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SRS for Hostel Management System

By: Suleman Altaf Bhutta

11/24/2011 Contact Me at:



This document is intended to be the software requirements specification report for Hostel Management System for Usman Hall, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. It provides a detailed overview of the functionalities provided for the hostel management system. The Intended audience of this document includes Hostel Management Staff, including chairperson, other staff members University authorities, e.g. Audit teams for financial details Residents of hostel including faculty members and students. The software developers, who are willing to make software or who want to add more functions to the system.



The intended software will cover the major functions provided by system, like allotments, mess, financial and complaints management system. The software will provide its functionalities in four (4) modules. These modules cover the major processes involved in hostel management. 1. New Residents Allotments Module This covers the new residents allotment process, including the process of applications, and room assignments. 2. Financial Management Module This covers the billing and other financial management processes, keeps record of residents who have some arrears, and all other finance related information. it also generates the vouchers, and stores information about 3. Mess Management Module This covers the mess related information about the residents, also works in accordance with financial management module. 4. Complaints Management system Complaints Management System keeps track of user complaints and helps authorities to provide timely solutions to the problems reported.


Hostel Management System New Allotments Management Module Financial Management Module Mess management module Complaints Management module Hostel Management System Staff

1.4- References
[IEEE] The applicable IEEE standards are published in IEEE Standards Collection 2001 edition. Software Engineering by Somerville. Staff Registers that tell how existing system is working.


Document Overview
The document is structured in three major sections. Introductory Section Overall Description of the HMS Requirements including functional and nonfunctional ones.


Overall Description

This section of the document provides an overview of the HMS. We've tried to present the HMS in as easiest of terms as possible.


Product Perspective

The HMS is intended to automate the manual work of hostel management and to ease the staff and the residents in their day to day processes. the HMS will cover all of the major processes of HMS. it will reduce the effort of manually doing the entries in systems, where most of times it is extremely difficult to find the desired data at desired time, this results in reduction of overall system performance and also limits the efficiency of system. For example, during our meeting hostel staff presented us the list of residents who didn't paid mess and other charges at proper time- the hostel staff uses the MS Excel to save this information, and it is very difficult for the staff search for some specific information, e.g. financial status of a resident. So, the staff is manually preparing these lists, results in reduction of efficiency. We are planning to automate much of the work that staff does manually, like once paid vouchers will be received, the staff can enter them one time and access this information any time through search features of HMS that we intend to provide.


Product Functions
The major functions provided by the system are

System's Users management New residents allotments

Current users profiles management Vouchers generation for residents to pay dues Storing of Vouchers information once they are received from bank
Generation of Lists of defaulters Generation of Warning reports for Defaulters(includes both mess, and other dues defaulters) WhatToCookToday Feature will take residents' selection of dish to cook in mess today. Monthly Mess Status reports for residents, generation of vouchers. Complaints managements system will take residents' complaints, and will notify authorities to solve the problems. providing feedback to users once complaint is fixed.


Stakeholders of System
The major stakeholders of system are Residents of hostel Hostel Staff Bank University Authorities External Auditing and legal regulatory authorities.


Constraints of System
Few constraints are imposed on system after discussion with stakeholders, they

include System should be simple and easy. The System should work on LAN of hostel. HMS should be delivered within 2 months. HMS may use WEB or Desktop any development approach. Selection of tool is not a problem, but WEB interface is appreciated. upgrade the old record to new system Provide maintenance facilities whenever needed within reasonable response time. The System should run on Windows XP or any new windows platform (except legacy versions)



Mess management module(MMM) should integrate well with each other to generate vouchers in Financial management procedure.