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International Organizations

1. Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of the UN Security


a) France b) Germany c) Russia d) China

2. After whom is the United Nation’s Library known?

a) Kofi Annan b) UThant c) Dag Hammarskjold d) Trygve Lie

3. Which of the following is not an official language of the UN?

a) English b) French c) Arabic d) Hindi

4. Where is the head quarters of the World Bank?

a) New York b) Paris c) London d) Washington DC

5. The founding fathers of Non Aligned Movement are

a) Roosevelt, Stalin and Hitler b) Nehru, Tito and Nasser c) Churchill. Stalin and

Roosevelt d) Gandhiji, Nehru and Patel

6. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations?

a) New York b) Sydney c) Rome d) Paris

7. What is the normal tenure of a UN Secretary General?

a) 2 years b) 3 years c) 5 years d) 7 years

8. Which day is celebrated as the UN Day every year?

a) October 24 b) January 26 c) August 30 d) April 7

9. Who among the following Secretary Generals of the UN was killed in an air


a) Dag Hammarskjold b) Trygve Lie c) UThant d) Kurt Waldheim

10. In 1945, fifty nations met to phrase the basic charter for a world organization

which would ‘save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war’. Where

was this conference held?

a) San Francisco b) London c) Yalta d) Washington DC

11. How many permanent members are there in the UN Security Council?

a) 5 b) 6 c) 10 d) 15

12. How many non-permanent members are there in the UN Security Council?

a) 10 b) 15 c) 6 d) 5

13. Who was the first Secretary General of United Nations?

a) Trygve Lie b) Kurt Waldheim c) UThant d) Hammarskjold

14. Where did the three leaders FD Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin

meet in 1943 and agree on the need for an effective instrument for maintaining

international peace?

a) Moscow b) San Francisco c) Teheran d) Washington DC

15. What is the normal tenure of the non-permanent members of the UN Security


a) 2 years b) 3 years, c) 5 years d) 6 years

16. To which nation did the first Secretary General of UN belong?

a) Norway b) Sweden c) France d) America

17. How many judges are there in the International Court of Justice?

a) 9 b) 12 c) 15 d) 18

18. What is the term of office of a judge of International Court of Justice?

a) 6 years b) 5 years c) 9 years d) 10 years

19. In which year did the United Nations Organization come into existence?

a) 1939 b) 1945 c) 1947 d) 1950

20. Which of the following UN organizations is concerned with the welfare of


21. In which year did India become a member of UN?

a) 1945 b) 1947 c) 1950 d) 1948

22. The UN General Assembly meets regularly

a) once a month b) after every three months c) twice a year d) once a year

23. To whom does the Secretary General submit an annual report on the work of the


a) The General Assembly b) The Security Council c) The Trusteeship Council d) all

of the above

24. How many languages have been recognized by the UN?

a) five b) six c) seven d) nine

25. The General Assembly is a discussion body of the UN and consists of all

members of the UN. How many delegates can be sent by each member to the

General Assembly?

a) one b) two c) five d) four


1. Germany
2. Dag Hammarskjold
3. Hindi
4. Washington DC
5. Nehru, Tito and Nasser
6. New York
7. 5 years
8. October 24
9. Dag Hammarskjold
10. San Francisco
11. 5
12. 10
13. Trygve Lie
14. Teheran
15. 2 years
16. Norway
17. 15
18. 9 years
19. 1945
21. 1945
22. Once a year
23. General Assembly
24. six
25. five