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-6' I Brry' Talalalq 2 of I *Thntlon about "' or 2:00i1 theassrnoon June 201I at so' Av<hado' i I 'r co}t the abovo'named Negrosriri*nurandwithinttr* l*i*oi*tion of this Honorable stn.,catalina, Unit ard Govcrnment theLocalGovernment of from any witrr*ut authority/permit thoFrovincial *rccused fact conducted snd *J orienLf did th,en trr"t" winfully,untawfulry feloniously Provincial Negros $ta.cntarina" *tirltiur whichii a $rossvlohtion of 0reexisting rsletod or invortigntinn snyother fincting #5.' Ordinance TO CCNTRARY LAW Neg.0r. $tn.Catalinn"

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V/IT'NF,SSES: oriental Negros * Brry.Talnlahstn"cstslina, \ Pandacso.Avocado, l. Marise doCalaPardo?. RYan Negosoriental ;: [6e-Rd;tcrto obon* 79lBPA,Sidon, Neg.Or, dtdJune27,2011issuedby JoseAmel V. orrrru oi tt* Covornor, from-the 4. certification
Prov'l Adminismnto Francis*<t, r J. r o -^--

5.Certificationissueobyn,r$y.c"pt'inMryisaPgndscdtdSeptcmberl,20ll Catalinq Negros of So. Avocado,Talalalq Sta' 5. Crlrtlficationissui'U' fi'V* b-f"e"Uu, t*tia*t dtd Orientsl $cPt,l' ?011 SUB$CRIBEDANDSWORNToboforpnrethis*dayofSeptorrbcr,20llatSta.Catalina' PhiliPPines' Orieritel, Nepor

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*nbcr 201I at StB. Catalins' Negros


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r"' I. Negros BSry. .talina S. of l. ThntI wasableto is$ue certification Brgy. Negros ' themselves.Tglalelq$ta. Avocado. . Affirnt I r l i1 'l.ouweBlancowasableto askme if the soldicn havemadcany violationespecially humanrights.' i r . i . of years msrric{ Filipino.Avocado. I havelrsrquro afsxed my signatwettris Negros. IN WITNASS WqbREOF.ouwe ^ .46 ASTII}AVTT l. Oriental. able . and of ?0l t the Woup LouweBlnnco accrtainMaravisitedSo.S Province Negros of City of Bayaw&n ) -X-X-X'X-X':(-X-X'X-X-X'X'X-X-X'X.liri:" . period time. Thatonlyl. i . for Oriental long Negros Sra Talalak. irl. and Blanco Marawere to identify 3. .i il: L. . i. That I anl executingthis affidavit to attcstthetnrth of the foregoingfacts. 201I in theCify of Bayawarg #Y oay of septembcr' f*/"*t €d/tpa. Avocado..ApT{O Y CA CANIIIA$. f^d'*& aafrya. . dated a 2.: .t'l Eayshran Ci9r i : .Catalins. of Republic theFhilippincs ) Orientnl) [i.* \'/ 4.UqF{q'CALAPARSO trwn duly swornto in accordancc Oricntalafterhaving. Negros Ca.Talslah Sta CatalfuE.4 t-tonEoo CALAyARIIO C.6.i . SALAPARDO I.& i.-'+*.resident Sitio old. .Oriental. ThatI amn resident So. il l . i l ' I ' : : .' 't. That rheir grgup nevcr informcd me thcir purposeof coming to our Plast and never Unit of Staor Government the Local Government presented outhoritycorningfrom thc Pnovincial any Oriental. filnt l.':. of t : ./ . t. Catalinq Brgy. Septcmber 20ll tbat last Jue 26 to 2t. . ... i'.aq*4. nnd dePosed saY: with law dohereby . .

.i irlin..*orn to in accond. 2' ThatI wasableto issue c€rtificstiongit{.. .:ti:= : . . l' .Filipino.lbeforc thisTto c€rtirythst personally i and I lil . ortcntal. 99o?In*9otof Negros Catalina. that l..i. ' i .j. r.srr. : l I' MARr!4 PArlDAc Y of Sirio SoILo: 43 yearsold. l . of sta Negros oriental.1.Negros sta.dt^ the went of caratina.iii:. 201l:ccrrirying lastr#lt. Negros oriental. Bgry' Tatalalq cataliru. ' . ::r.j . :.voluntarily |nd andunder$$od the whold contents.t . 3' 'rhat they were not able to presentany documents perrnit or from the pmvincial orisntel andtheconesponding permitfrornther..t. ?011 Karapatan to so.nce withlawdohereby deposed say: and 1' ThatI amttreBarangay captain Brgy.Talatalq catalina. "*outing IN WITNESS \4/HEREOF.: i it lt.rr.ti....J. .:.:rl .J courro*enr unit of sra. 11. N.tq1 I .li. l)t 1 --v auyof seprember 201I in theCityof Bayawar4 Neglos.illltii ill j:. ' ..iloi 20 1 {ljyoff PfriJippines thb of Bayawnn.i... i i ' :'. 4.ti*.riltrffi : : i' ' 'r 1'*1i liii '' .i"thjt.. o{septenberr.ll .' '. $uBcRIBr?" me --l"t:". '. ot.i':.havchereunto I affixedmy signat'retrri.]i " i i . : t ' .. i. iill"1i .i i i _ .:li.rcsident Avocado. thisaffidavitto attest huthof theforcgoing thc *". : a .Oriental.ii' i / i .-" . l"l.ii r I r.u. Negros Oriental.i. ThatI u* q|VsAv MARISA 2LPANDAC Affirnt JURAT/CIRTItrICATION examindend interviewed affiant I arnfully convinc€d sheexecuted-herI ths that affidavit freelyand.. manied.. i::l. # Bayailen City *tr 'l.rJJ*.-:hiart|ry a.i. i i ' r l i i l i li. Avocado Brgy. ' . travin!bd .rF.srytrqb*.

. ThstI ama rnember 296m pA based siatoqNegros of at oriental.l.M June of 23.. of Alacasan.. 201 the ' of lturapoun bt ro# .1 L $SG RIGOBf. f t Republic thcPhilippinss ) of Frovince ofNegnrs Oricntal) S.' visitetlso.I i 1 1 r i .'l' '" li : . 5" Thntthegroup LoueBlanco of ionducting findinginvestigation thesaidplace.i:..l\.r:f r-* t. *..S Cityof Bayaw&n ) -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-/ .' ...1. was Dge.. .1 -. L l il.resident -'. .eby deposed . been dulynrorn . . '.:.'That it *-ry th* Boranglycaptain.}.. ::. ' 3.r...: . d0 yearcold msnicd.i.That on^or ?.:.'dvocado.MarissPandsc 'rfro give u *py of the provincial Ordinsnce 5 tn a fernalc # compardon answcred it wasnotyetapproved. r ' ! ." .:' l . : j t'li lr. :.. i.RTOOBON Y PERAI.201l.il.."ii lri.i:. l' :. A. I-apuzo llo-tlo City afterhaving ." who that 4" Thstthc srhubleft so.:1i]. 2.r* do her.tvocado (TalalahSta Catalinn.FII}AVTT '1.../ i. flrt in 6.' : .{ Brtr Talalalq $ta ca$lim" Negros drri*tit . t. l .ri: 1 t' ..Filipino... andsay: t. gro'p led ll.:''. ' : . Thstthcofficeof Karapatan atFARDEC.r.\.City \. Ncgros oriental)ut ruoui t2:55 P.FJ. 1 . tr **rd{tlcrlt*itl. i.

s. . 1la'itf.+.... . .. rrradk ' IV" l/ . I ' ! ii' 'ii. i ' i --:4+*..4"ii1:r'1 . '1 :.'.i. r l {ult (n .. I ri. I 1 : l : .rlirii ii"lirii [' .. i. ^ S[PT.. lol\ ' I 1 1 paryratuoct nA \ L aflq' ' . o1.it.ijr. a\ong 'antahatnr. tyyn I r i i ti:.. :. .r .. \l <J l r l r .1 i. r o*t Va66ltrc." . ig hurtgc $9" .

'i'""''' : rili.* l . : .' t .t . i t t-.: i r '. 1 . iiiil :r : . ' l : ...

. t" ' ':. t '.. this logal for This''&rtifi&ionis issucd whatsvcr purposc maysonvc .j:i..i. this .Barangly Fact Karapntan Groupto conduct Finding I untilto drteo{g24i}0l Negros Talalnk.. TGIYEN 27thdayof {une.. ofricchasnot rcccivod and Missionat Sitio Avocado Sitiolfurima.. rl r:.i'ii' ' b€st..:lr' '. : .r'':.:: . Catalina" Sta Oriental . iI. CERTIFTCATION r r l To l{hom It Muy Concun: of application/roquest this that is .::lThis tjocertiry perour rrcords. : :. i .. w r !i .2AIl.. l l i t j r.i I ':.ir:i i i: ir:lt. Dumaguetc Philippines. .. City.i .

i.s. MACIAS HON.Prcsont * Prcsen( . Artiolo 10 of tho Protocrion of civilian persons Timc of i' war Trcafy also pnrvidcsthat no obstacle to the trumanitarian activiticewhich thc Intcnutionar commirtce of ttre neJ-cro'B. Ailicrc 13.AVYIGAN NG PRO\4NCI:.na. the consenrof the pruties to urs oonfliot undortako theprotcction lbr o...DEGAMO FION.-(L}fttrB)_ Abscn. to Auguet lZ.hiliirpirros SANGGTJhIT.lhoirrclicf. lg$g.?}ry{TloI: o. VII"J-F.flNEZ A.lcivili. [PCL) Author: HON.oifriining trresad ' ao'runo4r 'lighr of poopleshnlrbo rcguratod t'makc it morc*"rrriogn l andeffoctive.I]RoI\4o IION.DADO Vico (iorzcnlor.LC. .Prcscnt IION.hegen .rin' Law ilrat wns agreocl duing tlre Diplomatic Conforonco hekl C"nr* from OO.TMOR. the "wHEREAS. tho pereons . wpecinlly irr tho hinhrland at*as' is under tl*cat by anned oonflict or by cncourtcrbetwcenttre Governmcnt uoopsandthe Communist rebels.r.[11 oF sANcicLn{IANCt pA}.MELIIvfoREC.hsnltl and otlicr socialservicon availabrc to-.Prcscn .inpersotlfi for. VEL." sdctly.rimoof war.. "o*. NAPOI. tho province of Negrno oriontar. wlrD ANN SOL.***i war * L*nr"*ffi: 1rt ttnt "n*#u human.\'-1. Ij:l{ PEVE ucAN ARNA4 r{oN. SAJ(COhJ "WI-IER-EAS. the hrtonrationnl Hunuurila.Prcgenl .n.Prescnt .. I-ION.Absenl .I^ PIINI.. providon protoctionof civilian ".all pcoplcat arforrabi. ROEL IT.h'cscnt ..i.. E'xcERPTsFROMTI-IEJOITRNAL 'Ilt.I-EA G.-"rh.*p*i*a a1 hy "wHEItEA's'-tho provincialleaclernlrn to principlc andbcliefsthat any endeavor 9f Negror oriontnl adhcrcs t1e with tho.- B. zqaS I{epublicof ilrc L.Prcser . ERWIhI MICHAEL L.''*' : 'w ::t:-:-- . and *wrlEREAS. fjoction 1r. .JOSEA" BAI.Ni. SAYcoN HON. TIJINC} HON. DIOREC A" (sK) iR.ILAI-AwIGAN sESsIoNoN: Date: Dssqpb qrlL ?00fi _-*2sJlJ4. JR.LON IJ.or. I\dA. 0F NIIGROS ()Riffl. prcrirlingO{liccr.*il. A]VTOMA E.. impartiar humardtarian organization fi'ay' nubjectt. MARC]ELOG. trre "wlrEREAs: it is tho Polic. VIIJ-EGAS .:iijr }ION.avor to makecssc'tial goods.yof the statc to bring trregovcnnmcnt oroaor tltc pcopleby way of outocach to p*grrT *o faot-findingrnisrions til.GAS. SALETO J.*r.. EITAMES FION..Abnon .*"a. ADANZA I{ON.Absonl r{oN. Clasaificbtion:r! I{ECOI{D OF N'I'INNDANCE: I-ION. RODOIJTO MAI{. of trrc r9g7 prrilippino constitution plovideo that the Statsslmll adopt an trntegratcd Compruhcruivc and Approachto healthdcvelopment which ehail.rf.ERNESTOT. & Prcrent rr. in "WIIEREAS.

"*HEREAS' ilro Prnvince'f Negroa orie'tal slufl be pnractivo thc safetyof i. orr o.nocent Partics a'd who are si'cere of humanitarian to 'nsuro and patiotic to plierrt constituontr ilff.qgunia*g pa'Ial*iiga' in sesrion durynsuenrblcd. approprinte fimecfirte acil'n..iii"h gTsons protcctocl prcecntConrrcntion by the dcpencl.-. qhall bo .ThiB or*insnce errat bc callccl AN .RDINAN.**** whelc untowardincidflrt' tetuns rrappon tlie whoconduot to rnedicnr facr-fina.it and for .i *r. "WI{ER-EA{.AS. 1026 *illiiila Articlc l I(a) of ilro samoteaty fiu.ur. p'c a'cr among nrl. -ttiotrlon "M{EREFORE.sy allegcd bc on a MedicarMissio.e.rrJi" n_.therprovidcs6at a'y nculralPoweror ally orga'izatio. REGT-TLATINC OUffiNC}I ACTN.*u03 " l * Rcs. renorverlto unu"tthofoilowingordinanco: (Serlcsof 200g).lalawigan fhat: scction 1.ffi:l' uri*Joi"'u'u .n"*i n.f Fkrnorable Mcrnbcr l\. Dcgarno. saycoq secondecl Honorabre by Membe." .minimizc.o to act with a senseof "iny"r.*ot on rrre trcetrrof a Nurec who was to io'.irf.r.d. sufliciqrt asguranccE posidon **HERE'AS..ar facldncring or mianiontuam oan be po*iblc 0n oa' victimof kidnapping 1"il. tn utta"tt"ttt-u.ru'.ff.po-priare firnctions ro dircharge and rhom "WFIEFJ.No. *o.i l'r'ir"o by thc pnoo*i"oncerncd or offcr.F. rroR "Be it enflcted thc Sangguninng by p. collatoralcasualties the i'rrnrurl of c'nflic( thc statc shouldnot be a*r*1yo bv ndopfinga roactivc policy wrrichis counter progresrive dctrinrcntal and to mnocont livcs.g. AN ORDINANCA R-EGULATING OLITREACI{ ACTIVITIES TIMOUG}I MITDiCd AIID FACTFII{DING MISSIONS IN TI{E COU*'RYSIDE OF.oquir. i-Hp cal| for an concemcd..r.r .r.rncnos oRmNrAL AND .rrrES T}IROUCU'VMTITCAL AND FACT- ffiffiHlffirHl* coi'r'hrvsrDE oe r.tho recsnt controvcr. anrr of armcdr*ni.*ats oaught "WIIER-EAS' tlte I.o.o. trrc mecric.lcal Govornmont Ll'it shnll rcgulatc t1e concruct outreach activitiessuchas moclical of a'd fnot-fi'ct*u *rrri"* by acquiring information which oan rro uorirf roliablc bnck-rrackurr .Ielinrorec.l. renponnibility lowa'dt thc Parrrtolthc conflict on.uqu.J scrve ar guidance i.nirri.. "*/FIE*J.AS. if not avoid.".i'g itsslf for humanitarian anf p.rpor"r.^flfi. AND oniCIililunposns. NpcnosoRrENTAr. anrt shail lr" .il n:il.

lognl.fuiy and fact-finding misrion iurclouu'Ju*( actMtics slrau se.l. It chatl bo tho policy of tlrr: l\'ovince to pmlect ancl rehabililato civilian pe$on8 enpecially gavelv tluoatenod nr endangered by cir.rcfers to msdicar.rofbrs to e'countsrs or iu-mod conflict betwcen thc Govcnunent h. clontal.. Scction4' qilqY group or toam planning to conchrot lumanitarian . s{sx.colour. or (c) Hunranitarian lV1iesion relc* to -a' activity to protoct and to ciu.opCIr.cumrt"n"r. (d).rrLrt personsas enrurciatedin the Intemational l{runanitar"ian-Law that was ngecd cluring llro Diplomatic confercnce helclat Goncva liom April zt r. (Q F-act-finding Misrion . Scctinn3.t. G) Protestiol . mu'icipalitv or rrarangny wrrerein activity wili the be hold. of city.elvorurdecl aurd sick porsonsin timc of **. e[uric aurd cultrucf (b) war .*rs ovor which v'wr they have no conrrol.refbrs to any act aimecr ennurfurg nafbty of at trro innocent livcs andpropcrties. Dcfinition of T.rlil"*. (i) countrysicre refersto nu ar areas outside city/townpr.i provido{ howene4 drat rhe $oup of tsarns slLtll coordinatowith the Chief lr..t of w.s otricr ^*d reralccl o.batant regardrcrsof age.ovincc.. fails or urit t" to protect [re cMlian pcreonsin time of war or nrmcclollcorulr$1.onnc. . (a) civilian Pcrson . rg49.itlr tho pr"irr"irri-r Fir.uro a writrcn permisrion ftom the oflice of trre(]ovcrnorro'the a{brcsaid activiry.xcoutivo tho pr.sl call for civilian uf "onni.outrdc<\rick persons but not linritod to dental and cirpumcision. Thc provinoe *hall inteivonc o^ behalf of tle civilian por8onswhcn lhe par:tiosor grcup/tcam havfurg cared or custody of thc participantr in thc conducto1'oukeaclttJit iti*.refcrsto moniloringof ouheach actMtiosanywhcre tn thc countryride of the provi... 1026 . Tho bcet intorcatsof civilian pcrsons shall bc tho paramorurt colsideration in all actions concerning thcm.r rnissio. which aifeot or will .No.Ja lt is hcrcby declaled to be ilre poLicy of tlrc pntui** to provicle-goorc"tion to civilian personr in tirne of wm'or armod conflict. (c) Medical Missio' rc:feru to tlrc conduct of rrcatmo.rsfers ro the conductof investigation rulative to poosibleviolationeof hunan righh treing comtnincd any armecl by Foup. (h) Rcgulatine.ce or Ncgros ori. Dcclaration_slftayureralliqliqrarldlruarpls!.oopr and banclirs lebel groups. Section 2. w.Ites..on'gu at lz.religionr. fact- findin1religiou. .refbrs t<lpernonor non-ool.children nflbct flreir ruwival aml nonnal dcvelopmcnt a1d .ourreach Activities .

fncr. (h) Medicines.ies to {he Office of the Governor. dontintr and intended bencficiar.-finding rnisnionand outrcachactivitics to the Ofiice of tho Ivlayor nnd Rarangav Clmirnran for detailed information and needecl assistan. 'rhc team shall bc nubr'iltod voluntarily th*ir bags. 'I-ho toiun leaclor of tho humrurifarian. (d) Ratiirnaleitrr the Minsion" 'I hc hoad of thc tsarn or group slall jrr-rtifv thc neoclof the rnissir:nr. nurso'. No. fhe rearnlcadcr shall also rpccify tho duration of thc mission with specific date.o1riJ" lr" information not limitect tholbllorvirrg: but to (a) sporuor pooplo'r organizationo {qency 'r orgruriiurti'n" Ail (POs)or lllorrGovernnrenl Organizatiorr. for (c) Specific Location or \/cmre of tJreActivitiee. 6.. boxcs fo thc auilrorities for i'spection to detonnirre the content and quantity of rhe nrsclicinee ancl rnedical oquiprnenl arnong others {br tecord ptrp0r{cs. Mayor arrdllarnngay CJhairman rscord pun)osor. lhe heaclof tho tearn shall spr:cifo the exact venue euch as owngr of rhc land or huilding of a particular sitio. who rvill conduct humanitarian. 'Irre head oI. G) Dru'ationof the Mission. fbct-fi ndi' g rni ssion or oul. section6. Bsgtqualiall. (b) Nrxnber and Names of Parliciparrts.tre tcam shnll aleo gubrnit the csrtifioation from tho I)oparlnront o"f I{e1lt1 or {i.orn provincial Flcalth office (Ipllo) hrtopgatcd concerning fte disn'ibutir:nof medicincs to bs nrc that meclicincs ar. barangayof a city or munioipnlitywhcre thc actMly will be concluctecl.-findii'g nrioeion and outrcachar:ti vitics. rrhaUp.o expir*cland safefor usc.=!08 -.ce.lCOr. The leacror tho tcarnshalr arso of spociff the mission cithcr humanitariar.il Res. 1026 ( soction 5' Irurni$.fact-finding mission anrl outreich activitiea.addrersoe and conuact numbers of itr pnrticipanta nuclr as doctors..vhicrr should be bascd on lacln. Any group or tearn. Anv Srotrp or team rehnllsubnrit/lbrnish I copy of the writtcn pctmisnionfor huntanitarianand lact. (e) llpe of a ilrli. . (0 subnrission of Inupectir:n.rcach activi tics shall nuhmit tho namcn. fact-finding mission or orthoachactirritiosto be conducted. nof .gsi'n. numblr of hours fi'orn rle boginning day of tho minsion to trre last hour of the cla1. nulro intont to conductiurmanitarian.

tar.'\lJ lrrrrniuritalian.nnodli'orcosof rhc l?trilippiner(AFp) and ilte Philippine National Poliic (PNP) or.urn onc rrrontr to six nronlhs or both.urjlarirur.iun(.qt. or any of his rcpresenlltive to tbllow slrictly thc plusentecl itinerary *=/ scction 9. S$ction7. PcnalProviriious.ity/nrunicipalit. nny other Law hrforcemcnt Aglrcy shall assistdtc teiun upon Pro$entatio'n a colry of I written ponrrisnionto of conduct a hrunanil. .e oI tJiccoru.ionof any of the pxrvisii-rns thin orclinance shall of be penalized with a finc: ranging liorrr one f}ousand pesos (pl.. 'fhc ScctionB.'iti. Ii6. 'r'lrr:A. N{andttlgly..hcleof who is rcr. lllry.hc lrruu.v.arian.uigrr Lulifutitxr/GloLrp. represenhtives. Soction 10.000.:al of Chief Executivc. barangay belongingto a oertainr. 'l Jrr: tearn oI' tho luunanitarian.t-lurding nrissigl$ ald ottti'uaclt aotir. Iirct-liudirrg rujBsion iurl oufteaoh aotivitics ro inclica tc rlie sitio .J$ shallrrralio ph.t...00) or imprisonmcnt ranging h. lhe clutyollicer of t1c irr I'oljceSttrtion shallruoonlthc lblkrrving: (a)'1hc ar-.ily/nrunicipality lt) in and bariurg:ry.ith of th*ir signatutes. fact{intling missiortand r:ulrcrtclt lcli.llottcr..nce shall sulitr l.t.ronsitrlc fbr the violation of lhis oldina..i'gi*rrn r.iz. ILqt.tl tirc l'clicc l. People's orga. tion (b) Wlron thc olfbncler is l Non-Govt:rrrnrenl Oryanization (NGO).ysical a appcarance beforet1e Local Chief Executivo o.{ho o1ficeror member l.rreturningfi'onrrho ouusactrwhich ilcluclcs the physical^count the retru. ftlrrtrnitnrclt.irreriuy. bc c. (a) A violat.'ifi.icll i"'lull9-ituuigq.llug" . Soction12.*. fact-tintling rnission ^n.s the trunnrritarian.po) or govofirnrcntsector.rrrlucted iLg c.[ tltc oity/nrunioipa[ty uur['bar*rgay or agy of their..s sltuulill.-:'r& . $) toulo of {. p^r. section 11.rr.o. (c) Wren thc ollilnclcl is a l'or. fact-fftrding rnission iurd outlonch acliv.1 I{cs.tswho conclucted hunranilai i'n. upon the discl.iarq lact-fincling rnissionancl outroashactivitics slrlll conunil bcftu'c thc l.y.c r. of Iact-hnclilg rnissiort artcl outrcaclt ac{ir.t ouh.caclr aotivities.cof thc.1 barangay of fire citv/munioipp us ii. the tearn lcacler shall bc rccorrilurentlccl inrrnccliale dop<xtation lor md lrarredfionr enLryto tho c(]llnll.00) [o I ivc 'I'housa'd l. I'lrc tuilnr of a irunrunitar.ire penalty irnposedupon thc cliscretion of thc coult.rcl rlcpl*rur. .lioipa.irl.esos (p5.tuul a'r'ivaJ .000. slrall provide sccuriq' to the velluc and cscorl tit the participairl.i-:r..Scg$r$: '['hc I'lrjlippinc Narional police ancl orhcr I-aw EnforcemontAgencie$upon tJrc t'*cluost the J-or.ocal Chicf Exeoutivo.itics in a ritio. itnrneclialely upu.iLicr.

emor Negno It.{" g C)RICIN/\I..*ilffi y:T:dffi ":. Lr.n o{..i*.AL APPROVAI.Mcs/ldb . . I lrereby certifyto ilrc coll. MACIAS .ury provisi.H"f.il.."ffiifft-.oui.H:n. rurcg with .[il section13' sep*r'abililrj.FoR GIIBERhIATOR].*l'11. .D.Res.echrsss of the v ProvincinlSccretary ut [e. oo*o.frii'ljF. ilris o*rinrnceis rcmai'in! i.ffii. of Ortsntnl o c. reeorutionr..lqrlqe' Il' .Enaoted. pr'visils .::y:H'L* ]* il::Hf.". affccrecr nor crereby soction Bcpearin&_ilrrugg.. 1026 ffi.No. Vioo LDADO Nogroo Oricntnl -ollicor .10.lJ.i. Alr orcrirmnccs...by repoared ormodified ---'nowspapor generul of ojrculation. f)ecsrnbcr ..f:ilili111. : '. 14.orcrhance thc or .i100g.