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The history oI civil aviation in India started with its Iirst commercial Ilight on F ebruary 18,
1911. It was a journey Irom Allahabad to Naini made by a French pilot Henri Piquet covering a
distance oI about 10 km. Since then eIIorts were on to improve the health oI India's Civil Aviation
Industry. The Iirst domestic air route between Karachi and Delhi was opened in December 1912 by
the Indian State Air Services in collaboration with the Imperial Airways, UK as an extension oI
London-Karachi Ilight oI the Imperial Airways.
The aviation industry in India gathered momentum aIter three years with the opening oI a regular
airmail service between Karachi and Madras by the Iirst Indian airline, Tata Sons Ltd. However this
service Iailed to receive any backing Irom the Indian Government.
At the time oI independence nine Air Transport Companies were operational in the Indian Territory.
Later the number reduced to eight when the Orient Airways shiIted its base to Pakistan. The then
operational airlines were Tata Airlines, Indian National Airways, and Air service oI India, Deccan
Airways, Ambica Airways, Bharat Airways and Mistry Airways.
With an attempt to Iarther strengthen the base oI the aviation sector in India, the Government oI India
together with Air India (earlier Tata Airline) set up a joint sector company, Air India International, in
early 1948. With an initial investment oI Rs. 2 crore and a Ileet oI three Lockheed constellation
aircraIts, Air India started its journey in the Indian aviation sector on June 8, 1948 in Mumbai
(Bombay)-London air route.
For many years since its inception the Indian Aviation Industry was plagued by inappropriate
regulatory and operational procedures resulting in either excessive or no competition. Nationalization
oI Indian Airlines (IA) in 1953 brought the domestic civil aviation sector under the purview oI Indian
Government. Government's intervention in this sector was meant Ior removing the operational
limitations arising out oI excess competition.
Air transportation in India now comes under the direct control oI the Department oI Civil Aviation, a
part oI the Ministry oI Civil Aviation and Tourism oI Government oI India.
Aviation by its very nature constitutes the elitist part oI our country's inIrastructure. This sector has
substantial contribution towards the development oI country's trade and tourism, providing easier
access to the areas Iull oI natural beauty. It thereIore acts as a stimulus Ior country's growth and
economic prosperity.

The Open-sky policy came in April 1990. The policy allowed air taxi- operators to operate Ilights
Irom any airport, both on a charter and a non charter basis and to decide their own Ilight schedules,
cargo and passenger Iares. The operators were, however, required to use aircraIt with a minimum oI
15 seats and conIorm to the prescribed rules. In 1990, the private air taxi-operators carried 15,000
passengers. This number increased to 4.1 lakh in 1992, 29.2 lakh in 1993, 36 lakh in 1994 and 48.9
lakh in 1995. In 1996, seven operators viz NEPC Airlines, Skyline NEPC, Jet Air, Archana Airways,
Sahara India Airlines, ModiluIt and East West Airlines acquired the status oI scheduled airlines.
Besides this there were 22 non-scheduled private operators and 34 private operators holding no-
objection certiIicate in 1996.
Today the Airline Industry in India is one oI the Iastest growing aviation industries in the world. With
the liberalization oI the Indian aviation sector, airline industry in India has undergone a rapid
transIormation. From being primarily a government-owned industry, the Indian airline industry is now
dominated by privately owned Iull service airlines and low cost carriers. Private airlines account Ior
around 75 share oI the domestic aviation market. Earlier air travel was a privilege only a Iew could
aIIord, but today air travel has become much cheaper and can be aIIorded by a large number oI
Now we shall discuss in detail about the service marketing mix oI KingIisher airlines


KingIisher Airlines is a United Breweries Group company, a USD 2 billion diversiIied conglomerate,
comprising oI over 60 companies in major industries. The airline launched its much awaited services
on 7th May 2005. KingIisher Airlines has grown rapidly over a Iew years and has in a short span
gathered a signiIicant market share. At present, KingIisher operates only domestic routes operating
218 Ilights a day and a network oI 38 destinations. Its main bases are Bengaluru International Airport
(Bangalore); Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai), Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
and Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi).It has announced plans to start Ilights to the USA with
Airbus A340-500 and Airbus A380-800 aircraIt. In its three years oI operations, KingIisher Airlines
has redeIined the way the Indian air traveller perceives Ilying. They have not positioned themselves as
merely into the business oI transporting people Irom point A to point B, but have positioned
themselves as a part oI Aviation Hospitality by making service and quality their main Iocus.
Skytrax, the world`s leading independent research and quality evaluation body Ior airlines, conIerred
the prestigious, 5-Star Airline Status` on KingIisher Airlines in the beginning oI 2008. A 5 Star
status recognizes an airline with the highest standard oI product across several stringent quality
assessment categories and one that consistently delivers high standards oI service in on-board and
airport environments. This honour makes KingIisher Airlines one oI only 6 airlines in the world to
have a 5 Star rating. KingIisher Airlines is the only 5 Star certiIied airline in India and its the only
domestic airline in the world to receive a 5 Star rating. klngflsher Alrllnes ls also Lhe sponsor of l1
raclng ouLflL lorce lndla whlch vl[ay Mallya also owns

KingIisher Airlines' Ileet currently consists oI ATR 42, ATR 72 and Airbus A320 Iamily aircraIt Ior
domestic and short haul services and Airbus A330-200 Ior international long-haul services. The
average age oI its Ileet as oI January 2009 was 2.3 years. All ATR's and a Iew aircraIt Irom the A320
Iamily are used Ior KingIisher Red service.
KingIisher's Ileet consists oI the Iollowing aircraIt:
Kingfisher Airlines Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Options
P Y Total
Airbus A329-100 3 0 144 144 All 3 dry-leased
Airbus A320-200
20 114 134
11 dry-leased
Deliveries through to 2016
3 0 174 174
10 0 180 180
Airbus A321-200

32 119 151
Two dry leased.
2 0 199 199
Airbus A330-200 5 15 30 187 217 Deliveries through 2015
Airbus A350-800 5 TBD Deliveries starting 2015
Airbus A380-800 5 5 TBD Deliveries starting 2014
ATR 42-500 2 0 48 48 Both aircraIt
ATR 72-500
38 20
0 66 66
15 new aircraIt to be dry leased
8 0 72 72
Total 66 130 25

Airbus A319 ATR 72-500

Airbus A320-200 Airbus A330-200
Kingfisher First
The domestic KingIisher First seats have ample leg space and a 126 degree seat recline. There are
laptop and mobile phone chargers on every seat. Passengers can avail oI the latest international
newspapers and magazines. There is also a steam ironing service on board. Every seat is equipped
with a personalized IFE system which oIIers a wide range oI Hollywood and Bollywood movies,
English and Hindi TV programmes, 16 live TV channels and 10 channels oI KingIisher Radio.
Passengers also get BOSE noise cancellation headphones. Domestic KingIisher First is only available
on selected Airbus A320 Iamily aircraIt.
Kingfisher Class
The domestic KingIisher Class has 32-34 inch seat pitch. Every seat is equipped with personal IFE
systems on-board the Airbus A320 Iamily aircraIt. As in KingIisher First, passengers can access the
movies, English and Hindi TV programmes, a Iew live TV channels powered by Dish TV and
KingIisher Radio. The screen is controlled by a controller-console on the seat armrest. Ear cup
headphones are provided Iree oI cost to all passengers. Passengers are served meals on most Ilights.
BeIore take-oII, passengers are served bottled Lemonade.
On-board the ATR 72-500 there are 17 color LCD drop-down screens mounted along with
loudspeakers Ior audio in the cabin overhead, a head-end unit to handle CDs and DVDs, and a crew
control panel. The screens measure 12.7 cm by 9.3 cm and are spaced every two or three seat rows
along both sides oI the cabin.

Economy class meal on-board a KingIisher Airlines domestic Ilight
Kingfisher Red
AIter KingIisher Airlines acquired Air Deccan, its name was changed to SimpliIly Deccan and
subsequently to KingIisher Red. KingIisher Red is KingIisher Airline's low-cost class on domestic
routes. Passengers are given complimentary in-Ilight meals and bottled water. A special edition oI
Cine Blitz magazine is the only reading material provided.
Kingfisher First
The international KingIisher First has Iull Ilat-bed seats with a 180 degree recline. Passengers are
given Merino wool blankets, a Salvatore Ferragamo toiletry kit, Iive-course meals and alcoholic
beverages. Also available are in-seat massagers, chargers and USB connectors.
Every KingIisher First seat has a 17 inch widescreen personal TV touch screen controls and oIIers
357 hours oI programming content spread over 36 channels, including Hollywood and Bollywood
movies and passengers can also watch their Iavourite TV programmes live. There is also a collection
oI interactive games, a jukebox with customizable playlists and KingIisher Radio.
The service on board the KingIisher First cabins includes a social area comprising a Iull-Iledged bar
staIIed with a bartender, a break-out seating area just nearby Iitted with two couches and bar stools, a
Iull-Iledged cheI on board the aircraIt and any-time dining. A turn-down service includes the
conversion oI the seat into a Iully-Ilat bed and an air-hostess making the bed when the passenger is
ready to sleep.
Both KingIisher First and KingIisher classes Ieature mood lighting on the Airbus A330-200 with light
schemes corresponding to the time oI day and Ilight position.
Kingfisher Class
The international KingIisher Class seats oIIer a seat pitch oI 34 inches, a seat width oI 18 inches and a
seat recline oI 25 degrees (6 inches). Passengers get Iull length modacrylic blankets, Iull size pillows
and business class meals.
Each KingIisher Class seat has a 10.6 inch widescreen personal television with touch screen controls.
The IFE is similar to that oI the international KingIisher First class. It can also be controlled by a
detachable remote-control console Iitted in the armrest. This device can be used to control the IFE,
reading-lights, play games and even has a credit-card swipe Ior shopping on KingIisher's 'Air
Boutique'. It also has a Iacility Ior sending text-messages, though the service isn't provided by
In-flight entertainment
KingIisher's IFE system is the Thales Top Series i3000/i4000 on-board the Airbus A320 Iamily
aircraIt, and Thales Top Series i5000 on-board the Airbus A330 Iamily aircraIt provided by the
France-based Thales Group. KingIisher was the Iirst Indian airline to have In-Ilight entertainment
(IFE) systems on every seat even on domestic Ilights.
It also provides secondary services like
O King Mobile: KingIisher Airlines became the Iirst Indian Airline to launch a range oI services
on the mobile platIorm. Now one can check Ior Ilight updates, buy tickets through SMS or
access a world oI services through a simple mobile application - anytime anywhere
O Little Wings: KingIisher Airlines, provides onboard experience which promises to be Iull oI
delightIul & unIorgettable moments. The airlines call its passengers as guests and as soon
as the Ilight takes oII, they`ll soon be absorbed in the thrill oI stretching their own little wings.
O KingIisher Holidays: KingIisher holiday is another Iacility which oIIers Special tours and
Packages to diIIerent holiday destinations across the world. The Special tours have a speciIic
date oI travel, Ilights and hotels are decided by the company. It includes a Iew days stay in
3star or 5star properties at the unbelievable prices. These tours include domestic and
international destination. The Packages include return airIare, 3 nights` accommodation at the
choice oI hotel, and city tour. The Packages can be availed Irom the customer`s origin city
and can be customized to the customer`s convenience

O KingIisher Elite: In today`s competitive business environment, the pressure on productivity,
cost and eIIiciency are greater than ever beIore. KingIisher Elite oIIers exclusive travel
solutions. One can Fly at one`s own convenience anywhere, anytime and choose who Ilies
along with them in the utmost comIort, saIety and privacy. Be it business or leisure, one can
select Irom the range oI business jets and provide the most exquisite service
complimented with the highest saIety standards, allowing one to arrive to their destination
relaxed and reIreshed.
O KingIisher is now to launch 14 more planes Ior improving the domestic service in the major

KingIisher operates more than 400 Ilights a day and has a network oI 80 destinations, with regional
and long-haul international services 1he Airlines Ilies to 38 destinations across India. It covers even
the toughest terrains in the country, and the services ranges Irom Ahmadabad to Agartala and to the
major cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai etc. It also has connectivity among the tier 2 cities
oI India.
Many airports serve as a hub Ior KingIisher Airlines. The airports include 8engaluru lnLernaLlonal
AlrporL (rlmary) ChhaLrapaLl Shlva[l lnLernaLlonal AlrporL (Mumbal) lndlra Candhl lnLernaLlonal
AlrporL (uelhl) neLa[l Subhash Chandra 8ose lnLernaLlonal AlrporL (kolkaLa)

Frequency oI Ilights:
The airline currently operates 218 Ilights everyday across its 38 domestic destinations. The Irequency
between the Iour metros and other major cities such as Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Pune
accounts Ior the maximum number oI take oIIs every day. The airline operates Ilights to many
international destinations which include many parts oI Asia and Europe.

KingIisher Airlines has been termed as the 'Iirst Iull Irills true value carrier. The airline has a very
well deIined target audience which is the Sec A and Sec B oI the Indian economy and that Ialls
within the age group oI 25 45 years with high disposable incomes. This section oI the population is
modern, trendy and upwardly mobile looking Ior a great Ilying experience. They have travelled
extensively and are aware oI the international Ilying trends. This segment really doesn`t mind shelling
out the money as long as they get the experience they are looking Ior. Gourmet cuisine and in Ilight
entertainment are oIIered on board.


nstant Purchase
7 Days

NA 1667 2285 3150 3350 3550 3850 4150 4450 4950 5350 5850 6400 7300

200 350 400 800 1200 1450 1800 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 6000 7500


100 350

550 1200 1400 1600 2000 2400 3000 3700 4700 5200 6715 8185

100 350

350 850 1300 1500 1800 2400 3400 4400 5350 5800 6335 7335

200 550 900 1200 1300 1450 1600 2045 2445 2745 3145 3545 3795 4180


800 1500 810 2000 2250 2400 2850 3250 3650 4250 4850 5750 6950 8450 9000
CHENNAI-AHMEDABAD VIA MUMBAI 851 1300 1950 2800 3100 3600 4100 4600 5600 6800 8000 9500 11195 12770


100 350

350 850 1300 1500 1800 2400 3400 4400 5350 5800 6335 7335
NA 3670 4170 4920 5655 6380 7065 7925 9885 10250 11745 13815 14900


500 1200 1700 2350 2650 3000 3400 3850 4300 4850 5500 6550 8600 10900

The whole 'KingIisher experience is about luxury, comIort, enjoyment and relaxation. The
passengers are looking Ior value Ior money and the airline is able to live up to their expectations The
airline Iares depends on the travel class, distance travelled and also on the discounts and schemes
oIIered by the company.
KingIisher airlines have introduced care Iare Iacility Ior its customers. These care Iares can be availed
by the customers on submitting the necessary documentation.
O Medical emergency fares
KingIisher Airlines is the only airline in India to introduce special Iares Ior medical emergencies. So
its guests can rush to their loved ones in the event oI a medical crisis or the demise oI an immediate
Iamily member without adding to a list oI concerns. As Medical Emergency Fares ensure that the
customers don`t have to pay the last minutes Iares
O Armed forces concession
KingIisher Airlines oIIers special concession Ior Armed Forces personnel, they are entitled Ior 50
discount on the adult Iull basic Iare in KingIisher Class on all the sectors operated by KingIisher
O Senior Citizens Concession
KingIisher Airlines oIIers special concession Ior senior citizens, all guests above the age oI 65 yrs are
entitled Ior 50 discount on base Iare
O Students` concession
KingIisher Airlines has special oIIers Ior all students travelling with KingIisher Airlines. Book and
travel to any location in India and get up to 50 oII on base Iare.

KingIisher Airlines has adopted a well rounded approach to reach out to their customers. Their
objective is to create a place in the minds oI their customers Ior their brand and to ensure that the
message gets across eIIectively. KingIisher Airlines has a 360 degree promotion strategy in place.
They reach out to their customers through all media oI communication such as television, radio, print,
outdoor, malls and multiplexes, clubs and pubs and their in Ilight magazine. They ensure that they
communicate with their customers at multiple touch points. KingIisher has recently announced
Deepika Padukone as the brand ambassador Ior KingIisher Airlines.

They have tied up with several brands across industries such as Tata Tetley, Pepsi, MicrosoIt, Inox,
ICICI bank and the Park Hotels.
KingIisher Airlines has introduced a co branded credit card. This is in association with ICICI bank.
The card owner earns 100 points on every spend. The points can be converted into King Miles. The
card also comes with a lot oI other beneIits such as discounts and privileges.
King Club is the airline`s loyalty program. As a member oI King Club, customers enjoy a range oI
exclusive privileges and beneIits Ior each membership level Irom the moment they have reserved their
travel till the time they reach their Iinal destination. The more a customer Ilies with KingIisher
Airlines the more he will be rewarded.
As a part oI its promotional strategy kingIisher`s marketing team showcases themselves as the 'the
new Ilying experience in the aviation industry. Advertisement hoardings at airport depicted the
stylish interiors oI the Iun liners` which led them to the Iollowing advantages:-
O It has built up a long term image Ior the product.
O The artIul uses oI the colour and print led to convey a youthIul, Iun-Iilled and world class

Besides this INOX multiplexes in Mumbai publicized KFA`S special oIIer Ior a month.
They promoted greater consumer awareness Ior prices. This gave KingIisher a great deal oI
competitive advantage with respect to other low cost airlines. KFA was the oIIicial travel airline Ior
the cast and crew oI 'Mangal Pandey and gave a warm welcome to all the guests who
attended the premiere oI the Iilm.
In addition to that KFA as a low cost airline also Iollowed some other promotional strategies which
are listed below:-
O Organized the guest speakers at the seminars and present their ideas on the areas oI their
O Sponsored many cultural events and have celebrity endorsements.
O Sponsored sports team and charity events.
O Designed image logo Ior the company.
The organizing oI events has given them a lot oI advantages to establish their brand name. To enlist a
O It increased awareness oI the company and helps to enhance their brand name.
O It upraised their corporate image.
O These promotional tools helped KFA to express commitment to the community and social
O KFA made use oI various Iashion shows, celebrity golI matches, New Year parties all to build
its 'KingIisher brand.
O In October, KFA launched 'Chill Times OIIer in the month oI Augur.
O KFA launched many attractive oIIers to promote its sales like by providing beneIits like
privileged access to lounges, restaurants, Iree reIreshments at airports, access to 180 golI
clubs across India.
Thus by implementing all this measures kingIisher succeeded to have a loyal customer base.


The entire KingIisher India crew is hand-picked. Exclusive personal assistance in boarding and
baggage handling ensures that guests are treated in a special way. Personalized passenger attention
and exclusive commuter privileges together give KingIisher Airlines a reason to cheer. The overly
cooperative cabin crew sees to it that you travel like a king! The management makes it a point to
personally look into the minutest details so that customers enjoy a heavenly Ilying experience
In an airline, Cabin Crew plays an important role because they are the ones who deliver the service
and thereIore they are termed as The Walking Billboards oI an organization. It includes the hostess or
the Ilight attendants. The Airhostess at kingIisher comes in contact with the customers in the process
oI providing the service.
The Cock-pit crew are the employees who contribute to the service product but there is no direct
contact with the customers. The crew includes the pilot and co-pilots. The KingIisher airline also
provides proIessional training courses to the pilots.
A roving agent is a check in counter on the move. The guests with hand baggage are not required to
stand in the queue at the check in counters. The roving agents come to the customers and assist them.
The airline takes the responsibility oI escorting the unaccompanied children saIely to their destination.
The ground crew assists in check-in and boarding process. Guest with disabilities can expect a
personalized and caring treatment. An escort with a wheel chair can be assigned to the Guest. Help in
check-in, boarding and disembarkation can also be availed by guests.
KingIisher Airline`s cabin and ground crew is the hallmark oI their services. The real winning Iactor
Ior KingIisher Airlines is the quality oI staII service being provided to customers, and it is oI course
critical that the airline is able to sustain these high quality levels as they experience continued and
rapid expansion. StaIIs delivers high standards oI service eIIiciency and in a sincere and charming
manner that makes the airline stand out Irom the rest.

KingIisher airlines have also instituted the KingIisher Training Academy to cater to the growing
demand Ior trained service oriented proIessionals. The academy provides intensive training on
Airlines Orientation covering Airline Rules & Regulations, Cabin Familiarization, Galley
Management and Announcement Delivery

Vijay Mallya with his crew Taking special care oI minor

Fleet: The airline has a brand new Ileet oI aircraIt comprising oI 18 ATR72s, 4 A319s, 13 A320s, 8
A321s, and 2 A330s.
Interiors oI the aircraIt: All the aircraIts oI KingIisher airlines have designer interiors. The moment a
passenger enters the aircraIt, what strikes him is the bold use oI red colour.
Cleanliness inside the aircraIt: All the aircraIts are well maintained Ior cleanliness and a pleasant
Seating: The seating is such that it is comIortable and there is enough leg space.
Ticket counters: Booking oIIices and ticket counters are extremely spacious and well designed with
good looks.
Lounges: KingIisher lounges are enhanced with good interiors and basic amenities which make it an
ideal place to conduct business, entertain and relax. These Lounges are oIIered to KingIisher First
passengers, along with King Club Silver and King Club Gold members. Lounges are located in:
O Bengaluru International Airport
O Chennai International Airport
O Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai)
O Cochin International Airport (Kochi)
O Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi)
O London Heathrow Airport
O Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata)
O Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad).
Bag tag: 8ag Lags have LradlLlonally been used by bus Lraln and alrllne companles Lo rouLe
passenger luggage LhaL ls checked on Lo Lhe flnal desLlnaLlon 1hls ls Lo ald Lhe passenger ln
ldenLlfylng Lhelr bag among slmllar bags aL Lhe desLlnaLlon baggage carousel as proofsLlll
requesLed aL a few alrporLsLhaL Lhe passenger ls noL removlng someone elses bag from Lhe
baggage reclalm hall as a means for Lhe passenger and carrler Lo ldenLlfy and Lrace a speclflc bag
LhaL has gone asLray and was noL dellvered aL Lhe desLlnaLlon

Seats inside the KingIisher AircraIt KingIisher lounge at Mumbai Airport

Booking oI tickets: KingIisher Airlines Iacilitates easy booking oI tickets. The passengers can book
their seats by calling their 24/7 customer care, through Ily buy sms service, by logging on to their
website, designated travel agents and at the airports.
Valet service: The airline provides its customers with a personalized valet service at all airports across
the country. The valet service staIIs assist the passengers` right Irom the time they reach at the airport
till they check in and also upon arrival at the destination. Upon arrival, this staII guides the
passengers to the right baggage belt and assists them with it.
Baggage: The airline tries to ensure that the passengers can retrieve their baggage aIter they
disembark Irom the aircraIt in the shortest possible time. However, this is also subject to the
inIrastructure oI the airports.
DiIIerent check in options: The airlines allows it customers to do a web check in Irom its website
apart Irom the option oI the airport check in.
Boarding pass: A boarding pass is a document provided by the airline during check-in, giving a
passenger the authority to board the aircraIt. It identiIies the passenger, the Ilight number, and the date
and scheduled time Ior departure. It also serves as a security measure. In some cases, the customers
can check in "on-line" and print the boarding passes themselves.
Reservation and Cancellation: They also oIIer concession by not charging any cancellation charges
and also giving them options to make a change in the reservation status iI they required.
In aircraIt the meal service, in Ilight entertainment, reading materials, etc enables the customers to
have an enjoyable and convenience.
The process oI kingIisher airlines services lays emphasis on the involvement oI channels, Iront
line staII, travel agency oIIices, oIIices oI tour operators, or so Irom where the services Ilow and reach
to the ultimate users. KingIisher Airline is making every eIIort to constantly redeIine service
procedures to enhance service satisIaction levels. Facilities at the airport, the baggage handling,
Ilight inIormation, also helps in delivering quality service and making travel a pleasure.

Boarding pass Ticketing counter