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Name : IrIan Widiarto 41609010037

Lecturer : MasariS.Pd, MM
Subject : B. InggrisTeknik / 2 sks
Task III : Reading Comprehension

Part I
Two Mother Goose stories, so well known to children all over the world, are
commonly said to have been written by a little old woman Ior her grandchildren. According
to some people, she lived in Boston, and her real name was Elizabeth Vergoose. Her son-in-
law, a printer name Thomas Fleet, was supposed to have published the Iamous nursery stories
and rhymes in 1719. However, no copy these books has ever been Iound, and most scholars
doubt the truth oI this story-and doubt, moreover, that Mother Goose was ever a real person.
They point out that the name is a direct translation oI the French 'Mere I`ye. In 1697 the
Frenchman Charles Perrault published the Iirst books in which this name was used. The
collection contains eight tales, including 'Sleeping Beauty, 'Cinderela, and 'Puss in Boots.
'But Perrault did not originate these stories, they were already quite popular in his day, and
he only collected them.

1. What is supposed to have happened in 1719?
A. Elizabeth Vergoose composed the Iirst Mother Goose stories.
B. Thomas Fleet published the Mother Goose stories.
C. The Mother Goose stories were translated into French.
D. Charles Perrault published the Iirst Mother Goose stories.
2. Thomas Fleet is ..
A. Charles Perrault`s Iriend
B. the writer oI Mother Goose stories
. Elizabeth Vergoose. Her son-in-law
D. a scholar


Part II
Sometime called puma, panther, or mountain lion, the agile cougar has a greater natural
rangethan any other mammal in the Western Hemisphere except humans, However, long
viewed as a treat to livestock, it has been intensively hunted since the arrival oI European
colonists to the Americas and was almost extinct by the early twentieth centur
. While
protective measures have been implemented in the United States, humans continue to destroy
the cougar`s habitat, Iurther endangering this solitary cat.

1. This passage is about
A.a person
B.a place
.an animal
D.a time
2. This passage discusses
.a problem
B.a solution
C. an opinion
D.a policy
3. The author oI these passage expresses
a. Love
b. Concern
c. Joy
d. anger

Part III
In marine habitats, a number oI small creatures are involved in a 'cleaning symbiosis. At
least six species oI small shrimp (small shell Iish), Irequently brightly, colored, crawl over
Iish (move slowly Iish), picking oII parasites and cleaning injured areas. This is not an
accidental occurrence, because Iish are observed to congregate around these shrimp and stay
motionless while being inspecte. Several species oI small Iish(wrasses) are also cleaners,
nearly all oI them having appropriate adaptations such as long snouts (animal which has long
noose), tweezers-like teeth, and bright coloration. Conspicuous (easily seen/attracting
attention) coloration probably communicates that these animals are not prey.


4. This passage is mainly about
. a process of marine life
B. a place in the sea
C. a species oI marine liIe
D. a mystery oI marine liIe
5. The habitat described in this passage is
A. an aquarium
B. an island
. the ocean
D. a laboratory
6. The 'cleaning symbiosis discussed in the passage is
A. unimportant
B. harmIul
C. predatory
. beneficial

7. What two types oI marine liIe are involved in 'cleaning symbiosis?
Answer :they are small shrimp (small shell Iish) and several species oI small
8. What two jobs are accomplished in this activity?
Answer : they are picking oII parasites Irom other Iish body and cleaning injured areas
9. What type oI Iish are 'cleaners?
Answer :the cleaners are several species oI small Iish(wrasses) like long snouts and
twee:ers-like teeth
10.What protects these Iish Irom being eaten by other Iish?
Answer :Conspicuous coloration are protect this cleanerd Irom being eaten by other Iish

Part IV
Pulp Friction
Every second, 1 hectare oI the world's rainIorest is destroyed. That's equivalent to two
Iootball Iields. An area the size oI New York City is lost every day. In a year, that adds up to
31 million hectares -- more than the land area oI Poland. This alarming rate oI destruction has
serious consequences Ior the environment; scientists estimate, Ior example, that 137 species
oI plant, insect or animal become extinct every day due to logging. In British Columbia,
where, since 1990, thirteen rainIorest valleys have been clear-cut, 142 species oI salmon have
already become extinct, and the habitats oI grizzly bears, wolves and many other creatures
are threatened. Logging, however, provides jobs, proIits, taxes Ior the government and cheap
products oI all kinds Ior consumers, so the government is reluctant to restrict or control it.

Much oI Canada's Iorestry production goes towards making pulp and paper. According to
the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Canada supplies 34 oI the world's wood pulp and
49 oI its newsprint paper. II these paper products could be produced in some other way,
Canadian Iorests could be preserved. Recently, a possible alternative way oI producing paper
has been suggested by agriculturalists and environmentalists: a plant called hemp.
Hemp has been cultivated by many cultures Ior thousands oI years. It produces Iiber
which can be made into paper, Iuel, oils, textiles, Iood, and rope. For centuries, it(hemp) was
essential to the economies oI many countries because it was used to make the ropes and
cables used on sailing ships; colonial expansion and the establishment oI a world-wide
trading network would not have been Ieasible without hemp. Nowadays, ships' cables are
usually made Irom wire or synthetic Iibers, but scientists are now suggesting that the
cultivation oI hemp should be revived Ior the production oI paper and pulp. According to its
proponents, Iour times as much paper can be produced Irom land using hemp rather than
trees, and many environmentalists believe that the large-scale cultivation oI hemp could
reduce the pressure on Canada's Iorests.
However, there is a problem: hemp is illegal in many countries oI the world. This plant, so
useIul Ior Iiber, rope, oil, Iuel and textiles, is a species oI cannabis, related to the plant Irom
which marijuana is produced. In the late 1930s, a movement to ban the drug marijuana began
to gather Iorce, resulting in the eventual banning oI the cultivation not only oI the plant used
to produce the drug, but also oI the commercial Iiber-producing hemp plant. Although both
George Washington and Thomas JeIIerson grew hemp in large quantities on their own land,
any American growing the plant today would soon Iind himselI in prison -- despite the Iact
that marijuana cannot be produced Irom the hemp plant, since it contains almost no THC (the
active ingredient in the drug).
In recent years, two major movements Ior legalization have been gathering strength. One
group oI activists believes that ALL cannabis should be legal -- both the hemp plant and the
marijuana plant -- and that the use oI the drug marijuana should not be an oIIense. They argue
that marijuana is not dangerous or addictive, and that it is used by large numbers oI people
who are not criminals but productive members oI society. They also point out that marijuana
is less toxic than alcohol or tobacco. The other legalization movement is concerned only with
the hemp plant used to produce Iiber; this group wants to make it legal to cultivate the plant
and sell the Iiber Ior paper and pulp production. This second group has had a major triumph
recently: in 1997, Canada legalized the Iarming oI hemp Ior Iiber. For the Iirst time since

1938, hundreds oI Iarmers are planting this crop, and soon we can expect to see pulp and
paper produced Irom this new source.

Select the answer you think is correct.
11. The main idea oI paragraph one is:
A. Scientists are worried about New York City
B. Logging is destroying the rainforests
C. Governments make money Irom logging
D. Salmon are an endangered species
12. The main idea oI paragraph two is:
A. Canadian Iorests are especially under threat
B. Hemp is a kind oI plant
. anada is a major supplier of paper and pulp
D. Canada produces a lot oI hemp
13. The main idea oI paragraph three is:
A. Paper could be made Irom hemp instead oI trees
B. Hemp is useIul Ior Iuel
. Hemp has been cultivated throughout history
D. Hemp is essential Ior building large ships
14. The main idea oI paragraph Iour is:
A. Hemp is used to produce drugs
B. Many Iamous people used to grow hemp
. It is illegal to grow hemp
D. Hemp is useIul Ior producing many things
15. The main idea oI paragraph Iive is:
A. Hemp should be illegal because it is dangerous
B. Recently, many people have been woring to legalize hemp
C. Hemp was made illegal in 1938

D. Marijuana is not a dangerous drug

16. How many species oI salmon have become extinct in BC?
A. 27
B. 31
C. 137
. 142
17. How much oI the world's newsprint paper is supplied by
A. 31
B. 49
C. 34
D. 19
18. What equipment on a ship was made Irom
. Ropes

B. waterprooI cloth

C. engine Iuel

D. liIe raIts

19. What drug can be obtained Irom a relative oI
A. Cocaine
B. Heroin

C. Amphetamine

. Marijuana

20. Where was hemp Iarming recently legalized?
A. the USA

c. Singapore
B. anada

d. the Netherlands

Part V
entral 1ava
The wrist-hit Ilood area in the country this rainy season has been Central Java where
people has been killed and tens oI thousands evacuated.The public works ministry estimated
that it will need 14 billion rupiah to reconstruct the bridges in Kali Kuto and Kali Desa,
Central Java, and to repair a number oI roads in the provibce. another 10.36 billion rupiah is
need to repair irrigation Iacilities.The minister oI Public work, RadinalMochtar, has
instructed that repairs on damaged roads and bridges be completed beIore the IdulFitri
holidays at the end oI March. Radinal said he ordered the state-owned construction company

PT adiKarya to begin the reconstruction immediately. He said he chose the Iirm because it is
now working or projects in the area and has experience in handling similar kinds oI repairs.
The company rebuilt both the Kali Comal Bridge, which was damaged by Iloods three years
ago, and the Kali Kuto Bridge, which was destroyed by Iloods two years ago.
the minister also said the damaged irrigation Iacilities in the regencies oI Demak, Kendal and
Purwodadi might be repaired beIore the end oI March, allowing Iarmers to meet this year's
planting schedules.The agriculture Ministry Pledged to send seed and tools to Iarmers in East
and Central java whose Iields have been damaged by Iloods.

21. What was the minister oI public works instruction?
to send seed and tools
to calculate the Iunds
to evacuate the victim
to take all the people away
to reconstruct the damaged thing
22. When should the damaged roads and bridge be Iinished?
in March
at the end oI March
before the IdulFitri holidays at the end of March
at the IdulFitri holidays at the end oI March
at the IdulFitri holidays
23. Which one is true according to the text?
the government has paid attention to the victim oI the Ilood
to reconstruct the destruction oI the Ioods needs a lot oI Iunds
the Ilood happened in the west season
there is no one killed in the Ilood
the flood too place in entral 1ava