the newscaster, the connotation is their news is came from all over the world. This fulfil their slogan “無綫新聞, 事事關心”. They have their beginning and ending music for the identification. Aside from the ending music, they also clsoe the light and zoom the camera to represent the ending. They have their own pictures for every news, to give the sign of believability to the audience. But sometimes it is not objective about the word they say. For example the “又”, “仲” and “先至” when she reported about“昂平纜車又遲開放仲唔公報, 到中午之後先至解釋”. These word is represent discontentment. They mislead us to have a fasle impression on subject. The news agenda is always about the Hong Kong and overseas. The Hong Kong news used to be more occupation in the news report. It is because the news of Hong Kong is more related to us. And the news reported are about the bad things for example car accidents, smuggling and suicide. It is the sterotype of Hong Kong news. There is different news editing in different years. They always put the most important news in the highlight. The international news, Ngong Ping 360 cable car delay, is put prior to the local

news, Chief Executive meet the leader of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. Ngong Ping 360 cable car delay is an international event since foreigners are also invovled that the image of Hong Kong is affected. While the meeting of Chief Excutive and the HKEx leaders concern about the local policy only, so it is put at the back. About the interpretation of TVB news report, they add some subjective single word in the above case. I think the newscaster parenthesize some subjective single word can speak like a human not a robot. The audience is client of TVB, so they try to attrack more audience by such ways. Hong Kong people yearn for humane society, they can find wormth when they are facing the storyteller. In my opinion, not that they can not be 100% neutral, but that they can not speak without emotion. To conclude i think the news report is presented neutrally. I think we can not judge the TVB news report not enough professionalism and neutrality because of few subjective word. Although their news report contain 9% subjective view and unprofessional, they also have 91% objective view and professional. TV news report are the only media giving information in both pictures and sounds. And there are laws monitering the TV companies, they are operated under the government.