The earth is no doubt filled with millions of wonders and surprises. One of them is the precious minerals such as gemstones that can be obtained from the surface of the earth- or even beneath it! Up to this point, precious jewels such as ruby, amethyst and jasper were considered as very precious possessions a woman could have or die for. Never forget of these precious jewels’ competitors, the diamond and the gold. You could only imagine how luxurious your life could be if you are wearing a rare pink-colored six carats diamond ring at this moment. Guess how much this ring would cost you? Here is a simple hint- never ever guess a price below $10,000,000. However, one could easily obtain these precious expensive rocks and minerals from the surface of the earth, where they formed. How about obtaining something from beyond the ozone layer? There are simply two options: become an astronaut and engage yourself in a mission to the moon just like Neil Armstrong did or you could try an easier alternative which is to obtain something that is originated from the outer space but has fallen on the earth’s surface. That something is the meteorite.


As a definition, a meteorite is a natural object originating in outer space that survives the impact with the Earth’s surface.

How do you find the jewelries made of meteorites, you ask? It’s easier than you think, even here in Malaysia! That’s where Jejak Juta Sdn Bhd comes in. Jejak Juta is a unique Malaysian company that is wholly owned by the mastermind Dato’ Jaafar Jamaludin aiming towards establishing a Meteorite processing business and develop a unique, space-themed, tourist attraction in Malaysia based on Meteorites. Sounds fun, huh? Since the inception of Jejak Juta, exciting exhibitions on meteorites have been popping out at various different locations nationally such as The Carnivall water theme-park located at Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Now, the exhibition is being held in Melaka and as mentioned by Nor Bahiran Bt. Ibrahim and Amir Rudin Bin Md. Hasan who are currently in-charge of managing and taking care of the exhibitions, “We have decided to have only one exhibition at the moment and Muzium Samudera seems to be the most suitable place for us currently because it is a highly visited tourist spot.”

The first thing that visits everyone’s minds is this question: “Where did Dato’ Jaafar obtain the meteorites from?” These meteorites are obtained and collected from the collectors all around the globe including Africa, America and Australia. When asked about the benefits of meteorites, Amir answered, “Apparently there is more than meets the eye. Despite the beauty, not only can it improve one’s health by promoting a better blood circulation in the body but it can also protect individuals spiritually and this was amazingly written in the holy Qur’an in Surah Al-Hadid.” Although lacking scientific evidence showing meteorites can improve one’s blood circulation, Amir mentioned that there were some very religious people who visited the exhibition and were completely aware of the mysterious positive aura that the meteorites radiate. “These religious people have told me that they could feel this strong aura coming out of these meteorites and it has great healing properties to it.” Amir said.

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