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Unleash Social Technology for Business transformation

Entrepreneur Mini ebook for Business Managers
Are you getting full benefits of using Social technologies? Do you think about your business Digitally? Are you getting clients beyond boundaries? If not, then this mini ebook is for You!!!

Written by: Hina Naz

MICRO TEC COMPUTER Lineage of TechInfo 10/3/2011


Written by: Hina Naz

About Author

Hina Naz
is seasoned Technology consultant, senior Communication specialist and digital Entrepreneur having diverse experience with telecom vendor and education. Managing Lineage of TechInfo which is full service digital communication blog presents contemporary information about communication and technology on the basis of best practices and corporate solutions. She is extremely focused to ensure results according to timelines and persuaded to strategically and cost effectively utilizing technology in alignment with corporate goals. Her proven areas are technology strategic planning, integration and deployment, technical communication, program/Project management, implementing best practice methodologies and continuous improvement programs.

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Written by: Hina Naz

About Lineage of TechInfo

Lineage of TechInfo is the full service digital Communication blog sharing contemporary information about Communication and Technology on the basis of best practices and corporate solutions at single platform.
Our objective is to deliver quality knowledge and to ensure Authentic, Reliable and Timely information with an intention to extend knowledge networks.

We love to write about current technological patters in which the most common Tags are SEO, Social media, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Project Management,Communication and Technology. The theme of our writings based on best practices and solutions.

Our mission is to impart knowledge across boundary so we respect our readers suggestion and feedback and works according to their interest and requirement. When we receive some knowledge demand from our respected readers, we work on it and try to provide best of the best solutions and results according to timeliness.

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Written by: Hina Naz


y revolutionizing the social media techniques, business psychology has been changed so rapidly, todays businesses are independent and spreading across boundaries. If you are creative, innovative and have entrepreneur approach then you can become business icon like any famous entrepreneurs only need to put the right things in right place at right time. I am going to disclose hidden power that resides inside you but you are unable to explore it in constructive way. We are all dependent over technology in some ways and spent most of the time using social media. Think how it could be beneficial if you transform the mind to use technology by doing something creative.

Concept of Social media is all about connecting people with openness and integrity by sharing a centralize platform

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Written by: Hina Naz

Lets move forward and learn how can we play this game to become entrepreneur and how businesses can avail this opportunity to transform their business with ROI targets. Basically Social Media is an important tool that businesses are using to acquire new customers and better more reliable and fast service comparing with existing ones. If you are not using it in your business then you need to consider instantly to take full benefits. I am writing this e-book to increase your knowledge of what is happening in Social Media and how can you take benefit from it. Majority of the people are aware with Social Media tools like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. These tools are becoming an essential part of Internet marketing today and transforming business insights digitally. The power emitting from the word Social basically engaging people manually and electronically. If you are student, house wife, self made, professional, business owner and entrepreneur, you can do that you want only thing that will be require is Commitment, Dedication and Hard work.

What is the theme of Social media Convergence?

Many people asked about social media concepts and implications in current business methodologies. I believe, its all about getting results via using networking techniques according to real time business requirements. Networking functions and modules only descript full fledge procedures and routine of work but dynamically if you think then its all about being innovative in your concept and putting creativity in heme of Social convergence? your work. Few are the basic ingredients that keep you live in all way: Open Communication Cross cultural engagements Integrity of work Word power Controlled communication

One of my friend recently visited me and told she spent 50% of her day time in exploring social activities via using multiple media platform. I asked, what benefit are you getting and how social media bringing changes in your life. She said only word Nothing. My concept of rolling her statement to drive the message that many of us doing same without exploring such benefits that has been flooding around. Mind change is the key Lets delve into, how to converge mind power to use our abilities and instincts to avail opportunities.

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Written by: Hina Naz

In reference to your engagements first redevise your strategy to conduct work. In this way you will find yourself connected with your thoughts process to attain objectives.

Social Technology helping to build relationships

Mode of Communication through social technologies facilitates users to develop relationships using networking channels. These days users are getting technology via clouds. Everything is on web and accession of information is dependant to web technologies now. Various systems and technologies are evolving to facilitate users to conduct business and extend to manage business engagements.

When we use the word social web engagement in networking environment then it means customers and stakeholders are participants rather than viewers. Social media in business allows everyone to express and share an opinion or idea somewhere along the businesss path to market. Each participating customer becomes part of the marketing department, as other customers read their comments or reviews. The engagement process is then fundamental to successful social media marketing. In this context, the Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, websites and other associated tools and techniques allow individual followers to retweet or repost
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Written by: Hina Naz

comments made by the product being promoted. By repeating the message, all of the users connections are able to see the message, therefore reaching more people. Social networking sites act as word of mouth. Because the information about the product is being put out there and is getting repeated, more traffic is brought to the product/company. Through social networking sites, products/companies can have conversations and interactions with individual followers. This personal interaction can instill a feeling of loyalty into followers and potential customers. Also, by choosing whom to follow on these sites, products can reach a very narrow target audience. Several companies are now providing specialized tools and platform for social media marketing. Tools can be used for a variety of different things such as:

Social Media Monitoring Social Aggregation Social Book Marking and Tagging Social Analytics and Reporting Automation Social Media Blog Marketing Validation

Associated tools

Sysomos - Social media monitoring and analytics provider Hubspot - Inbound social media market Klout - Monitoring and analytics Twtbuck - Social network advertising

Reasons of using Social tools Customer acquisition:

Every business wants to grow with potential customers. If you want to seek new customers then you need to interact with some new way. Social tools gives you leverage to gain your customer pool to maximize sales and revenues.

Digital Branding:
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube and other related social tools gives you freedom to endorse your digital branding across boundaries. By using digital branding methods, your business will be indentified in unique way. Corporate organizations always focus to put heavy budget on branding strategy.
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Written by: Hina Naz

Digital Evaluation:
Have you ever thought how customers and consumers identify your business? How they take interest in your product and services? Social tools give you platform to evaluate your business strategy indeed the Brand strategy for improvisation.

Traffic, Traffic & Traffic

The main advantage of enrolling with social tools to get traffic that can create big business if your presence catching heavy traffic. Traffic flows power cant be denied in any way as it creates big impact on business advancement.

Digital marketing
Digital marketing or the Internet marketing is the great requirement of current business scenarios. By using effective marketing techniques you can take your business at next level. Social media has given big room for marketer and promoters to publish their tactics in distinguishable way. The patterns of digital marketing may vary according to business applications but concept of marketing is same. I give, highest priority to Digital marketing when comes to task of business promotions.

Viral marketing/advertising
According to my friend who writes Seths blog says, Viral marketing is an idea that spreads and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause. Basically, its a buzz word which refers marketing related techniques that use prior existing networks to promote brand awareness or to attain other marketing objectives like product sales. The ultimate goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to create viral messages that appeal to individuals with high social networking potential (SNP) and that have a high probability of being presented and spread by these individuals and their competitors in their communications with others in a short period of time. Viral marketing is also termed as Viral advertising which is simply a word of mouth on warp speed. You can avail chance to take advantage of this latest marketing tool and techniques and endorse your name in no time. Create an excitement about your products or services that by using different tactics will result in people not being able to resist wanting to be your Social media friend.

Lead generation
Lead generation is basically the use of a Internet, or any associated specialized service like Social tools to obtain or receive information for the purpose of expanding the scope of a business, increasing sales revenues, or conducting specialized research. Leads can consist of the
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Written by: Hina Naz

names and addresses (like; e-mail) of individuals and organizations. Lead lists can be gathered or filtered from targeted databases such as telephone and Internet directories. Websites and search engines are the excellent source to generate leads depending on time and quality of research. Most companies are doing research for their clients to provide lead list.

Customer interaction/engagement
Offers, deals, events, sales schemes and other associated techniques might plays a big role to enhance your customers. You can interact with your niche by using customer engagement techniques to bring more business for your company or organization. You can do it simply without invest time and big budget.

Direct Advertisements
Various services have been provided by various prestigious organization to run your advertisements schemes directly or indirect way. Facebook advertisement scheme give benefit to organizations to speed-up their sales. Its a paid service which is quick and easy, targeted to your exact demographic and tracked so you can see the results. Other social platforms also recommend business owners to use their channels for advertisements.

Reputation Management
There is no metric that can quantify the quality of your system. Its all about your work, performance and quality of services that you deliver to your clients with honesty, dedication and commitment. Social media tools provides direct channel to communicate with your clients by keeping organizational values in mind. Its a matter of repute so business owners need to be prudent and vigilant while devising social media strategy and their implications after implementation phase. There should be No compromise on quality content and communication ethics.

Customer Feedback/commenting
User friendly social tools are in high line of people use like twitter, linkedin and facebook. You can dissiminate your promotion plan directly via status, tweets and messages. Its a great revolution that engaging customers lively toward your business and gives you direct message how people going to use your brand, service or product.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Lets discuss about some essential features of famous Social networking sites:

Unleash Power of Facebook

If you intent to interact with Facebook smartly then I am sure you can convert it in Cash book . Its not a cracking joke but a true reality and opportunity to avail specifically by SMEs and local business owners to generate their customers in a very high rate. Lets target the key areas to catch traffic from your niche and bring benefits to develop your business

Recommendation No: 01 Create Facebook Page rather to create Profile

I always recommend my clients to develop a specific Page rather to create a Profile. By saying this statement it doesnt mean that profile page have no importance, I recommend this for personal communication. As I am using this platform to maximize business potentials so I am emphasizing to develop a full fledge page that reflect your business objectives and service line. According to the research mostly people using groups that officially not support FBML so I recommend not to use to promote your business. Always go for interactive channels as I inclined your customers to interact with your business dynamically.

Most recommended feature of using business page is with customizing URL Recommendation No: 02 Customize URL for Business identification
Business identification with comprehensive format is quite important so I always suggest to use customized URL according to your business theme. E.g; the name of your business ( My

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Written by: Hina Naz

business theme belongs to Lineage of techInfo so I put as I thought it will be memorable and recognizable to my readers.

Facebook customize URL option doesnt allow to change after changing first time so make sure to do it attentively in first attempt
Recommendation No: 03 Manage Profile and business theme with proper logo
Now get ready to customize the page by uploading profile picture (max. 200 x 600 pixels). Most recommended to use business logo and other related picture that you consider to bring benefits to your business circle. Now you can filling up the essential details that should be filled in a very serious mode. Be remember, you are going to sell your product/concept or service so be conscious while putting up the content. As I always marked this sentence Content is the king that can also sell premature concepts or service. Dont compromise on quality content. I will discuss it in more detail as we move forward.

Recommendation No: 04 Manage traffic with your niche

Now the next level comes up to bring traffic on your page that require little tactics to generate maximum likes from your niche as it will be beneficial for you to generate real customers. For this you can tell your friends, colleagues, connections to spread the message also you can use relevant groups and other social media channel to share the Page with potential users. In later section, Ill discuss more technical ways to generate business.

Recommendation No: 05 Use Facebook Badge on your website/blog to bring traffic

It always recommended to share Facebook business badge on your web to dynamically bring traffic. To do this, you can use

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Written by: Hina Naz

Disclose magic with Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". Twitter launched in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey and within 4.5 years, it has become the most favorable choice of business entrepreneurs and internet marketers to promote their businesses. Twitter has rapid growing curve since inception. According to the estimated statistics, It had 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007. Grew to 100 million tweets posted per quarter in 2008. In February 2010, Twitter users were sending 50 million tweets per day. By March 2010, the company recorded over 70,000 registered applications. June 2010, about 65 million tweets were posted each day, equaling about 750 tweets sent each second, according to Twitter. According to facts and figures of, Twitter moved up to the third-highest-ranking social networking site in January 2009 from its previous rank of twenty-second.

How Twitter can change your business

After watching growth figures of Twitter mostly expert predicts that it will change the way of business. It will increasingly become a platform where companies like to build brands, conducting research, send target information to potential customers, ensure e-commerce and create communities for their users and building Relationships. Here are the key points of using Twitter:

What is Twitter? Platform for:

Micro-blogging Social Messaging News reporting News gathering Advertising block Communication Network Digital marketing hub

It provides solid platform to network with your niche Instant way of messaging to get and share latest information Analytic way to ensuring competitors move Network without boundaries Communicate your thoughts directly to other without boundaries Business promotions Customer engagements

How to use Twitter?First I I I

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Written by: Hina Naz

I really love the concept of Micro-blogging which intact the real subject of the message and entails to the point communication. If you are new on Twitter then come and create profile account and brand it with your business and profession accordingly. Now, the next phase gives you freedom to start following your friends, related businesses and according to your niche. Next, go for status updates which are the key to get success on Twitter. Your contents are your strength. People listen, what you talk even you are not a public figure. According to the experience many people got success and become famous using Twitter power. You can be one of them if you explore the hidden instincts successfully. Once you will start your status updates, you will see your followers are increasing in no time. But you need to disseminate Authentic, Reliable, Competitive, Timely, Verifiable information from your profile. Irrelevant information never be entertained and people will see you as fake member. So be Real and Authentic in your approach.

Always focus to share: Authentic, Reliable, Competitive, Timely, Verifiable information from your profile

Never share:

Irrelevant information from your profile. It will declare you as Fake profile

Key points to increase your Twitter following

1. Make sure, your identity is obvious and you have apply branding techniques to your profile 2. Tweet attentively, and give importance to other people tweets. 3. Retweets to others people. 4. Encourage your friends to Retweet your tweets as it will disseminate in front of associate audience.

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Written by: Hina Naz

5. Initiate questions and reply accordingly with @username tag. 6. Synchronize your profile with other social tools like Facebook, Linkedin, blogs and websites. 7. Place live badges of your tweets on your blogs and websites. 8. Use interactive tweeting styles to get connect with your followers. 9. Whatever you do professionally, tweet it to share with people. 10. You tweets timeline should be live to get followers. 11. Many experience tells, picture tweeting create big improvement to increase twitter following. For this, you can use 12. Correspond with # Hashtags. 13. Communicate with people using hot # Hashtags. 14. Talk with Top twitter people as it will disseminate you among many people. 15. My preference is to generate talks by using #hashtags and track the relevant person and talk. 16. Talk with Top twitter people as it will disseminate you among many people. 17. Instigate hot topics to discuss. 18. Participate in other discussions. 19. Engage in fire talks. 20. Come up with breaking news. 21. Introduce people. 22. Never feel shy in endorsing people and initiate following.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Twitter list Big offer to create centralize channel to communicate

May be this feature doesnt look good to many professionals but I prefer to use it and avail all the opportunities residing within list building. I am sure when you will be going to start using it you will be hooked!!! List can be created by any Twitter user with specific theme. I create following Twitter list

Techies Zone

Bloggers Club

Twitter Talking list

You can create according to your interest. First think, what type of list is beneficial to you and then create it with specific name and start following relevant people in that list. As you know, every business organizations are looking for lists according to their business for development.

07 Reasons of using Twitter list:

It will give you chance to increase your following by keeping engage with your niche. Single platform to interact with professional and business according to requirement. List promotions, by name its looking small but it give high value result when you use it. Think if you are promoting and event with all associated updates then how rapid people will come to you. By using this, you can promote your clients, business or anything that you want.

List Building
If you want to get engage with Business developers then one list can give you entire information about relevant people. Mostly people create list for business promotions and development. Various users / marketers/promoters seeks these sort of information throughout the day and if they find your list for their business then it could be more beneficial for you to engage with associated people.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Manage connections in a single click If you build list of potential customers, means you are going to generate more Sales. Its a long term communication agenda like if somebody join your list, you can continue to market your updates. You can repeat you customers if you are creating loyal bonding via lists. When someone joins your list, it is a direct sign that they are interested in your products or services that you sells. In simple words, you are moving towards more target marketing via list. Targeting your marketing to the right demographic and customer, will also significantly benefit your bottom line.

Tools that make Twitter List more Useful

This service lists all the lists. Using Listorious you can find the 140 most popular lists, find people who show up on a lot of lists, or just search for lists you might find interesting to follow.

This service bills itself as Google Alerts meets Twitter. The idea here is that you can tell the service what list you are tracking, further tell it you only want to know when someone on the list mentions your specific search term.

Twitter List Widget

This is a homely Twitter feature thats pretty well hidden. Scroll to the bottom of your Twitter homepage and look for the link called Goodies. Then click Widgets, MyWebiste, ListWidget. Widgets allow you to easily publish content, such as your Twitter Stream, to your web site or blog. Wisely, Twitter also added one for the List. Now, with relative ease you can publish updates of a list in your blog sidebar.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Lets delve Business impact of using Linkedin

Linkedin is the most recommended and powerful social networking tool most using by business and corporate professionals to get engaged with their employers and clients. It basically strengthens and extends your existing network with trusted contacts. According to the statistics, LinkedIn has over 85 million members in more than 200 countries, including executives from every Fortune 500 company.

By using Linkedin platform, you can change your profile in a form Brand. Its all about using the system and bringing creativity and innovation provided by Linkedin system. What you can do using Linkedin: Improvise your personal branding Disseminate your profile in front of the world beyond boundaries Catching people concentration to get better career position Ability to interact with Recuriters and hiring professionals Continuous learning and employer engagements

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Written by: Hina Naz

Manage your online presence

After creating your Linkedin profile, make sure you have provided right and authentic information in your profile. You need to treat your profile like a website as it carrying all options to present yourself distinct among various other professionals. I saw on various occasion that CXO level people made little mistakes like grammatical, spelling and others. Proof read your profile on Word to clear mistakes.

Dont worry if you are not having big experience and just a new talent, keep focus on market demand to manage you profile and indulge yourself to take assignments guaranteed for new beginning

Use High density Keywords to track your audience

Its always recommended to use Power words in your profile content. It will give you chance to select if somebody looking for relevant professional or business. Like; if you are Content Manager then be precise in your wording throughout the document and use relevant keywords that mostly search. In this regard, you can contact with SEO professional to guide in a serious manner.

Few of my clients asked me, no body contacting me but my friend who has same profile and working with me has been contacted so many times with different recruiters and hiring managers.
Be Concise and Interactive

I said, Review you profile with high density keywords and putting SEO techniques on your profile to optimize your presence in search engine or in search database. This require little tactics so better to consult with professional.
I am sure you will maximum benefits if you do it attentively. Contact me, if you are interested to review your profile and interested to change it according to current business requirements.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Check following points to endorse Your profile

Create transparent, clear Professional Headline of your profession and business. Title Fields Should be market oriented. Specialties Show your most professional skills and expertise according to precedence. Interests Marked your interest. Recommendations Take recommendations from your colleagues and friends. This effort creates big impact during profile assessment Education (Activities and Societies): Fully marked in details about your qualification and other related certification, courses and trainings. Present your recent and professional photograph that shows your identity. Dont use irrelevant and non-professional pictures in your profile. Make sure your public profile reflects your name, business, or your area of expertise that you intent to show like Fully describe in details regarding your experience with proper organizational address. Now you are ready to communicate with the world. Join Groups, companies and add friends to get social. Formally reply people when they send invitation to you and always focus to share professional status rather to go for irrelevant information. Never participate in non-ethical groups and conversation. Always focus to do research and Join groups within your own market or industry, your ideal clients industry, groups that you are interested in, groups that your target prospects are members of, alumni groups, open groups and some big groups. Share professional documents, best practices and other related content via your status to get connect with same industry people and businesses.

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20 | P a g e

Written by: Hina Naz

Use Linkedin to extend your Business

Many organizations and businesses regularly interact with social tools including linkedin to grow their business with potential customer and expert professionals. If you are also belong to the same category then million of benefits waiting for you to avail. Lets delve into and utilize your potential: Research right people (customer, organization) for your business development Develop Relationship between customers and your intended profiles Check out all above points that I recommend for professional branding and communicate by keeping your business identification with prospect customers and business owners. Keep live and engage yourself in participating talks and events. Showcase your business achievements like quarter results, clients, services and other related information. Disseminate your expertise and skills in your profile. Keep remember, what you show that sells so keep focus on your corporate identification. Manager your Testimonials with corresponding clients and contractors to register your work. Seek out right Groups and companies to become member Online and Offline. Use Digital marketing techniques to promote your business and lead generation. Follow contemporary market trends and discuss about it. Keep focus on quality contents Apply Viral marketing tips to promote business Subscribe to get notifications when some of your contact changes changes jobs, and keep eyes on replacement.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Google+ adding colors for Business professionals, Owners and Companies

Google+ recently launched and giving competitive time to their counter parts like Facebook and Twitter. Google+ current features creating distinguished reputation to bring more business for their prospect clients and businesses. The value added features of Google+ keeping it live on the places of Facebook and Twitter as it incorporate most of features of their competitors. Google+ taken full coverage since inception and businesses and individuals have created profile to endorse their presentation. Recently Google+ facilitated businesses by launching Google+ Pages program which allows companies to share their profile to get circle by same industry people to extend business demands and promotions. If you are familiar with Facebook then you can easily understand the features and program of Google+ which is quite similar in nature. I am not going to discuss the difference but I recommend people to use essential features of Google+ extend their work and business. By using Google+ Page facility you can create following pages: Product or Brand Local Business and Place Company, Institution and Organization Others

Benefits of using Google+ for business Promotions

Best platform for Digital marketing and Viral marketing Being social and get connect with your circle Create your own circles to segregate users profile Customer engagement in live mode Interactive communication arena Best platform to platform your blogs and websites

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Written by: Hina Naz

SEO benefits to register your share with specific URL Inherited feature of # Hash tagging from Twitter Google has Google +1 buttons all over the web, but clicking on one of these buttons on a web site doesnt cause a business to be followed within Google Plus. Instead, as with regular accounts, business pages have to be added to a Google+ circle.

YouTube Platform of social Interactivity via Videos

You Tube has significantly changes the way of business psychology. We all has become habitual of using social tool in which You Tube creating big deal of interactivity. You Tube given platform to businesses and individuals to dynamic videos and upload on YouTube channel for free.

Strong content delivers strong results

Like I mentioned above, we are living in online cloud environment where Content is the king. If you are carrying strong concept and know how to deliver it using standard and most powerful contents then you can create a big difference. Here, I am talking about Video contents that creates interactivity in social arena. Every business is online, people deliver concepts via videos to bring more business and leads.

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Written by: Hina Naz

Digital / Viral Marketing is in your hand

Its a form of viral marketing like; if you are presenting the video which creative, innovative or informational then you can imagine the potential by keep on social tools. We have seen so many videos regularly on Facebook, Twitter and other related tools. In this way, you can propagate your business with million associated users.

Easy going Search Engine Optimization

Mostly the YouTube videos are SEO friendly like if somebody searches for something list of similar videos comes up in the organic search. In this way, you video can be engaged with various others users.

Continuous Sales support

Your videos provides full time 24/7 Sales support for you business. As it always available to download. So you dont need to hire additional Sales people as YouTube working for you lively without any interruption.

Cross cultural and across boundary communication

You Tube gives you full leverage for communication beyond boundaries and fulfilling the real theme of this sentence that World has become global village where everybody is connected You dont need to go for local clients now international clients is also in your niche only need to communicate in a well verse way. If you become successful to generate your message for business / individual or related then you can realize how much ROI and leads can be generate to extend your business and profile.

Tips for Talented individuals / Small businesses Explore your talent and creativity Create a social networking page/profile Shoot out video of your product and service Share on Social media for viral/Digital marketing Share your results with Lineage of TechInfo

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Written by: Hina Naz

I discussed the generic topics of Social media and their interpretation in business engagements. Later in extending version of this mini ebook, I am going to discuss inherited topic to generate more sales and marketing for your business. Id like to conclude this version(1.0) by saying that Technology is not dependant to us, indeed we are dependant over technology to get independence in our thought process. Think smartly without boundaries and avail opportunities and freedom that reside around you. Keep in touch friends, with me about thoughts, comments and suggestions!!! Regards, Hina Naz

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