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Core (Optional) Subject: MICROBIOLOGY

(Medium of Instruction and Examination shall be only in English) Exam Paper No. Work Duration Year Theory/Lab Title load Hrs Hrs/Week I Theory I I Lab II Theory II II Lab III Theory III Lab III IV Theory IV Lab Introductory Microbiology Introductory Microbiology Microbial physiology and Genetics Microbial Physiology and Genetics Immunology and Medical Microbiology Immunology and Medical Microbiology Applied Microbiology Applied Microbiology 4 Hrs 3 Hrs 4 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs

Marks 100 50 100 50 100 50 100 50

Total number of hours for theory papers and labs in an academic year:
Theory Paper I : Theory Paper II : Theory Paper III : Theory Paper IV : 120 Hrs 120 Hrs 90 Hrs 90 Hrs Lab I: Lab II: Lab III: Lab IV: 90 Hrs (30 sessions) 90 Hrs (30 sessions) 90 Hrs (30 sessions) 90 Hrs (30 sessions)


UV rays. Physical methods . capsule. fluorescent and electron microscopy (SEM and TEM). gamma rays. Size determination of microorganisms. Principles and methods of Outline classification of living organisms: Heckel. pressure cooker.Sc. Isolation of pure culture techniques . Edward Jenner. streak-plate. UNIT – II sterilization. Differentiation of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. spread-plate and micromanipulator. Robert Koch.Use of alcohols.Sc. Ocular and stage micrometers. Beijerinck. Preservation of microbial cultures . laminar air flow.subculturing. ultrasonic methods. Hanging-drop method. phenols.Enrichment culturing. (Microbiology) Paper I: UNIT – I INTRODUCTORY MICROBIOLOGY History of Microbiology and Microscopy 30Hrs 2 Hrs 10 Hrs 2 Hrs 10 Hrs 2 Hrs 4 Hrs 30 Hrs 2 Hrs 5 Hrs 4 Hrs 5 Hrs 8 Hrs 6 Hrs 30 Hrs 6 Hrs 2 Hrs 1 Hr Meaning. Contributions of Antony von Leeuwenhoek. aldehydes. storage at low temperature. lyophilization. Place of microorganisms in the living world. negative stain. Phenol coefficient. Principles of microscopy – bright field. differential stain.B.spore. flagella. Louis Pasteur. Whittaker and Carl Woese systems. filter sterilization. Importance and applications of Microbiology. structural stains . halogens and hypochlorites. dark field. sand cultures. hot-air oven. 2 . Chemical methods . Microbiology I Year Syllabus (Applicable to the students admitted in 2008-09) I Year B. overlaying cultures with mineral oils. dilution-plating. Winogradsky and Alexander Fleming. Radiation methods . Iwanowsky. definition and history of Microbiology. phase-contrast.Simple stain.autoclave. Principles and types of stains . fumigants. UNIT – III Biology of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Microorganisms Microbiological Techniques Sterilization and disinfection techniques.

M..M. [ 5 Hrs 5 Hrs 5 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 . WCB Mc GrawHill. nucleic acids. mycoplasmas.. Scientific Publishers India. (2003). S. J. Eukaryotes . microalgae. disaccharides and polysaccharides). Types of buffers and their use in biological reactions. (2000) General Microbiology.cell wall. archaebacteria. Outline classification and general characteristics of carbohydrates(monosaccharides. cell membrane. S. Structure of nitrogenous bases. S Chand . Galgotia Publications New Delhi. R. D. Prescott. Morphology and structure of TMV and HIV. sterols and phospholipids). Essentials of Virology. and Reddy. University Microbiology –I . Hydrogen ion concentration in biological fluids. 5th Edition.General characteristics of bacteria. TEXT AND REFERENCE BOOKS: Ram Reddy. Fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated) and lipids (spingolipds. England. 2 Hrs Ultrastructure of a bacterial cell: Invariant components . Jodhpur. Madigan. 6 Hrs Outline classification for bacteria as per the second edition of Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (up to section level). J. cyanobacteria and actinomycetes. General characteristics and classification of viruses.J. Reddy. (2002). Principle and application of colorimerty and chromatography (paper and thin-layer). rickettsias. flagella. and Klein. Brock Biology of Microorganisms. and Maheswari. Variant components . endospore and storage granules. Structure and multiplication of lambda bacteriophage. J.General characteristics and classification (up to the order level) of eukaryotic microorganisms .M.P. Martinkl.T.K. nucleotides.New Delhi. and Parker. Dube.C. MacMillan Press. molds and yeasts. ribosomes. 9th Edition. S. M.A.Capsule. UNIT – IV Biomolecules 2 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 30 Hrs 1 Hr 6 Hrs Biomolecules of microorganisms. Microbiology. (2007).Protozoa. nucleoid. fimbriae. 5 Hrs General characteristics of amino acids and proteins. M. (2000).Prokaryotes . D. New York. pH measurement. Harley.

R. Dimmock. Hinsdil. Introduction to Microbiology. J. New York. Fundamentals of Microbiology. 5th Ed. Talaro. Instant Notes in Microbiology. Introduction to Modern Virology. Tortora. D. and Leppard. Cambridge University Press. . General Microbiology. Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Co. Kalyani Publishers. New Delhi.J. Moore – Landecker.F. M. Wiley.. Zubay.R. Fundamentals of Fungi. and Shantaram. S. Saunder and Company. London. J.. New Delhi. K. U.A. Alexopoulos. and Blackwell. Biochemistry WCB. S. G.A. Sullia. H.. (1996).B. M. (1991).D.Stanier. and Bartha..J. G. Power. Introduction to Fungi.J.B. USA. Prentice-Hall of India Pvt Ltd. Ltd. Microbiology: Principles and Explorations. Microbial Ecology – Fundamentals and Application. Ltd. (1996). C.P. Singapore.. New Delhi. Microbiology. Easton. (1997). John Wiley. and Ingram.R. (2004). N. R. 4 . and Voet. Mc GrawHill. Ltd. Prentice-Hall. General Microbiology Vol I & II (2nd Edition).K. and Talaro. C. England. R. J. (1980). A. (2000).N.T. Rao. 2nd Edition. K.G.. Oxford & IBH Publishing Pvt. (1999). Crabtree. Niclin.. Wiley... Webster.. Ltd. K. Atlas. Mumbai.S. New York. NJ.W. (1998). and Kreig.J. Adelberg. (2007). (2001). and Daginawala. (1995) Biochemistry. Prentice Hall of India Pvt. J. N. New York. (1998).L. and Goodhert. New Delhi. Himalaya Publishing House. Pelczar. Black. et al. Blackwell Science Ltd. E. (1993). E. E.. Nerw Delhi. C.G. Funke. 5th Edition. A. C. (2005). General Microbiology.Y. D. (1986). J. General Microbiology. Voet. A. Pearson Education.. Frobisher. (1996).L..C. Foundations in Microbiology. and Case. UMC Brown Publications. Microbiology: An Intoduction. Chan.J. Viva Books Pvt. R.R. Benjamin Cummings. New Delhi. USA. R. Iowa.. B. Mims.S. Introductory Mycology. H. Cambridge. Singh. (2005).

Tissue culture and Mushroom Production Technology. Ltd. Microscopic observation of bacteria (Gram +ve bacilli and cocci.. hot-air oven and filtration. 13. Virology – Methods Manual. 8. R. (2001). Calibrations of microscopic measurements (Ocular. diatoms). Benson. Sri Padmavathi Publications. REFERENCE BOOKS FOR LAB: Gopal Reddy. and Reddy S. 12. Himalaya Publishing House. HIV. Sterilization techniques: Autoclving. M. H. Preparation of culture media: Solid / Liquid. D. Mumbai.G. Precautions to work in Microbiology laboratory. 9. (2001). Aspergillus. Microbiological Applications: Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology. T4 phage and adenovirus Qualitative tests for sugars and amino acids. (2006). cyanobacteria (Nostoc. 14. 2. 6. and Maheswari.O. Isolation of single colonies on solid media.J. Pearson Education. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. K. Published by Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt. and Sherman. New Age International (P) Ltd. Microbiology – A Laboratory Manual. Academic Press. Microbiology – Practical Manual. 5 . and Kangro. J. S. Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology. Reddy. 10. I Yr) INTRODUCTORY MICROBIOLOGY (Practicals) 90 Hrs 1. 7th Edition. Plant pathology. Experiments in Microbiology. USA.N. McGraw Hill Publications.. Fusarium). Reddy. New York. Publishers. Spirulina). N. Measuring dimensions of fungal spores Simple and differential staining (Gram staining). Cappuccino. Penicillium.C. algae (Scenedesmus sp. stage micrometers). 3rd Edition. Dubey. New Delhi. (1998).R. (2007). New Delhi. Qualitative test and estimation of glucose. Diagramatic or Electron photomicrographic observation of TMV. (2005).Sc. Aneja.E. Burleson et al.R. Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology. Practical Microbiology. J. 5. USA Alcamo. (2005). S. Spore staining. Chand & Co. and fungi (Saccharomyces.H. M. Rhizopus. Enumeration of bacterial numbers by serial dilution and plating. (1992).K. K. 7th Edition. I. 3rd Edition. Light compound microscope and its handling. (1996).M.LAB – I: (B.. 11. Virology – A Laboratory Manual. Gram –ve bacilli). 4. DVR and Mallaiah. Academic Press. capsule staining and negative staining. Mahy. Saigopal. .W. Hyderabad. 3. B. USA.V. 7..

Microbiology (for students of II year during 2009-10 & after) Paper II: MICROBIAL PHYSIOLOGY AND GENETICS (Theory) UNIT – I Nutrition.Mendelian laws.II Year B. coenzymes. 4 Hrs Enzymes . Replication of DNA – Semiconservative mechanism. Anaplerotic reactions. 3 Hrs UNIT – II Intermediary Metabolism 30 Hrs Aerobic respiration . and lock and key model.synthetic. 8 Hrs Structure of DNA – Watson and Crick model. TCA cycle. noncompetitive. 4 Hrs Inhibition of enzyme activity .nutritional requirements and uptake of nutrients by cells. 6 Hrs Factors influencing microbial growth. crossing over. biphasic growth. uncompetitive and allosteric.Glycolysis. 6 . βOxidation of fatty acids. 2 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 4 Hrs Fundamentals of genetics .autotrophs. Extrachromosomal genetic elements – Plasmids and transposons. sulphate respiration). continuous. Outlines of DNA damage and repair mechanisms. mixotrophs. ED pathway. Photosynthetic apparatus in prokaryotes. cofactors.different phases of growth in batch cultures. 5 Hrs Growth media . oxidative and substrate-level phosphorylation. Nutritional groups of microorganisms . Fermentation . methylotrophs.properties and classification. Growth and Enzymes 30 Hrs Microbial nutrition . Outlines of oxygenic and photosynthesis in bacteria.competitive. selective. enzyme unit. viable count turbiodometry.Common microbial fermentations with special reference alcohol and lactic acid fermentations. biomass. Anaerobic respiration (nitrate. enrichment and differential media. heterotrophs. 2 Hrs 3 Hrs estimates. HMP pathway. electron transport. and DNA and RNA as genetic materials. alleles. Microbial growth . 3 Hrs Biocatalysis .Sc. Synchronous. 5 Hrs UNIT – III Microbial Genetics 7 Hrs to 5 Hrs anoxygenic 30 Hrs linkage. factors affecting catalytic activity of enzymes.induced fit. nonsynthetic. 13 Hrs Glyoxylate cycle. Methods for measuring microbial growth – Direct microscopy.

base pair changes. J. and Elliot. and Cox.C. Moat. (1995). 4 Hrs TEXT AND REFERENCE BOOKS: Gottschalk. 2nd Edition.A. Microbial Physiology. 7 .H. frame shifts. regulatory. tandem duplications. New Delhi. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. U. 5 Hrs UNIT – IV Gene Expression and Recombinant DNA Technology 30 Hrs one 4 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs DNA 3 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs Concept of gene – Muton. D.R.Mutations – spontaneous and induced.L. and Reddy. A. (1995).R. recon and cistron. Scientific Publishers. vectors. D. G. (1995).G. 2nd Edition. Oxford University Press. gene-one polypeptide. India. A. New York. White. Types of genes – structural. constitutive. (2001). D. Mumbai. W.restriction endonucleases. Basic principles of genetic engineering . (2004).W. and Foster. New York. M. Types of RNA and their functions. S. One gene-one enzyme. S. S. Microbial Metabolism and Molecular Biology. 2 Hrs Brief account on horizontal gene transfer among bacteria – transformation. Oxford University Press. (2005). Himalaya Publishing House. CBS Publishers and Distributors. and Reddy.S.R. 4 Hrs Various physical and chemical mutagens. Microbial Physiology.M. Structure of ribosomes and a brief account of protein synthesis. Bacterial Metabolism. Lehninger. Caldwell. (1986). W. transduction and conjugation. Genetic code.L.M. Nelson. New-York. USA. Principles of Biochemistry.M. 4 Hrs General account on application of genetic engineering in industry. D. deletions. agriculture and medicine. insertions. Microbial Physiology and Metabolism. one gene-one product hypotheses. Operon concept. Reddy. (1993). inversions. John-Wiley. Outlines of gene cloning methods. The Physiology and Biochemistry of Prokaryotes. Regulation of gene expression in bacteria – lac operon.C. S. Iowa. Elliot. Springer-Verlag.. Genomic and cDNA libraries. Outlines of RNA biosynthesis in prokaryotes. A Text Book of Microbiology Vol-II. polymerases and ligases. Reddy. Jodhpur. Brown Publications.

R. New Delhi. Dunn and T. (1996). D.H.. Stains and Buffers. S. Essentials of Molecular Biology.B.. Instant Notes in Molecular Biology.D. 2nd Edition. P. New York. (2003). Panima Publishing Co. Hand Book of Laboratory Culture Medias. (1998). Ltd. P. Venkateshwarlu.W. New Delhi.G. (1958). Microbial Biotechnology – Fundamentals of Applied Microbiology.R. and Krishna Reddy. Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Genetics. A. Biotechnology: A Text Book of Industrial Microbiology. London.N. Mclennan. New Delhi. New Delhi. and Agarwal... Chand & Co. Microbial Genetics. New Delhi. Genes VIII. USA. New Delhi. Blackwell Science Publication. Glazer. and Crueger. V. 8 . Maloy. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. McGraw Hill. Strickberger. R. S. B. Smith. S. and Primrose. Molecular Biology.. Freeman and company.. D. ASM press. (1997). D. (2000). Crueger. Ram Reddy. Kannan. Lewin. M. Washington. Biotechnology. S. Cronan.P. (1998). Hyderabad. New York. (2000).H. and Pasternack. D. New Delhi. B. New Delhi. Viva books Pvt. and Freifelder. (2004). Viva Books Pvt. Dobzhansky. H. (2007) A text Book of Molecular Biotechnology. R.W.C.T. W. Glick. (2004). (2003).W. (1995). An Introduction to Genetic Engineering. Molecular Biotechnology. Freifelder. J.M.C. (1994). Oxford University Press. (1997). Advanced Molecular Biology. Freifelder. England Turner. and Nikaido. Cambridge University Press. N.S. Ltd. M. Nicholl. Cell Biology. L. and White. Sinnot E. Genetics. A. Principles of Genetics.K.C. W. Cambridge University Press. Ltd.E. Narosa Publishing House. J. Himalaya Publishers. Molecular Genetics of Bacteria. (1967). Snyder. London. J. (1990).. V. Ltd. W. New York. Oxford & IBH..E.Verma. Washington D.. A. Old. K.C. Twynan. Microbial Genetics. D. and Champness..S. (1994) Principles of Gene Manipulation. 5th Edition. ASM Press. USA. L. Narosa Publishing House. A. Reagents. Evolution and Ecology... Bates.

and Reddy.K. Cambridge University Press. Himalaya Publishing House. R. and Singh. Practical Biochemistry. (2000). 9. 3. International Pvt. Verification of Beer’s law. Kalyani Publishers. S.K. M.. and Walker. and Maheswari. New Delhi. Narosa Publishing House. REFERENCE BOOKS FOR LAB: Gopal Reddy. Microbiology – Practical Manual. S. (1998). Mumbai. and Deshpande.T.N. 3rd Edition. D. Practical Manual on Microbial Metabolisms and General Microbiology. Reddy. Problems related to DNA and RNA characteristics. 3rd Edition. temperature. 6. Paper chromatographic separation of sugars and amino acids 11. Sashidhara Rao. 7. Wilson. Turbidometric measurement of bacterial growth. Jaya Babu (2006). Practical Microbiology. Colorimetric estimation of proteins by Biuret/Lowry method 10. Dubey. I. B. Sri Padmavathi Publications. An Introduction to Practical Biochemistry. Colorimetric estimation DNA by diphenylamine method. Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology. and blood agar. salts. catalase test and sugar fermentation test. 4. Starch hydrolysis. K. Factors affecting bacterial growth – pH. 5. Tata Mc GrawHill. (2002). New Delhi. 13.. New Delhi. Ltd. S.. Ltd. Setting and observation of Winogradsky column. J. DVR and Mallaiah. 2. Introductory Practical Biochemistry. Chand & Co. Plummer. Hyderabad. Bacterial growth curve. New Delhi.R. (1994). 12. Saigopal.M. S. Enrichment culturing and isolation of phototrophs and chemoautotrophs. Transcription and Translation. Experimental Biochemistry: A student Companion.V.K. England. V. mineral salts medium.Algal medium. 8. .LAB – II: MICROBIAL PHYSIOLOGY AND GENETICS (Practicals) 90 Hrs 1. Determination of viable count of bacteria. Reddy. (1988).C. Preparation of media for culturing autotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms . D. (2007). 4th Edition. McConkey agar. 9 . nutrient agar medium. Sawhney. M. R. K. (2007).

macrophages. substances. mechanical antagonism of indigenous flora. 2 Hrs General principles of diagnostic microbiology. RIA and Immunofluroscence. 4 Hrs Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies – production and applications. 3 Hrs Anti-bacterial substances – lysozyme. 10 . antiviral phagocytosis. complement. UNIT – II Basics of Immunology 2 Hrs 6 Hrs 22 Hrs 2 Hrs 1 Hr 2 Hrs 2 Hrs precipitation. spleen and lymph nodes. Types of antigen-antibody reactions – agglutination. active and passive. Antibodies – basic structure. chemical nature. bursa fabricus. properdin. Types of immunity – innate and acquired. antigenic determinants. basophils and eosinophils. 1 Hr 3 Hrs Antigens – types. Normal flora of human body. neutrophils. Primary and secondary organs of immune system – thymus. blood groups.Sc. Autoimmunity and its significance. neutralization. null cells. Definition of infection. complement fixation. 6 Hrs Cells of immune system. properties and functions of immunoglobulins. types. Components of complement and activation of complement. Microbiology (for students of III year during 2010-11 & after) Paper III: IMMUNOLOGY AND MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY (Theory) UNIT – I History of Immunology and Immune System 22 Hrs 2 Hrs and 6 Hrs Development of immunology. bone marrow. Collection.III Year B. monocytes. non-specific defense mechanisms. haptens. Types of hypersensitivity – immediate and delayed. UNIT – III Clinical Microbiology Labeled antibody based techniques – ELISA. transport and processing of clinical samples. Identiification and function of B and T lymphocytes. History of medial microbiology. humoral cell-mediated immunity. 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 2 Hrs 23 Hrs 1 Hr 2 Hrs barriers. Factors affecting antigenicity.

A Poliomyelitis. Hepatitis. serological 2 Hrs 2 Hrs 2 Hrs UNIT – IV Microorganisms and Diseases 23 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs 2 Hrs Elements of chemotherapy – therapeutic drugs. (2006). Influenza .Rabies. Immunology : An Introduction. P. England. and Reddy. (1998). 11 . W. USA. Kindt. and molecular methods.Syphilis. S. (1995). Drug resistance. T. and Fanger.M. Riott. Calcutta. B.Cholera. 6th Edition.J. and Osborne. (1998). and their clinical use.W.Tuberculosis. Typhoid. biochemical. Essentials of Immunology. Chakraborty. A. Vaccines – natural and recombinant. Kuby Immunology. I.Freeman and Company.R. Preventive control of diseases – active and passive immunization. (2004). Goldsby. A Text Book of Microbiology. B.R. Antiviral agents – interferon and base analogues. epidemiology. General account of the following diseases – causal organisms. . Viva Books Pvt. AIDS 12 Hrs 1 Hr TEXT AND REFERENCE BOOKS: Reddy. Mumbai. Amoebiasis .Malaria. New Central Book Agency (P) Ltd. Lydyard. (2000). I.H. WB Saunders.Serum hepatitis. 5 Hrs Tests for antimicrobial susceptibility. Ltd.. ELBS and Black Well Scientific Publishers. Himalaya Publishing House. Filariasis. Anthrax .. Philadelphia.A. Bacterial toxins. India.M. Tizard.R. K. A Text Book of Microbiology .Immunology and Medical Microbiology. Host-pathogen interactions. prevention and control of: Air-borne diseases Food and water-borne diseases Insect-borne diseases Contact diseases Zoonotic diseases Blood-borne diseases General account of nosocomial infections. pathogenesis. Gonorrhoea . Whelan. Instant Notes in Immunology. virulence and attenuation. M. Dengue fever . New Delhi.General methods of laboratory diagnosis – cultural. Mode of action of penicillin and sulpha drugs. New York. diagnosis.

microscopic and biochemical tests. New Central Book Agency (P) Ltd. (2000). (2002).. Isolation and identification of medically important bacteria (E. Himalaya Publishing House. Parasites – Malarial parasite.J. Pseudomonas. 12 .S. (2007). Text Book of Microbiology. K. Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.N. T.K. 7. N. 1. DVR and Mallaiah. Dubey.C. New Age International Pvt. Shetty. Klebsiella. (1992). Mosby Publishers.P. S. Medical Bacteriology Including Medical Mycology and AIDS. New Delhi. CBS Publications. N. R. Mumbai. Antibiotic sensitivity testing – disc diffusion method. Gupte. C. (1994). Tests for disinfectant (Phenol coefficient). 2nd edition. DC and ESR. Reddy. (1994). Annadurai. (2008). D. Estimation of blood haemoglobin..V. (1999). Kalyani Publishers. S. 9th Edition. S. A Hand Book of Practical and Clinical Immunology.K. 8th Edition. Oriental Longman Publications. G. New Delhi. M. LAB–III:IMMUNOLOGY AND MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY (Practicals) 90 Hrs Blood tests – TC. Observation of fungal pathogen (Candida). (1995). Talwar. and Maheswari..Ananthanarayana. India. A Textbook of Immunology and Immunotechnology. E. Chand & Co. Calcutta. Determination of blood groups and Rh typing. Saigopal. 9. 4. Dey. 3. coli.P. USA. 10. New Delhi. Immunology and Medical Microbiology. 6. and Panicker.. B. 2. Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology. Ltd. Entamoeba (study of permanent slides). VDRL test. D. 5.K. and Precipitation – Ouchterlony double diffusion test. (2007).K. R. Singh. Chand & Co. Short Text Book of Medical Microbiology. New Delhi.. R. Staphylococcus and Streptococcus) by cultural. Ltd. Acid-fast staining of mycobacteria (stained/permanent slides). New Delhi. Practical Microbiology. Imuunology – Introductory Textbook. and Gupta. 8. S. Bailey and Scott’s Diagnostic Microbiology. New Delhi. REFERENCE BOOKS FOR LAB: Gopal Reddy. Antigen-antibody interactions in Widal test. M. 6th Edition. Baren.. and Sinha.

4 Hrs Microbiology of potable and polluted waters. New Central Book Agency (P) Ltd. Solid waste disposal – sanitary land fills. 13 faecalis as 2 Hrs 2 Hrs 2 Hrs . B.G. Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV). competition. Tata Mc GrawHill Publishing Co. and viruses. commensalism.L. Frankia and phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms. composting. Calcutta. (1996). Dey. Plant growth-promoting microorganisms -mycorrhizae. Mukherjee.I Agricultural Microbiology 23 Hrs 2 Hrs 1 Hr Physical and chemical characteristics of soil. (1998).M. 5 Hrs Sewage treatment (primary. and Sinha. Principles of plant disease control. water and air). K. Azotobacter. Azospirillum. Sanitation of potable water.Rhizobium. (Ed.K. Microbial interactions – mutualism. Concept of disease in plants. New Delhi. Ltd. T. coli and Streptococcus indicators of water pollution. Biopesticides – Bacillus thuringiensis.C. M. bacteria (angular leaf spot cotton) and viruses (tomato leaf curl). Iyyer & Son Publishers. Vol II.. Practical Microbiology. Notes on Clinical Lab Techniques. Role of microorganisms in nutrient cycling (carbon. K. cyanobacteria.B. Wadher. non-symbiotic). Outlines of biological nitrogen fixation (symbiotic. Rhizosphere and phyllosphere. and Parasitology. M. nitrogen. Trichoderma. rhizobia. Symptoms of plant diseases caused by fungi. sulphur).L. predation. Protozoology. N.K... Chennai. Manual of Diagnostic Microbiology. Plant diseases caused by fungi (groundnut rust). antagonism. Himalaya Publishing House. Dey.Samuel. (1995).) (1989). and Reddy. D. Dey.J. bacteria. E. G. parasitism. Medical Laboratory Technology. 1 Hr 1 Hr 3 Hrs of 3 Hrs 2 Hrs 2 Hrs UNIT – II Environmental Microbiology 23 Hrs 2 Hrs 4 Hrs Microorganisms of environment (soil. 8 Hrs Biofertilizers . secondary and tertiary). Paper IV: APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY (Theory) UNIT . Mumbai. Biological control of plant diseases. Outlines of biodegradation of environmental pollutants – pesticides.

Canned foods. Washington D. ASM Press. Beuchat. D. Industrial production of alcohols (ethyl alcohol). New Delhi. 14 . Design of a stirred tank reactor fermentor. A. moulds.Microbiology of air and air sampling methods. (1996). L. Whitaker. New York..J. 8 Hrs TEXT AND REFERENCE BOOKS: Stanbury. and Westhoff.J.R.. UNIT – III Food Microbiology 2 Hrs 22 Hrs 3 Hrs 3 Hrs food5 Hrs 2 Hrs 3 Hrs 2 Hrs oyster 2 Hrs 2 Hrs 22 Hrs actinomycetes. and Hall. vegetables. W. Food intoxication (botulism and staph poisioning). beverages (beer). Fermentation media.C. continuous. J. biofuels (biogas . New York. 2 Hrs Screening and isolation of industrially-important microorganisms. (1997). and Montville. Microbiological production of fermented foods – bread. (citric acid).P. Jay. P. surface. (1997). Microorganisms as food – SCP. antibiotics (penicillin). USA.C. Principles of Fermentation Technology. submerged. bacteria. and paddy straw). fish.M. Spoilage of different food materials .fruits. yogurt. M. Outlines of strain improvement. Mc Graw-Hill. S. Frazier. Biochemical activities of microbes in milk.C. batch. anaerobic. solid state. Modern Food Microbiology. 3 Hrs 2 Hrs 4 Hrs 3 Hrs enzymes organic acids Microorganisms of food spoilage and their sources.F. Concept of probiotics. borne diseases (salmonellosis and shigellosis) and their detection. Chapman and Hall. Doyle. T. meat. General account of food preservation. (amylases). cheese. amino acids (glutamic acid). (1988). Aditya Books (P) Ltd. Types of fermentation – aerobic. vitamins (B12).methane). Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and Frontiers. UNIT – IV Industrial Microbiology Microorganisms of industrial importance – yeasts. Food Microbiology. edible mushrooms (white button..

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7. 4. 3. a) or b) 11.Osmania University Faculty of Science B.Sc. 2. a) or b) 12. a) or b) to be set from Unit IV to be set from Unit III to be set from Unit II to be set from Unit I Max. Core (Optional) Subject: MICROBIOLOGY Model Question Paper (Theory) (Effective from the batch of students admitted in I year in 2008-09) Paper: I/II/III/IV Time: 3 Hrs Part – A (TWO questions are to be set from each unit) Answer ALL questions Each question carries 5 marks 1. Marks: 100 8 x 5 = 40 Marks 4 x 15 = 60 Marks 17 . 8. a) or b) 10. 5. 6. Part – B (TWO questions are to be set from each unit) Answer any FOUR questions Each question carries 15 marks 9.

Record Max. Spottings (5 Nos) 4. Minor Experiment 3. Marks: 50 20 Marks 10 Marks 15 Marks 5 18 .Sc. Core (Optional) Subject: MICROBIOLOGY Model Question Paper (Practical) (Effective from the batch of students admitted in I year in 2008-09) Lab: I/II/III/IV Time: 3 Hrs 1.B. Major Experiment 2.

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