Paul Lavey UCA Rochester Ba Hons CGAA – Yr2 Character Design Presentation

Randomly Selected Genre – Anthropomorphic Ghost hunters

In London, England reports are growing of supernatural sightings and paranormal activity. What started as unexplained phenomena in the suburban areas surrounding London has spread to the inner city. Hospitals are inundated with people literally frozen with fear. The more the ghosts scare people, the more powerful they become. People are afraid to walk the streets at night. Ghosts are a very real problem. In an attempt to combat the scary spirits, the British Government commission Dr. Winston Newton (a brilliant scientist), to research animals and their sixth sense like ability to detect ghosts. Using his beloved pet Dylan (an Alsatian), he attempts to isolate his genes and harness his sixth sense. However, an accidental radioactive explosion in his lab mutates Dylan’s genetic structure, giving him the ability to walk and talk like a human. Using Dylan’s heightened sense and superhuman strength, and Dr. Newtons scientific know how, they hunt down the ghosts; expelling them back to the netherworld using Dr. Newton’s invention, the Exorkismos-ray gun. Dylan becomes known as the “Canine Ghost Hunter”. In retaliation to our heroes, the ghosts resurrect an evil Victorian veterinarian called Albert Snare, arch nemesis to Dylan! In Victorian London, Albert was perceived to be an honest vet by day, but by night he performed evil experiments on his victims. Given a new lease of life he has returned…. Albert captures a common street rat and experiments on him, performing brain surgery and replacing his right arm with a mechanical one. He also attempts to replicate the conditions that created Dylan, on the rat. However, his attempt was not completely successful. Apart from gaining the ability to speak, the only other side effect to the rat was a slight increase in size. With his limited intelligence, the rat is easily corrupted and becomes Albert’s loyal sidekick… Snitch.

Hero Statistics
Name: Dylan Age: 3 (21 in Dog years) Height: 6ft 1inches Hair / fur colour: Brown/Tan/Black Eye colour: Brown Profession: Ghost Hunter
Back story: Dylan started life as traditional canine. One of seven pups, he was reluctantly given away by his family to the local pet store with his siblings. There he was adopted by kind scientist Dr. Winston Newton. Dylan’s highly active nature and willingness to learn kept Dr. Newton on his toes. A strong bond formed between the pair, Dylan is extremely loyal to his owner. One day a radioactive accident during one of Dr. Newton’s experiments mutates Dylan’s genetic structure. His body changes into humanoid form and his intelligence increases dramatically, giving him the ability to talk. With his new found abilities and Dr. Newton’s inventions, he vows to rid the world of the growing ghost problem.

Villain Statistics
Name: Dr. Albert Snare Age: Unknown Height: 6ft 5 inches Hair: Black Eye colour: Red / black Profession: Victorian Veterinarian
Back story: Originally from the 19th Century, Albert Snare was once a respected member of society. Well educated for his time, he was a valued animal Doctor even trusted to work with Queen Victoria’s pets. The public were shocked to discover he used his patients to perform evil experiments in an attempt to take over the world with an army of animals at his control. After his true nature was unveiled, he disappeared. Cause and time of death are not on record. In an attempt to fight back, ghosts in modern day London resurrect Albert Snare who prominently becomes Dylan’s arch nemesis. Resuming his evil experiments, he captures a common street rat and turns him into his sidekick Snitch.

Sidekick Statistics
Name: Snitch Age: 1 Height: 30inches (including tail) Hair / fur: Brown Eyes colour: Red /black Profession: Street scavenger / loyal servant to Albert Snare
Back story: Snitch’s early life was tough, even for a rat. The runt of a litter of 15, he was small compared to the rest of his siblings. Struggling for survival, he scavenged the streets of London for any form of food. One day he is captured by Albert Snare and subjected to one of his evil experiments. He gains the ability of speech and even though he grows in size and strength, he still has the physical appearance of a rat. Despite being the victim of Albert Snare, Snitch develops a sense of loyalty towards his captor (Stockholm syndrome) and becomes his obedient sidekick.

Dylan Influence Map:

Designing Dylan

Designing Dylan

Final Dylan

Dylan: Turnaround

Dylan: Expression Sheet

Dylan: Prop

Albert Snare Influence Map:

Designing Dr. Albert Snare

Designing Dr. Albert Snare

Final Dr. Albert Snare

Albert Snare Turnaround

Albert Snare Expression Sheet

Albert Snare Props

Snitch Influence Map:

Designing Snitch

Designing Snitch

Final Snitch

Snitch Turnaround

Snitch Expression Sheet

Height Comparison Sheet

DVD Sleeve

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