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XtraPrinting Library Main Features

Print Almost All Controls

o Windows Forms Controls With the XtraPrinting Library you're able to automatically preview and print standard DataGrid, TreeView, ListView and RichTextBox controls. The XtraPrinting library contains printing links specifically to support advanced printing of these standard Windows Forms Controls. Developer Express Controls Most of the Developer Express controls (such as the XtraGrid, XtraPivotGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraScheduler, XtraCharts) can be printed with the XtraPrinting Library. If you have the library installed on your machine, you're able to print all of these controls with just a single line of code. Any Other Controls The Flexible API which is provided with the library lets you implement your own printing (called custom printing links) for any other Windows Forms controls. This means that you're able to preview, print and export any of your custom controls in a Windows Forms application.

Exporting to Multiple Formats

o A Large Set of Export Formats Supported A document can be exported in various formats with the XtraPrinting Library. Exporting to PDF, HTML (plus MHT), TXT (plus CSV), XLS, RTF, and various Image (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, EMF) formats are all supported basically all the formats you could possibly need. Send via E-Mail If your end-users want not only to be able to export the created document, but also to send it via e-mail, they can do this directly in the print preview window. They can just click the appropriate button on the toolbar, select the file format, fill in the e-mail details and thats it!

Advanced API for Building Reports

o Banded Document Structure A document created with the XtraPrinting Library has a banded structure and consists of a number of sections of different types. This allows you not only to insert detail data, but also groups, report and page headers and footers, and even insert data into page margins. Brick as an Atom Element Every element in a document has a Brick as its base. There are a number of different brick types in the XtraPrinting Library, and when you need to implement a custom printing procedure, you can always find a brick type which will suit your needs. Multiple Events for a Brick Bricks in XtraPrinting provide a lot of events which allows you to solve many different tasks. For instance, you can handle an end-users click in the Preview to open another documents preview when implementing a master-detail report hierarchy. Ability to Create Custom Brick Types If in some rare cases the current types of the XtraPrinting bricks dont suit your needs, you can easily create custom ones by inheriting from any of the existing bricks. Page Numbers and Summaries XtraPrinting provides a number of methods to insert page numbers in a document. You can also insert page summaries which will be recalculated every time a pages layout is

changed. o Print and Preview You can either print your reports directly on a particular printer, or first preview them in a preview window, and then export them or send them to any printer you want.

Enhanced Preview Ability

o Preview Form and Preview Control Previewing a report is really easy in XtraPrinting. You only need to write a single line of code to invoke the enhanced preview window and show a document in it. Youre also able to show a reports preview in any custom form using the PrintControl which is shipped with the XtraPrinting library. Customize the Preview If youre not satisfied with the look and feel of the standard preview window, or you want to hide certain toolbar buttons, or add your own commands to it, youre able to customize the preview window as you need. Full Skins Support For applications that require a unique visual presentation, the XtraPrinting Library (and all other Developer Express WinForms visual controls) fully support Skins. With eight built-in skins and the ability to create your own unique skins, XtraPrinting allows you to design the 'perfect' look and feel. Note that by using Skins you can introduce the XP look and feel experience into applications that are not running under the XP Operating System. Control Scale and Zoom Using the Preview window provided with XtraPrinting its really easy to set the desired scale and zoom level for a previewed document. An end-user can just click the toolbar button and choose the desired value from a drop-down list, or enter a custom value. Page Setup Dialog Specifying a printer, which pages are printed, and any other printing options can all be done directly in the Preview window. An end-user can set report parameters via the Page Setup dialog window which can be invoked via the corresponding toolbar button. Customizable Margins in Preview It's also possible to modify a reports characteristics while in preview mode. For instance, an end-user can change the value of any margin directly in the Preview window, and the document will immediately be recreated. Facing and Continuous Page Layout A document can be previewed in two modes - facing and continuous. When the Facing layout is active, the pages are arranged side-by-side. In Continuous mode the pages are arranged as a continuous vertical column. Multiple Pages Layout Display a fixed number of report pages on screen regardless of the window size. Watermark and Background Color Specify a color to fill pages with in the Color Selection dialog, or add text or an image watermark.

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Note: If you want to further extend the printing abilities that the XtraPrinting Library provides, you can purchase our specialized reporting tool - XtraReports. This is actually an extension of the XtraPrinting Library, and it allows you to visualize the process of creating reports, making the process much more interactive and easy. To learn more about the XtraReports suite, see the XtraReports Web Page (