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: : : : ; : : : Relevant Acts. 512). Ac-t, 1962(Act The GenevaConveniions Society The Malaysian Red Crescent (Ad 540). (lncorpcration) 1965 Ac1, (Change Red Cresoent Socjety The Malaysian of Name)Act, 1975(Act 162). '1997, made The TradelrlarksRegulations, to Persuant the TradeMaR Act, 1976, use the Conceming proteclive of the emblem. legislation. The national The competenl authority.

Concerning inrlicative oflhe emblem. the lse The Nalional legisfialion. The competentauthorityCHAPTERrl 4.'l 4.1.1 PROTECTIVEU$E OF TH EIIiBLEM GENERAL PRINCIIPLE Consent ol the Authorityand conditions goveminglhe useofthe emblem. PERSONS

4.2 4.2.1 4.3

4.3.1 4.3.2 4.3.3 4.3.4 4-4


orthe Nationar society,

Medicalunits and transporls of the National Society. Specificrules for marking. Optionaldistinciivefor signalsMa*ing already in time of peace. SPECIFIC RULES Simullaneoususe of the emblem as a protestive and as an lndicalivedevice. : NationalSocietyof a neutralor other Slate not Partyto the conflict. INDICATIVE USEOF THE EMBLE -


CHAPTER : 5 5.'t
5.1.1 5.1.2 5.1.3

Members employees the National and of Socie{y. Members 'lheRedCrossor RedCrescent of Youth. Other penonsauthorized the NationalSocietyto by weart}reemblem.

5,2.1 5-2.2 5.2.3 5.2.4
5.3 5.3.1

usedbythe NationalSociety' and Builtlings premises to belonging the National and premises Buitdings bY not Society, occupied ii. aid Hospitals, slationsand meansdltansporlaiion of Nalional SocietY. the run and ambulances or used by third Aid stations Darties. DISSEMN''NONANDFUND-RAISIIG
Campaignsand events organizodby the National Society. Requestsby third partiesto use lhe emblem-

: : : : :

5.3.2 5.4

5.4.1 5.4.2 5.4.s
n Co-operatio with other organizationsi\,ledalsand othet token of acknowledgemenl. Reliefconsignments.


coNsTRUcTlol{oF slcNs

CHAPTER - INTROOUCTION 1 1.1 Puroos ofihe Requlations

These Regulations (hereinafter .the Regulations stiputate the various ways .ne ) emblem of the red c{oss or the red cres;ent on white ground may be used Ly the National keeping with the provisionsof intim"fionai irumanitanan faw principles the Intemational ano rne Fundamentat of Red Cros-s and Red Crescent "the Movement (hreindter Movement") The Regulation has been adoptedactiontaken pursuanlto Resolution ot the Xll I wenry-rounn tdemational Conferenceand to Resolution of the Council of VN Delegates 1989of 1.2 Leqalbasis

The Regulations basedon the GenevaConventions 12 August1949, are of mainty on the First Convention (Convention lor lhe ameliomtion of fnJ conaiioi of tne wounded and sick in amed forces in the field) and, for certain proviiions, on Protocol I of I June i977 additional to the Geneva Conventions,LLfiu" to tnu protecl,onof viclims qf intemationalarmed conflicts. Article 44 of the First Geneva Convenlion of .l2 August 1949 makes the distinciaon -of between proteclive ihe use and the indicative r,rse tne emttem anJ outiin"" rn. general rules govemil|g the two uses.

embtem givin.q tie competent by io :fl:1)l-l:f.i9" Drare amnoflty (he.einafter"lhe Authorit),")the possibilityof gr;nting such use to categoriesof persons and objecls nol covered by the lSiaSdnuendons. lt furtn", Inuoouces possibility usingdistinc{ive the ol visuat, acoustjc electronic or siqnats_
1.3 Fieldqf application

the proiedive of rhe use

Tlte fgSul3lions-applyto a[ NationatRed Cross or Red Cres{ni Societies.Articte zt4 of the Firsi Conver{ion, sets out the obligations of the f.fationafSocr*es wrtn regad to the emblm. The limitsthey imposeon the lawfuluseof the emblemmust uererore be respecled,but this does not preventthe NationalSocietiesfrom laying down stricler rules. Pdo-l I is -appticabte,cerrain provision ot the Regulations take on a y!:l Droadermeaning which concems the NalionalSociety of.the Stale in which Protocol I is in force; it does not concem the NationalSo&ty oi a Staie not-e"r,y ,o Protocoll, exceptwith the consent of the Authoritv.


ofthe Reoulations Conlents

The Regulationscontain one ahapterddaling with the prqtec{iveuse of lhe emblem and another on its indk=live use. The two chapters are preceded by general rules, which should provide guidelines for cases not specifiDallymentioned in either chaDter. by in The arliclesot lhe Regulationsare usuallyacoompanied a commentary, Italics, which refers where necessary to the relevaDt arlicles of lhe Geneva Conventionsand Prctocoll.

CHAPTER : 2 2.1


t'urposeoflhe enblelo

personnel The protective ot the emblemis meantto markmedicalandreligious use and equipment,which must be respec{edand protested,in armed conllic{s. The indica{ve use of lhe emblem serves to shoff that persons or objects are linked lo the MovementThere is only one emblen, but it can be use for lwo difrercnt pur'trrcse. frsl ose lre of the emblem is lhe visib/e sign of the prcEction confened by intemational humanitaian law on ceftain pe6ons and objecls, essentiallythose belongingto or made available to the Amy Medical Sevbe; the second use of the emblem indicatesonly that pe|sons or objeds displaing it aE linkedto the Movement ' 2.2 Cq0pgtllnce oflhe Nalional Societv

The Nalional Society may use the embleD as a proteciive device only with the consent of and in accordancewith the conditionslaid down by the Authodty. The NationalSociety may make use of the emblem as an indicative device in peacetimeand during armed conflicls wthin the limits stipulatedin national legislation,the Regulations,and its statules.

Reoaraoraoh 1: Therefore, the Nation Sociely doBs not have the ight to use the emblemas a protecfivedevicemercly because is the Na'onal it lt Society. b up to the Statesto takethe necessa/y slepsfo'allowand to supervise the protectiveuse of lhe emblem.ln order to avoid he Nationa!Societybeing caughtunpreparcd the eventot an atmedcpnf,ict, Authotityshould in the determine alteadyin peacetimethe NationalSociety's as auxiliaryto the Amy Medbal role Seryice iE ight to usethe emblem iE medicalpersonnel equipmenL and for and 2.3 Prestiqe resoeclof lhe emblem and

The NationalSocietymay use the emblemonly for activitiesconsistenl wflh lhe principles out by lnternational set Conference the Red Crossand RedCrescent. of li shallensure theSDeci lo theemblem. due The pinciplesmentioned, Fundamental Pinciptes particular, those in arc which the give to the Movement aimsandiE nison d'6t e and arc the basrs its otiis speMc aclion:valuntary assistance thosewho suffea to bthe dired andindireciviclimsof conflic|s of naturalandsodal d3aslers. ztnd Nafonal Societiesshall Ehain fpm displaw the emblemwhen carryingout activities, whichontyhavea mosttenuousc6nnectiotr theiressentiat with missrbn

2.4 Dislinclion betweenthe hvo uses Any confusion tlelween ihe protective use and the indicative use of lhe emblem must be avoidd- ln armed conllicts, the National Sociely which continues its peacetime ac:tjvities shalltakeallthe measurenecessary ensurethatthe emblem to used indicatively, disphyed on personsor obiects,is seen only as markingtheir @nnection with lhe Nalional Society and not as confening the .ight to protedion under intemational human'tadan law' In particular, emblemshall be relatively lhe small and shall not be placed on armlets or roofs- The NationalSociely shall endeavour to iollow the lafter rule in pacetime so as to avoid from the very beginningof a conflici any confusionwilh the emblem used as a proteciivedevice. /l is ,ol so much the design of the emblem lhat can lead to confusion as the circumstancesin which it is displayed.Hence, it is pafticulaiy in sifuatons in which the emblem may also be used as a protective device,i.e. in amed conflicfs,that it is necessatylo .woid any contusion.ln otder to obviate this isk, it is rccommended that the National Sooelies use as indicative devbe, already in peacetime, an emblem of elatively small dimensrbns. For the saf,le reason, it is tufther rccommended hat also in peacEtime, they etrain ftom placiw the emblem on armlets or roofs. HoweveL the use ol a laee-size emblent is not exduded in cettain caseg such as everls wherc it is impoftant for frtst-aid wo*ers lo be easr:/y identifrable. 2.5 Desionof the emblem

The emblem used as a protective devica shall always retain its original fofm, i.e. nothingshall b added either to the cross, lhe cres@ntor the white ground.A c.oss, formed with lwo cross-pieces,one \i'erticaland the otier horizontalcossing in the middle,shall be used. The shape and directionof the crescentare not regulated. Neither crossnorlhe crescent the shalltouchthe edgesof the flagor the shield, The shadeofthe red is not specified. groundshallalways white. The be The emblemused indicatively shall be accompanied the name or initials the by of National Society.There shall be no drawing or writing on the cross or the crescent which shall always be the dominantelementof the emblem-The ground shall alwaysbe white. LJseof the emblem for decorativepurpose is permitted,! ithin the limits of Article 3, on the occasion of public events or on material iriended to promote the National Society and the Movement, such as films, publications,medals or other tokens of provided acknowledgement such use a freer designis permitted, For that national legislationdoes nol prohibit it. Moreover,tl'xeemblem used as an indicalive device shouldas far as possible displayed be together withthe de(prative design. Re oaraqraph'f: The designofthe emblem must be dear so that pe':,ansand objecls with the fight lo use it can be easily identtfred and tlus etrectivelyprcvtected. Prcteclian, hov/eve. does not depend on the emblem: a prcbcted pe,/s,on not nafted or bady matued obvbugy does not lose his tight to pmtection becauseof fhls.

Re paraoraDh and 3; 2 A distinction must be made between the indicalive use stol,l4hgfhaf a person or an object is linkedto the Society,in which case sfrbt design is essential,and indticativeuse for ttFlPputpos of promoting the National Society and the Movement, in which case a freer design is pemitted it it is not prejudicial to the presthe ot the emblem. Wrlh rcgatd to the latter case, it is up ta the Natonal Society to decida, depending on lhe nalional legislation and the national cantext, vMber it is possble or advisabloto authoize such use. The heer design may consisl, for example, of a red cross set with gold, a crescent with gnded shadesof rcd, a cut out or an emblem with a motjf. Tha Societyshall not diqtlay such a design on the buildingsit uses or an iE lefterhpad,as fhese a/e Wical casesof indicative use. 2.6 Visibilitvof the emblem used as a protedive device

The enrblem used as a protedive device must be identifiablefrorn as far away as shall be as large as necessaryunderthe circumslances. night or At when lisibility is reduced,it may be lighted or shall as far as possible be made of materialsrendetingit rccognizableby technical meantrof detec'tion and displayed on flags or fld surfaces visible Irom as many direclions as possible, including trom the air



3 . 1 . RelevantAc{s Malaysiaas one of the High ContractingPartiesto the Geneva Conventions 1949, passed the followingAcis in resped of (MRCS), a voluntary Society as establishing the Malaysian of Red Crescent relief society auxiliaryto the publio aulhorities in the humanitarianactivities and seMces: 3.1.1- lhe GenevaConventions 't962(Act512); Acl, (lncorporation) 1965 3.'1.2-the Malaysian Crescent Red Society Act, (Aci 540); 3.1.3. the Malaysian Red ireso:nt Sociay (Changeot Name)Ad, 1975 (Act 162);and 1997,madepursuant tothe TradeMark 3.1.4. the TradeMarksRegulation, 1976. Act. The above Ac{s inter alia contain provisions,which afford protedion on lhe use of lhe red crossand red crescent emblems. 3.2. use Concerninq Drotective ofthe emblem. the 3.2.1 The national legisJation the pptelive use of the emblemis the on Geneva Convenlions Act, 1962 (Act 512) - see sedion B and the of 1975(Aqt'162) Malaysian Red CrossSociely(Change Name)Ac1, - see sedion4 (1). 3.2.2 The competent authority thal can authorize use of the emblemis lhe indicated in Section 8 of the Geneva ConventionsAct, 1962 (Act 312\. 3.3. Concemino indicative ofthe emblem. lhe use 3.3.1 The nationallegislation the indicalive on use of lhe emblemis the Geneva ConventjonsAct, 1962 (Act 512). See section I and 9 and the Malaysian Red Cross Sociely(Changeof Name) Act, 1975 Sieeseclion 5. 3-3.2 The competent authority can authorize useof the emblemas lhat lhe indicaive use in indicated in Section 5(1) of the Malaysian Red Cross Society(Changeof Name)Ad, 1975 (Act t62). Under this $edrbn, the Minister has the authority. According to Section 2 MalaysianRed Crescent Society (lncotporation)Ad 1965 (Act 540), the 'Ministe/ means The Ministerchargedwith the responsibilityof welfare-

CHAPTER 4 4.1. 4.1.1 :

PROTECTIVE USE OF THE EMBLEM GENERAL PRINCIPLE qovemino use of Consentof the Authoritv and conditions the the Emblem

Beforeusinothe emblemas a prcteclivedevicethe National Societymust receive permission from the /\uthorityand with it lay down the rules govemingitrs use. The Natonal Society shall lake the necessary measures to see that its memDers respectlhoFe rules and to avoid any confusionwiih the indicativeuse oi the emblem. The Nalional Society sha endeavour already in peacetime to lay down with the Authoity rules gaveming the proteciive use of the emblem, in the event of amecj confrict,by its medical peBonnel and on iE hedical equipment.Regading the tisk of contusion,see Adicle 4 above. 4.2. : 4.2.1 " PERSONS Medical of Dersonnel the l,lational Societv

personnel lhe Natjonal The imedical of Societyauthorized wearlhe embtem, a to as prototiive device shall display it during the discharge ot their duties in a manner ensuring oplimumvisibility. In evidence of their slatus, such personnel shall carry identity cards issued by the Authority. Re oaraoraoh1: Medical pe6onnel status is gnnted to lre Nalional Society personnelwfEn it is placed at the disposalof the Arrny Medical Sevice (Adicfe 26, First Convention)and when, in the discharye of ,(s faskq it is "rcguladyand solety engaged in lhe opeqtion and administlationot civitian hospitats"(Mjcte 20, Foutth Conventionl. Protocol I gires the Authotw the possibilityol grinting the ight to use the embtem as a protectve devic to all civilmedical personnel,which can thus indude Nalonal Society medical pe$onnel not covered by the 1949 CoNentions. A definition of medical personnd is set out in Adicte 8, subparagnph (c) of Ptotocoll. Special emphasis nwst be put on the visibw of the qnblem, patlicutaiy when the emblem is wom in occupied taritotes and aress where frghlhg has broken out or seemsabout to bEak out See also Atticle 6 above. Re r,araoraph2:::::::::::::::: Anicbs 40 and 41 and Annex ll, FiAi. Convention,and See Adicle 18, pal'g.Eph Potocol I and Adicles 1 and 2 ol Annext to Protocott. The 3, National Socbly shall,if necessaty,remind the Authow ol ils duty to issue such idenfty catds to the Socieys medical pel6;onnel.

OBJECTS 4.3.'t '. Medicalunits and transports of thgNstional Societv

The nredicalun'rtsand transports of the NationalSocieq aulhorizedby the Authority to displaythe emblem,as a proiiective device shall do so in a mannerensuring optimumvisibilityln the Conventions, the medical units and trunspotts include medical units and esfablishmerfs,med,balbuildings,medici equipmentand tansporls (see Chapters I, V and Vl of he First Convenlion). Atth regard to the National Society, these include hospitals, ambulances, hosp/tars shFs, airuaft and storcs of medical matefial when placed at the drsposa, of the Atmy Medical Serwbe, as well as civilian hospitdls bdonging to it, when tlBse have been Ecognized as such and authoized by lhe Authotity to display ttF' emblem {see Aftide 18 of the Foutth Convention). Ptoto@lI give:tthe Authonty the possibility g,,nting the ight to use theemblem ol as a Noteclive device to all civilianmedical uni|s and means of medical transpott, which can therc-fore include Nalional Societymedical unils and means of medcal tnnspott not cavered by the 1949 Geneva Conventions.A defrnition of medical units, medical tanspott and means of medical transpo.t is set out in Afticle 8, subpangmphs (e), (0 and (g) of Protocol l. Detaild cgmmenE on the visibw of the emblem are containedin articb 42 of the Fitst Conventionand Chapterll of AnnexI to Protocoll. See atsoArtrde 6 above. 4.3.2 : Specificrules for markiqg

Hospitalships and coaslal rescue craft ofthe NationalSocie{yshall be markedwith the emblemas prgvidedfor in Article 43 of the Second GenevaConvertion of 1949. Medicalaircraftot the NationalSociety shall be marked in conformitywith article 36 of the FirstConvention. Re Daraqraph J: Hospital ships and coastal rcscu,ecraft (or rescue craft, as they are rcfered to nowadayssinc, being often of larye tonnageand long range, they may opente far from the coast) must catry a document lrom the Authotw declaing [Bt hey werc under its control when they were being fited out or when they set sail. Their names and characteistics must be communicated to all the palies to the conflict. These hospital snps and rcs Je crafr are exempt ltom capfure. Morc detailed rules for mafuing are set out in Aiicles 43 of the Second Convention.See also Atticles 22 to 35 of the Second Conventionand Afticles3 to 11 of )qnnexI to Protocall. Moreover,in accordance with Adicle 23 of Protocol l, other ships and aaft of the Nafbna, Sociely used Emporcily or petmanen{y for medical putposes shall be matued in confomily with the provisbns of AttiEIe43, Damgnph 2 of the Second Conven$on.These shipsand cnft are not exempt hom capfure.

Re paraqraph2: The rclevant proyisioni are Aftictes 96 of the First Convention,39 of the Sond conventbn, 22 of Foutth Convenlion, Atlictes 24 to 31 ol Protocpl l, and 5 to 13 of Annex I to Ptotocol l. 4.3.3 : Optional distinc{ive sionals

VWh the consent of the Authority, in addition to the emblem, the NationatSociety may make its medical units and transports identifiableby the rec(Enized optional distinction signals, namely,the blue light signal, the radio silgnaland eleclronic meansof idenlificalion. ggnals can be found in: The regulationson distincTive

AnnexI of Prolocol Aticles 5 to A: l, Secto, ll o, Anicb 40 of the Racfn Regutations issuedby the lntemation, Telectmmunication Union(ITU) ChapterXIV of lhe lntemational Code of Signatsissuedby the htemalionalMaitme Organization (IMO)
Ma*ino already time of peace in


Vvrththe consent of the Authority, the National Socjety may, already in time of peace, use the emblem and optional distinctivesignals to identify unfis and transports whoseassignment medicalpUrpose the eventof an armedconfiC to in is definitiYely decided

: 4.4.'t:


Simultaneous of the emblemas a orotet:tive as an use and Indicative device

Uoless olherwise directed by the Authority,the National Society may authorizeits membeF to display the emblem as an indicative deyic, together with itrsname, simultaneously with the emblem used as a protectivedevice. Underlhe same condilions, objeds placedat ihe disposal the Authority the of may also bear the emblem with the name of the Society. ln such cases, the emblem used as an indicative device and the name of the National Society must be of smalldimensions.



NationalSocietvof a neutralor otherStatenot Partvto the Conflicl

The NationalSociety of a neutral or other Slate not Party io the conflictthal inlends to provide medical personnel or objecis to any Pady to an armed conflicl must obtain prior consent from the said Pa y and from its own State ardhorilies.Thd rules governing the protestive use of the emblem must be establishedby the said Party to ihe conflict- The said persons and objects may display the emblem from on the momentof lheir departure mission. See on this pointArticle27, FirstConvention.



5.'1.1 :

Itlembersand emploveesof the NationalSocielv

The membersand the employees the National ot Societymy wear the emblem, usually smalldimension, of whenon duty_ When on duty, membeas may only wear an emHemof very smalldimensions, for example,in the foamof a brooch or a badge. As far as possible, emblemshallbe accompanied the nameor initials the the by of NalionalSociety. 1: Although in its indicative use the emblem is usualy ol sme ne parqsraoD" dimensions,it may at times be of large dimensions,especiallywhen meaintto a ow easy ident'frcation of frrst-aid wo.kers (see Afticte 4 anot 4 above and its commentary). Re Daraoraph 2: ln this case the e,nblem must be of ven/ small dimensions because ifs use b ,ot retated to any specifrcacivity canied out on behai of the Societu R" puraqoofr f, As a genenl rute vduntee| should be idenlifrabte as memheE ot tlE? Nafional Society.However,in some casesthey shouldbe altowed to forgo use of the name or inihek of the Society alongsirb the emblem, for exampleduing intemal dislutbanceawhen suchmatuingsmay hinder heir woft. 5.1.2 :


Paragraph5 J.1 a-bove,is applicable. The emblemshafi be accompanied the by words"RedCrossYouth" youth' or the initials',RCY'. or.Red Crescent Other persons authorizedbv the Nalional Socielv to wear the emblem The Nalional Society may authorize, under the conditjons laid down in its own internal regulalions, persons who are not members ofthe National Socielvbut nave taken ils coursesor passed its 6xams to u/earan embtemof very small dimensons and_accompanied the nameor the initials by ofthe National Sociely, exampE,rn for the form of a brooch a badge. or Itese pe_rsoas usualty first-aidwotuers or nurses thus brdJghtto the aftention aele of lhe public.




usedbv the National Societv 5.2.1 : Buildinq and oremises The emblem, accDmpaniedby the name of lhe NationalSociely, may be displayed to whetherornotthey belong it. and usedby the Society, on the buildings premises When only part of the buildingis used by the NationalSociety,the emblem may be onlyon the part,whichit occupies. displayed on and Ehallnot be displayed smalldimensions The emblemshall be of relatively the roof, in order to avoid, in lhe event of armed conflicl, any confusion with the device. emblemusedas a proteclive 2: When the National lsociety shares a buitding with othel Re paraqraDh persons or soc,bf'es, it shall ensule that the aclivities of its neighbours are not indirccdt'detimental to the prestigeof the etnblem. BClaEgraph 3: see 2.4 Regarding dsk of conission, paragtaph above, the not Buildinosand premisesbelonqinqlo the NationalSocie.tY. occupied bv il

5.2.2 :

The National Society shall not matk with the emblem buildings or premises by belonging it, not occupied it btdwhichit rentsor lendstothirdparties. to 5.2.3 '. Hospitals.aid stations and means ot transporlationof the NationalSocietY


Ihe emblem,ac(ompaniedby the name ot the NationalSociety,may figure on hospitats and aid slation run by the Society and on lhe means of lransportalion, to Subject paragEph and employees. especially ambulances, used by its members in smalldimensions orderto avoid, 4..3.4,the embtemso usedshatlbe of relatively in the e,ventof armed contlicl, confusion with the emblenr used as a proteciive device. ,Vith regard to hospitals,it should be noted that the indicative use of the emblem is teserved exdusively frr f,ospitals of the Natonal Society,not foryetting, however, that tholse hospitalswhidt the Authority intendsto authoize to display the emblem as a pmtedive device in lime of atmed conflict may - with the consent of the Authotv - be mafued acctrdingly already in peacetime(pangraphs 4.3.1 and 3 4 aDove). ln order to prcvent any misuse, the Natiotlal Saciety shal remove or cover fl1e a emblemand its name if it /F-nds meansof tanspoftation to other otganizations

Regatding the isk ol confusion, seeparagiaph 2.4 above. 'l The UnitedNationsConvention road signsand signalsadopted Viennaon ) on in t| November1986,and the Europeanagreementsupplementing adoptedin it, Genevaon 1 May 191,include two road signsdisplaying embtem: the a) the sign "firsl-aid s{ations" 1a),made up of the red crossor sescem on a (F, white ground, the whote framed by blue. As this is an indicalive use of the emblem,ihe.national Societyshall requestthe authorities use ttrissignto to mark only aid stations run or aulhorized b it; b) the 'hospital'sign (E, 12B) made up of a red cross or crescenton a btue groundwith a whitebed. Sincethis is a misuseofthe emblem, National the Society shall request the authorftiesto use the other "hqspital,sijn 1i, tZal only.This sign is also providedfor in th,?se agreement$ ind is iade up of lhe letterH in whiteon a bluegfound. 5.2.4 :

Nlion_al Sg3ety.lnay.qermit parties usethe embtem, peacEtime third to in and Ih9 tegistatjon, maIk aid stationsuse<t to exciusivety grye to ll^*^llTq:vrth.nutionat Tree lreatment antbulances. and Sociely in for a:,lgl-"11 controt shal gnty give rhis permission exchange the nght regurany to the useof theemblem. shallreserve right withdraw lt the to this authorization alltimesandwithimmediate at effecl. Atticle.44, paragraph4 of the Firct Convention allows the matkino. besides ambulancet ol aid stalions"exclusivety assignea ne purpose nr il-dMnS * teatrnen(. Expeiencehasshown that this ruteof tree treatrieniis oftenintiiretea wtl.a qeSrceof flexibility.This p.E,ctice acceptaOte, in cmtiiii-iin is ana ne spnl ot the-Convention, in so far as trcatmentis in no caseantrfionat on only pawent ot a fee and the idea of voluntary$eNice linked to the Movement is upheld.

the to the and it llt-ellaional STiehl msy-use embtem suppod campaigns events organEes makeils aciivitiesknown,to disseminate to knowl:rlgLof intemational humanitarian and of the Movement;s law principlei]o, to rab. n nA", Funtlamental withinthe limilsof Articles to Sof the Regulatbns_ 2 When.displayed printed on. mattef, objeclsor otheradvenising material such of campaagns, emblemshallbe accompanied, far as prac-lica]ly lhe as possibte, the by Societyor Th; objeds';hafi in no way !31" TjF proteciiona text or pubticitydrawrhg. sugg,:st the of intematjonal humanitarian or membership the taw of

l ovement,nor give rise to misuse at some later date. The objecl shall be of reduceddimensionor else made of rapidly perishablemaierial ,i\ Naiional Socigly which co-opefales tJr'itha cpmmen:ial company or other may display aciivities in organizzrtion orderto raisefundsor futtherits dissemination th; companys tademark, logo or name on arlicles used by the Society,on its conditionsare advertisingmaterialor ilems which it sells, providedthat the follc,lrring mel: a) no confu:rionmust be crealed in the mind of the public be@en the and lhe emblemor the company'llaclivitiesor the qualityof its produqt$ NationalSociety itself; b) the National Society must retain c,ontrolover the enlire campaign' in logoor trademark' the Dartisular choiceof articleson whichlhe company's form and sizeof such markings; and nameis displayed the siting, rule, activity and,as a general c) the campaignmust be linkedto one particular geographical area; be limited time and in running d) the companycon@med musl in no way be engagedin ac{ivities counter to the Movemenfs objectives and principles of which might be regardedby the publicas mntroversial; with the e) the National Society must reserve the right to cancel ils con{rac1 mncemedai any time and to do so at very shortnotice; company f) the materialor financialadvanlagewhich the NationalSocietygainsfrom the campaign must be substantialwithoul, hovrever,jeopardizingthe independence; Socieqy's g) the contract betweenthe NationalSocietyand its partner must be in wfting; h) the contraci must be approved by lhe Naiional Sociely'scentral leadership. or companies othet organizations commercial Societymay authorize the National iiel $a th6y hava mad6 6 d6fiEton t6 ot ta menlion in their adverlisingmE work. Such mention may also be otheftilre contributed to the National Soci,eqy's producGfor sale the proceedsfrom which are lo be donatedin full or authorizedon in paft to the National Society. Such authorizalion shall, however, be subiecl to strict compliance \.vith the cpnditions set out in the prdrviousparagraph, suts campaign,lheNalional paragrapha b, c, d, e, f, g, and h. Duringa pmmotional a, shalt reseNe the dght to inspect the clmpany's accounls pertainingto that Society campdign. MoreDver,the National Society shall carefully monitot the manner In which the assishnce is described in the advertising material or on the producls or above.The same appliesto any photographs other visual material mentioned used within the contac{ of the campaign. lt shall authorizethe displayof its emblem onty on the mntracling companys advertising material and then with the utmost and that and on condition the emblembe of smalldirnension accompanied resirainl

The National by a clear i:xplanalionot lhe assistanceceived by the Sc,ciety' goveming us of the emblemare an the the condiiions Societyshall ensurethat violalionof these and part essential of its conlractwith the company that deliberate conditionsentitlesthe Societyto teminate the conttaclwith immediateeffect' beingliable{or anycompensatlon. withor.t conclusion aboveleadsto tIlPThe relercnce tsg-@@@@@@@@Slapb-l: to paragraph2.3 put@ses sellan obiector to that thenameand embtemmay uselor tun+mising give a momeotaryseNice,but not, for ingance,to se a lastingor a long tem with if aevierf.,especialty the seNicehasno canneclion theMovenenrc traditional prcvidedon a commercial basis. wial adivitiesor competes othergmllar seNices and the ptevert sales of obJ'ecfs se/vicesof the NationalSociety or Theaim is to events it oryanizes ftom becomingmore reprcsenhlive of its work than its and al humanitadan soci acTivities. Suchadvedkingmateiel, disttibubdor sold to the public' 2: Re paraqragh poslers, publicaftons, printedmatterand obkcls of all kinds:Ieafleb, of can consist pencils, rcgad to dothing,flagsor banners phitatelicsouvenic,flmq etc. Wtth 'given in couldcreate, the eventof amed whichsuchobiects the tiskof canfusion - it is essenlial ensurelhat to withthe embtemusedas a ptoteclivedevice conflict, or Society, a textor a publicv by is accompanied thenameof the Nedional emblem dnwing. 3: lJse ol the ted c/oss ot /ed crescentemblemor name by Re paraoraDh 'individuek,sociefes,fitmsor campanies by eitherpublicor pivate" is prohibited intenatonal humaniaian law (Fitst Geneva Convention,Adide 53). lt is .Evedirelessacceptublefor a NalionalSos.etyfo nention that it has rcceived that lnsisting or campany otherotganEalionfrom a commercial certainassistance couldmean that the National rcmainanonwous the donorsof such assidance of Socie9 woutdlose major sourEes funds ft is ,evedhelessimpottantthat the is Nationat Soctetydoselymonitorthe mannerin whichlte ass,bfance pu icized in aibuse isk of confusion the mhd of the public' The or so as to avoid any ptecbegutderiaes lhat respect in conditions out in pangraph3 provide set Su paraaraph andb) al in ,t is oecessaay and foremostto avoidatry confusion the mind of the public ,irsf qnblem or the NalionalSocrblyilsefii comme.cial @mpaniesand the between that ft E Eceiving suppott hom a Thus, when a Nalional Societyannounces printedmaner (for in in company a givenca,npaign example pmducing commercial is or other items),the'Socieb mustensue thatthe role dayed by the company defrned and that the emblem can in no way be interyEted as expressty tademaft' giaranteeingprcduct quatv. tt must also ens.trethat the company's with the rcs7of the propottions compared logoor nametemainsin rcasonable display.


Sub-panoraph ct The National Societymay not involve a commercialcompany rh ,ls actrv,ilies a as whole but only in specific prcgrammes. The duntion of its associalionwith the compatnymust be detemined in advance and should not exceed three years. Moteover, it must be limited to the counw's tefiitoty unlessthere is an aggement with ttte National Society (or Societies)of any other State on whose tetitory the campaignwould also be held.

Some cgmpaniesare engaged in aclivitie'swhich arc lhetmselves directly contrary to the Movemenfs objectives(for example the manufact re or sale ot atms, alcohol or products cleildy seen as being hamful to the environment).The linung of the rarnes orlogos sucfi campanieswith those of a national Sociely must thereforebe avoided. Slb:BLGgEpll d Assoc'aa'or with a @mmercial compan)f whose aclirity E not contrary to the Movement's objedives could prgve embarrassingfor easons not known to the National Sociefy when it enters into the agrcement (sedous pollution by the company concemed,,or examde). lt is tt relote essenlialthat the Natonal Society be able to end ifs associalionwith the company very rapidly. Sub-p,?no@ph A Sponso6hip is an important seious matter, whictl should be envisagedonly when major contacls are invotuedand when substanlialadvanlagewill be gained by the National Socie6/concemed.However,the Society mustensue that the advantages gainealdo not nake it dependent on the company cqtcemed. Financialgain, for example, ahould not exceed a ceftain percentage of the Society's fota, resources (20ot naximum) Sub-paaqnph g) /t ,S also essentiat that dt tems and condilions of lhe agreement beh,veen tllfNational Society and the cantlacling company or organizationbe the subject of a wiften contnct Sub-palaoraphh) Belore an agreementis reached belxeen the National Slciety and the contncling companyor oqahEaton ,1mosf 6e discussedby the body normafiy responsiblefor making deaisbns pertainingto the National Socieys adminisbation


Re pananph 4: To avoid the lose of major sources of funds, the Nationat Society may authodze a commercial campany or other organization that has conhibuted to ik wotk to menlion this aEsislancain iE advetlising maErial or on paducts lor sale the proceedsftom which are to dona6d in fu or in patt to the Nationat S@iety. However, as t/|is enlals a considercble isk of abuse, the conditions set out in paragnph 3, sub-paragraphsa, b, b, c, f, g, and h must be sticiy obseryed. Moreover, lhe National Society must enslJrc that such menlion remains discreet and not give rlse fo cotfusron and as far as possibre avoid he display of the emblem alongside. The amblem may neveiheless be reprcduced in the companies'adveiising mateial. On lhe other hand, it is prohibited to display the or emblem on pt?d/ucts items for sale, $nc they ate often designedta last and the National Societyhasno cantol over their use. Wherever such rcVoduclion in advedhingmateial is authoize.l, the emblem must be of small dimensbn and shouldbe accompaniedby an explanafionenablingthe public to cleady understand the rclalionship betfi,eenthe National Society and the contacting companyor oeanization. the Futhetmoe, the NatiDnatSociety shall /P-seNe ight to insped the cpmpany's peftaining to the activitiesconnecEd with the promoli.tnal campaign-The accounts Sockttymay exercisathis tigt t itsdf or through a specializedinslltution,for example an audiling frtm. Finaw, in addilion to the ngw of cancdlation stipulated in paragraph 5.i.1, pangaph 3, sub paragraph e), the National Soctbfy stgr, rcseve the ight to tetminate the @nhact with immdate eff6t, wihout being liable for any compensation, should the @ndlions gweming the use of the emblem be delibentely violatedby the contlacing campanyor otgaoizatiott. 5.3.2 | Requestby third partieslo use the emblem

Vfith the exceptionof the cases menlioned in paragraph 5.1.3, 5.2.4 and for 5.3.labove,and those provided in the presntArticlewith a view to promoting the aclivities of the Society and lhe Movement, the Naiional Society may not authorizeany third partieslo use the emttem. The NationalSociely can ac@de lo-a Gquest for the emblemto be put on objecls to be sold on the market if such objec'tsrepresentpersons or objecis which may display the emblem in reality in accodance with the Geneva Conventions,as a protective or indi{:alive device, and fi the emblem is not placed alongside the tEdemark of the company in quesiion. The authodzalion shall be limited to a specifictime or number of objects. lt may be subjec{ to paymer{ but its main aim shall remain disseminationof intemationalhumanitadanlaw of lhe activities of the and National Sociely the Movemenl.


whose The flational Society may author?e use of the emblem by institutions ot purpo$e not mmmercialbut solelyto make knownor to promote aclivities the is the Soietyand of the Movement. The NationalSocietyshatl requirethat third paiies provide all facilitiesnecessaryto of exercisecontrol on the use of the emblem at any time, with the possibility with immediateeffecl. withdfirwingits authorization It is thercIgrc clear that, except in the above-mentioned Re paraqraoh1; caseg fhe Nafonat Soc,bty may not aulhoize thid pafties to use the emblem. Such us6 calls for very stict conhol on lre patt of the AlationalSociety and must thercftrrercmain an exception. Thesecan be, for instance,miniatue mllitary ambulances,or Bg:patrffapb?: frguines represenlingmembers ot the Army Medical SeMice or ol the National Society. The authoizalion will be valid only in the counw of the National Society giving it, except there is 2n agtelffient with the Nation. Sociely (ies) of one or severa other countlies. Mgrcover, the National Societyuvillhave to take care that by gnnling such authoizalion il does not favour one company to the detuimentof another. The Nationat Society may grcnt the authoization to Re paEqraph 3: rhsffutons such as associatbns or foundationswhose purpose is to promote the activities ot the Society and of the Movement but which - for reasons ol oppotluneness or some legal reason (lbr example, fiscal) - aE legal entities independentof the National should be noteclthat these institutionsare en[t]ed to the emblem only insofar as if is used lo m.tke known or promote the acbn:tbsot the Socrelyand the MovemenLand nQtby their membersas suct. ,t,s thercforeimDofiantthat the use ol the emblem be sticiy controled by the Nattonal Society 6ee paragnph 4 above)


: 5.4.1 :

SPECIFIC RULES with Co.operation olherorqanazations

5.3.1and 5.3.2,the Natjonal in to In addition the casesmentjoned paragraph use circumstances the emblemjointly with that of Societymay in exceptional and organizalion, lhe eventof a specificundertaking in anotherhumanitarian give risit to confusion the public in provided suchuse is discreet doesnot and lhat Sociely the otherorganiz&tion. and mindbetween National the mustnot useiE emblEm tn pinciple,the National Society ioinqywiththat of other and lt must endeavour frnda way of avoidingsucha procedure to organaations. in cannedion citf,Jmstances, shouldhave racau,w to iointuseonlyin exceplional (for campaigns example,in a ioint wiithhumanitaifi acMies or dissemination publicirton). suchcases, use In onlyindicative maybe madeof the emblem.


5.4.2 :

Medalsand otherbkens of acknowledqe

gwenby The emblemmayfigureon medalsand othertokensof ackno"dedgement nameand' if te flationatSoiid, on conditionthat it is showntoge{herwith its the a oossible. few wordsdoscribing purposeof the medalor dEfningthe servEes set with in tay be deiorative, accodance thecondilions outin"" Ou"ign 3 paragraph Paragraphabove 2.5,
5.4.3 :


its by Societymay use the emblem,accompanied its name-or inilials' The National Jor sea or air and.intend viclimsof t" r"* i"ibr *"Sgnm;nts sent by rait,road, disasiets. The National Society shall lake the necessary amed conllicts or n-atural to prevent any mEuses. ll is impoftantto note that this tight appnesonly to Etief @nsignmenb the-mselves' to allow idenification d theit otigin, and not to the means of fianspof useo'









Contruction: 0l - 02 = 2 units Rl = 6 units R2=Sunits Examples: A01 -02 =2.5cm R{=7.5cm R2=6.25cm 8 0 1- 0 2 = 6 m m r{ =6mm r2={5mm

Alternative: An improvisation using l\rcs of two accentric eircles




construction. a = b + {/6b : Examlpes A=49mm B=42mm a=14mm b=12mm

Alternative An lmprovisationwith 5 Square