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Myross Bush School

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YEAR 6 CAMP: Our adventure camp is in full swing at Borland Lodge and the weather is playing its part, too. Groups are all into the rafting, horizontal bungy, orienteering and archery today. Bring it on!

the scoop

NOV 23


Another busy week in the life of our school flies by!

Welcome to Amilea and Lucy Sparrow and parents, Kate and Corey to Room 2 and also Abigail Bragg, Oliver and Isaiahs little sister. We hope you all enjoy your time as part of our Myross Bush School community. I have been at camp for part of Tuesday and today (Wednesday) with our Year 6's at Borland Lodge. It has been great to see them taking on the challenges that camp has to offer, especially with the support of our parent helpers and teachers who

are with them. Back at school our Year 5's have had a taste of being the senior group around school and helping to set that positive tone and culture that we encourage at Myross Bush. By the end of this week there is only 3 weeks left in this term!

different year groups, and our different staff strengths. We, as a staff team, take these different considerations very seriously as we want to ensure the best possible learning and social environment for each and every student at our school. However, there are elements - that at different times - dictate certain decisions for us. A major element of this is the staffing allocation from the Ministry of Education that our actual student numbers generate for us to use. This is totally dependent on what numbers are coming into our school, what time of year they arrive and what the actual roll numbers are in each year group.

As we near the end of this school year your child's report is beginning to take shape with staff also looking at the make up of the different classes for the 2012 year. The make up of the classrooms each year is dependent on a number of factors. Things such as, how many new entrants are coming in, learning and social needs, the progress and achievement of individuals and groups, the numbers across the

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

BOYS ON CAMP: Kees, Ben, Wilson and Andrew in their cosy very tidy boys bunk room! Check out the newsletter in colour on our website.

Baby sitter available: Ex student, reliable. Ph Makaela 2157922 Gladstone Tyres & Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase drop a copy of your invoice into the school Wanted House to Rent: in the Myross Bush - Kennington area. Text or phone Tony 0276489475 Happy Ending: Tui the black lab has been found. She was stuck underneath the neighbours deck not making a noise until she obviously got hungry enough.

The Ministry conduct 2 roll returns every year and use these numbers to 'predict' the school roll and associated staffing allocation because of the timing of these this method can either be generous, be stingy, or, be about right. While our roll is relatively stable around the 170 to 180 mark the timing of when our new entrants come into the school has meant that we have gone from a generous prediction in the 2011 school year to an 'about right' prediction for the 2012 school year. This means that we only have the allocated staffing to run 7 classrooms at the beginning of the 2012 school year. Another element that impacts is the life of our staff! Firstly congratulations to Paula Stewart and her partner Aaron, who are expecting their first child next year. Paula is taking on the job of classroom and management release teacher in 2012 until that time. Della Carr is returning from Maternity Leave and will rejoin the senior team and Hamish Menlove is away back to 'the lucky country' Australia! All this news - along with the Ministry allocated staffing levels -

means our school makeup for 2012 will look like this: R6 - Jan Forde - New Entrants R2 - Amy Polaschek - New Entrants R3 - Natalie Godby - Year 1-2 R4 - Evelyn Aurik - Year 2-3 R5 - Kiri Kahukura - Year 3-4 R7 - Della Carr - Year 4-5 R8 - Mark Herring - Year 5-6 With our school being the size it is it is important to note that a change in grouping and room use does not necessarily indicate a rise or fall in progress and achievement. Each and every child is looked at as a whole person - their progress and achievement to date and their learning and social strengths and needs are all carefully considered when confirming class roll lists. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop in and catch up with me. Classes will be advised on your childs End of Year Report. Regards Tim Lovelock Principal

Christmas Carols:
Southland Boys High School are having Christmas carols next Wednesday 23/11/11 from 6.30 7.30pm in our music suite or outside if weather permitting all welcome no charge. Intending students most welcome to come along. "Songs of Praise" with Winsome Humphries and Choir, Sunday 4th December, 7.30 pm at Woodlands Church (supper to follow) . Christmas Eve Service Saturday 24 December at Woodlands Church 9pm supper; 9.30 pm carol service, concluding at approx. 10.30 pm. All welcome. Bring a friend.

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualied Builder of: New Homes Residential Extensions and Renovations Farm Sheds etc... Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

CAPTURING THE MOMENT: Jesse and Grace using the flip camera to record reading their poems.

Week 5 Term 4
Room 1 are beginning to make choices in the activities they do to meet their learning and personal goals. We have introduced 'must do's' ' to help the children become more accountable in completing the required tasks before they select a 'can do' to take some responsibility to meet their goals. These, alongside our class goals of working and playing cooperatively alongside each other, have created a hard working and thoughtful bunch of children in room 1. See our blog for an example of our 'must do's and can do's' in reading this week. Certificates: Lydia Horton, Jake Stoddart Room 2 is busy thinking about our learning goals and working hard at choosing activities that help us meet them. Our caterpillar is getting bigger! We earn caterpillar pieces when we work well as a team and are considerate of others. When we have it all we will have a class party! Cerificates: Lily McAra, Cody Stevens Room 3 are working hard to achieve their goals. They are working on 'Can do' and 'Must do' lists. This helps to make them more aware of what they are learning and which games and activities will help them achieve their goals. We continue to work on getting along together and how to compromise. Certificates: Sophee Willis, Liam Devery Room 4 This week we are doing peer assessments in our drama talent development workshops. This will help us to get ready to perform our retells in front of an audience. In writing we are writing couplet poems and plan to publish some on our blog next week. It has been a warm and often wet week. There are plenty of places in the playground to get wet and muddy so having a spare set of clothes at school is a good idea. Hope your week is going well, Evelyn Certificates:Timothy Holloway, Naomi Hanning Room 5 have been hard at work testing out literacy and numeracy. We are all very proud of the progress we have made. Please check at home for any library books at home that need to be returned to school. Overdue lists were sent home today. Have a great week. Paige - I am glad to be off list 3 Cassie - I am proud to be on list 3 in Rocket spelling WIll - Im finally on list 6 Eilish - I am proud of my reading progress Ben - I have really enjoyed publishing my art about a book I have read Certificates: Hannah Smith, Eilish McLeod Room 6 have been doing lots of really fun stuff in class at the moment... namely reading, writing and reading samples for reports!! We are having a week off from our "Communicating Through The Arts" inquiry, with the year 6 students being away. Instead we are having a focus on ball skills for P.E. Certificates: Laura Horton, Jessica Fairburn Year 5s have enjoyed being the oldest in the school while the Year 6's are on camp and taking on extra responsibilities. This week we have been working hard on the Year 6 speeches and have also participated in different Number Knowledge workshops. It's been great to see the Year 5's working co-operatively on the field at lunchtimes with the younger children- you will all be wonderful role models next year! Mrs Wilcox. Aleisha - I went on an E-learning workshop with Mr Chapman and we learnt how to do picture and picture with imovies- it was awesome. Ben Wylie - This week I have learnt how to change fractions into decimals and it's not as hard as I thought it would be! Sophie White - I have had fun designing creative names for the Year 6 graduation. I can't believe next year it will be me! Year 6 We have been advised that everything is going really well at Borland and the weather is awesome. The children will have lots of stories to tell their parents about their new experiences when they get home. The days are full of lots of different activites. Our camp cook (Mrs Phillips) is keeping up our energy levels with all the wonderful food she is cooking for us.

Assembly Room 6 are on this week and will be having a debate. All welcome.

School News:
Whole school photo: On class photo day a whole school photo was taken. If you wish to order a copy the prices are 5x7 $11 and the 8x12 is $37. Money is to come in an envelope marked "class photo" and include your name. Cheques are to be made out to: Geoff Horrell and not to be internet banked to the school. Orders for these need to be back at school by this Friday. School Accounts: Were issued last week and are due for payment Friday 2nd December.

Aviary Food Wrap Orders:

Some parents have asked that we do the food wrap order before Xmas and so once again the office staff are organising this. The rolls are excellent value for money. Orders are only available through the school office and money must come attached to the order. Cheques are to be made out to Myross Bush School Board of Trustees and must not be included with any other payments. Envelopes to be marked FOOD WRAP ORDER. This is not able to be internet banked - thank you. All orders are to be at the office by 9am on Thursday 1st December.

Sports Results:
Soccer MB U6 Chelsea vs South Coast Kickers Lost 2-1 POD Jack Scott, U8 MB Man United vs Rimu Won 3-0 POD Thomas Lemin. MB Arsenal v Thistle Won 2-0 POD Will Stodart, Louis Patterson Touch Yr 1-2 MB Vs Waihopai Won 17 - 0 POD Riley Smith. MB Steppers v St Theresas Won 10-2 POD Hannah Corbett, Calvin Jenkins Miniball: MB Shooters v Ascot Rocket WOn 6-0 POD Emily Hay, George Stoddart

from the classroom

21st-24th (Mon - Thur)

1st (Thursday) Food Wrap Orders due in by 9am

2012 Term Dates
Term 1 2012 Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 5th April (Easter)

Updated 23 November 2011

Year 6 Camp

25th ( Fri) Last day for whole school photo orders

2nd (Fri) Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 Arts Festival 1.15 - 2.15pm

Term 2 2012 23 April to 29th June


Last day for FOS Book Club orders 30th (Wed) All library books due back for end of year stocktake

School accounts due for payment. 13th (Tues) Rooms 5,6,7,8 Arts Festival 12.30-1.30pm Term 3 2012 16 July to 28 September

15th (Thurs) Whole school evening and Year 6 celelbration followed by BBQ!

Term 4 2012 15 October to 17th December

Last da y for w hole school photo orders and bo ok club is Friday.

Dont f orget. ..

Simone, Sean, Devon and Kaitlyn practising their oar skills in readiness for their rafting trip with camp mum, Maria Murrell, who left school on Monday dressed ready to get straight into the action!.