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The Design of Tall Buildings

ETABS Tutorial 1

Define New Model

• Choose “NO”

Building Parameters
• Columns 30”x30” • Beams 24”x24”

• Shear walls:
– – – Outer walls: 84” Inner wall: 24” Transverse wall: 8”

Shear Wall Preliminary Design

Define 1st Storey
• Choose “Grid Only”
– Model 1 Storey properly, run analysis, and check for any improperly connected nodes.

Ready to Begin

Define Properties
• • • • • Material Properties Frame Sections Slab/Wall Sections Static Load Cases Load Combinations

Material Properties
• Add new material

Frame Sections
• Add new Rectangular Sections

Add Beam

Add Wall Sections
• Always choose Shell for walls/slabs. • Membrane and Plate are remnants from previous versions.

Add Slab

Define Load Cases
• Self Weight is to be counted as dead load.

Load Combinations
• DDL = Design Dead + Live • SDL = Service Dead + Live

Draw Columns

Draw Beams

Delete Beam/Columns to Place Shear Walls

Draw Shear Walls

Draw Slab

Turn on Object Fill

Delete Slabs Inside Core

Draw Slabs Around Core

Mesh Slabs

Select Frame Elements Overlapping Shear Walls

Delete Overlapping Frame Elements

Apply Loading

Apply Loads

Run Analysis
• Run analysis and view animation looking for any disconnected nodes/abnormalities. • Resolve all errors before proceeding.

Replicate Stories

Edit Story Data

Modify Story Heights

Place Slab Above Core

Assign Loading to New Slabs

Run Analysis

View Bent B

Show Member Forces

Zoom in to Lower Stories

Right-Click on Lower Middle Column to View Forces