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A plastic glass scheme has been launched in Heywood in memory of a mother who was killed after a bottle was thrown into a crowded pub in the town. Emma OKane was killed during a night out at The Queen Anne pub in Heywood in December 2008. Since then her partner, Michael Shepherd (pictured), has campaigned for plastic glasses to be introduced in pubs and clubs. Now, 22 nightspots in the towns pub and clubwatch scheme have agreed to use the plastic glasses. Emma, 27, was killed when a shard of glass pierced her neck after Neil McNulty, 19, from Heywood, hurled the bottle into the pub. It hit a pillar and shattered. He admitted manslaughter and


was jailed for four and a half years. Since the tragedy, Emmas loved ones have worked with the authorities to campaign for the safer glasses. Inspector Steve Clarke said: When Michael talked to us earlier this year we were all very moved by what he had to say. This tragic incident shows what can happen when glasses are used as a weapon. In light of this horrific attack, we were more than happy to support Michaels worthwhile campaign.

Inspector Stephen Clarke We are working to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour to make your area a safer place to live and work. To help us identify the issues in your area please get in touch and tell us what matters to you.


0161 856 8589 heywoodpartnership@gmp.poli See page 2 for meetings in your area Mark McNulty Sentenced to 12 months for burglary. Paul Farrar Sentenced to 14 months for burglary.

Finally, why not stop and say hello when were out and about were here to listen to you.

Priorities are issues that affect your quality of life, and we are working with partners to address them. Here are some current priorities What: youths hanging around causing a nuisance Where: Pot Hall Bridge When: every night after 6pm Update: frequent patrols are running in the area and the mobile police station has been deployed What: to tackle antisocial behaviour Where: Walton Close and Buttermere Avenue When: evenings after 6pm Update: there is now a highly visible police presence in the area and the mobile police station is being used What: to reduce the number of metal thefts Where: across the Hopwood area When: daily after 6pm Update: high-visibility patrols are running in the evenings in hotspot areas What: youths causing annoyance, criminal damage and theft Where: at the front and rear of Starkey Street When: daily after 6pm Update: high-visibility patrols are running in the area * Have your say on how priorities are set by contacting your neighbourhood policing team.

Police surgeries are held at community venues on a regular basis. They provide you with an opportunity to discuss any concerns, meet local officers and find out what is being done to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in your area. You now help to set the priorities that police tackle, so it is important you attend and have your voice heard. To see a list of forthcoming surgeries, please go to and click on the Meetings tab.

You said you wanted us to stop criminals from using public roads.

A police operation run on 1 November saw one person charged with disqualified driving and one vehicle seized for not being insured.

You said you want to be kept informed when local offenders are convicted for their crimes.
Heywood Police Station Adelaide Street Heywood, OL10 4HA Open 9.00am 5.00pm Monday to Saturday Disabled access Enquiries: 0161 856 8585

We now display community update posters giving this information. See page 1 for recent examples.


As the clocks have now gone back, police are urging residents to help beat burglars by taking simple steps to secure their homes. There is usually an increase in breakins as evenings become darker, and officers are asking householders to go ALL out to beat thieves by remembering Alarm, Locks and Lights. This simple three-point message is a reminder to put the Alarm on, Lock all doors and windows and leave a Light on when leaving your home empty. It is also a good idea to set timer switches to turn lamps and radios on and off.