In another galaxy the most prized and valued item is a powerful crystal capable of powering all kinds

of technology. These crystals are being mined by alien slaves for a powerful government force, which only they have access to and are guarded on large star bases. They use these crystals to create more slaves and use them for military uses and distribute them to only those who can afford them. The alien bikers steal these crystals from the government and give them to their fellow people and colonies who desperately need them.

Name: Rocky Missouri Height: 6 Foot (7 Foot including hair) Age: 28 Species: Evolved Alien Bald Eagle Description: Rocky is all for his people and will fight for a noble cause which is to steal these powerful crystals from a military force who are hording and harvesting them all and give them to those who are in need of them, as well as keeping some to power his own space vehicle. He is a bit of a rebel and doesn't always follow the rules, but he tries his best to make sure no one gets hurt. His dress sense is punk like with a rough and ready look and he is especially fond of his space ship, which he lets no one but himself drive it.

Name: Handy Tool Gun (HTG) Tools: Laser Drill, Rivet Gun, Plasma Saw Description: This is Rocky's gun which is primarily a tool used in repairing his ship. He also uses it to cut his way into star bases and to sabotage the bad guy's guns and equipment.

Name: General Von Waldhar Height: 10 Foot Age: 46 Species: Evolved Alien Condor Description: General Von Waldhar is in charge of the largest crystal mining space station. He is greedy, nasty and reasonably intelligent. Before he became general he was a savage warrior and has become battle damaged from many fights with fierce creatures, and has even lost a limb in one of those fights. Now he uses his wealth to replace parts of his war torn body with cybernetic implants, making him much more stronger and much more dangerous to those who are willing to risk their lives to steal these precious crystals from the star base.

Name: The Vortex Vaporinizor Armaments: Blade, Gatling Gun, Plasma Cannon, Lightning Pulse Blaster. Description: This highly advanced weapon is a part of Von Waldhar's arm. It is extremely powerful and quite capable of destroying a small space ship. All of its armaments are lethal, more so the Lightning Pulse Blaster, which fires a very accurate blue beam of electrifying particles which vaporizes anything it touches.

Name: Francis Woodruff Height: 4 Foot Age: 22 Species: Evolved Alien Quail Description: Francis hangs out with Rocky and follows him everywhere. He is Rocky's navigator, reading the star charts and directing them to their next destination. Unfortunately he isn't too bright and often gets them both lost and into trouble. Being small has an advantage as he is quite agile and can out run and out maneuver his enemies, which often irritates them. Francis is also punk like in his dress style and features a large pink quiff, which he admires more than anything. He has no space ship and must ride along with Rocky.

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