The Pukeokahu Hall Christmas Party

When: Where: Times: Friday 9th December The Pukeokahu District Hall 5pm - Children’s Games 6pm - Father Christmas Arrives Meat for the BBQ A Salad to Share A Desert to Share
All Are Welcome To Attend Don’t be shy! Pull out your glad rags and join us for a full filled evening.

Thursday 24th November

What to Bring:

“I am learning to learn for life!”


Contact Details: Marama's eMail: Office eMail: School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term Four: Tuesday 25th October - Friday 16th December Monday 28th November - Papanui Athletics Day Friday 9th December - District Christmas Party Monday 12th December - School Picnic Wednesday 14th December - Pukeokahu School Movie Premier Friday 16th December - End of Year Celebration From Marama The Little Tractor That Couldn’t Quite Manage (Loosely based on ‘The Little Yellow Digger’ and ‘Braveheart’) On the farm next door, Andy was digging out a drain when the weather turned quite nasty and it poured and poured with rain. The paddock got so muddy that the tractor, it got stuck, so Farmer Andy got another tractor and that really was bad luck. “You will never take our Freedom!” cried Andy to the rain, but that tractor, it kept on sliding right down into the drain. The poor little tractor, it pulled and took the strain, however the mud was much too strong and it too was in the drain. Finally, with both tractors now were buried six feet deep Andy went to see Longshanks Stratton, with mud upon his seat. “Sir” said he, “I’m in a bind, my little tractor could’t manage ... I am told you could get me out of this mess before I cause more damage”. So down the road, with a third tractor, our muddy hero went Where he pulled until both tractors were free and his stamina was spent. So all that was left from the drama of this epic Puke tale, is upon our local road, a great big muddy trail.

Farewell Party Postponement We will not be having Rob and family’s farewell on this day, we had a bit of miscommunication and over eagerness by the suborganising committee, any excuse for a party aye? Personally, I blame Andy, no particular reason though I am sure the multiple mud tractor incident had a flow on effect, and because he’s the Chairman of the BOT who admitted that he doesn’t read my newsletters! Shock horror! After all they were nominated for a Pulitzer … weren’t they? ;-) District Christmas Party - Friday 9th December Don’t forget, our District Christmas Party is set, see the flyer on the back of the newsletter. Please bring an item for the grocery raffle and a present for the Kids Santa’s Sack (less than $15). School Swimming Lesson - Friday 2nd December Due to the postponement of the athletics last Monday, next weeks swimming will now be on Friday. Could you please let me know if you are available to help with transport next week. We need to leave school by 12.50 to make our 1.30pm lesson. Papanui Junction Athletics Day - Monday 28th November This coming Monday. Please allow an hour and ten minutes travel time. The day begins at 9.45am and finishes at 2pm. I w i l l leave the school at 8.30am if you wish to follow me, or if your children need a ride. I have sent home the information booklet with the kids. You will never take our Ka kite ano, Freedom!! Marama and Carol

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