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Project G: Stray Dogs in Brunei By students: Hjh Siti Khairunnisa Bte Hj Talip, Mas Zatun Nazahiyah Hj Osman and Hjh Suriani Hj Mohd Shuani Problems: Brunei’s stray dog population is growing. Most stray dogs are quite timid and will shy away from humans but unfortunately, there have been many recent attacks by stray dogs on humans. Quite recently an eight year old boy was badly injured when attacked by three stray dogs on his way home from school. Furthermore, stray dogs often take to ransacking rubbish bins in attempt to find food. The scattered rubbish is not only a huge inconvenience but unsightly but also very unhygienic. Stray dogs can also make a lot of noise which disturbs residents, especially at night. Very few dog owners take precautions to ensure that their pet dogs remain in their property, even though there is a high chance that their dog could be poisoned.

Figure 1. Stray dogs are seen nearby the residential areas. Possible solutions:

Figure 2. Corpse is seen laying on the side of the road.

The stray dog population in Brunei should be reduced. This could be done by sterilizing stray dogs and building one or more animal shelters or dog shelters. Relevant authorities should strictly enforce regulations on dog owners and make sure that dog owners are aware of the regulations.


50 45 40 35 30 yes, 25 25 20 15 10 5 0 % no, 34 disagree, 29 agree, 44 not sure, 41

not sure, 27

D you agree if the Government reinforce stricter laws to the Dog owners? o


agree disagree not sure


Actions taken: The project members interviewed people that they personally knew planned to provide a shelter for stray dogs to determine the extent of the work that had already been done on the matter and to see what they could do to help. Project members researched sterilisation and wrote a proposal to the Municipal Boards to suggest that stray dogs be sterilised. The project members wrote to relevant authorities and published an article in a local


newspaper to persuade authorities to approve the building of a dog shelter in Brunei, as well as to consider sterilisation of stray dogs instead of poisoning stray dogs. The article also encouraged dog owners to take more responsibility for their dogs and ensure that their dogs remain inside the property.

Figure 3. Article made by students to suggest the animal shelter to the relevant authority (Published in Weekend Borneo Bulletin: Saturday 28th October 2006).