TFarrington said...

That's actually a very good Idea! Ì would have never thought of studyIng
perspectIve In thIs way. Ì should have to try It myself.

Keep up the good work!
20 November 2011 21:49
TFarrington said...
You must have the patIence of a saInt to do these pIllars. Ì got frustrated to no
end makIng them.

Keep up the awesome |aya work! You don't want to be In my posItIon from last
project (two lots of tutorIals to do. Argh!)
18 November 2011 18:J9
Emma Foster said...
Thanks Tom! Dh noo :( You can do It though you just have to belIeve It! :0
18 November 2011 19:57
IImi said...
wow emma thIs looks really cool :0. make those changes you mentIoned and It
should be perfect.
18 November 2011 00:56
TFarrington said...
LookIng good! At fIrst when Ì looked at thIs post and say that pIcture, Ì thought
It was your own and my jaw lIterally dropped, thInkIng ¨0A|N! Way to make us
all look bad!¨

Then Ì saw that you found the pIcture on the ol' Interwebs. :P

However, Ì'm lovIng the current composItIon you have here! Creat use of
foreground and background elements. Ì also lIke the sculptures of marIne lIfe
Integrated Into the columns, along wIth what seem to be pearls.

Ì can't waIt to see what you have In store for us!
18 November 2011 18:4J

Emma Foster said...
Haha! Yeah a few people have been askIng If Its mIne... Ì wIsh! :P

Thank you both!
TFarrington said...
Ì'm loving the second concept down from the top, especially the gloomy atmosphere.

The creepy, hair-like roots growing from what seem to be boulders give the scene a more
dirty and barren feel.
18 November 2011 10:30
Ìlmi said...
thanks thomas, thats the direction i was taking with that particular concept. (the gloomy
rotten atmosphere deep in the sea) needs a lot more work though. thanks
18 November 2011 13:30
TFarrington said...
Number 48 is the thumbnail that catches my eye the most--a long, dark, ominous hallway
with only one door at the end. The viewer is drawn to it by the use of perspective and we
cannot help but wonder: "what is on the other side?"
18 November 2011 10:32
TFarrington said...
Ì have to agree with Emma on this. The use of foreground elements is well done and yes,
the use of some kind of characters or at least something in the middle of the picture here-
-it seems a little barren. Perhaps just a silhouette or two.
18 November 2011 10:33
Emma Foster said...
Hey Ìlmi am really liking this! Very nice layout of your foreground midground and
background. Have you thought of putting your characters in the scene to really push
across the scale of atmosphere. They don't have to end up very detailed as overall the
idea is about capturing the presence of space, they just may help :)
14 November 2011 12:15
Ìlmi said...
hey thanks emma, i thought about putting in a character to show the scale of the space
maybe a submarine etc. im working on it. :) thanks for the feed back
14 November 2011 15:48
Emma Foster said...
Hey Ìlmi these are great! You've really captured the sense of depth and the adventure of
the story. Ì especially like 28 because that tentacle looks like its popping off the page
ready to attack! Ì also really like your 35-38 sheet because you have really thought about
each the foreground, mid-ground and background :)
7 November 2011 04:07
Emma Foster said...
Ì love these submarine studies!! Have you looked at any steampunk yet?
7 November 2011 04:16

Ìlmi said...
wow emma these links are very helpful. i really appreciate it. the third and fifth link have
have a very organic feel, i will look to experiment with that. :D thanks dude
7 November 2011 04:43

TFarrington said...
With these thumbnails Ì think you were focusing too much on the battle with the squid. Ì'm
sure you've been nagged by Phil about this so Ì won't do the same. All Ì can say is that
looking at your current concepts, Ì can't wait to see what you have to present us!
18 November 2011 10:36
Emma Foster said...
Ì really like #5 for the sense of depth and the use of the character to exaggerate the
scale. Ì think 6 is really interesting with the view from the inside and outside visible,
maybe take this further? Ì'm sure it would make a very interesting concept.
7 November 2011 04:10

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