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Vol. 72 No. 38 November 23 - 29, 2011 50 cents

Parker Bohn III, Alex Aguiar Win PBA West Region Doubles Title
Wes Malott Won All Regions Evemt
By Bill Vint - PBA LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Six-time Professional Bowlers Association Tour winner Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, defeated rookie Josh Blanchard of Gilbert, Ariz., 266-214, to win the PBA All Regions South Point Open at South Point Bowling Center. Malott, the 2008-09 PBA Player of the Year, collected his 14th career PBA Regional title and a $4,000 prize. Blanchard, who has been a PBA member for just over a week, earned $2,200. Malott defeated Chris Hayden of Las Vegas, 268-228, and Blanchard eliminated Mike Fagan of Dallas, 251-224, in the semifinal round to set up the championship match. The All Regions South Point Open was the first of two PBA Regional events taking place at PBA Photo South Point. Wes Malott PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III of Jackson, N.J., and amateur partner Alex Aguiar of Dartmouth, Mass., defeated Brian Kretzer of Dayton, Ohio, and amateur Jeff Fehr of Cincinnati, 428-415, to win the PBA West Region Member/NonMember Doubles title Sunday at South Point Bowling Center. Bohn fired a 224 and Aguiar a 204 to claim the $4,800 first prize. The victory was Bohn’s 19th in PBA Regional PBA Photo competition. He also Parker Bohn III has 32 PBA Tour titles, sixth best in PBA history. He and Aguiar upset the top-seeded team of Hyun Bum Kim of South Korea and Mika Koivuniemi of Hartland, Mich., 420-412, in the semifinal round to advance to the title match. Action resumes in the PBA World Series of Bowling when qualifying begins in the Carmen Salvino Classic where after two six-game rounds, the top 16 players will advance to an additional six-game qualifying round to determine the top four players for the ESPN TV finals which will be conducted in South Point Exhibition Hall.

Fred Catapano Blasted 300 At Farmingdale Lanes
FARMINGDALE, NY – Fred Catapano blasted twelve in a row for a 300 game while rolling in the Tuesday Early Birds League at Farmingdale Lanes. Earl Holden rolled 258-246204-708. In the Wednesday Party League and Tuesday Nite Owls League Gary Mertens and Thomas Fleissner each shot a 277 game respectively. In the Wednesday Early Men’s League Mike Maisono shot 223205-279-707 and Paul Bouchard 279.

Rocco Fortunato Rolled 300 At Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rocco Fortunato led the scoring in the Family League rolling perfect with a 300 game between games of 194 and 288 for the session high series of 782. Steve Venito rolled 216-220259-695, Dan Pawelek 219-210248-677, Stephanie Hoff 200-246221-667, James Medoro 266-645, Kevin Kopko 234-228-623, Robert McCracken 222-224-621 and Bob Nebus 227-239-620.

Keri May Hit 300 at Rockaway
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Keri May blasted a twelve banger 300 game to take the spotlight bowling in the Mixed League at Rockaway Lanes. Tom Colucci shot close to perfect with a 298 game on his way to a 733 set. Walt Forrester posted a 267 followed by Tyroen Waal with a 250, Donna Sodano 225, Corey Smith 249-680 and Nidia Haneveld 238608.

ESPN's 2011-12 PBA Tour Coverage Begins on December 4 New season to conclude with live PBA Tournament of Champions coverage on April 15
SEATTLE - For the 32nd consecutive year, ESPN will provide millions of American bowling fans with nationallytelevised coverage of the Professional Bowlers Association during the 2011-12 season. The PBA Tour's new television season, which includes 18 Sunday telecasts, will begin with a "doubleheader" on Sunday, Dec. 4 with the men's and women's World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA airing in back-to-back one-hour segments. The PBA-ESPN season will conclude with the live finals of the PBA Tournament of Champions from Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 15. Supplementing the ESPN telecasts,'s exclusive Xtra Frame video streaming service will provide more than 250 hours of live, online coverage of PBA Tour preliminary rounds as well as start-to-finish coverage of four new Xtra Frame Tour events during the season.

(all times Eastern) Dec. 4, 1 p.m. - World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA (men), Las Vegas. Dec. 4, 2 p.m. - World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA (women), Las Vegas. Dec. 11, 1 p.m. - WSOB PBA World Championship, Carter Division, Las Vegas. Dec. 18, 1 p.m. - WSOB PBA World Championship, Hardwick Division, Las Vegas. Jan. 1, 1 p.m. - WSOB PBA World Championship, Petraglia Division, Las Vegas. Jan. 8, 1 p.m. - WSOB PBA World Championship, Aulby Division, Las Vegas. Jan. 15, 1 p.m. - WSOB PBA World Championship finals, Las Vegas. Jan. 22, 3 p.m. - WSOB Bayer Viper Open, Las Vegas.

Jan. 29, 12:30 p.m. - USBC Masters, Las Vegas. Feb. 5, 4 p.m. - Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational, New Orleans. Feb. 12, 3 p.m. - WSOB Chameleon Open, Las Vegas. Feb. 19, 3 p.m. - WSOB Scorpion Open, Las Vegas. Feb. 26, 3 p.m. - 69th U.S. Open, North Brunswick, N.J. March 4, 3 p.m. - WSOB Shark Open, Las Vegas. March 25, 2:30 p.m. - WSOB Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship, Las Vegas. April 1, 1 p.m. - WSOB Carmen Salvino Classic, Las Vegas. April 8, 1 p.m. - WSOB PBA Exempt Players Championship, Las Vegas. April 15, 1 p.m. - PBA Tournament of Champions, Las Vegas. WSOB = PBA World Series of Bowling



November 23 - 29, 2011


By Bill Vint - PBA After finishing fourth and eighth, respectively, in the AMF Australian Masters in Sydney, Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill., and Australia’s Jason Belmonte have locked up a head-to-head “grudge match” that will launch the PBA Tour’s 2011-12 television season on ESPN on Sunday, Dec. 4. A Rash-Belmonte re-match has been anticipated since their emotional “bottlegate” confrontation during the GEICO PBA Team Shootout in June in Chicago. During a Team Shootout match, Rash angrily responded to Belmonte after he apparently made a noise with his plastic water bottle while Rash was on the approach, preparing to make a key shot. Belmonte later dismissed the incident as an accident, but neither player was apologetic, and both promised to resolve any differences on the lanes when they meet again. That meeting will occur as the first match of the men’s finals of the World Bowling Tour presented by the PBA, which will air at 1 p.m. ET on Dec. 4 on ESPN. Rash qualified second in the seasonlong WBT points standings behind points leader Mika Koivuniemi of Hartland, Mich., while Belmonte finished third on the points list. Hong Kong’s Wu Siu Hong (coached by former PBA touring player Purvis Granger) won the Australian Masters men’s title and a $25,000 first prize with a 226-207, 259-243 victory over Mike Fagan of Patchogue, N.Y. Koivuniemi finished third, Rash fourth, Dan MacLelland of Saginaw, Mich., was fifth, and Belmonte eighth. Two-time PBA Women’s Series title winner Shannon Pluhowsky of Kettering, Ohio, won the Australian Masters women’s title, defeating Sweden’s Sandra Andersson, 236-181, 210-181, but the second-place finish was enough for Andersson to knock PBA Tour titlist Kelly Kulick out of the WBT women’s finals. Kulick and WBT women’s points leader Carolyn Dorin-Ballard did not bowl in Australia. Dorin-Ballard won the WBT women’s points title followed by Sweden’s Nina Flack and Andersson. The WBT Women’s Finals presented by the PBA stepladder finals will follow the men’s telecast on ESPN on Dec. 4.


Steve Schantz 779
STATEN ISLAND, NY - Steve Schantz led game and set scoring in the Country Pro-Shop Mixed League firing games of 244-278257 for a high series of 779. John Wilders rolled 268-249729, Alan Callahan 279-687, Vincent Ferrante 253-682 and Jette Gullo 211.

Ricky Reebe 714
STATEN ISLAND, NY - Ricky Reebe led the scoring in the Michael Carbomaro Mixed League firing a 267 game for a high series of 714. Steve McNichol rolled 267694, Merrill Barizone 256-671, Maria Gumb 279-636, Andrea Lindell 223-624, Keith Trepol 277, Richie Williams 258, Lou Conte 247 and Jonathan Adnrews 245.

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Jim Garity 673
STATEN ISLAND, NY - Jim Garity led the Senior Men’s League firing 228-256 for a high series of 673. Ray Miranda rolled 256-223659, Stu Isaacs 212-207-205-624, Tom Mannino 233, Willie Keonig 223-208 and Ben Johnson 214.

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What do non-bowlers have against bowling? Nothing, really. Except opinions formed because of their ignorance of the sport as a competitive challenge. Almost everyone bowls or has bowled at one time or another. It’s a sure thing that everyone who bowls or has bowled has scored a strike. A strike in bowling is it. That’s the best you can do on a single ball. Yet, a child can roll as perfect a strike as any pro. Most people never hit a home run, throw or catch a touchdown pass, score a knockout, sink a long one, score any kind of goal, or actually do any of the one shot things tahte constitute precision or perfection in a sport. Therefore, because they can do what the top pros strive all their lives to do, toss a strike, and to must it usually happens the first time they go bowling, they tend to look down on bowling as a serious or difficult sport. It is only when they try to put a few strikes together that they appreciate how difficult it can be. And when they see a wide assortment of spares, with pins peeking at them from all areas of the lane, they quickly realize that successful spare shooting is also an art. Add to that many paths a bowling ball takes, from gutter to gutter particularly in the hands of a novice, and the degree of difficulty multiplies. There’s a look of monotony to the sport unless you’re into it. Watching bowling is not the same as bowling, Bowling casually is not the same as worrying about it, and even the serious non-pro bowler can’t know what enters a pro’s mind and body when it means his livelihood. High scoring trends haven’t helped. In no other sport can the best in the world move into a town, and find that local juniors

carry the same kind of average as the best. Long explanations of how lane conditions can cary and cause such situations gain short attention. Bowling is the only sport I know of in which pros can be barred from amateur tournaments which pay more money than the pro tournaments. Read that again. Now make believe you’re a sports editor or a radio or TV station sports director who knows nothing about bowling. He finds all this hard to believe. And it is only through a long process of education that he can be convinced, that though bowling might be a little strange in ways, there is a method to all madness, and that the final product today is the result of a long, historical march. I’ve seen a few heads shake when non-bowlers discover there are many bowlers who don’t know how to keep score. Because there are automatic scorers and someone always willing or able to keep scores, you can get by for as long as you wish without knowing too much. That’s bad. Bowling is a sport in which participants range from those who have no athletic ability at all to those who could star in any type of athletic endeavor. It’s a sport in which you can slide by not knowing a thing about it, yet one you can spend your while life learning more and more about. Maybe bowling is too many different people, and that could be why it doesn’t have any real enemies among non-bowlers, but neither does that many diehard supporters and backers. Make yourself a more educated bowler in every way. It will be a fascinating and rewarding experience. Then, slowly but surely, impart it to that non bowler relative, friend, or stranger.

November 23 - 29, 2011



J o a n Ta y l o r ’ s Te n P i n R a p . . . .
This may become an annual rant, like my every-two year “Bowling should be an Olympic Sport” rant. But this one is about the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame. And this year’s inductee will be (wait for it) Miley Cyrus. Last year they opened up voting to the general public, apparently comprised of hundreds of thousands of teenagers. The top two front-runners were Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, with Swift taking the “title.” This was based on her being “seen at bowling centers periodically with friends.” Bieber had a music video set in a bowling center…one video. The kicker was that Swift was presumably on tour or in a recording studio during what should have been her induction in Arlington, TX in June,. But the BPAA announced she sent an acceptance video. Not so. Someone took the famous Kanye West awardus-interruptus Video Music Awards scene and dubbed in some lunacy about how Taylor Swift didn’t deserve the (bowling) Hall and that Beyonce should have gotten the bowling celebrity honors. So sad. And now based on “Miley Cyrus is certainly a busy girl, but when she’s not filming or recording, she’s been spotted at various bowling centers with celebrity friends, including fellow nominees Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber, and charity bowling events,” and a whopping “popular” vote, Cyrus will be inducted (whether on hand or not) into the Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame. In addition to Bieber who again came in second place, nominees were: Nick and Joe Jonas, Jeff Bridges, Lady Gaga (what?), Bill Murray, Li’l Wayne, Michael Jordan (oh that’s right, his name was on a bowling ball back in the day), Jimmy Fallon and (ugh) Kim Kardashian. Never mind that NASCAR star driver Jeff Gordon hosts a bowling fundraiser for his charity, the Riley Hospital for Children, every year featuring PBA stars. Or that Michael J. Fox “trained” for his role in “Greedy” by enlisting Johnny Petraglia to coach Fox, and by appearing at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes for an exhibition, and attending a pro tournament. Despite my nausea at the movie, Kingpin was centered around our beloved sport and featured Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid. Going back to the 1970s, “Dreamer” was also about a professional bowler whose dream it was to earn enough money bowling to open his own center. So why didn’t Tim Mathesen get a nomination for the celebrity hall? Who doesn’t remember Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski? There was plenty of bowling in that movie. Remember that TV show “Ed?” Why not nominate actor Tom Cavanaugh who week after week portrayed a bowling center owner? Rockaway Lanes’ own Ken Yokobosky even served as an advisor and “stunt double” for that show, shot in New Jersey. So for a pop singer/actress and country singer/actress to join the likes of Jerome Bettis and Lynne Swann, it’s a bit insulting. If the BPAA gave an award to a celebrity “for distinguishing yourself by bowling with friends,” I wouldn’t be as offended as I am. On the other side of this fence is the fact that in answer to “What were they thinking?” I came up with a theory. That bowling and the BPAA are trying to “appeal to a younger demographic” much like the PBA is with their cheerleaders and such. A “younger demographic” is fine for Bowlopolis, Junior Team USA, the Junior Masters tournament, birthday parties, and glow bowling. If you market it, they will come. As for Smiley Miley, maybe if “Party in the USA” had been “Bowling in the USA” I wouldn’t have been so harsh. So what is the solution? Ask a group who knows show biz and bowling to come up with nominees. Can you imagine if other Halls of Fame listed nominees based on sightings at a ball park or football stadium? What would Cooperstown and Canton be like? I shudder at the thought. And by the way, that younger demographic won’t comprise the majority of attendees at the BPAA national meeting, seminars, and Bowl Expo who will be on hand next year in Reno, NV to see the induction, if there is one. There will be some families, and a handful of teenagers, but not enough to make a big to-do of 18-year-old Miley’s induction. But Jeff Bridges, or Michael J. or Tim Matheson? Any one would be great and worthy. I guess that makes me “The Dreamer.”



November 23 - 29, 2011

Larry Lisbons Bowled 757 At Holiday Bowl
OAKLAND, NJ – Larry Lisbona led the scoring in the Ridgewood Pompton Men’s League at Holiday Bowl firing games of 237-276-244 for a high series of 757. Bostie Costello shot 279-246-230-755, Tony tango 236-269-247752, Dan Papaccioli 268-225-699, Amir Abtahi 238-237-681, Jim Kelelran 235-233-681, and Joe Zimmerman 244-656.

Nidia Haneveld 299
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Nidia Haneveld blasted a near perfect high game of 299 while rolling in the Thursday Nite Mixed League. Lupe Zaragoza hit 235, Wayne Poverstien 215, and Lee Ann Mackin 213.

Mike Jankowski 257
MADISON, NJ - Mike Jankowski rolled a high game of 257 followed by Jon Russo with a 234 and Dan Smith bowled 228.

Ken Kastner 240
MADISON, NJ – In the Morris County Police & Fire League Ken Kastner rolled 240-664, Jimmy Granato 229, Tony Romaro 225, Joe Horincewich 633 and Bill Granata 603. In the Thursday Mixed League Thomas Litland shot 232, Travis Wilfong 222, Jim Sirica and Charles Wilfong 221. In the Ladies League Lies’l Apgar hit 215 and Cindy Heinemeyer 201.

Nichole Spratford 717
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Nichole Spratford led the scoring in the County Tuesday Night Mixed League firing a 258 game for a high series of 717. Danny Nykforuk rolled 278654, Charles Wilfong 251, and Sandy Turner 214-614.

Jim Westergaard 713
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Jim Westergaard led the scoring in the Monday Early Birds League firing a 265 game for a high series of 713. Anthony Genovese rolled 247-679, Duke Nicolian II 246-625, Leeann Chrevsik and Judy Larick 206. In the Fox Hills Seniors League Robert Forette shot 218, and Don King 205. Tammy Baldwin rolled 222, Donna Murphy 202, and Colleen Boyd 200 in the Women’s League.

Ben Mayer 266
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Ben Mayer rolled 266, Philip St. Amand 246659 and Doug Batsch 240 in the Lake Hiawatha A.C. League.

G. Dakak, Jr. 657
ROCKAWAY, NJ – George Dakak, Jr. led the competition rolling in the Foursome League firing a 253 game for a high series of 657. Allen Apgar shot 244, Shawn Casey 237, Joan Dakak 246, Lies’l Apgar 227, and Karen Cook 199. In the PBA Experience League Rob Sperling shot 234, Ken Yokobosky 224, Larry Timpson 216, and Lies’l Apgar 212. Andy Boyd rolled 226 in the NorBu Lodge League.

Corey Smith 254
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Corey Smith led the scoring in the Mixed League firing a high game of 254. Bob Olstead shot 230, Darern Zarrillo 226, Nidia Haneveld 234 and Nicole Malson rolled a 233. In the Friday Tri Mixed League Deb Montgomery hit 213, and Harry Kostyk 193.

November 23 - 29, 2011





November 23 - 29, 2011

Tom Byers 290
LEVITTOWN, NY – Tom Byers led the scoring in the Monday LIA League firing a high game of 290. Joseph Morreale hit 279-267789, Charlie Liotta 269-254-704, Darren Thomas 269, Gilberto Cruz 267, Jen Zappolo 256-694 and Sally Gibilterra 211.

Tom Kirchner 289
LEVITTOWN, NY – Tom Kirchner led the scoring in the Friday Astoria Federal Men’s League blasting a high game of 289. Justin Sternberg shot 279-256711, and Rich Mahler 257.

Cappy Caporusso 715
LEVITTOWN, NY – Cappy Caporusso topped the Wednesday Swingtime Seniors League pitching games of 254-246 for a high series of 715. Gene Kelly shot 209 and Marylou Hopp 202.

Ivan Rodriguez, Sr. 252
LEVITTOWN, NY – In the Wednesday Men’s Nite League Ivan Rodriguez, Sr. rolled 252, Ken Werner 245 and Tom Hamel 234. In the Tuesday Early Birds League Jenn D’Iorio hit 214, Dianne Buckman 213, Anne Zajack 211, and Liz Faust 204.

Richie Coyer 672
LEVITTOWN, NY – Richie Coyer led the scoring in the Wednesday Young at Heart Seniors League firing games of 257-213 for a high series of 672. Pete Thomasefsky rolled 238, Bob Sandkuhl 228, Jack Mateer 212 and Joe cagna 211.

Debbie Gerstner 693
LEVITTOWN, NY – Debbie Gerstner led the Monday BFCU League tossing 265-236-693. Rich Arcas shot 246. In the Monday Seniors League Ray Wilson shot 223, and Bob Sandkuhl and Bob Haskin 200.

November 23 - 29, 2011

Dan Levin 290


By Joe Rizzi MONTVALE – Mike Wuhrman led all scorers in the Montvale Major League, bowling a 721 series on games of 241, 226 and 254. His effort, along with Kevin Mahon's 253-255--707, Matt Rovetto's 256-674 and Sara Rankin's 236-657, led first-place Davey's Locker to a 25-8 victory. Ray Keim bowled 289-236--717, leading to a 249 victory over Rite Way. Other scores for the week included: John Rankin 259-692, Bob Higgins 241-691, Tom Flynn 257-688, Rich Naclerio 246-666, Rick Guevarra 247-664, Bob Greenwood 247-662, Joe Alfano 257-662, Gerrit Overeem 254-658, Jeff Rovetto 235-657, Dave Hulsizer 235-651, Mike Rovetto 223-647 and Toto Roldan 244-646.

Rick 279-759 at Lodi Mike Wuhrman 721 in Montvale Major FARMINGDALE LODI, NJGuevarrabowled 279-268-212-759 to top Lanes – Rick Guevarra all bowlers
FARMINGDALE, NY - Dan Levin blasted 290-207-259-756 in the Thursday 3-Man League. Jagt Gabino rolled 269-206257-756, Ron Miller 269-732, Mac McNally 247-245-228-720 and Don Perillo 247-226-235-708 in the Monday Lodi Classic at Lodi Lanes. Jason Tenorio rolled 278-256-216-750, Augusto Aquino 276-221-248745, Justin Sloan 225-259-256-740, Clay Pezzano 258-257-217-732, Kenn Schlomann 277-246-207-730, Everett Oaks 237-246-244-727, Steve Tripp 244-212-256-712, and Ray Valderrama 194-245-267-706.

Todd Holly 289
FARMINGDALE, NY - Todd Holly rolled a high game of 289 in the Saturday Island Trees League. Gary Mertens shot 277 in the Wednesday Party League and Thomas Fleissner 277 in the Tuesday Nite Owls League.

Nick Rossi Blasted 285-736 In Youth Travelers at Holiday Bowl
By Vince Albrecht OAKLAND, NJ – The North Jersey Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League opened the 2011-12 season at Holiday Bowl where Matt Hauser’s 226 and Justin Puchalski’s 606 led the eight-team league keglers. When resuming action at Fair Lawn, Montvale’s Nick Rossi exploded with 285-736 followed by Bowler City I’s John Draney 666 and Boonton’s Justin Puchalski 249-665. In the Sunday competition at Bowler City, Montvale’s Billy Olszewski made his debut with a scorching 268-675 while John Draney carved out a 257. Other top scores included 12-year-old Fair Lawn anchor Steven Plaszky with 221-201-611, Holiday’s Colette Malyack 230-596 and Brian Rizzi 204; Bowler City I’s Ryan Perez 223 and Rob Gilbert, Jr 207; Bowler City II’s 12-year-old Kyle Shellberg 201 and James Kane 191; Boonton’s Justin Puchalski 189 and Karl Katterman 184; Bowler City IV’s Kendra Chaiken rolled a huge over average 180 game.

Frankie Berardino 754
FARMINGDALE, NY - Frankie Berardino shot 234-234-286-754 and Larry Romero 267-227-214708 in the Tuesday Early Birds . In another session Jim McGlynn shot 246-234-237-717, Mike Garrido 299-229-715, Edward Brown 246222-223-691 and Kerrick Jones 223233-203-659.

Ranee Jackson 289
FARMINGDALE, NY – Ranee Jackson blasted a high game of 289 in the Thursday 3-Man League. Damon Brown rolled 213-237278-728, Don Hicks 209-235-278722, John Cummings 244-278-702, John Bergen 268 and Eddie Brown 238-256-233-727.

David Begosh 726 at Parkway Lanes
Elmwood Park, NJ – David Begosh led all pin attackers with scores of 279-204-243 for a strong 726 series in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League, at Parkway Lanes. Scott Dunning pitched a 239 in a 691 set followed by Stephen Semancik rolling 249-680, Joseph Avola 268-670, Shea McGowan 257-664, Joseph Donnarumma 256-662, James Viola 258-654, Michael Aiellos 247-651 and Richard DeRosa hit 265-650.

Jim McGlynn 749
FARMINGDALE, NY - Jim McGlynn rolled 254-279-246-749 and Curtis Brown 238-214-247699 in the Tuesday Early Birds . Lucas Zito shot 266-238-203707 in the Monday Half Hollow Hills League.

Alex Rodriguez 722 at Hi-Tor
WEST HAVERSTRAW, NY – Alex Roddiguez tossed 242-224-256 for a league leading 722 set rolling in the Boyz Nite Out at Hi-Tor Lanes. Joseph Rosado bowled 212-259-226-697 followed by Jeremy Barham with 225-233-224-682, Joseph DiSiena 205-234-229-668, Kevin Granata 247-222-198-667, Louis DeSimone 220-226-217-663, Joseph Ardiri Jr. 209-202-251-662 and William Burckardt 236-235-190-661.

Clay Hunt 727
FARMINGDALE, NY - Clay Hunt blasted 257-246-224 for a 727 in the Friday Late Mixed. In the Wednesday Party League Lloyd Hasluck shot 265-245-704. Sal Celauro Jr. rolled 234-235246-715 in the Tuesday Nite Owls . In another session George Zandier hit 269, BJ Fuller 237-258-682 and Richie Brennan 215-243-655.

George Tahinos 705 in OLV
By Al Smetana WAYNE, NJ – George Tahinos was the leader of the pack this week, in both game and series, as he pounded out a 266 game on the way to a 705 series rolling in Our Lady of the Valley League at T-Bowl II. Teammate Jim Affinito was close behind with 227-664. Jim Broadfoot Jr. was right on their tail with 265-663 followed by Bob Pagliuccio with 224-661, Harry Fivehouse 226-657, Steve Aiello 237656, Dan Cedola 237-654, Tom Kaynak 248-614, Jeff Dudas 232-608 and Barry Hickman 214-600. Congratulations also to Mike Henderson for rolling his first ever 200+ game with a 202 score.
If you don’t see the

Bob O’Keefe 724
FARMINGDALE, NY - Bob O’Keefe paced the scoring in the Wednesday Men’s League firing games of 255-246-223 for a high series of 724. Leroy Williams hit 276 and Paul Mazza 268.

Sports Reporter
Where you bowl............ ............ask them to get it!



November 23 - 29, 2011

Rami Ahmed 781
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rami Ahmed topped the scoring in the Middlesex County Classic League firing games of 245-279-257 for a high series of 781. Glenn Mohr, Jr. rolled 279-219245-743, Tim McQueary 230-288233-741, Michael Ibanez 256-257228-741, Kyle Jannuzzi 231-233276-740, Joe Plescia 279-257-202738, Jason Paro 257-210-268-735, Joe Herber 233-247-243-713.

Glenn Mohr 750
HOPELAWN, NJ - Glenn Mohr topped the scoring in the Raritan Bay Men’s League firing games of 247-234-269 for a high series of 750. Nick Cascone rolled 233-259256-748, Ray Tomei 234-257-235726, Rick Sciulla 235-216-258708, Steve Venito 207-299-699, Patrick Plate 215-211-236-663 and Steph Crane 245-200-629.

Matthew Manenty 707
HOPELAWN, NJ - Matthew Manenty paced the Tuesday Nite Trios League firing games of 283214-210 for a high series of 707. Paul Harney rolled 216-209-619. In the NJ Turnpike League Pat Jones shot 240-203-642, Michael Morris 225-217-637, Ed Auman 252 and Joyce Ellison 225.

Richard Maddock 682
HOPELAWN, NJ - Richard Maddock led the scoring in the Knights of Columbus League firing games of 247-244 for a high series of 682. Cid Stentella shot 249-630, Nick Simone 245-627 and Jack Masculin 276.

Bill Smith 664
HOPELAWN, NJ – Bill Smith led the scoring in the His & Hers League firing games of 228-233203 for a high series of 664. Tom Poulos rolled 248-627, Rich Crowley 246, Linda Shafer 229, and Frank Tolocka 246.

Thomas Poulos 704
HOPELAWN, NJ - Thomas Poulos led the Thursday Nite Mixed League bowling 211-277216 for a 704 set. Vinny Medvetz rolled 244-204203-651, Rollin Ball 244 and Matt Cestone 221. In the Merck League Ryan Flessner hit 213-203-610, Anthony Scutari 243, Bill Pryz 23 and Kevin Boviard 259.

Robert Terefenko 669
HOPELAWN, NJ - Robert Terefenko led the Atlantic City Trios pitching games of 212-211246 for a high 669 set. Bill Venezia rolled 204-206212-622, Ralph Doerfler 213-210602 and Shawn Dillard 223. In the Thursday Mixed Nuts Yoichiro Ohsako rolled 234-215635, Kevin Kennelly 233-611, Don E. Hellhake 225, Barbara Aker 222 and Don M. Hellhake 212.

John Baginsky 656
HOPELAWN, NJ - John Baginsky led the scoring in the La Buona Pizza League firing 206-223-227 for a high series of 656. Vinny Medvetz hit 213-246631, Warren Taureck 244-624, Joe Herber 247-617 and Jennifer Caval 200-226. In the Winter Senior Citizen League Larry Johnson shot 223 and Rich Rowley 212.

Tom Poulos 752
HOPELAWN, NJ - Tom Poulos led the scoring in the Academy Madness League tossing 255-274223 for a high series of 752. Jeff Monteleone shot 256-228238-722, Shelly Jacques 259-640, Dan DeBenedetto 234-219-622, and Nick Viverito 237-620.

Michael Ramer 719
HOPELAWN, NJ - Michael Ramer led the scoring in the Garden State Mixed League firing games of 236-215-268 for a high series of 719. Bill Slattery rolled 254-257703, Chris Herrick 235-247-674, Barry Bailey 214-203-206-633 and Marlane Joback 223.

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