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7. Globalization encourages cross border market-capitalism because its main hypotheses is free trade. Because of this uniting all markets into a new international hyper system is the main goal of globalists all over. With the spread of cross border marketcapitalism comes great profit as we can see in the monetary cycle evolution since the end of the Cold War until today the difference being measured in hundreds of times bigger money cycles. One of the many examples of economical growth because of free market trade is China who today is the leading export country in the world.

8. Because of free distribution of communication and technology, totalitarian countries are starting to lose control over the masses, freedom being the main thing they urge. The democratizations of technology, finance and information - which have changed how we communicate, how we invest and how we look at the world - gave birth to all the key elements in today's globalization system. They are what created the networks which enable each of us now to reach around the world and become Super-empowered individuals and not servants to a totalitarian cause.

9. Because of its birth it being the future of the Cold War economic system, globalization is not a choice, it is the future, the most unpredictable future that needs specialized individuals to speculate and show differences between idealistic and real economic empowerment and growth. Globalization is not an option, it is merely a part of todays evolution of the human race. 10. The political system a country is runed by is beginning to be more and more insignificant to economical development. Many countries who have been monarchies or dictatorships still keep their government, but in a constitutional matter the value of state rule being only symbolic, nowadays the only importance being how high is export over import.

11. The need of a stable ruled system in a country is vital to its economical growth. For example the more birocratic a country is concerning firms and companies the more it looses profit to time processing and human error. In the present evolving globalist times the main motto is Time is money because of that smooth government systems are needed not to keep evolution from happening but to help it flourish.

12. All mentioned are individuals who enter in the category individuals and nation states because all influence in one way or another the global markets. My personal opinion is that the most influential of all in our days is Bill Gates because his system of values is very strict, his product being able to breach cultural language and scientific boundaries making its self not only a house hold name but also the most important technology related international trademark of the world. Gates is success is the proof that globalization works and can bee used as a means to personal and global achievement.