Finding Internships & Jobs Abroad
Working overseas - short-term or long-term - can be a rewarding experience. This handout provides tips and resources for finding diverse internships and jobs across the globe.

Tips Be planful – build your international portfolio as you proceed through school so you are marketable for an interesting international position when you are ready to make the move (take internationally themed classes, study a language, study or intern abroad, work in US on international issues, etc) Prioritize – decide whether you are most interested in finding work that uses your skills, focuses on a specific issue, is in a particular employment sector, has opportunities for advancement, is located in a specific country, etc Start early – start looking for opportunities months in advance of your intended employment start date Be proactive – finding employment overseas is possible but it takes initiative, patience, dedication, and follow-through Diversify your job search strategy – utilize contacts, jobs boards, professional associations, employer websites, etc Network – take initiative to meet and follow-up with people in interesting positions, organizations, and countries

Career Center Resources Careers with Social Impact (section on international development) – Finding Jobs Internationally – International Job Listings –

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HuskyJobs (search by country) – How to Find a Job (grad students) – Crash Course in Finding a Job (undergraduate students) – Building Your Network Step by Step – UW Peace Corps –

Other UW Resources UW Global Business Center – UW International Programs & Exchanges – UW Global Health Resource Center – UW Office of Global Affairs – UW Husky Career Network – UW Jackson School of International Studies –

Resources Compiled at Other Universities Emory University
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University of Michigan

Off-Campus Resources International Career Fair – AISEC International – American Chamber of Commerce – Rotary Association – Seattle Trade Alliance – World Affairs Council – US Export – Seattle Networking Guide – Social Networking Sites – International Social Networking Sites –

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