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Now these deadshits can occupy a shovel or spade and fix the damage they caused.

Police move to evict OccupyBrisbane protesters from Post Office Square
A LARGE police contingent has moved to evict Occupy Brisbane protesters Irom Post OIIice
Square this morning.
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Ashley Locke Actually, in yet another teastament to the incompetence oI News Ltd.
journalists the Occupy protesters have relocated to Queens Park. I saw them there on the way
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Sally Hardy Ashley, have you read the link? The article mentions the relocation.
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Ashley Locke Noted. I should avoid commenting on articles that are subject to updates. ÷S
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Sally Hardy LOL. Ok.
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James Cameron Which deadshits, the police or the protestors?
November 2 at 3:48pm · Like · 1
Sally Hardy Find out how much damage to public property the police did.......that might
answer your question.
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Ashley Locke Police tend to do damage to person, which can be considerably expensive,
rather than property. ( That being said, I'm reasonably certain that
council has insurance Ior this kind oI damage.
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Sally Hardy Your link is broken.
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Ashley Locke Fixed.
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James Cameron Aaaaah a little damage to public property is a small price to pay to allow
social conscience a voice. What did bengamin Franklin say about liberty and security? U may
end up with neither. Fight the power!!!
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Sally Hardy And in this situation, I've heard nothing about any protesters being injured, so
my money is on the deadshits being the protesters......who's going to pay to Iix the grass up
beIore Nov 11?
November 2 at 5:03pm · Like
Sally Hardy James, since you think it's such a small price to pay, put your money where your
mouth is and returI the grass please.
November 2 at 5:04pm · Like
James Cameron I'd rather my taxes go to planting trees and grass any day over arming
morons to assault kids.
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Ashley Locke Plus, since police oIIicers enjoy a degree oI immunity Irom civil tort action
during the normal discharge oI the duties you'd have to weigh the cost oI their action in lost
November 2 at 5:12pm · Like
Sally Hardy Typical. Avoid the answer and insult the very people who you will expect to
rescue you iI a deadshit breaks into your house and beats you up. I said returI the grass, not
bitch about where your taxes go. II you truly think it's a small price to pay then you'll pay it.
But're just another whiner.
November 2 at 5:13pm · Like
Ashley Locke I think what James is trying to say is that iI the only rubric we used to
determine whether or not someone is a contributing member oI society (i.e. not a deadshit) is
their net Iiscal contribution to society then our mercenary attitude would be myopic. It's
certainly the attitude that Iostered the high-risk investment strategies that precipitated the
GFC which in turn inspired the OWS protesters.
November 2 at 5:25pm · Like
James Cameron No, protesting deadshits don't break into houses or commit assault, they don't
deal drugs or rape either That's being done by the real crims while your mates in blue are
beating up kids. I wonder how many burglaries occurred in Brisbane today? This Iantasy
criminal you need to be protected Irom is just right Wing Iear mongering and media hype. II
your really scarred oI a group oI middle class kids expressing themselves(misguided or not)
then u have my pity.
November 2 at 5:28pm · Like · 1
Sally Hardy Ahhh, you two are hilarious. You make assumptions and generalizations about
cops, and take the moral high ground when I turn it around and do it about your precious
protesters. Keep digging boys, you've got a long way to go to get yourselves out oI this hole.
November 2 at 5:42pm · Like
Sally Hardy And James, you really should educate yourselI on the protesters. Have a look at
the photos and see how many 'kids' are there.
November 2 at 5:44pm · Like
Ashley Locke The only holes around here are in your logic, which assuredly is Iundamentally
Ilawed, typical Nirvana Fallacy. The transgressions oI OWS protesters do not excuse,
legitimise or even mitigate transgressions committed by police oIIicers. Put plainly, bad
OWS protesters doesn't make police good.

Furthermore, on the general behaviour oI police oIIicers in Queensland, I would suggest that
there is a substantial body oI evidence that condemns the majority on their inability to
moderate the behaviour oI the minority. The Fitzgeral Inquiry. Crime and Misconduct
Commission. Ethical Standards Command.
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Sally Hardy Yes, yes. Well done. Ok. So every police oIIicer who removed a protester was
breaking the law......and the protesters who ILLEGALLY pitched tents in a public park were
not. Oh yes, I can truly see how it's MY logic that's at Iault here. (With you yet to supply
evidence oI the police 'assaulting kids') as you say they are. You need yet another shovel Ior
yet another hole.
November 2 at 6:30pm · Like
James Cameron Wow, Ilamed on Matt's Iacebook page. Your like Oprah dude
November 2 at 7:58pm · Like
Matt Hales Haha my job here is done
November 2 at 9:29pm · Like · 1
Henry Spratt nice straw man, sally.
November 2 at 11:03pm · Like · 2
Ashley Locke Sigh. Now you're using Ialse dichotomy. Protesters are bad thereIore police
oIIicers are good. No, as James pointed out, to your subsequent objection, there are only
shades oI gray and as I pointed out, in Queensland the police are generally a darker shade oI

II you mean to imply that I believe that, in this speciIic instance, the police oIIicers in
question in this instance were committing a crime by moving this protestors you are sadly

I am Iamiliar, although admittedly not conversant with section 47 oI the Police Powers and
Responsibilities Act 2000 and its use in conjunction with s.790 oI the same. I am ALSO
aware that the CMC report into the use oI s.47 oI the PPRA 2000 suggests that police are, in
Iact, inclined towards poorly using this power and that the report suggests that this section oI
the act should be repealed. (

None oI which really signiIies because, as I pointed out to you beIore, the actions oI alleged
criminals do not mitigate crimes committed by police oIIicers. Police oIIicers are not beyond
reproach and to imply they are is the same myopic attitude that lead to the Fitzgerald Inquiry
in the Iirst place.

Although you were ambiguous, I'm going to assume that by assault you actually mean
battery, under common law. II you want a list oI incidents in which minors were injured by
the actions oI police oIIicers I assure you that it is a long and very sad list. I'll give you a Iew
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Ashley Locke One more thing, you seem to be oI the belieI that everyone who disagrees with
you is oI like mind but I think you'll Iind I never reIerred to the OWS protesters as children.

In Iact, I think you'll Iind that Matt and Henry can attest to the Iact that I have extemporised
at length at the lack oI political maturity in the apparent goals oI this group. Criticism is quite
simple when compared to enacting solutions. Although it would appear Irom the tone oI
current discourse that the subject oI social inequality could use some elucidation.
November 2 at 11:50pm · Like
Sally Hardy Ashley, while I appreciate the eIIort you have gone to, not one oI those links has
anything to do with the Occupy Brisbane, which is what James Cameron is using to accuse
all the police. And when you 'assume' that by assault I meant battery, why not ask James? He
accuses the police at the Occupy Brisbane (QPS) oI assaulting kids. I asked Ior evidence oI
this (inverted commas ÷ quote) , which still hasn't appeared. And I also asked him to check
on the photos oI said 'kids'. My response was to both oI you because you answered Ior James
in a recent comment. When you speak Ior him, how can you expect me to think anything
OTHER than that you share the same mind on this? I ask James a plain question, which he
still has not answered. He says the damage cost is minimal. So I ask him to put his money
where his mouth is and go returI it. But he reIuses to directly answer.....once again proving
that it's easy to talk about how little money it is until you have to pay Ior it.
November 3 at 12:22am · Like
Sally Hardy And seeing as it seems none oI you have any real evidence to produce, that's it
Irom me. Enjoy yourselves.
November 3 at 12:26am · Like
Adrian Baker Sally Hardy ran away!
Ashley deIeats Sally Hardy, ¹1 to Patience.
A wild ConIirmation Document appears!
ConIirmation Document uses Due Date, it strikes perIectly Ior 3852 damage.
November 5 at 2:45am · Like
James Cameron Last word ;)
November 5 at 9:21am · Like · 1
Matt Hales What's really Iunny is they started issuing $500 Iines to these muppets yday. How
do they expect them to pay Ior it when 99° oI them occupy a spot in the centrelink line
waiting Ior handouts lol.
November 5 at 9:34am · Like
Matt Hales Also I though trolls used to occupy the space under bridges waiting Ior tolls not
Facebook lol.

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