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Having all of these Ebook guides could be just enough to launch your motivation into active Forex participation, along with an improved understanding of some insurance and winning ideas etc. Please consider this total package to be your companion to success. Receive all 13 of these Ebooks for the limited low price of $40.00. That is less than half of the pricing you would pay even at the low prices of this webstore. As an added incentive, please also understand that with each of these winning Ebooks, you also have all rights to resell them, individually or separately.

Bird Watching in Lion Country It shows you, step by step how to make money, and what to avoid. Do you understand the difference between ‘market wizards’ and ‘marketing wizards’ ? If not, you are probably in trouble. This book will tell you why you need to know the difference, and how to benefit from this knowledge. Retail Price : $ 69.90

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading It offers the greatest financial payoffs yet is the most challenging as it requires constant attention and vigilance and a very strict plan. Short-term trading is what inspires the dreamers and challenges the doers. It is, in short, the most popular method and, after day trading, the most dangerous. This book explains the secrets to successful shortterm trading. Retail Price : $ 85.00 Sure-fire forex trading If you follow this unique method of trading you will only ever take trades that have the potential of being at least twice as profitable as your potential risk. Even if you where right only 50% of the time with this method you would make money. Retail price : $97.00 The Compleat Day Trader The Compleat Day Trader offers a solid introduction to day trading and evaluates various techniques and strategies, including moving averages, intraday application of stochastics, support and resistance, gaps, and scalping. Bernstein spends several chapters discussing trading psychology. He sees successful traders as developing a balance between technique and "art." Retail price:$14.95 The Compleat Day Trader II The Compleat Day Trader II builds on the ideas presented in Bernstein's first daytrading book, The Compleat Day Trader. This time around, Bernstein focuses on more advanced trading systems and places particular emphasis on the importance of self-discipline in day trading, and he zeros in on the best futures markets to trade, including the

S&P 500, Treasury bonds, and European currencies. Retail price : $40.00 Trading for a Living Dr. Elder has put together the most comprehensive 'soup to nuts' book I have read on the broad subject of trading. Ok, even Dr. Elder would tell you that to trade after having read ONLY his book would be the act of a fool, I can tell you now that I have read dozens of books, that there is certainly NO BETTER book to get a broad understanding of trading. Retail price :45.00 7 Habits of A Highly Successful Trader 31 page PDF Ebook. A good head start to forming your most successful attitude Retail price:$14.95

Day Trading the Currency Market An inside look at how to successfully day trade the currency market. Written by Kathy Lien, the chief strategist from the number one online currency broker in the world, Day Trading the Currency Market reveals a variety of technical and fundamental profit-making strategies for trading the currency market. Lien describes everything from time-tested technical and fundamental strategies that individual traders can use to compete with bank traders, to a host of more fundamentally oriented strategies drawn from the author’s own experience with the somewhat secretive multi-billion dollar interbank currency market involving intermarket relationships, interest rate differentials, option volatility, news events, and central bank intervention.

Retail price $42.00 The Trading Game The Trading Game shows you how to harness the power of money management for any trading method "The goal of most futures traders is to make a million dollars as fast and as painlessly as possible. In The Trading Game, Ryan Jones demonstrates how the proper application of his new money management strategy, Fixed Ratio Trading, can enable an average trading system to earn spectacular profits. Retail price: $60.00 The Way To Trade John Piper's thought-provoking book reflects his individual - and sometimes controversial - approach to effective trading in financial markets. Not only is his success a powerful argument for reading it, but the fact that markets are becoming increasingly volatile and divorced from fundamental values is a powerful reason for ensuring that knowledge is updated as regularly as possible. Retail price :$67.00 FOREX: Online Manual for Successful Trading JAM-PACKED with 7 full chapters of enlightening Forex trading knowledge culled from years of hands-on experience, this eBook also includes a handy glossary of Foreign Exchange terms as well as a bibliography of other Forex trading resources. Retail price :$47.00

Ultimate Trading Systems Australian trader David Jenyns reveals the step-by-step roadmap he uses to design profitable trading systems. His comprehensive lesson plan walks you through each section in complete detail, along with homework assignments to help you understand his groundbreaking material. Retail price :$47.00

Mastering Elliott Wave Every sentence is devoted to something important. Neely has obviously spent a lot of time on the illustrations to ensure the reader will understand the concepts. 'This book will significantly improve your knowledge of proper rule and technique application, no matter what your current level of expertise. Retail price : $95.00

The Ebook of Technical Market Indicators Just about every technical indicator you can imagine is contained in this 49 page PDF Ebook. Lots of charts and great information as well as explanations of the most important indicators. Retail price :$14.95

The Pocketbook of Economic Indicators If you have no idea what CPI, PMI, or ECI means, then you are like most beginning investors. This 39 page PDF Ebook will explain these and many other terms to enhance your knowledge of indicators that effect your investment. Retail price :$14.95

Trading in mind If you have been trading for more than 5 minutes you will know that a large part of your success or failure as a trader is psychological. This great e-book will give you a greater understanding into what you should be thinking when trading. This 17 page PDF Ebook will change the way you trade forever - don't miss it. Retail price:$14.95 A Practical guide to swing trading In this valuable guide it show you the details entry and exit strategies, where and how to take profits, the best tools to use and much more! Retail price:$ 9.90

Trading Chaos An excellent book on trading and on the meaning of life! The basic approach is Elliot Wave but with plenty of trading tips and ideas to keep non-Ellioticians happy. The last few chapters on the psychology of trading are fascinating: I discovered that I am an Ectomorph body type for example. Definitely worth a read. Retail price 12.90 contact :