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1ype LexL

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Manan Taneja PGDM 2011-13
K J Somaiya Institute oI Technology and Research
1ype LexL

Industry Cverv|ew
lndla ls Lhe slxLh largesL book publlshlng counLry ln Lhe world and Lhlrd largesL publlsher of Lngllsh
LlLles ln Lhe world afLer Lhe unlLed SLaLes and Lhe unlLed klngdom ln addlLlon Lo Lngllsh
O 1he lndlan publlshlng lndusLry publlshes ln 24 reglonal languages
O 1here are almosL 19000 publlshers reglsLered ln lndla publlshlng 90000 LlLles annually ln
24 reglsLered languages
O 1he number of publlshers ls hlgh buL ma[orlLy of Lhem are lnacLlve and low volume
players Some of Lhem only publlsh Lhelr own lnsLlLuLlonal LlLles or are noL currenLly
publlshlng aL all
AlLhough Lhe average number of publlcaLlons ls very less Lhe LoLal number of LlLles lndlcaLes Lhe
poLenLlal of Lhe lndlan publlshlng markeL lL ls for Lhls reason LhaL Lhe lndlan publlshlng markeL ls
belng lncreaslngly recognlzed by Lhe global players

Deve|opment |n Industry
1he LoLal number of publlshers reglsLered wlLh Lhe lndla offlce of Lhe lnLernaLlonal SLandard 8ook
number (lS8n) agency was 12373 as of year end 2007 Powever as many publlshers sLlll do noL
reglsLer lS8ns for Lhelr books Lhls number ls merely lndlcaLlve aL besL
lL ls furLher esLlmaLed LhaL a LoLal of 90000 LlLles are produced every year ubllshers have
been Lrylng new and lnnovaLlve ways Lo Lap lnLo Lhls huge markeL lor lnsLance a counLry LhaL had
only a handful of auLhors wrlLlng ln Lngllsh a few decades ago Loday boasLs of a book launch almosL
every day ln addlLlon new llLerary awards are regularly unvelled and Lhere has been a recenL
prollferaLlon of llLerary fesLlvals ln dlfferenL parLs of Lhe counLry

Market Va|ue

Lven Lhough Lhe book publlshlng lndusLry has a huge Lurnover Lhe exlsLence of a large
number of unreglsLered publlshlng houses makes Lhe markeL esLlmaLe nearly lmposslble 1he enLry
of nlelsen 8ookscan1 ln lndla ln CcLober '10 currenLly provldes daLa for a few ma[or booksLore
chalns ln lndla whlch ls arguably noL represenLaLlve for Lhe enLlre markeL ln addlLlon Lhere are
numerous assoclaLlons represenLlng an esLlmaLed 19000 publlshers alLhough no slngle assoclaLlon
has more Lhan 1000 members 1hls lndlcaLes a vlbranL yeL scaLLered lndusLry

O lndla commands 60 of global publlshlng ouLsourclng
O AnalysLs aL value noLes say LhaL Lhe 8C publlshlng servlces secLor wlll reach a value of $12
bllllon ln 2012 lndlan 8Cs offer a range of servlces from daLa converslon dlglLlzaLlon and
copyedlLlng Lo compleLe pro[ecL managemenL
O Many ma[or S1M publlshers legal publlshlng flrms magazlnes and newspapers dlglLlze
deslgn and archlve conLenL ln lndla

1ype LexL

1he emergence of organlsed reLall ln lndla growlng aL 13 per annum has opened new dellvery
channels for publlshers and wholesalers CurrenLly formaL reLall sLores accounL for 7 of book reLall
sales SupersLores aka hypermarkeLs are maklng sLeady progress lnLo semlurban and rural lndla
whlch wlll glve furLher LhrusL Lo Lhe Lrend 1haL books are selllng alongslde muslc movles llfesLyle
producLs elecLronlc lLems and Lhe llke ls good news because lL exposes books Lo nonLradlLlonal
book buyers

G|oba| |ayers and |ndustry |eaders

Clobal layers ln Lhe book publlshlng markeL lncludes blg players llke 8andom Pouse earson
McCrawPlll LducaLlon eLc

Ind|an |ayers

WlLh over 12000 reglsLered naLlonal book publlshlng companles ln lndla Lhe scenarlo of Lhe 8ook
ubllshlng lndusLry ln lndla ls qulLe compeLlLlve Ananda 8azaar aLrlka ls one of Lhe oldesL and
largesL lndlan publlshlng houses Several oLher publlshlng houses llke CrlenL paperbacks Capexll
Cambrldge unlverslLy ress vL LLd navneeL ubllshers lndla vL LLd C8S publlshers and
dlsLrlbuLers Manlpal ress eLc are companles LhaL are dolng very well for Lhemselves

Industry Va|ue Cha|n Ana|ys|s

ueslgn of roducLs MarkeLlng Sales
1he sales and markeLlng sLage ls closely relaLed Lo Lhe edlLorlal process As fronL cover lmages
are produced or chapLers are edlLed sales people may sLarL Lalklng abouL Lhe book wlLh Lhelr
cusLomers Lo bulld early lnLeresL
8andom Pouse
Parper Colllns
Slmon SchusLer
1homas nelson
!ohn Wlley
1ype LexL

ubllshlng companles ofLen produce advanced lnformaLlon sheeLs LhaL may be senL Lo
cusLomers or overseas publlshers Lo gauge posslble sales As early lnLeresL ls measured Lhls
lnformaLlon feeds back Lhrough Lhe edlLorlal process and may affecL Lhe formaLLlng of Lhe book and
Lhe sLraLegy employed Lo sell lL lor example
O lf lnLeresL from forelgn publlshers ls hlgh copubllshlng deals may be esLabllshed whereby
publlshers share prlnLlng cosLs ln produclng large prlnL runs Lhereby lowerlng Lhe perunlL
cosL of Lhe books
O Conversely lf lnlLlal feedback ls noL sLrong Lhe prlnLrun of Lhe book may be reduced Lhe
markeLlng budgeL cuL or ln some cases Lhe book ls dropped from publlcaLlon alLogeLher

ulsLrlbuLlon and 8evenue CeneraLlon
Cnce a work ls accepLed commlsslonlng edlLors negoLlaLe Lhe purchase of lnLellecLual
properLy rlghLs and agree on royalLy raLes An auLhor asslgns excluslve publlshlng rlghLs Lo dlfferenL
publlshers ln dlfferenL LerrlLorles based on a maLch ln Lhe legal sysLems under whlch copyrlghL
proLecLlons can be enforced
Pavlng agreed on Lhe scope of Lhe publlcaLlon and Lhe formaLs Lhe parLles ln a book agreemenL
musL Lhen agree on royalLy raLes Lhe percenLage of Lhe gross reLall prlce LhaL wlll be pald Lo Lhe
auLhor and Lhe advance paymenL 1hls ls dlfflculL because Lhe publlsher musL esLlmaLe Lhe poLenLlal
sales ln each markeL and balance pro[ecLed revenue agalnsL producLlon cosLs 8oyalLles usually
range beLween 1012 of recommended reLall prlce Advances vary greaLly beLween books wlLh
esLabllshed auLhors commandlng large advances
Once a work is accepted, commissioning editors negotiate the
purchase of intellectual property rights and agree on royalty
rates. A autoratribui exclusive publishing rights todifferent publishers in different
territories based on a match in the legal systems in which copyright protections can
be applied.
Having agreed on the scope and format of publication, the parties to a contract for
thebook must then agree on royalty rates, the percentage of the gross price of
retail, which will be paid to the author, and prepayment. This is difficult because the
publisher must estimate the sales potential in each market and the projected
revenues from the balance of costs of production. Royalties usually range
between 10-12% of therecommended retail
price. Advances vary muitoentre books with renowned
authorscommanding large advances.

1rend Ana|ys|s
1ype LexL

O 8ook publlshlng ln lndlan languages ls growlng Whereas durlng Lhe laLe 1990s Lngllsh
language publlshlng made up half of Lhe lndusLry Loday lLs share has been reduced Lo one
Lhlrd 1ranslaLlon lnLo and from lndla's 24 offlclal languages (lncludlng Lngllsh) ls a growlng
area of lnLeresL for publlshers llke enguln lndla whlch has a Plndl lmprlnL ?aLra 8ook
O Cnllne reLall ouLflLs such as lllpkarL and lnfl8eam have become serlous players ln Lhe
buslness ln lndla lllpkarL ln parLlcular clalms Lo have four mllllon LlLles readlly avallable Lo lLs
slx mllllon vlslLors and 300000 reglsLered users lLs book sales have reached 730000 ln [usL
over Lwo years of lLs exlsLence wlLh half of lLs buyers reLurnlng Lo make addlLlonal
O 1he buzz on epubllshlng ls geLLlng louder wlLh rlnLondemand selfpubllshlng ebooks
apps and enhanced ebooks lncreaslngly galnlng popularlLy LlecLronlc lnk devlces and
LableLs for ebooks are already avallable ln Lhe markeL alLhough lndlgenous models such as
Lhe Wlnk and lnflbeam l have an advanLage over Lhe oLhers due Lo Lhelr bullLln lndlan
language supporL ln parallel onllne selllng ls on a sharp upward curve backed by lndla
havlng Lhe slxLhlargesL number of lnLerneL users ln Lhe world (6134 mllllon users ln 2009)
and Lhe secondhlghesL for number of moblle Lelephone users (670 mllllon ln 2010)
O lor a publlshlng house "golng dlglLal" can mean a loL of lnvesLmenL of Llme and money
wlLh no ldea of how soon lL wlll sLarL Lo pay off buL SclenLlflc 1echnlcal Medlcal (S1M)
publlshers llke Cambrldge unlverslLy ress 1aLa McCraw Plll earson have gone Lhe dlglLal
way Slnce globally Lhe S1M publlshlng secLor has been among Lhe flrsL Lo adopL Lechnology
for dlglLlzlng and moneLlzlng conLenL S1M publlshers and educaLlonal publlshers ln lndla can
counL on esLabllshed models Lo work wlLh Cn Lhe oLher hand ma[or Lrade publlshers
llke enguln 8ooks lndla and ParperColllns lndla are yeL Lo offer Lhelr lndla LlLles as ebooks
even when Lhelr counLerparLs ln Lhe uk and Lhe uS are preparlng for Lhelr prlnL and ebooks
almosL slmulLaneously

Ma[or Cha||enges

Caps ln ulsLrlbuLlon 8eLall and MarkeLlng
lndla's book buslness remalns domlnaLed by slgnlflcanL gaps ln dlsLrlbuLlon reLall and markeLlng
8eyond Lhe counLry's sLaggerlng slze even secondLler Lowns conLlnue Lo lack adequaLe access Lo
books lL ls esLlmaLed LhaL organlzed reLall accounLs for a mere 7 of book sales wlLh Lhe resL
comlng from Lhe unorganlzed secLor whlch lncludes channels such as supermarkeLs unlverslLy
booksLores LexLbook sLores rallwaysLaLlon sLalls doorLodoor sales agenLs fooLpaLh sales eLc
1ype LexL

rlnL lracy SLlll a roblem
ubllshers ln Lhe SubconLlnenL conLlnue Lo face mounLlng problems wlLh plracy flndlng Lhls
lncreaslngly dlfflculL Lo Lackle 1he ubllshers AssoclaLlon ln Lhe uk wlLh Lhe supporL of
mulLlnaLlonal publlshlng houses wlLh offlces ln lndla ls currenLly flghLlng a legal baLLle Lo Lry Lo
conLaln plracy buL awareness on Lhe lssue ls relaLlvely low ln lndla lurLher even lf conLrolled wlLhln
lndla LerrlLory knockoff books sLlll Lend Lo make Lhelr way Lhrough aklsLan nepal and 8angladesh
sLunLlng Lhe poLenLlal of local publlshlng developmenL LhroughouL Lhe reglon
1lll a few years ago Lhls would only lnclude lnLernaLlonal besLsellers such as Lhose by Sldney Sheldon
and !effrey Archer buL Loday Lhey lnclude 8amachandraCuha's hlsLorlcal wrlLlngs Lo
!alshreeMlshra's novels Ma[or crackdowns have been lnlLlaLed by flrms and lawyers flghLlng agalnsL
plracy buL Lhe source of Lhese books remalns a mysLery

Crowlng popularlLy of e books
1he advenL of relaLlvely easy access Lo elecLronlc books ls a ma[or LhreaL Lo Lhe 8ook ubllshlng
lndusLry Many publlshers are already gearlng up for Lhls lnevlLablllLy LasL year Lhe 8angalorebased
dlglLal publlsher L C Medla lnLernaLlonal launched lLs muchawalLed Wlnk ebook reader AlLhough lL
has noL meL wlLh much success Lo daLe lL ls clearly a paLhbreaklng lnlLlaLlve wlLh supporL for 13
lndlan languages ln parLlcular academlc publlshers have been Lhe fronLrunners ln adapLlng Lo new
Lechnologles and offerlng conLenL on mulLlple plaLforms noL only easlng access for sLudenLs and
readers buL also glvlng publlshers Lhe opporLunlLy Lo lnnovaLe and develop new conLenL

Growth Dr|vers

O WlLh llLeracy raLes lmprovlng each year (currenLly Lhe raLe ls 63 ouL of a populaLlon of 11
bllllon people) and wlLh Lhe expanslon of Lhe mlddle class lndlans are readlng more Lhan
ever wlLh a parLlcular focus on sklll developmenL and self lmprovemenL
O ManagemenL books cookbooks selfhelp and selflmprovemenL books sold very well ln
O A recenL naLlonwlde survey revealed LhaL onefourLh of Lhe youLh populaLlon a sLaggerlng
flgure of 83 mllllon ldenLlfy Lhemselves as book readers
O lndla havlng Lhe comblned advanLage of belng Lhe LhlrdlargesL publlsher of books ln Lngllsh
and compeLlLlve raLes for publlshlng and prlnLlng Lechnologles has become a formldable
player ln Lhe lnLernaLlonal publlshlng scene
O 1he lndusLry has been boosLed by an lnfuslon of caplLal slnce Lhe year 2000 when Lhe
governmenL of lndla allowed 100 equlLy ln Lhe publlshlng lndusLry
1ype LexL

O 1he governmenL has a ma[or presence ln Lhe publlshlng fleld An esLlmaLed 70 of LexLbook
publlshlng ln Lhe counLry ls done by Lhe governmenL whlch has access Lo subsldlzed paper
and low overhead cosLs
O 1he lederaLlon of lndlan ubllshers has lobbled for Lhe governmenL Lo open up Lhls secLor of
Lhe lndusLry Lo prlvaLe publlshers Lhe governmenL has shown no lnLenL of dolng so
O As CollaboraLlon and consolldaLlon among publlshers ls on Lhe rlse small publlshers organlze
Lhemselves lnLo collecLlves and [oln hands wlLh larger publlshers Lo markeL Lhelr books and
lncrease clrculaLlon

Strateg|c In|t|at|ves
1he demand and supply of books ln Lhe lndlan markeL ls Loday somewhaL mlsmaLched wlLh books
noL reachlng all poLenLlal buyers ubllshers are comlng up wlLh lnnovaLlve ways Lo Lackle lL
Copubllshlng venLures
new models have arlsen for lnsLance ln whlch a large publlshlng house such as enguln
lndla 8upa Co or WesLland chooses Lo dlsLrlbuLe boLh lLs own books and LhaL of lLs compeLlLors
or even enLers lnLo copubllshlng venLures wlLh smaller lndependenL publlshers ln Lhe days ahead
Lhere ls bound Lo be greaLer consolldaLlon and more efflclenL ways of maklng Lhe whole supply chaln
work as more and more players enLer Lhe markeL 1hough some mlghL say Lhls evenLually means Lhe
slow deaLh or selllng ouL" of lndependenL publlshers lL would seem LhaL Lhls could also lead Lo
symbloLlc relaLlonshlps LhaL could work ln Lhe favor of Lhe reader who geL access Lo all sorLs of
books and wrlLers who are able Lo reach a wlder readershlp base

Selfubllshlng Lmerges
1he sLarLlng polnL for mosL publlshers ls dlglLlzlng Lhe backllsL SlmulLaneous publlshlng of prlnL and
ebooks ls sLlll some way off slnce lL requlres lnhouse resources Lo manage Lhe workflows Some
selfpubllshed auLhors are looklng aL creaLlng ebook verslons along wlLh Lhelr prlnL edlLlons

A brlef overvlew of some of Lhe ma[or collaboraLlons of book publlshlng lndusLry ln lndla has been
llsLed below
1 Cne lf Lhe flrsL [olnL venLures was beLween enguln 8ooks and Lhe Ananda 8azar aLrlka ln
1986 1hls was followed almosL lmmedlaLely by 8avl uayal ubllsher ParperColllns arrlved
flve years laLer as Lhe resulL of a Lle up beLween ParperColllns and 8upa ubllshlng Pouse
1ype LexL

2 SChand has a [olnLvenLure wlLh PoughLon Mlfflln ParcourLs lnLernaLlonal dlvlslon LMCl
one of uS leadlng educaLlonal conLenL and Lechnology companles 1hls buslness ls called S
Chand ParcourL and dellvers dlglLal conLenL Lo publlc and prlvaLe schools across lndla 1he
[olnLvenLure was esLabllshed ln March 2008
3 WesLland a wholly owned subsldlary of Landmark ls an amalgamaLlon of Lwo companles
LasLWesL 8ooks and WesLland 8ooks whlch were merged Lo form WesLland ln Aprll
20081he publlshers for whom WesLland dlsLrlbuLes books lnclude 8andom Pouse
1ransworld SL MarLlns ress Slmon and SchusLer Parper Colllns uSA CanongaLe 1he
erseus group enguln group PaLcheLLe and an Macmlllan
4 1essloff SLerllng ubllshers rlvaLe LLd ls a brand new [olnL venLure beLween Lwo premlum
publlshlng houses from Cermany and lndla 1he 1essloffverlag Cermany`s leadlng
publlshers of speclallzed books for chlldren and Leenagers brlngs forLh 30 years of
experlence and knowledge Lo SLerllng`s own experLlse of boLh prlnLlng and markeLlng of
chlldren`s books
3 Woodhead lobllsbloq loJlo (Wl) ls a jolot veotote compooy beLween
Woodheadlobllsbloq uk and Sara 8ooks loJlo
6 ombtlJqe uolvetslty ltess loJlo lvt tJ (ulll% ls o jolot veotote sobslJloty of Cambrldge
unlverslLy ress
7 lndlaCan ls a 3030 [olnL venLure beLween Lducomp SoluLlons LLd and earson lnc WlLh Lhe
comblned sLrengLhs of Lducomp and earson Lhe !v ls on Lrack Lo become Lhe largesL
provlder of Lralnlng for produclng preskllled LalenL for Lhe lndusLry
8 enguln Canada's former boss and auLhor uavld uavldar and 8upa ubllcaLlons lndla
Managlng ulrecLor kaplsh C Mehra announced Lhe blrLh of Lhe Aleph 8ook Company a [olnL
venLure on Lhe 16
of May 2011

8ook pub||sh|ng regu|at|ons
8ook ubllshlng ls requlred Lo follow varlous regulaLlons and sLandards seL by law 1he maln concepL
LhaL approprlaLely summarlzes boLh Lhe auLhor's and publlsher's lnLeresLs ls Lhe CopyrlghL Law ln
Lhe 8ook ubllshlng lndusLry lL ls useful for Lhe auLhors Lo undersLand varlous legal aspecLs
perLalnlng Lo Lhe expresslon of ldeas and how Lhese ldeas may or may noL be proLecLed under Lhe
Idea rotect|on
ldeas sell for blg money ln Lhe publlshlng lndusLry Powever lL ls very dlfflculL Lo fully proLecL Lhese
ldeas 1radlLlonally common law sLaLed LhaL ldeas seL forLh ln publlshed works were open Lo Lhe
general publlc Lo expound upon 1hls meanL LhaL ldeas from works publlshed years ago would
LheoreLlcally be perfecLly legal for oLher auLhors Lo plck up provlded speclflc words or
characLerlzaLlons were noL dupllcaLed 1hls gave rlse Lo Lhe need for a CopyrlghL Law
Copyr|ght Law
A copyrlghL ls a seL of excluslve rlghLs granLed by Lhe sLaLe Lo Lhe creaLor of an orlglnal work for a
llmlLed perlod of Llme ln exchange for publlc dlsclosure of Lhe work 1hls law proLecLs a speclflc
1ype LexL

expresslon of ldeas raLher Lhan Lhe acLual ldeas Lhemselves 1oday Lechnology ln Lhe form of e
books has creaLed slgnlflcanL challenges for copyrlghL Slnce llLerary works can be easlly copled
plracy of such work ls responslble for auLhors noL recelvlng Lhelr due
Contracts of Intent
An auLhor can drafL a conLracL ln order Lo proLecL hls/her ldeas 1hls ls a professlonal pracLlce
beLween Lhe auLhor and publlsher Such a conLracL of lnLenL could posslbly serve as evldence ln Lhe
evenL of lJeo mlsopptoptlotloo le lf Lhe ldea ls used wlLhouL Lhe permlsslon of Lhe auLhor ln case
an auLhor dlscusses an ldea wlLh an edlLor only Lo flnd LhaL Lhe edlLor Lhen plLched Lhe ldea Lo a
publlshlng flrm as hls own Lhe auLhor can be proLecLed by Lhe rlghL Lo sue for ldea mlsapproprlaLlon

Nond|sc|osure Agreements
An auLhor can slgn a nondlsclosure agreemenL wlLh Lhe edlLor or publlsher Lo ensure confldenLlallLy
1hls agreemenL sLaLes LhaL Lhe parLles lnvolved wlll noL dlsclose ldeas LhaL Lhe auLhor meanL for
publlcaLlon ouLslde of slLuaLlons deLermlned as per Lhe conLracL 1hls proLecLs Lhe auLhor lf any
parLy aLLempLs Lo compeLe wlLh oLher parLles lnvolved
AuLhors should recelve royalLles off Lhe sales of Lhelr books 1hls musL be agreed upon when Lhey
sell Lhe rlghLs Lo Lhelr books lLself usually a lower percenLage of royalLles are glven for Lhe flrsL
3000 coples LhaL are sold and a larger percenLage ls glven for Lhe nexL 3000 coples LhaL are sold 1he
maxlmum percenLage of royalLles wlll be pald for all Lhe subsequenL coples of Lhe book LhaL are sold
Cut of r|nt
When coples of a book do noL sell lL mlghL be declared 'ouL of prlnL' by Lhe publlsher 1he lS8n
(lnLernaLlonal SLandard 8ook number) whlch ls unlque Lo every edlLlon of a book LhaL ls publlshed
wlll Lhen be updaLed Lo reflecL Lhe book's sLaLus 8y followlng a seL procedure Lhe auLhor can geL
Lhe rlghLs reverLed from Lhe publlsher lf Lhls happens Lhe book wlll be avallable for republlcaLlon
1he auLhor may choose Lo self publlsh Lhe book or aLLempL Lo have Lhe book republlshed by a
dlfferenL publlsher

ros and Cons of the 8ook ub||sh|ng Industry
1) 1he most evo|ved way of reach|ng to the masses MosL of Lhe people ln lndla and abroad
have easy accesslblllLy Lo books whlch Lhey can use for boLh academlc purpose and lelsure
2) Lot of var|ed content wr|ter ava||ab|e for the book pub||sh|ng |ndustry 8ooks on all klnds of
sub[ecL are readlly avallable ln Lhe markeL Lhls has been made posslble by a large pool of
wrlLers edlLors and publlshers whlch caLer Lo Lhe book publlshlng lndusLry
1ype LexL

3) A product|on p|ann|ng |s s|mp|e and product|on costs are pred|ctab|e uue Lo Lhe advenL of
new Lechnology book publlshlng has become much mechanlzed and hlghly auLomaLed
1here are laser LypeseLLers avallable for prlnLlng plaLes and prlnLlng press has become LoLally
auLomaLed rlghL from feedlng of paper Lo prlnLlng cuLLlng and blndlng of books ls done ln
an efflclenL paLLern uue Lo all Lhe Lhlngs Lhe Lask of producLlon planner has slmpllfled a loL
and Lhe cosL lnvolved has become hlghly predlcLable

1) Not a green |ndustry uue Lo large amounL of paper lnvolved as raw maLerlal Lhere ls a huge
cuLLlng of Lrees lnvolved whlch makes Lhe whole book publlshlng lndusLry a LhreaL Lo Lhe
foresL cover
2) o||utant caus|ng LoLs of polluLanLs are caused due Lo producLlon of lnk and bleachlng of
paper used for book publlshlng
3) Censorsh|p ln varlous counLrles Lhere ls loLs of censorshlp on Lhe conLenL whlch can be
publlshed ln a book Lhls aL Llmes does noL glve Lhe clear plcLure of Lhe conLenL and
happenlngs Lhls drawback ls noL presenL ln blogs and ebooks whlch are poslng a greaL
LhreaL Lo book publlshlng lndusLry

key Imperat|ves
ollLlcal/Legal lorces
lnLernaLlonallzaLlon of 8ook publlshlng lndusLry can prove Lo be a doubleedged sword 1he lssue
LhaL has generaLed one of Lhe mosL slgnlflcanL responses ln Lhe book publlshlng lndusLry ls Lhe
proposed amendmenLs Lo Lhe counLry's copyrlghL law 1he AmendmenL as proposed allows Lhe
lmporL of mulLlple edlLlons of books lnLo Lhe lndlan markeLle lmporLlng a copy of a work publlshed
ouLslde lndla wlLh Lhe permlsslon of Lhe auLhor would be legal 1hls would mean LhaL a book
publlshed anywhere ln Lhe world could be sold ln lndla wlLhouL lnfrlnglng on an excluslve lndlan
edlLlon publlshed or lmporLed
AlLhough Lhere ls a clear dlvlde beLween people for and agalnsL lL publlshers almosL unanlmously
oppose Lhe amendmenL 1homas Abraham of PacheLLe lndla has feels LhaL Lhls mlghL be deLrlmenLal
Lo Lhe healLh of Lhe lndlan 8ook ubllshlng lndusLry and says 1o undersLand Lhls one needs Lo
reallze LhaL auLhors own copyrlghL Lo Lhelr works and Lhen asslgn publlshlng rlghLs Lo dlfferenL
LerrlLorles so LhaL Lhe book and readers are besL served lor example vlkram SeLh ls publlshed ln
8rlLaln by PacheLLe ln Lhe uS by ParperColllns ln Canada by McArLhur and by enguln ln lndla Lach
LerrlLory ls proLecLed by law Lo besL publlsh Lhe work WlLhouL Lhls legal shleld any of Lhe four
edlLlons could lnfrlnge on each oLher
1ype LexL

Powever leadlng lnLellecLual properLy (l) scholars and economlsLs offer an opposlng vlew LhaL as
lnLellecLual properLy rules are essenLlally anLlcompeLlLlve Lhey oughL Lo be LoleraLed only when
Lhere ls concreLe evldence LhaL Lhelr beneflLs ouLwelgh Lhe harm caused by monopoly renLs

Lconomlc lorces
lndla has long malnLalned an affordable prlces for prlnL books An average paperback ls usually
prlced ln Lhe range of $47 whlle a hardcover ls around $11 as opposed Lo 14 ($23) ln Lhe uk
1exLbooks are prlced as low as $1 Lo $130 8uL prlclng models for ebooks are yeL Lo be worked ouL
As of now lndlan publlshers choose Lo prlce Lhe ebook Lhe same as Lhe prlnL edlLlon Powever ln
uSA and uk prlces of e books are less Lhan LhaL of Lhelr prlnL verslons

Soclo CulLural lorces
lnLeracLlons wlLh publlshers have revealed LhaL Lhere ls a genulne lack of awareness of Lhe dlglLal
plaLforms avallable Lo Lhe lndlan publlshlng lndusLry WlLh no proven revenue model Lo bank upon
publlshers would raLher walL and waLch before maklng any lnvesLmenLs ln dlglLal lnfrasLrucLure Cne
commonly hears Lhe refraln LhaL ebooks mlghL go Lhe same way as Cu8CMs and audlo books dld
ln lndla
1echnologlcal lorces
Cne of Lhe blggesL LhreaLs Lo Lhe book publlshlng lndusLry especlally Lo Lhe small publlshlng houses
ls LhaL of Lhe advenL and Lhe growlng popularlLy of e books Whlle larger companles have embraced
Lhls as an opporLunlLy Lo expand Lhelr buslness by golng lnLo Lhe e book buslness Lhemselves
smaller flrms LhaL don'L have Lhe means of golng dlglLal sLand Lhe rlsk of golng ouL of buslness 1he
lncreaslng popularlLy of LableL devlces and oLher elecLronlc readlng devlces lncreaslngly poses a
LhreaL Lo companles LhaL bank solely on prlnLed books

Industry Iorecast
lndla's share ln global exporLs of prlnLed and publlshed producLs ls 646 accordlng Lo daLa released
by Lhe nonproflL CALxlL (Chemlcal and Allled LxporL romoLlon Councll of lndla) 1he value of book
and publlcaLlon exporLs was t267 mllllon ln 20092010
1he lndlan prlnLlng lndusLry ls sald Lo be growlng aL 12 per annum SLaLeofLhearL prlnLlng
Lechnology lmprovemenLs ln lnfrasLrucLure supporL from Lhe governmenL avallablllLy of paper
dellvery lnfrasLrucLure llke porLs and roads as well as lncreased communlcaLlon have helped ln
1ype LexL

LransformaLlon of Lhls lndusLry ln recenL years and ln near fuLure Lhe poLenLlal growLh ls pegged aL
an opLlmlsLlc 30 per year
SLrong l1 capablllLles ln lndla wlll help make lndla a naLural hub of publlshlng servlces alLhough
publlshers wlLhln lndla are yeL Lo [ump on Lo Lhe dlglLal bandwagon As far as Lhe fuLure ls
concerned Lhe publlshlng lndusLry ln lndla and across Lhe SubconLlnenL wlll have Lo caLer Lo mulLlple
audlences ln Lhe comlng decades 1hese wlll lnclude Lhe upwardly moblle mlddle class Lhe
passlonaLe reader Lhe new reader and Lhe yeLLobeconverLed reader
8y 2013 paper use ln norLh Amerlcan magazlnes newspapers and books ls expecLed Lo fall down Lo
beLween 12 and 20 from Lhe 2010 levels as Lhe use of LableL devlces and ereaders rlses accordlng
Lo a reporL by paper lndusLry lnformaLlon source 8lSl Cenerallzlng Lhls Lrend Lo Lhe Clobal markeL
we can assume LhaL fall ln paper usage wlll be beLween 812 (conslderlng Lhe Lechnologlcal
advancemenLs of Lhe resL of Lhe counLrles of Lhe world)
1he growlng popularlLy of smarL phones handhelds and LableLs ln lndla ls cerLalnly golng Lo lead Lo
new developmenLs for lndlan publlshlng ln Lhe form of a poLenLlal markeL for book apps and
enhanced ebooks 1he LableL markeL ln lndla ls slaLed Lo cross Lhe 200000unlL mark ln 2011 whlle
73 new LableLs have been announced for launch ln Lhe comlng year 8esearch shows LhaL reader
appllcaLlons flgure among Lhe Lop flve ln Lype of popular appllcaLlons on Lhese devlces

Pence Lhe lndlan 8ook ubllshlng lndusLry ls a boomlng lndusLry whlch ls also caLchlng Lhe eye of
global players WlLh facLors such as lncrease ln llLeracy raLes lncrease ln dlsposable lncome eLc Lhe
base of readers ln lndla ln on Lhe rlse 1hreaLs such as lncreaslng popularlLy of e books and oLher
Lechnologlcal advances LhaL leave Lhe prlnLed book obsoleLe are blg LhreaLs Lo Lhe lndusLry buL are
also belng addressed by Lhe players ln Lhe markeL WlLh Lhls and many oLher facLors addlng Lo Lhe
popularlLy of books and book publlshlng ln lndla Lhe fuLure of Lhe lndusLry seems Lo be brlghL