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Blood on Web is a software application to maintain day to day transactions in a blood bank. This software helps to register all the donors. The main objective of this application is to automate the complete operations of the blood bank. They need maintain hundreds of thousands of records. Also searching should be very faster so they can find required details instantly. This application is built such a way that it should suits for all type of blood banks in future. So every effort is taken to implement this project. This project has following parts to manage all the requirements of the blood bank. 1. Blood Bank details. 2. Donor Details. 3. Recipient Details. 4. Blood Collection Details. 5. Stock Details.

1.1Module Description
1.1.1Blood Bank Details Blood Bank is one of the major components of hospital concerned with various related activities including donor registration, physical examination, blood grouping, blood infectious tests, component separation, blood requisition and cross match. The Blood bank module provides ready information about blood reserve/stock, daily cross matched details, total daily blood requisitions and information regarding blood and donor. 1.1.2 Donor Details Donation of blood is a sign of kindness and care for the fellow human beings.

Dept .of Computer Applications

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Blood On Web


There is no gift more valuable than a Gift of Blood, as it is actually a gift of life for the person who receives it. You can go to the nearest government approved blood centre, which is based on voluntary non/remunerated blood donation and make your significant contribution to saving life of a patient by donating blood. 1.1.3Recipient Details The source details screen is only displayed for target groups that have parameters defined. This screen allows the account holder to choose the specific recipients from the target group based on the parameters set up by the administrator. Each parameter is designed by the data administrator. 1.1.4 Blood Collection Details It is the collection of blood in the blood bank. There are different blood groups in the blood bank. Recipients can search the collection details. 1.1.5 Stock Details There are different collections of blood in each hospital. Users can view and search the stock details. They have to choose the blood group.

Dept .of Computer Applications

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Blood On Web 4 SYSTEM ANALYSIS Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

using the information for further studies on the system. It does various feasibility studies. The proposal is presented to the user for an endorsement by the user. identifying the relevant and decisional variables. The proposal is reviewed on user request and suitable changes are made. System analysis is concerned with becoming aware of the problem. SYSTEM ANALYSIS System analysis is a process of gathering and interpreting facts. The proposal is then weighed with the existing system analytically and the best one is selected. analyzing and synthesizing the various factors and determining an optimal or at least a satisfactory solution or program of action. from which the decision about the strategies to be followed for effective system study and analysis can be taken. The system is viewed as a whole and the input to the system are identified.Blood On Web 5 2. The system analyst plays the role of the interrogator and dwells deep into the working of the present system. Preliminary study is problem solving activity that requires intensive communication between the system users and system developers. Preliminary study is the process of gathering and interpreting facts. This system is called the existing system. The data collected by these sources must be scrutinized to arrive to a conclusion. diagnosing problems and the information to recommend improvements on the system. It is a problem solving activity that requires intensive communication between the system users and system developers.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . A detailed study of the process must be made by various techniques like interviews. Now the existing system is subjected to close study and problem areas are identified. System analysis or study is an important phase of any system development process. The solutions are given as proposals. The system is studied to the minute detail and analyzed. questionnaires etc. The outputs from the organizations are traced to the various processes. The conclusion is an understanding of how the system functions. In these studies a rough figure of the system activities can be obtained. The designer now functions as a problem solver and tries to sort out the difficulties that the enterprise faces. This is loop that ends as soon as the user is satisfied with proposal. Dept .

Dept .Blood On Web 6 2. so any one can search blood via online from anywhere and donor registration is also possible in this way. Presently they maintain all records manually. This is a web application project. 2.  Donor registration is also possible in this way. The blood bank project is implemented for an easier way to search blood group. Normally a blood bank gives many transactions in the city.2 Proposed system To manage all the transactions we proposed here with software solutions which will takes care of all the necessary transactions. Advantages of Proposed system  Easy to use  Easier way to search blood group  Any one can search blood via online. This is windows application so we have to reach the blood bank to know whether the blood is available or not.1 Existing system This project is developed to reduce the drawbacks of existing method. Drawbacks of Existing System  Difficult for use. On implementation of this software it will help them in many ways. To solve this problem now we are looking for better alternative solution.  All records maintain manually  Have to reach blood bank to know details.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

Blood On Web 7 FEASIBILITY STUDY Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

Blood On Web 8 3. It needs a powerful RDBMS database MS SQL Server to the purpose. The result should inform the decision of whether to go ahead with a more detailed analysis. few legal problems are expected and no reasonable alternative exists. Three essential aspects are involved in the feasibility study promotion of preliminary investigation: technical. If the budget is a serious constraint then the project is judged technically feasible.g. If there is more project risk then the feasibility of producing the quality software is reduced 3. Not all requested projects are feasible. The study will decide if the proposed system will be cost effective from the business point of view and if it can be developed in the given existing budgetary constraints. The feasibility study is not warranted system in which economic justification is obvious technical risk is low. FEASIBILITY STUDY The development of a computer-based system is more likely to be plagued by security to resources and difficult delivery rates. few legal problems are expected and no reasonable alternative exist. Feasibility and risk analysis is related in many ways.1 Technical feasibility Technical feasibility centres on the existing computer and to what extend it can support the proposed addition. Feasibility study may be documented as a separated report to higher officials of the top-level management and can be included as an appendix to the system specification.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . A feasibility study is not warranted for systems in which economic justification is obvious. All projects are feasible when given unlimited resources and infinite time It is both necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of a project at the earliest possible time. For e. Operational feasibility. This system requires a multiple user environment. technical risk is low. The feasibility study should be relatively cheap and quick.: the current computer is operating at 80% capacity. economic. So this system is technically feasible with without requiring any additional hardware or software. then running another application could overload the system and require additional hardware. Dept .

So most of the required modifications can be done without much re-work. cost of resources needed for development and potential market growth. In the proposed system. Therefore. More commonly known as cost/benefit analysis. the system is technically feasible 3. impact on other profit centres or products. So. number of employees to be involved is reduced drastically.2 Economic feasibility Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of a candidate system. the procedure is to determine the benefit and saving that are expected from a candidate system and compare them with the term of time by automating the process of report generation. The outcome was found to be positive. Since cost input for the software is almost nil the output of the software is always a profit. data can be easily stored and managed using database management system software. manpower is more required. long term corporate income strategies. Hence this package is economically feasible. the proposed system is said to be economic.Blood On Web 9 Technical feasibility study deals with the hardware as well as software requirements. A system that can be developed technically and that will be used if installed must still be a good investment or the organization is more. Hence software is economically feasible. In the proposed system. Also the system is designed to meet the modifications required in the future. The scope was whether the work for the project is done with the current equipments and existing software technology has to be examined in the feasibility study. The reports and results for various queries can be generated easily.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . In the existing system. Proposed system was developed with the available resources. When compared to the advantage obtained from implementing the system its cost is affordable. Economic justification is generally the “bottom-line“ consideration that includes cost benefit analysis. A cost evaluation is weighed against the ultimate income or benefit derived from the developed system or product. Dept .

People are inheritably resistant to change and computers have been known to facilitate change. As this package is technically. recommendation and justification. conclusions is made of the proposed system.Blood On Web 10 3. Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . the system is judged feasible. it is operationally feasible. Since this system ready to use in the organization. An estimate should be made to know how strong the reaction of a user staff is likely to have towards the development computerized system.3 Operational feasibility Proposed systems are beneficial only if they can be turned into information system that will meet the organization’s operating requirements. Viewing the collected information. economically and functionally feasible.

Blood On Web 11 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING PARADIGM Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

as the goal is to document all functions.1Waterfall model The simplest. Operational Feasibility  Stage2: Requirement Analysis and Specification The goal of this phase is to understand the exact requirements of the customers and to document them properly.Blood On Web 12 4. Schedule Feasibility 5. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING PARADIGM 4. This phase produces a large document containing a description of what the system will do without describing how it will be done. These phases are:  Stage1: Feasibility Study The goal of feasibility study is to evaluate alternative systems and to purpose the most feasible and desirable system for designing. 1.The essence of this software paradigm is that the process of software designing consists of linear set of distinct phases. Five types of feasibility are addressed in this study. The requirements describe “what” of a system. Motivational Feasibility 4. It was proposed by Royce in 1970. Technical feasibility 2. This document is known as software requirement specification (SRS) document. oldest and most widely used process model for software designing is the waterfall model. Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . performance and interfacing requirements for the software designing and management. Economic Feasibility 3. This activity is usually executed together with the customers.

 Stage4: Coding and Unit Testing The information contained in CMS is sufficient to begin the coding Phase. Dept . and the product design and detailed design work is performed. The purpose of unit testing is to determine the correct working of individual modules.  Stage6: Software Maintenance This is the last phase of software designing which includes a broad set of activities such as error correction. and each of these program modules is unit tested. code generation can be accomplished easily. This work is documented and is known as software design description (SDD document). The coding Phase of software designing involves translation of design specification into a machine readable form. deletion of obsolete capabilities and optimization. Here.  Stage5: Integration and System Testing: During this phase the different program modules are integrated in a planned way and then tested as a completed system to ensure that the designed system functions according to its requirements as specified in the SRS document. overall software architecture is defined. After testing. This phase is also known as the implementation phase. If design is performed in a detailed manner. Here. enhancement of capabilities.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 13  Stage3: Design The goal of this phase is to transform the requirement specification produced in the requirement analysis phase into a structure that is suitable for implementation in some programming language. the software is delivered to the customer. each component of the design is implemented as a program module.

as the product is delivered very late in this software process. The phase of the model are processed and completed one at a time. 3. 3. 2. Easily manageable. It is often difficult for the customer to state all the requirements explicitly. 4. Real projects rarely follow the sequential flow that the software model proposes. Works very well for smaller software projects. 2.Blood On Web 14 Advantages 1. Simple and easy to use. Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . The customer must have patience. Disadvantages 1.

Blood On Web 15 SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . This section lists out the requirement for developing a software project monitoring system. It allows the developer to be carried out. the size and capacity requirements are also important.8 GHz 1 GHz RAM Capacity: 2GB 2GB Hard disk: Monitor: Key board: 120GB 40 GB 15’’SVGA 15’’SVGA 105 keys 105 keys Mouse: Scroll Mouse Scroll Mouse Dept .Blood On Web 16 5. When select hardware. Server Client Processor: Pentium 4 Pentium 4 Processor Speed: 2. performance level to be obtained and corresponding interface to be established.1 Hardware Requirements The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION A main purpose of software requirement specification is the clear definition and specification of functionality and of the software product. 5.

An interface for users is build-using ASP. Introduction To .NET Framework is used as front-end tool. people.2 Software Requirements One of the most difficult task is selecting software for the system. This section summarizes the application requirement.Blood On Web 17 5. servers and developers tools and consists of the . C# programs run on the .NET Microsoft .NET 2008 provide an integrated development environment (IDE) for maximizing developer productivity with the . SQL Server 2005 is used as the backend tool. once the system requirements is found out then we have to determine whether a particular software package fits for those system requirements.NET is one of the most beautiful and recently more popular front-end tools. an integral component of Windows that includes a virtual execution system called the common language runtime (CLR) and a Dept . . Then it comes the turn of the Operating System. Any .NET framework. C#.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .NET.NET and ASP.  Operating System: Windows Vista/2007  Front-End: C#. It spans clients.NET. ASP  Back-End : MS SQL Server 2005 In the project Blood on web. systems and devices.NET Framework. Developer’s tools like Microsoft Visual Studio.NET is a software that connects information.NET.NET framework used for building and running all kinds of software including Web based application and smart client applications.NET are used in this project.NET framework compatible software platform can be used. Additional technologies used are Internet Information Services (IIS) and ADO.

The IL code.Blood On Web 18 unified set of class libraries. if the security requirements are met.” in contrast to “unmanaged code” which is compiled into native machine language that targets a specific system.NET suite. All .NET Framework. an international standard that is the basis for creating execution and the development environment in which languages and libraries work together seamlessly. database applications and much more. The CLR also provides other services related to automatic garbage collection.dll.4 Features of C#. culture. The CLR is Microsoft’s commercial implementation of the common language infrastructure (CLI). Source code written in C# is compiled into an intermediate language (IL) that conforms to the CLI specification. Then. along with resources such as bitmaps and strings. which might take various actions based on the information in the manifest. 5. 5.NET C#. the base class libraries. assemblies and the CLR. the CLR performs just in time (JIT) compilation to convert the IL code into native machine is a major component of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET • Inheritance: Dept .NET library to develop applications and share common tools to execute applications. typically with an extension of .NET supported languages access common . XML Web services. When the C# program is executed.NET is a programming and operating framework introduced by Microsoft. and security requirements. The . We can use C# to create traditional Windows client applications.3 About C#.NET is called C#.exe or .NET version of C# is a new improved version with more features and additions.NET. exception handling. The following diagram illustrate the compile-time and run time relationships of C# source code files. Microsoft . is stored on disk in an executable file called an assembly. and resource management . the assembly is loaded into the CLR. Programming with C# using . C# is an elegant and type-safe object-oriented language that enables developers to build a wide range of secure and robust applications that run on the . distributed components. An assembly contains a manifest that provides information on the assembly’s type’s version.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Code that is executed by the CLR is sometimes referred to as “managed code. clientserver applications.

If a user (programmer) does not provide a mechanism to handle these anomalies.NET Framework contains lots of standard exceptions. including: Dept . number and type of arguments. destructors are methods that are used to free system resources when a class leaves scope or is set to nothing. Overloading: C#.NET are inheritable.NET supports constructors and destructors using the Sub New and Sub Dispose procedures. iii. Constructors and Destructors: The procedures that control initialization of new instances of a class are known as constructors.C#.NET framework to detect and run time errors.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .e. Conversely. Inheritance refers to the properties of a class being available to many other classes. Derived classes inherit the methods defined in their base class. The users can use inheritance to define new forms designed by users are really classes  Exception Handling: Exception handling is an in build mechanism in . i. Sub New method will only run once when a class is created. the . i. name. In addition to these basic object-oriented principles. By default all the classes created with C#. Using this keyword. which terminates the program execution. This new method hides the method of super class. The exceptions re anomalies that occur during the exception of program. Inheritance provides ability to use an existing class’s functionality via its derived (inherited) class. as method in the super class. Overriding: Overriding is the creation of a method in the subclass that the same signature.Blood On Web 19 Inheritance is one of the most used techniques in an object oriented language. The . The properties and methods of the base class are inherited and extracted by the derived classes. C# facilities the development of software components through several innovative language constructs. you can declare same method names with different arguments.NET run time environment provides a default mechanism. logic or system errors.NET supports methods overloading using the overloading Keyword. They can be because of. ii. All methods are not overridable by default but if a method in the base class is marked with overridable keyword the Overrides keyword can be used in derived class to define new implementation of the inherited method.

Net. System namespaces contains types such as Console. 5. They may contain unions. or only part of it are one may be tracking information from a variety of sources that one is having to co-ordinate and organize himself using Microsoft SQL Server. The members with the same name can be created in some other namespace without any compiler complaints from Microsoft . each of them with a unique name. you will see hundreds of namespaces. Dept . view.  Name Spaces As you have seen earlier. • Attributes. classes. you need to import System namespaces in your application. enumerators and delegates. variables and also namespaces etc.Blood On Web 20 • Encapsulated method signatures called delegates. Within the file.NET types are defined in namespaces. every program is created with a default namespace. If you see . event notifications.. whose names are unique only inside the namespace. In this case a developer does not need to worry about the naming conflicts of classes. Main goal of using namespace in . find and retrieve just the data wanted for reports.NET Framework Class Library. such as tracking client orders or maintaining a list of project details. one can manage all information from a single database file. But the program itself can declare any number of namespaces. If you want to access Console class. The advantage is that every namespace can contain any number of classes. Object and so on. This default namespace is called as global namespace. add and update data by using online forms. A Namespace in Microsoft . which enables type safe Properties. which serves as assessors for private member variables. structures. interfaces. most of the .. In Microsoft .Net is for creating a hierarchical organization of program. functions. which provide declarative metadata about types at run time.5 SQL Server 2005 A database is a collection of information that’s related to a particular subject or purpose. A namespace is a scope in which managed types are defined. functions. If the database isn’t stored on a computer.Net is like containers of objects.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . data is divided into separate storage containers called tables.Net. For example. variables etc. inside a project.

reports. SQL server 2005 has a number of tools to help the database administrator and the developer. including data form multiple tables. define relationships between the tables. Tables organize data into columns (called fields) and rows (called records).Blood On Web 21 SQL Server allows the user to view.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . update or analyze the database from the Internet of an intranet by creating data access pages. In SQL Server a database is the overall container of data and associated with in a single SQL Server database. or data SQL Server page. To store data. In table Design view one can create an entire table from scratch or add. A table is a collection of data about a specific topic such as projects or clients. report. SQL Server as a relational database stores data in many related tables. form. scalable concurrency with secondary data stores. store that data only once. Using a separate table for each topic means that. or printing. The data type in a database design defines the type of data contained in fields of the table and six of each value in the table. The user can also display records from tables that are related to the current table by displaying sub datasheets within the main datasheet. With some restrictions. A common field relates two tables so that Microsoft SQL Server can bring together the data from the two tables for viewing. This makes the database more efficient and reduces data-entry errors.The replication services include services for distributed or mobile data processing applications. queries. editing. enterprise reporting solutions and integration with heterogenous system such as oracle databases. the user can work with the data in sub datasheets in many of the same ways that they work with data in the main datasheet. create a query. To fling and retrieve just the data that meets conditions specified. The relational database engine has been improved to give better performance and support for both structured and un structured data. delete or customize the fields in an existing table. macros and modules all stored in a single DOS files with the extension ‘db’. it provides for high system availability. The user can have hundreds of tables. To bring the data from multiple tables together in a query. create one table for each type of information that is to be tracked. Dept . forms.

personalized timely information updates through webbased applications has been made possible with the advanced notification capabilities of the SQL server 2005. The reporting services features have been honed up to create comprehensive solutions for managing.Blood On Web 22 The deployment of scalable . A number of development tools have been provided and integrated with Microsoft visual studio to provide an end to end applications development capability. creating and delivering traditional and paper oriented reports or interactive. sophisticated analysis of large and complex data sets using multidimensional storage. Dept . web based reports. It provides data warehousing features. the extraction .The data access protocols reduce the time taken for integrating data in SQL server with existing system. It scales from a mobile laptop to systematic multiprocessor system.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . • • • is easy It to use.transformation and load process has been further enhanced and online analytical processing render rapid .

Blood On Web 23 SYSTEM DESIGN Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

Dept . It should be done with utmost care because if the phase contains any error then that will affect the performance of the system. Each activity transforms information in such a manner that ultimately results in validated computer software. software design is the first of the three technical activities Designing. Coding and Testing that are required to build and verify the software. more response time. SYSTEM DESIGN Designing is the most important phase of software development. extra coding workload etc. After the software requirements have been analyzed and specified. 6.1 Design goals The following goals were kept in mind while designing the system:  Make system user-friendly: This was necessary so that system could be used efficiently and system could act as catalyst in achieving objectives. Future maintenance and enhancement must be less. It requires a careful planning and thinking on the part of the system designer. Software design sits at the technical kernel of the software engineering process and is applied regardless of the software process model that is used.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 24 6. Designing software means to plan how the various parts of the software are going to achieve the desired goal.  Make system compatible: It should fit in the total integrated system.  Make the system reliable: understandable and cost-effective. as a result it may take more processing time.

2 Use Case Diagram Blood on Web User Registration Login Blood Bank Details Donor Details Recipient Details Admin Refer friend Blood Collection Stock in Hospital Interesting Friends Feedback User Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 25 6.

S8: Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .3 Scenario S1: User Registration: Admin and users can register user details for further usage of this application. S3: Donor Details: Store the details of persons who wish to donate blood. S6: Blood Bank details: Details about Blood Bank. S2: Login: Admin and users can login to their own home using their username and password. S4: Send Feedback: Send feedback to admin. S7: Recipient Details: Details of recipient.Blood On Web 26 6. S5: Refer Friend: Users can refer their friends for blood donation.

Blood On Web 27 Blood collection: Admin can select information about donor corresponding to the blood group. 6.4 Sequence Diagram S1: User Registration : User Registration User Req Reg form () Display reg form Submit () : User Controller Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

pswd Success Failure Usertype=Admin Usertype=User Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 28 S2: Login : Login : Login controller : Admin home : Donor details User Req Login () Display login screen Username.

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 29 S3: Donor Details : Donor Details : Donor Controller admin Display donor reg form Submit () Dept .

Blood On Web 30 S4: Send Feedback : Feedback : Feedback Controller admin Add Feedback () Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

Blood On Web 31 S5: Refer Friend : Refer Friend : Refer Friend Controller admin Add Friend () Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 32 S6: Blood Bank Details : Blood Bank : Blood bank Controller Add Friend () admin Dept .

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 33 S7: Recepient Details : Recepient Details : Recepient Controller Add Friend () admin Dept .

Blood On Web


S8: Blood Collection
: Blood Collection : Donor Controller

Select Blood group () View Donor admin

Dept .of Computer Applications

AWH Engineering College

Blood On Web


6.5 Class Diagram


Admin 1 1

User 0..m

m Blood Bank Details Feedback



Donor Details


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Blood On Web


6.6 Database Design
Software project monitoring system stores the data in a database. A database is a structured collection of data. To add, access, and process the data stored in database, one need a database management system such as SQL server. SQL is a relational database management system stores the data in separate tables.

      User Registration Bank Details Donor Details Recipient Details Feedback Refer Friend

User Registration

Field Name
id Name Age Gender Phone Email Place Username Password role

Integer Varchar Integer Varchar Integer Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar varchar 20 50 20 20 10 50 50 50 50 20


Id of user Name Age Gender Phone no: Email id Place Username Password Role

Key Specification

Primary key

Dept .of Computer Applications

AWH Engineering College

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 37 Blood Bank Details Field Name Name Id Type Location Phone email Type Varchar Integer Varchar Varchar Integer Varchar 50 20 50 50 10 50 Size Description Name Id of blood bank Type of hospital Location Phone no: Email id Key Specification Primary key Donor Details Field Name Name Age Bloodgroup hospital Gender Weight Disabilities Location Phone email Type Varchar Integer Varchar Varchar Varchar Integer Varchar Varchar Integer Varchar 50 20 20 50 20 20 50 50 10 50 Size Description Name Age Bloodgroup hospital Gender Weight Disabilities Location Phone email Key Specification Primary key Dept .

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 38 Recipient Details Field Name Blood group Select Sample Patient Name Disease gender Date number Type Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar datetime Integer 20 20 50 50 20 30 10 Size Description Blood group Select Sample Patient Name Disease gender Date Phone number Key Specification Primary key Feed back Field Name Name Phone feedback Type Varchar integer Varchar 50 10 100 Size Description Name Phone no: feedback Key Specification Refer Friend Field Name Name Gender Contact number place Type Varchar Varchar Integer Varchar 50 20 10 50 Size Description Name Gender Contact number place Key Specification Dept .

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 39 SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT Dept .

the system is constructed from the specifications prepared in the design phase. Planning 3. Computer program development 2. They are: 1. This is highly dependent on the programming language used.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . External system development 2. Performance testing Dept . Internal system development The major external system development activities are: 1. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT System development is a series of operations performed to manipulate data to produce output from a computer system. During the system development phase. Implementation 2.Blood On Web 40 7. Equipment acquisition 4. Installation The major internal system development activities are: 1. The principal activities performed during the development phase can be divided into two major related sequences.

The code ensures that only one value of code with a single meaning is correctly applied to give entity or attribute as described in various ways. Codes are used for identifying. They are used to give operational distractions and other information. Codes also show interrelationship among different items. A code is an ordered collection of symbols designed to provide unique identification of an entity or an attribute.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . Code in all cases specify object’s physical or on performance characteristics. sorting and matching records.1 Code Design The purpose of the code is to facilitate the identification and the retrieval of items of information. Codes are built with mutually exclusive features. SYSTEM TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATION Dept .Blood On Web 41 7. accessing.

Blood On Web 42 8.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . If we have a well-defined design. The implementation phase constructs install and operational the new system. coding is just a mechanical process. the software does not do what the user expects. A fault is a programming error that may or may not actually manifest as a failure. The most crucial and very important stage of achieving a new successfully system for the users. In case of a failure. A fault can also be described as an error in the correctness of the semantic of a computer program. Coding is the part where we program the main functionality of the system. software engineers distinguish software faults from software failures. In general. SYSTEM TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATION Testing and implementation is the phase by which we implements what we design yet. which will work efficiently and effectively is the implementation stage. A fault will Dept . we starts by stored procedures through the other logic system and then goes to coding of the application Implementation is the stage where the theoretical design is turned into a working system. Just need to write the code for what we have already designed. As specified earlier.

A rule of thumb is that a system that is expected to function without faults for a certain length of time must have already been tested for at least that length of time. Bugs that occur infrequently are difficult to find in testing. Regardless of the methods used or level of formality involved the desired result of testing is a level of confidence in the software so that the organization is confident that the software has an acceptable defect rate. In SQA. one of them being that the faulty portion of computer software executes on the CPU.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . software process specialists and auditors take a broader view on software and its development. Software testing may be viewed as a sub-field of Software Quality Assurance but typically exists independently (and there may be no SQA areas in some companies). A problem with software testing is that the number of defects in a software product can be very large. Software testing is the technical investigation of the product under test to provide stakeholders with quality related information. Dept . and the number of configurations of the product larger still. A common practice of software testing is that it is performed by an independent group of testers after the functionality is developed but before it is shipped to the customer. or when the software gets extended. Another practice is to start software testing at the same moment the project starts and it is a continuous process until the project finishes. An arcade video game designed to simulate flying an airplane would presumably have a much higher tolerance for defects than software used to control an actual airliner. This practice often results in the testing phase being used as project buffer to compensate for project delays. They examine and change the software engineering process itself to reduce the amount of faults that end up in the code or deliver faster. This has severe consequences for projects to write long-lived reliable software. A fault can also turn into a failure when the software is ported to a different hardware platform or a different compiler.Blood On Web 43 become a failure if the exact computation conditions are met. What constitutes an acceptable defect rate depends on the nature of the software.

It provides a way to check the functionality of components. and they are integrated with any regression tests that are developed. The test suites are continuously updated as new failure conditions and corner cases are discovered.1 Functional test Dept .of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . adhere to a "test-driven software development" model. In this process unit tests are written first.1. 8. some emerging software disciplines such as extreme programming and the agile software development movement. Each test type addresses a specific testing requirement. Of course these tests fail initially. Such tests are then maintained in regression testing suites to ensure that future updates to the software don't repeat any of the known mistakes. Then as code is written it passes incrementally larger portions of the test suites. In counterpoint. as they are expected to. sub assemblies. assemblies and/or a finished product It is the process of exercising software with the intent of ensuring that the Software system meets its requirements and user expectations and does not fail in an unacceptable manner. tools. The software. 8. samples of data input and output. There are various types of test. and configurations are all referred to collectively as a test harness. Unit tests are maintained along with the rest of the software source code and generally integrated into the build process (with inherently interactive tests being relegated to a partially manual build acceptance process).Blood On Web 44 Another common practice is for test suites to be developed during technical support escalation procedures. by the programmers (often with pair programming in the extreme programming methodology). Testing is the process of trying to discover every conceivable fault or weakness in a work product.1 SYSTEM TESTING The purpose of testing is to discover errors.

additional tests are identified and the effective value of current tests is determined. and that program inputs produce valid outputs. All decision branches and internal code flow should be validated.2 System Test System testing ensures that the entire integrated software system meets requirements. It tests a configuration to ensure known and predictable results. Systems/Procedures: interfacing systems or procedures must be invoked. 8. and successive processes must be considered for testing. predefined processes.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . : identified classes of application outputs must be exercised. In addition. : identified functions must be exercised. An example of system testing is the configuration oriented system integration test. Functional testing is centered on the following items: Valid Input Invalid Input Functions Output : identified classes of valid input must be accepted. System testing is based on process descriptions and flows.2 TYPES OF TESTS 8.1 Unit testing Unit testing involves the design of test cases that validate that the internal program logic is functioning properly. emphasizing pre-driven process links and integration points. system documentation. Before functional testing is complete.Blood On Web 45 Functional tests provide systematic demonstrations that functions tested are available as specified by the business and technical requirements. : identified classes of invalid input must be rejected. and user manuals. Organization and preparation of functional tests is focused on requirements. systematic coverage pertaining to identify Business process flows. or special test cases.2. key functions.1. data fields. 8. It is the testing of individual Dept .

and/or system configuration. Testing is event driven and is more concerned with the basic outcome of screens or fields.Blood On Web 46 software units of the application . Features to be tested  Verify that the entries are of the correct format  No duplicate entries should be allowed  All links should take the user to the correct page. Integration tests demonstrate that although the components were individually satisfaction. This is a structural testing.  Pages must be activated from the identified link. application. as shown by successfully unit Dept . Unit testing is usually conducted as part of a combined code and unit test phase of the software lifecycle. Unit tests perform basic tests at component level and test a specific business process.2 Integration testing Integration tests are designed to test integrated software components to determine if they actually run as one program. Test objectives  All field entries must work properly. 8. that relies on knowledge of its construction and is invasive. Test strategy and approach Field testing will be performed manually and functional tests will be written in detail. although it is not uncommon for coding and unit testing to be conducted as two distinct phases. Unit tests ensure that each unique path of a business process performs accurately to the documented specifications and contains clearly defined inputs and expected results. messages and responses must not be delayed.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .it is done after the completion of an individual unit before integration.2.  The entry screen.

3 White Box Testing White Box Testing is a testing in which in which the software tester has knowledge of the inner workings. such as specification or requirements document. Integration testing is specifically aimed at exposing the problems that arise from the combination of components. 8. It is purpose. No defects encountered. Software integration testing is the incremental integration testing of two or more integrated software components on a single platform to produce failures caused by interface defects. e.2. The task of the integration test is to check that components or software applications. No defects encountered. It is a testing in Dept . components in a software system or – one step up – software applications at the company level – interact without error. structure and language of the software.4 Black Box Testing Black Box Testing is testing the software without any knowledge of the inner workings. Test Results: All the test cases mentioned above passed successfully. the combination of components is correct and consistent. as most other kinds of tests. It is used to test areas that cannot be reached from a black box level.Blood On Web 47 testing.g. structure or language of the module being tested.2. or at least its purpose. such as specification or requirements document. 8.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . Black box tests. must be written from a definitive source document. Test Results: All the test cases mentioned above passed successfully.

Blood On Web 48 which the software under test is treated. Test Planning: Test Strategy.2. Test Cases. Requirements Analysis: Testing should begin in the requirements phase of the software development life cycle. testers work with developers in determining what aspects of a design are testable and under what parameter those tests work. No defects encountered. Test Scenarios. as a black box . The test provides inputs and responds to outputs without considering how the software works. Test Development: Test Procedures. Test Execution: Testers execute the software based on the plans and tests and report any errors found to the development team. During the design phase. 3. and Test Scripts to use in testing software. there is a cycle to testing: 1. Test Results: All the test cases mentioned above passed successfully. Test Bed creation.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . No defects encountered. Test Results: All the test cases mentioned above passed successfully. Dept .5 Acceptance Testing User Acceptance Testing is a critical phase of any project and requires significant participation by the end user. Test Plan(s). A Sample Testing Cycle: Although testing varies between organizations. It also ensures that the system meets the functional requirements. 2. 1. cannot “see” into it.

There are yet other defects that may be rejected by the development team (of course. Test Reporting: Once testing is completed. Thus it can be considered to be the most critical stage in achieving a successful new system and in giving the user. achieving a new successful system because. 8. It is the key stage in. Testing is the stage of implementation. confidence that the new system will work and be effective. Others might be deferred to future releases of the software.Blood On Web 49 4. testers generate metrics and make final reports on their test effort and whether or not the software tested is ready for release. which is aimed at ensuring that the works accurately and efficiently before live operation commences. or the deficiency might be accepted by the business user. 5.3 IMPLEMENTATION Implementation is the stage of the project when the theoretical design is turned out into a working system. It is the process of executing a program with the explicit intention of finding errors. Some may be caused by errors in configuring the test software to match the development or production environment. Some defects can be handled by a workaround in the production environment. usually it involves lot of upheaval in the user department. The implementation is the processing of converting a new or revised system into operational one. with due reason) if they deem it inappropriate to be called a defect. Retesting the Defects Not all errors or defects reported must be fixed by a software development team.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . Dept . System testing is an expensive but critical process that can take as much as 50% of the budget of the program development.

The implementation phase of a project covers the period from the acceptance of the tested design to its satisfactory operations. to the satisfaction of the intended users and operation of the system. The new system may be totally replacing the existing system or it may be automated some activities or it may be a major modification to an existing system The method of implementation and time scale to be adopted are found out initially. In the initial stage. It is a major operation across the whole organizational structure and requires a great deal of planning. supported by the appropriate user and operations manual. The proper implementation is essential to provide a reliable system to meet organization requirements. In many organizations someone who will not be operation it.Blood On Web 50 The implementation includes all those activities that take place to connect from old system to new.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . The people are not sure that the software is meant to make their job easier.  Proper guidance is imparted to the user so that he is comfortable in using the Application. will commission the software development Project. investigation of the existing system and it’s constraints on implementation.  Their confidence in the software is built up. Implementation of software refers to the final installation of the package in its real environment. Successful implementation may not guaranty improvement in the organization using the new system. they doubt about the software but we have to ensure that resistance does build up as one has to makes sure that:  The active user must be aware of the benefits of using the system. but improper installation will prevent it The implementation stage involves careful planning. The implementation plan involves the following: Dept . designing of methods to achieve changeover and evaluation of changeover methods.

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 51 SYSTEM MAINTENANCE Dept .

Design. Maintenance can only happen efficiently if the earlier phases are done properly. the maintenance phase keeps the software up to date with environment changes and changing user requirements. Similarly. Software Deployment. to improve performance or other attributes. The earlier phases should be done so that the product is easily maintainable. After the product has been released. or to adapt the product to a modified environment implementation phase should create code that can be easily read. and changed. and Maintenance. SYSTEM MAINTENANCE Software Development has many phases. Testing. The design phase should plan the structure in a way that can be easily altered.Blood On Web 52 9.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . Maintenance is the last stage of the software life cycle. Implementation. Architecting. Dept . understood. These phases include Requirements Engineering. the Software maintenance is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct faults.

Maintenance consists of four parts. evaluation and maintenance begins. preventive maintenance deals with updating documentation and making the software more maintainable. Maintenance can be classified as corrective. Finally. maintenance programmers having insufficient knowledge of the system.Blood On Web 53 There are four major problems that can slow down the maintenance process: unstructured code. Corrective maintenance is ‘traditional maintenance’ while the other types are considered as ‘software evolution. and upgrading user support. Corrective maintenance deals with fixing bugs in the code. including correcting coding and design errors.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . updating documentation and test data. Maintenance covers a wide range of activities. processing performance failure or making changes because previously uncorrected problems or false assumptions. out of date. All changes to the system can be characterized by these four types of maintenance. and software maintenance having a bad image. adaptive perceptive. Maintenance means restoring something to its original condition Dept . The success of the maintenance phase relies on these problems being fixed earlier in the life cycle. The important of maintenance is to continue to bring the new system to standards. Adaptive maintenance deals with adapting the software to new environments. or at best insufficient. documentation being absent. Corrective maintenance means repairing.’ Maintenance is one of the important steps in the system development After the installation phase is completed and the user staff is adjusted to the changes created by the candidate system. Adaptive maintenance means enhancing the performance or modifying programs to respond to the user’s additional or changing needs. Perfective maintenance deals with updating the software according to changes in user requirements.

of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 54 FUTURE ENHANCEMENT Dept .

Dept . Department can collect information regarding various blood groups.People can get registration by sitting at home.Provides the stock of blood for various groups in the various blood banks.All the process of submission of registration form is quite simple. This system is totally targeted for immediate donation of blood. Department can collect information regarding various blood groups. and various activities of hospitals and blood banks regarding the blood donation. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT The solution should give complete information about blood donors. Blood recipients can place order for blood.Donors are provided with registration process to maintain their information for future donations as well as to make their information available to search.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College .Blood On Web 55 10. People can get registration by sitting at home.This system also takes feedback for future enhancements.

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So every effort is taken to implement this project.of Computer Applications AWH Engineering College . Also searching should be very faster so they can find required details instantly. CONCLUSION Blood on Web is a software application to maintain day to day transactions in a blood bank. This application is built such a way that it should suits for all type of blood banks in future. So every effort is taken to implement this project. The main objective of this application is to automate the complete operations of the blood bank. This project is based on the recipients and donors and also the valuable words “Give blood Save Life “. Successful implementation of this project will help so many peoples who are seeking for blood. This software helps to register all the donors. This application is built in such a way that it should suits for all types of blood banks in future. They need maintain hundreds of thousands of records.Blood On Web 57 CONCLUSION 11. Dept .

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