MARCH 2011

JOB NO. 8942 FRM-04

Chennai Metro, Package UAA-02


he joint venture of Gammon India Limited, the lead partner, alongwith Mosmetrostroy a Russian company has secured two of the most prestigious contracts viz packages UAA-02 & UAA-03 from Chennai Metro Rail Corporation against very stiff competition. These are Design and Build type turnkey contracts for construction of seven nos. underground station buildings alongwith associated tunnels for the Metro Rail Track. The contract package UAA-02 covers three underground stations located at Government Estate, LIC Building and Thousand Lights alongwith the associated tunnels. The contract is valued at INR 8294.16 Million plus Euro 17.43 Million and the works are scheduled for completion in 1521 days from the date of commencement of 2nd April 2011. The scope of this package commences at CH 5539 the south end of Mayday park shaft to the north end of Gemini station at CH 9852. The total length of this package is 4313 m out of which the tunneling length is 2 X 3629 m. There are two separate tunnels for the up and down railway tracks.The diameter of tunnel is 6.6 mtr. The Length of each station is 228mtr. For details of UAA-03 refer NL No. 243

NL No. 242

0 4 .G A M M O N N E W S L E T T E R I J O B N O. 8942 / FR M .

8942 / FR M .G A M M O N N E W S L E T T E R I J O B N O.0 4 .

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