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September 15, 2011
by |Ike Adams, the Health Fanger
(NaturalNews) Ìn seekIng answers to why adolescent gIrls are sufferIng
devastatIng health damage after beIng Injected wIth HP7 vaccInes, SANE 7ax, Ìnc decIded to have
vIals of CardasIl tested In a laboratory. There, they found over a dozen CardasIl vaccIne vIals to
be contamInated wIth r0NA of the Human PapIIIomavIrus (HP7). The vIals were purchased In the
UnIted States, AustralIa, New Zealand, SpaIn, Poland and France, IndIcatIng CardasIl contamInatIon
Is a global phenomenon.
ThIs means that adolescents who are Injected wIth these vIals are beIng contamInated wIth a
bIohazard ·· the r0NA of HP7. Ìn conductIng the tests, 0r. SIn Hang Lee found r0NA from both HP7·
11 and HP7·18, whIch were descrIbed as ¨fIrmly attached to the alumInum adjuvant.¨
That alumInum Is also found In vaccInes should be frIghtenIng all by Itself, gIven that alumInum
should never be Injected Into the human body (It's toxIc when Ingested, and It specIfIcally damages
the nervous system). WIth the added dIscovery that the alumInum adjuvant also carrIes r0NA
fragments of two dIfferent straIns of Human PapIllomavIrus, thIs now reaches the level of a
dangerous bIohazard ·· somethIng more lIke a bIologIcal weapon rather than anythIng resemblIng
As SANE 7ax explaIns In Its announcement, these tests were conducted after an adolescent gIrl
experIenced ¨acute onset JuvenIle FheumatoId ArthrItIs wIthIn 24 hours¨ of beIng Injected wIth an
HP7 vaccIne. (·vax·Inc·dIs...)
r0NA found In CardasII Is genetIcaIIy engIneered
The r0NA that was found to be contamInatIng CardasIl Is not ¨natural¨ r0NA from the HP7 vIrus
Itself. Father, It Is a genetIcaIIy engIneered form of HP7 genetIc code that Is added to the vaccInes
durIng theIr manufacture.
As 0r. Lee, the pathologIst who ran the laboratory tests IdentIfyIng the bIohazard contamInatIon of
CardasIl saId:
¨Ncturcl HP\ 0NA does not remcìn ìn the bloodstrecm ]or very lony. However, the HP\ 0NA ìn
6crdcsìl ìs not ´ncturcl´ 0NA. lt ìs c recombìncnt HP\ 0NA (r0NA) ·· yenetìcclly enyìneered ·· to be
ìnserted ìnto yecst cells ]or \LP (vìrus·lìke·pcrtìcle) proteìn productìon. r0NA ìs known to behcve
dì]]erently ]rom ncturcl 0NA. lt mcy enter c humcn cell, especìclly ìn cn ìn]lcmmctory lesìon
ccused by the e]]ects o] the clumìnum cd]uvcnt, vìc poorly understood mechcnìsms. Dnce c
seyment o] recombìncnt 0NA ìs ìnserted ìnto c humcn cell, the consequences cre hcrd to predìct. lt
mcy be ìn the cell temporcrìly or stcy there ]orever, wìth or wìthout ccusìny c mutctìon. Now the
host cell contcìns humcn 0NA cs well cs yenetìcclly enyìneered vìrcl 0NA.¨
nnocent gIrIs beIng Injected wIth genetIcaIIy engIneered HPV r0NA
What all thIs means Is that through CardasIl vaccInes, Innocent young gIrls are beIng Injected wIth
the recombInant 0NA of HP7, and that thIs bIohazardous substance persIsts In theIr blood. The
ImplIcatIons of thIs are rather scary, as 0r. Lee explaIns:
¨Dnce c seyment o] recombìncnt 0NA ìs ìnserted ìnto c humcn cell, the consequences cre hcrd to
predìct. lt mcy be ìn the cell temporcrìly or stcy there ]orever, wìth or wìthout ccusìny c
mutctìon. Now the host cell contcìns humcn 0NA cs well cs yenetìcclly enyìneered vìrcl 0NA.¨
The vaccIne Industry, of course, has a long and dark hIstory of Its vaccInes beIngcontamInated wIth
cancer-causIng vIruses and other frIghtenIng contamInants. Watch thIs astoundIng vIdeo of |erck
scIentIst 0r. HIlleman openly admIttIng that poIIo vaccInes were wIdely contamInated wIth SV40
vIruses that cause cancer:
Ìt's called ¨|erck vaccIne scIentIst admIts presence of S740 and AÌ0S In vaccInes · 0r. |aurIce
HIlleman¨ and was partIally narrated by 0r. Len HorowItz. You can vIew the full transcrIpt of thIs
extraordInary IntervIew at:
Ìf you thought vaccInes were safe, thInk agaIn. Cet Informed. Learn the truth, and please share
thIs story so that others may also be Informed.
LIsten up, folks: Why do you thInk the vaccIne Industry pushed so hard for totaI fInancIaI
ImmunIty under the government's vaccIne Injury compensatIon plan: 8ecause they knew that If the
truth ever got out about how many cases of cancer, autIsm and even death were truly caused by
vaccInes, they would be ]ìncncìclly wìped out!


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