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Safe Clause Toys Safe Clause Toys Made in Germany Toys without pollution Its that time again,

n, wish to write, children are given large eyes bulging toy sto res and parents like every year before the question of what toys are actually go od for their child. Currently there are over 1,700 toys on the warning list and the EUs rapid alert s ystem RAPEX in 2008 listed more than one toy per day. Limits for pollutants are often exceeded by many times and inspectorates come with samples not far behind. Hence the consumer centers regularly to advise a more conscious toy purchase. Phthalates (Plasticizers) in plastic toys, rubber balls and flammable baby toys that are painted with lead paint. The effect of these substances has been studie d only partially. Are chosen the plasticizers are suspected to have a hormone-li ke effect and induce infertility, obesity and diabetes in men. Heavy metals such as lead, dissolve in saliva, which in the worst case lead to poisoning. The dan ger of lead, however, is that it accumulates in the body and can eventually lead to a weakened immune system, learning and concentration problems. Formaldehyde, which occurs frequently in glues, and modeling clay, is a pungent-smelling gas that irritates mucous membranes and respiratory tract and is classified by the W orld Health Organization (WHO) as carcinogenic to humans That such substances are still used in toy manufacturing is a sad reality. Who w ants to play it safe, should inform themselves well in advance and not indiscrim inately buy drauflos. Offer help give info sites on the Internet that provide in formation about toy safety. Those interested can find such an information center on the website of D-toy. Here you can find out about the latest news about dang erous toys, pick up tips for toy shopping, or get an overview of the use of qual ity and certification. The online store of D-Toy, visitors will find toys with the internationally reco gnized quality seal Made in Germany. It is ensured that the products are also manu factured in Germany, really, and not only designed here and then be produced abr oad, as is the case with some manufacturers. Available at the D-Toy toys are com pletely harmless. Another important criterion in the selection of suppliers is t he sustainable production. Sun comes as the wood used in regional, sustainable f orestry. This is not only security but also a better feeling about this years pre sents.