When I stepped into His glorious realm after associating myself wholly to the Almighty, my ordinary existence automatically

concealed in my own eyes. When I surrendered myself before Him then He chiseled my dot like existence and, the diamond which appeared in its aftermaths, was cast on the screen of HIS glory by him. His glory is similized as a great SAHARA and, in that Sahara, my dot like existence like an iota of sand, was made rare along with His rare treasures of unconceivable wisdom. My existence became the source of His introduction. His perfect qualities and miracles became my treasury. He poured His own vision in my eyes for seeing everything in its original existence. Now the targets of everyone’s eyes were my eyes because my eyes were the very image of Him. Now I recognized fully that the central point of my gentle and delicate body is the very pupil of my own eyes now. Now He manifested Himself with all the treasures of His blessing in that center (my eyes) because He Himself made this center His own dwelling palace. The Beloved appeared at the zenith region (my eyes) and now no one can perceive this region whether human or angles. The meditation to understand Him gradually unearths His mysteries and treasures. There was everywhere the intensity of noor (refulgence) and got more intensified at its pinnacle. And the blessings showers of His refulgence made an eye of every part and point of my existence. In the region of infinite, my eyes became infinite and able to see there which was never possible for the vision of normal finite. I again stress the above thing that reality was only that which now existed in my pupil of eyes. It is literally called in spiritualism as ROOHAIAZAM’S EYES (the highest point of spiritualism thinking pattern) and the eyes of refulgence, the mirror of Almighty etc. The treasure (the most secret blessings of Almighty) is hidden in actuality in the veil of Almighty’s names and each name have its secret infinite power which He gives to those who make their hearts His palace. And when His beloved sees His grace of highest point, they praise it by absorbing these sacred unlimited blessing. The written secrets are actually being called the observed knowledge (mushahdati aloom). These hidden secrets of knowledge are also written in books but we can’t learn these hidden secrets because “the words” become a veil or hindrance for the display of refulgence (noor) manifestation of divine secrets. And in this way, we can only read words but have no access to the inherent hidden secrets of refulgence (noor). Our light of eyes (innerly) whenever sees anything, store its record or its reflection in mind. Then this stored reflection repeatedly displays itself in the screen of our mind. We mean to say that this reflection or vision, which we stores through our eyes (innerly), becomes the very foundation of our belief. This belief or creed has two directions. One is reality and the other is fiction or hypothesis. But as the both quoted directions are erect on one foundation. For this very reason, we see both the fact and the hypothesis in one sole angle or both the fact and fiction are seen in the garb of one belief. And In this way, sometimes, our intellect are deceived by regarding a fiction a right one. But as the sacred glorious light of reality manifests itself in the screen of above-said belief, all the types of hypothesis disappear from our mind. This very light of divine reality becomes then the inner eye of our heart. When we see anything

through the medium of our inner eyes, it appears as a foundation of creed in a person’s mind and after that it assumes a specific capability of power or great Holly knowledge in our mind and we do a great job metaphysically with its assistance. Every light of fact is the nature of a soul or the knowledge of a soul. The factual or spiritual thinking pattern of our mind stirs or springs when our inner eye observes something from the invisible world. And its aftermaths delete all the hypothesis theories and capabilities from our mind. After that we face the very reaction of the rays of physical world. And when we, with the heavenly power, cross the boundaries of this physical world, our eyes began to dim due to the defects of that very reaction. If the reaction of the rays of this physical world gets intensified in the circles or vision of man’s senses, the infernal wretched influence stirs in its aftermaths. In this way, after death, this man falls in the pit of hell. We mean to say that in this way, the faults of human conscious began to stir which have no connection to the delicate and pure nature of soul. Soul is itself innocent in its very nature. The personal movement of soul is actually the movement of God’s commands which we all know when the GOD says let their be, and it comes into being. So the conscious of soul is, in this way, becomes the conscious of GOD’S intentions. From the above paragraph, we mean to say that the faults are found in our so-called conscious and not in our spiritual conscious mind which displays the GOD’S intentions. This spiritual intellect, gains when we able to know the vision of soul, unearths the things of the unseen world. This is the prologue of what now I am going to relate……. One day, I awake early in the morning. As I open my eyes, the capabilities of my soul’s conscious adjoin the senses of my conscious. I suddenly feel as I have undergone a pregnancy and in a process of delivery. This thought steps into the boundary of my spiritual conscious after passing through my usual thinking conscious. And in next step, I delivered a child and in a second moment, the entire world rather all the universe comes visually in my eyes. I feel on that moment as I brought forth many Childs simultaneously. My vision of spiritualism penetrates in that creation. The love of mother shouts that this is a noble race which I bring forth. Now I see all the children. I re-again utter! That is a noble race of mine. Suddenly suspense springs into my conscious as “what is the thinking pattern or vision of a mother and in which way it operates”? And in its result I found my answer from my own question. I see that my soul is meditating towards the celestial sky. I also follow the same direction by looking towards the delicate cosmic sky of invisible (for me now visible) world, then I cleanly see that whole the sky displays many multi-colors pictures on it. This is actually the curtain of world which is the cause of a clear demarcation between the pure invisible world and that of conscious one. Now I began to meditate on that curtain then I see the clear sky which is now no dimmer as earlier. My intellect or mind utters that this very curtain is actually the real sky. The multi-color rays are making and casting very clear and beautiful pictures on the screen of this sky. The sight of soul went on seeing these pictures till long time as it is going to record these ones like a digital camera stores many pictures within it. In this way, the eyes of soul pour all this scenery, which is actually the powers of universe, into her mind. The reflections or pictures on the screen of sky were changing continuously. Now the soul sees towards earth. With very cautiously, a beautiful reflection, just like appear on the screen of the sky, alight on earth in the garb of a glorious light……….. The soul is meditating deeply at the womb of a woman on earth. And the soul observes without any doubt that this above-quoted delicate refulgence reflection alights on the womb of a woman and becomes its part. As I see the process of the fact with the eyes of my soul, I smile at the innocence of Nature. In that happy moment, the soul looks at me and utters; I (because as we mentioned earlier that the soul is actually the will of God’s commandments) am who cast or alight a refulgence (noor) of a child in a womb through the delicate garb of light. I am the PERFECT PAINTER. I make a picture in the womb which no one can do. There is no any fault in my picture. You see? I retort! Yes I see. I say! Dear soul! You have made a picture in a womb exact which I have seen on the screen of invisible sky. The soul utters, the reflection of divine tablets descends on the curtain or sky of invisible world. In actuality, this divine tablet descends within a curtain. And then they come from that curtain and reveal themselves on that curtain’s

screen. Every colour or mark of a picture of the divine tablet is an epithet of the names of Almighty Allah. Every reflection of the universe is on the nature of the names of Almighty. Every reflection of the great divine tablet is the glorious craftsmanship of Almighty Allah. The soul has the duty to keep every command of Allah in a motion and in a continuous motivation. The epithet of the Glory of the creation is displaying its better performance by embellishing His craftsmanship with the refulgence (noor) and luminosity of His names, the soul is repeatedly creating this act of His craftsmanship (of creating the new ones) by the direct order of GOD. The command of God (soul) is the intention of God. The soul does work on the orders/commands of God. There is no any fault in the performance of a soul. A question suddenly arises in my mind that then where the fault is. Before I utter my question, the soul speaks; “The every task of a soul is based upon the flawless Nature of the epithets of the names of God. I (soul), being founded on flawless Nature, am the perfect painter according to the correct divine laws. In the way, the epithets of the commands of God paints on my horizon similarly I do on earth flawlessly. Now the soul makes me see that scene again that on the horizon of the soul, there is a beautiful picture. The soul looks at it fully concentration then turns to earth and as the soul turns its eyes from sky of creation towards the earth, the reflection which was seeing in that horizon, moves towards earth and becomes a part in the womb of a woman. This reflection is exactly as appeared on the sky. I utter, o! Soul, you without any any doubt, is the PERFECT PAINTER. Now with the vision of soul, I see at the womb of that woman. In that dark cell of womb, a smoke began to enter through a pipe like hole. This exercises a bad impact on the picture in a womb. I began to scream on viewing that with misery and fear. No! Please! Don’t do that. There is a necessary of light in a womb and not for a dark smoke. But I feel as my voice could not reach that woman. The soul speaks that saeeda you can see. I reply, “Yes”. I feel a gloomy like atmosphere within me. I am not interested in that woman and her delivery of a child and also see it because I, after seeing it, already aware of the fact that the actual colours of a picture have disappeared in the dark colour of a smoke. But the intentions of God, in the form of the craftsmanship of a soul’s job, are keeping into from time to time and so on. No one can stop God’s act. The creation of earth is erect in the garb of smoke. So then again I see suddenly a light of like mother, began to shine in the eyes of soul (the intention of God) and this glorious light of soul’s eyes surrounds the smoke. The soul is continuously seeing its picture which it cast on that womb. I also see the direction of soul’s sight. Suddenly and amazingly, the angles bring forth from the safe and attentive eyes of a soul and these angles surround this new creation so that they can control all its motions. The soul speaks, “in the way, the epithet of the creation of God is displaying through soul. The soul transforms the reflection of divine tablets in a form of Aura (our delicate unseen body who has surrounded our physical body) by purring the Holly blessings and images of refulgence of God’s intention to that reflection. Our Aura is the creation of our soul. Then this very Aura displays itself in this physical world. According to the rules and regulations of the creation, both sexes, man and woman are the basic cause of its (Aura) creation. The soul creates this Aura and in the same way, this Aura creates our materialistic existence in this physical world. In this whole process, this Aura is associated to soul. If men and women are aware of their soul (in a true sense) and cooperate the motions of the intentions of soul operating in their inner, in no way we can find any fault in their creation. If we know all the functions of a soul, we can understand the wisdom in the background of any fault in a creation. And when we know all, we feel peace and then we have a firm faith on ALLAH. I ask the soul, “if the intention of man works only in a circle of his own creation of his children or man have also any other intentions which also participate in the functioning and job of a soul”. The soul replies, “Every thought of a man is actually the picture of his Aura which is the form of soul’s intention. In the boundaries of our mind, these kinds of lights (thoughts) undergo the stages of creation and in any way whether material or not (metaphysical kind which is non-material) creation is come into existence. If it happens to create in a material way then we can see it or our senses understand

It. But if it happens in unseen form(visible only with the eyes of a soul) then only the hidden senses or holly spiritual senses understand it and this unseen creation is far beyond to the materialistic senses of a mind. After death, man reaches the created world of his intentions. This is the record of his deeds which he finds after death. I thought, “We don’t know what we do in our minds by creating new thoughts and acts in a wrong way and we don’t pay head to it”. Its then not man’s fault, it is just a life which is going towards its destiny. The soul retorts. The soul as I feel, knows all my thoughts very well. The soul speaks that man is actually a machine which is making the copies of the pictures of the thoughts of the soul. If the machine is right, the copy will be produce on good grounds. In other way, whatever it will be produce, we must have to see it. And the quality of a sight is that it always likes the beauty and glory. We feel a pressure if we see a thing which is ugly and awkward. This is the punishment suggested for a man. In next step, my sight reached the horizon of invisible world. In the green field, the soul is with its beloved (spiritual teacher or God). The heart recognized. The reflection of the pictures of the intentions of ALLAH is in the eye of a soul. And the reflection of the eyes of a soul is my own imagination. My imagination is actually my paradise. At every step of the Heaven of my imagination, a picture of my beloved (Allah in reality) stands. I heard a request coming from the deepest grounds of my heart, “o! Great soul, you are the PERFECT PAINTER who also paints in the womb. Please! Teach me that skill of painting so that I could display the colours of my imagination in that paradise (of displaying many colours) and in this way, with my all senses enjoy the good company of my beloved.

THE END…..thanks ALLAH TRANSLATED: 22/04/2007 PASTED: 12/09/2007 By …….. JAWAD ALI SHEIKH AZEEMI City kasur, Pakistan…+923334922902 Jawad_azeemi92@yahoo.com

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