Section 2

Appointive Officers All appointments will be made by the President with the concurrence of the Executive Board. 2-1 The appointed Chairman of the Standing Committees shall come exclusively from the District Representatives or at least from the Barangay Unit Presidents. 2-2 No two (2) persons with a relationship to the 3rd civil degree of consanguinity or affinity shall be elected as officers of the Federation. However, they may be appointed as members of the Standing Committees. 2-3 In case there is a need for Assistants for the Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Business Managers and PRO, the Federation President shall appoint with the concurrence of the Executive Board from among the District Representatives or from among the Barangay Unit Presidents who did not come out in the election.

Section 3

Vacancy 3-1 Any vacancy in the Executive Board can be filled up from the District Representative or the Barangay Unit President where the member of the Board that created the vacancy came from in accordance with the law, at a meeting called for that purpose. 3-2 The officer chosen shall fill up the vacated position and serve the unexpired term of the previous officer. Such vacancy shall be filled up at th discretion of the Executive Board. EXECUTIVE BOARD

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The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and chairmen of the Standing Committees. Only the immediate past President of the Federation shall be the ex-officio member of the Executive Board. Powers of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall have the power to formulate policies, rules and regulations of the Federation and exercise other powers and authorities as herein stated by its constitution and by statutes of the Philippines or by the Securities and Exchange Commission expressly conferred upon it. Without prejudice to the general powers herein above conferred the Executive Board shall have the following specific powers:

4. be it personal or real. 3. at the Senior Citizen Center or other such time and place as the Board may fix. A majority of 25% of the Executive Board present during the meeting shall constitute a quorum. From time to time make or change rules and regulations consistent with these by-laws for the effective management of the Federation’s affairs and business. 2. the Executive Board and the appointed Committee Chairman of the different committees shall hold regular meetings every 2nd Friday of the month at 2:00P. The officers and members of the Executive Board shall act only as a Board and an individual officer or member has no power to act as such. Section 4 Quorum.M. The Executive Board shall hold a meeting after the election of the Federation Officers to appoint/elect chairmen of the different Standing Committees from among themselves and from other Unit Presidents who are members of the Board. To create and organize such committees as it may deem necessary for carrying out the purpose for which the Federation is organized with the majority of the members of the Executive Board to concur and approve the committee created. which are necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of the Federation. Thereafter. To receive or otherwise acquire for the Federation any property. by way of donation or purchase. To delegate from time to time.1. Section 5 . Meetings. any of the powers of the Executive Board which may be lawfully delegated in the course of current businesses of the Federation to any standing or special committee to be the agent or representative of the Federation with such powers and upon such terms as may be deemed fit.

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