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We are happy to present you with our Iull list oI shoe trends Some shoes are totally sexy
and glamorous, others are more comIortable than lovely. And it`s only you who can decide
what is best Ior you during Spring/ Summer 2012 Iashion season

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #1: Metallic toes. Some Iootwear producers use metallic
toes Ior practical purposes, to make their shoes more durable. But during Spring/ Summer
2012 Iashion season metallic toes will also be very trendy and designers decided to bring
metallic toes to a new, more glamorous level.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #2: Pointed toes. For a couple oI seasons in a row
rounded toes have been on top oI the list. Now Iinally we see the change towards pointed toes
which are much sexier and Ieminine. Pointed toes will be Ieatured on shoes mostly. Sandals
and booties will still have rounded toes.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #3: Braided sandals. It`s been a long time since we last
saw braided sandals in designer collections. But it seems that during Spring/ Summer 2012
they are making a huge comeback. Bright colors and unusual ways oI braiding make these
incredibly hot Ior the approaching season.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #4: Super mega platforms. Such platIorms aren`t
exactly in Lady Gaga`s style but they do look weird. They aren`t very comIortable to wear
and hardly look womanly at all. But tastes diIIer and we are sure there are Ians oI this type oI
shoes, too.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #5: Transparent shoes. Last spring some designers
made attempts to make transparent shoes popular but no one took them seriously. For Spring/
Summer 2012 number oI such designers has increased dramatically and now we understand
that last season the shoes made oI sheer vinyl were just the Iirst Iruits we were aIraid to try.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #6: Shining shoes. Just like shining clothing is going to
be trendy in Spring/ Summer 2012 Iashion season shining shoes will Iind their place in our
wardrobes. Silver and gold Iootwear is the most popular on the runway, but you can try
diIIerent colors to stand out oI the crowd.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #7: Rivets. Rivets will be a great hit during Spring/
Summer 2012 season. They come on all types oI Iootwear: Irom high-heeled pumps to biker
boots. Rivets can be small and almost invisible or large and made to Iocus attention on them.
Find your way oI wearing rivets this season.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #8: Lacing. Yes, lacing still keeps it high position in the
world oI Iashion. We see lots oI it on shoes and sandals but it`s no longer as trendy on boots.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #9: Wedges and espadrilles. When D&G showcased
their Spring 2011 collection with tons oI wedges we realized the style would stay with us Ior
long. For Spring/ Summer 2012 season wedges are still very popular as well as espadrilles.
They are less colorIul though.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #10: Pastel colors. Pastel colors will be as popular Ior
clothing as Ior they are Ior shoes during Spring/ Summer 2012. Nude is the trendiest but rosy,
aqua, light yellow and pale green will also be oIten Ieatured.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #11: Bright colors. Those oI you who love to make
accents with their bright shoes can sigh with relieI as bright hues will stay with us despite the
obvious rein oI pastels this season.
Despite the Iact it is high summer now all Iashionistas already plan their wardrobes Ior the
next season. Being aware oI this, designers have created and launched their all/ Winter
2011/ 2012 collections as part oI Fashion Weeks in Iour world Iashion capitals or showcased
their ranges in private showrooms. Having analyzed dozens oI such collections we can now
present the TOP 10 SHOE TRENDS OR LL/ WINTER 2011/ 2012. We have started
Irom shoes because it is shoes that women think Iirst about while picturing their Iuture looks.

Shoe trends for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 are as diverse as ever so that every woman could
Iind something Ior herselI. II we speak about the color scheme, then the trendiest tones Ior
the upcoming Iashion season are: black, white, stone, metallic, beige, burgundy, dark blue,
chocolate, deep violet, khaki and red. Bright hues are scarce, which is normal as we preIer
wearing darker colors during autumn and winter.
Materials that prevail in all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 shoe collections include: ordinary leather,
patent and reptile skins, suede and satin. There is also a lot lace and occasional Iur this
One more thing is worth mentioning beIore we start enumerating shoe trends for all/
Winter 2011/ 2012 this Iashion season both pike and round toes are popular. This means
you can stick to your Iavorite shape oI shoe and still be very Iashionable.
Now let`s start:
Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #1: Reptile skins. Reptile leather is going to be
very trendy during all/ Winter 2011/ 2012. Dozens designers opted Ior snake skin to create
their shoes Irom. Crocodile leather isn`t as popular but it is still widely Iound in all/ Winter
2011/ 2012 Iootwear ranges. For reptile skins see Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Chloe, Donna
Karan, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and other collections.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #2: Patent leather. This type oI leather maybe a
bit unpractical to wear and less versatile than ordinary leather, but no one will ever argue on
the Iact patent leather looks gorgeous. For all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 you can go Ior super
bold color combinations like red and black, black and white, blue and burgundy. See how
Mark Jacobs, and Viktor & RolI use color blocking in their all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 shoe

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #3: Suede. Good suede looks luxurious and
designers know that better than others because almost every Iashion season we see thousands
oI diIIerent shoe designs made oI this material. During all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 suede is
very trendy and it comes in a variety oI shades. Diane von Furstenberg oIIers a lot oI styles to
choose Irom.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #4: Satin. Satin shoes can hardly be worn daily
but Ior special occasion they are the best. Looking totally chic satin shoes come as a very
beautiIul shoe trend of all/ Winter 2011/ 2012.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #5: Platforms and wedges. Wedge trend has
transIerred to all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 Irom the previous season. But iI in Spring/ Summer
2011 we have seen colorIul and unusual platIorms Ior all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 designs are
more modest and elegant.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #6: Lacing. As well as the wedge trend, lacing has
been brought by designers Irom Spring/ Summer 2011 Iashion season. And we also see the
transIormation oI the style. Lacing, which used to be rather delicate and Ieminine in Spring,
has become sexier and more aggressive in Fall and Winter. See Alexander McQueen, Marc
Jacobs, Rag & Bone Ior lacing.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #7: Plenty of buckles. Fashion repeats itselI. A
couple oI seasons ago we already spoke about buckles but then they nearly all disappeared
just to return now in a larger diversity.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #8: Chunky heel. It is quite reasonable that
chunky heels appear during colder seasons as they provide comIort and conIidence we all
need at this time. In all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 collections there are plenty oI shoes with
chunky heels. Styles oI these shoes are very diIIerent, Irom classy pumps to rocker boots.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #9: Spike heels. Chunky heels are comIy but they
will never be as stylish and sexy as spike heels, that`s why designers always create loads oI
shoes with stilettos. Women love them because they love looking sexy.

Shoe Trend for all/ Winter 2011/ 2012 #10: Socks in shoes. Few women really like
wearing socks in their shoes but aIter Rihanna appeared in public sporting pumps with a pair
oI socks millions oI her Ians started copying her. II socks in shoes seem too much Ior you try
warm tights instead. At least you will look more elegant.