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Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction

We know from even Lhe mosL fundamenLal basls of quanLum physlcs LhaL everyLhlng ln Lhe enLlre
unlverse ls pure Lnergy dlfferlng only ln characLerlsLlcs such as raLe of vlbraLlon CuanLum physlcs also
acknowledges Lhe facL LhaL Lnergy ls lnfluenced by Lnergy and llke Lnergy aLLracLs ln accordance wlLh
lLs unlque vlbraLlon Lhls ls Lhe very basls of how Lhe Law of ALLracLlon works LhroughouL Lhe unlverse

1hls LruLh can easlly and unamblguously be demonsLraLed by means of a palr of Lunlng forks lf one
Lunlng fork ls placed a dlsLance from Lhe flrsL fork and Lhe flrsL Lunlng fork ls sLruck Lhereby emlLLlng a
sound aL a cerLaln plLch or frequency whlch ls ln facL vlbraLlon Lhen Lhe second Lunlng fork some
dlsLance away wlll Lhen sLarL Lo vlbraLe aL exacLly Lhe same raLe of vlbraLlon and accordlngly Lhe
vlbraLlons are aLLracLed Lo each oLher 1hls ls a very slmple buL observable demonsLraLlon of how Lnergy
and vlbraLlon lnfluence Lhe unlverse

lL ls also very lmporLanL Lo fully undersLand LhaL Lnergy slmply does noL sLop when lL ceases Lo become
measurable by Lhe resLrlcLlons of physlcal sclenLlflc lnsLrumenLs ln facL Lhe exLenL of Lhe Lnergy
specLrum LhaL can be measured by sclenLlflc lnsLrumenLs ls exLremely small by comparlson wlLh Lhe
enLlre specLrum of Lnergy ln Lhe enLlre unlverse and noL [usL Lhe small observable Lhree dlmenslonal
aspecLs of Lhe unlverse Lnergy exlsLs all Lhe way Lo 1he Source of all Lnergy 1he llrsL Cause Cod Who
exlsLs aL Lhe hlghesL frequency of Lnergy of all LveryLhlng ls Lnergy lncludlng LhoughL we llve evolve
and have our belng ln a LhoughL unlverse
and lL ls Lherefore Lhe Lnergy of LhoughL LhaL brlngs abouL creaLlon [usL as Lhe enLlre unlverse Lhe
ulLlmaLe acL of creaLlon sLarLed as a LhoughL ln Lhe Mlnd of Cod [usL as everyLhlng ln Lhe unlverse now
lncludlng ourselves are all LhoughLs ln Lhe Mlnd of Cod

AnoLher very lmporLanL aspecL of quanLum physlcs ls quanLum poLenLlal descrlblng how everyLhlng LhaL
exlsLs already poLenLlally" exlsLs ln Lhe unlverse everyLhlng LhaL exlsLs now ever exlsLed and ever wlll
exlsL already exlsLs aL leasL aL Lhe quanLum poLenLlal level and lL ls Lhe process of observaLlon le
focuslng your aLLenLlon on someLhlng LhaL wlll cause Lhe quanLum poLenLlal Lo shlfL lnLo quanLum

1he unlverse ln whlch we llve ls a huge expanse of pure Lnergy vlbraLlng aL varylng frequencles from Lhe
very hlghesL of 1he Source down or more speclflcally ouLwards Lo Lhe unlverse of physlcal maLLer
formlng Lhe ouLer physlcal shell Lhe epldermls of Lhe unlverse as a whole as observed by sclence and
experlenced by Lhe flve physlcal senses 1he experlence of separaLeness ls noLhlng more Lhan llluslon
pro[ecLed by Lhe way LhaL our physlcal and lnner senses lnLerpreL LhaL same Lnergy As menLloned
before Lhe Source Lhe unlverse Cod experlences Plm/Per Self by dlfferenLlaLlng lnLo Lhe observer and
Lhe observed Lhls ls why humans exlsL as lndlvlduaLlons of 1he Source 1he llrsL Cause of Cod and how
Cod experlences and expresses Lhrough us as lndlvlduaLed expresslons of Cod

!usL as our senses and Mlnd lnLerpreL Lhe Lnergy around us we slmllarly lnfluence LhaL Lnergy wheLher
consclous of lL or noL and lL ls LhaL same lnfluence LhaL deLermlnes Lhe reallLy as experlenced by each
and every person wheLher LhaL reallLy ls poslLlve negaLlve or neuLral 8efore Lnergy ls observed lL
Lherefore exlsLs as probablllLles Lhe very acL of observaLlon lnfluenclng Lhe Lnergy Lo manlfesL as an
acLual observable evenL raLher Lhan a mere quanLum probablllLy from Lhe quanLum poLenLlal of Lhe

Llke everyLhlng ln Lhe unlverse we are all belngs of Lnergy exLenslons of 1he Source Lnergy always
aLLracLlng lnLo our own lndlvldual reallLles slmllar Lnergy ln compleLe accordance wlLh Lhe LhoughLs we
vlbraLe As we already know Lhe enLlre unlverse ls Lnergy and all LhoughLs are Lnergy characLerlzed by
vlbraLlon and
Lherefore LhoughLs aLLracL preclsely Lhose Lnergy LhaL are ln harmony wlLh Lhe LhoughL you hold ln your
Mlnd and are Lherefore vlbraLlng and pro[ecLlng lnLo Lhe unlverse 1hls same Law applles wheLher your
LhoughLs are poslLlve negaLlve or neuLral and Lhe effecLs wlll be ln preclse accordance wlLh Lhose

Aootbet fooJomeotol ttotb ls osk ooJ lt ls qlveo 1here are no excepLlons Lo Lhls unlversal LruLh 1he
lnsLanL you make a requesL Lo Lhe unlverse 1he Source Cod whlch wlll be senL LransmlLLed and
recelved ln Lhe form of unlque vlbraLlons of Lnergy lL ls lnsLanLly granLed Lhere are no excepLlons A
reason for Lhls ls LhaL
we are all here Lo evolve back Lo Lhe llrsL Cause by uLlllzlng our own freewlll and accordlngly Lhe
unlverse wlll never ever fall Lo granL whaLever we belleve we need aL any Llme ln order Lo evolve
however large or small

wbete most people wbo ooJetstooJ tbese teolltles expetleoce Jlfflcoltles ls oot lo tbe oskloq bot lo tbe
tecelvloq ln order Lo recelve anyLhlng lL ls necessary Lo be ln vlbraLlonal harmony wlLh whaLever ls Lo be
recelved 1hls ls an absoluLely fundamenLal aspecL of Lhe Law of ALLracLlon llke Lnergy aLLracLs and
slnce any
maLerlal ob[ecL be lL a house car money or anyLhlng else ls pure Lnergy Lhen lL should be clear Lo
everyone LhaL Lhe person aLLracLlng Lhe ob[ecL has Lo vlbraLe Lhe same Lnergy ln order Lo aLLracL and be
ln LoLal harmony wlLh lL

Agaln Lhls slmply cannoL be sLressed hlghly enough everyLhlng ln Lhe unlverse ls pure Lnergy an aspecL
and exLenslon of 1he Source Lnergy and all Lnergy aLLracLs llke Lnergy by manlfesLlng ln LoLal
vlbraLlonal harmony wlLh lL 1hls ls a reason LhaL upon passlng on from Lhe physlcal Lo Lhe nonphyslcal
worlds durlng Lhe process erroneously known as deaLh" everyone ls auLomaLlcally aLLracLed Lo LhaL
exacL parL of Lhe AsLral or SplrlLual words LhaL ls mosL vlbraLlng ln harmony wlLh Lhe Soul and SplrlL and
whlch ln Lurn ls deLermlned by Lhe sLaLe of evoluLlon of each lndlvldual 1hls ls how all evoluLlon Lakes
place lncludlng our own evoluLlon back Lo
1he llrsL Cause back Lo Cod As we evolve Lhe vlbraLlons of our SplrlL are always ln perfecL harmony
wlLh Lhe vlbraLlons of Lhe level of Lhe SplrlL worlds Lo whlch we progress

As your enLlre exlsLence changes ln accordance wlLh your vlbraLlon you wlll know wlLhln every parL of
your belng LhaL you are lndeed a cocreaLor ln Lhe unlverse and wlll henceforLh approach llfe wlLh [oy
and enLhuslasm
1o llve ln SplrlL ls Lo leL go and leL Cod" ln Lhe full reallzaLlon knowledge and [oy LhaL as lmmorLal Sons
and uaughLers of Cod no harm can ever come Lo us
As your reallzaLlon and your enLhuslasm grows you wlll become more and more ln vlbraLlonal harmony
wlLh LhaL whlch you wlsh Lo aLLracL and as a dlrecL resulL more and more of LhaL whlch you wlsh for wlll
manlfesL lnLo your awareness and Lherefore your physlcal reallLy

ln order Lo place yourself ln vlbraLlonal harmony wlLh your wlshes you flrsL need Lo experlence Lhem
8emember everyLhlng LhaL exlsLs has ever exlsLed or ever wlll exlsL already exlsLs ln Lhe LLernal now
beyond Lhe physlcal spaceLlme resLrlcLed aspecLs of Lhe physlcal unlverse all you have Lo do ls Lo
aLLracL lL lnLo your own lndlvldual reallLy by placlng yourself ln energeLlc harmony wlLh lL Lhereby
maLchlng your own vlbraLlons

1o experlence lL ls Lo lmaglne lL vlsuallze lL and be an lnLegral parL of lL ln your Mlnd lmaglnaLlon ls
creaLlon and Lherefore when you lmaglne someLhlng lL ls very real noL some sorL of flgmenL of Lhe
lmaglnaLlon" dream or fanLasy 1hls ls one of Lhe very reasons creaLlve vlsuallzaLlon ls so very powerful
by vlsuallzlng and
menLally becomlng a parL of LhaL whlch you are aLLracLlng you begln Lo maLch Lhe vlbraLlons LhaL wlll
cause lL Lo manlfesL lnLo your personal physlcal reallLy 1he qulcker you can maLch Lhose vlbraLlons Lhe
Lnergy lnvolved Lhe sooner you wlll manlfesL Lhe ob[ecL of your vlsuallzaLlon your wlshes and deslres
lnLo your llfe
So Lo progress wlLh belng Lhe creaLor of your own exlsLence relax fully experlence ln your Mlnd LhaL
whlch you wlsh Lo recelve and Lhen leL go and leL Cod"

A furLher lmporLanL aspecL of reallzlng your wlshes ls deslre" unless you are ln perfecL harmony wlLh
whaLever you wlsh for lL wlll noL manlfesL lnLo your exlsLence and deslre for whaLever lL ls you wlsh for
ls a very lmporLanL componenL of Lhls process lf you do noL genulnely deslre someLhlng Lhen you
cannoL be ln vlbraLlonal harmony wlLh lL and lL wlll noL appear wlLhln your personal reallLy however
much you belleve you may wlsh for lL

1he more joyfu/ hoppy ond "/iqhtheorted" you ore the hiqher wi// be your correspondinq overo// rote
of vibrotion 1he h|gher your |nherent rate of v|brat|on the more powerfu| w||| be your attract|ve
powers Ioy |s a very h|gh emot|on and therefore state of v|brat|on of Lnergy and one LhaL ls a
fundamenLal characLerlsLlc of Lhe unlverse along wlLh uncondlLlonal Love 1he more [oyful you are Lhe
hlgher wlll be your raLe of vlbraLlon and Lhe more allgned you wlll be Lo 1he Source 1hls ln Lurn wlll
enable you Lo manlfesL your deslres much more freely

AnoLher exLremely lmporLanL emoLlon ls graLlLude" AlLhough Lhe
unlverse wlll always provlde graLlLude ls very lmporLanL Lo Lhe vlbraLlons LhaL you send back Lo Lhe
unlverse @be vlbtotloo of qtotltoJe molotolos oot coooectloos wltb @be 5ootce ot tbe blqbest levels

rotitude con more correct/y considered to be o certoin type of vibrotion o very powerfu/ vibrotion
thot inf/uences the universe in your direction in occordonce with the universo/ /ows of 4ttroction ond
correspondence 1o osk receive ond then to be qrotefu/ for whot you hove received tronsmits the
riqht vibrotion to the universe which wi// in turn enob/e you to more eosi/y ottroct much more of thot
which you desire into your /ife in the physico/ wor/d future

1hose who demand Lhlngs or who ask and expecL Lo recelve and are noL graLeful for whaL Lhey have
recelved wlll send ouL Lhe correspondlng vlbraLlons of Lnergy lnLo Lhe unlverse LhaL wlll ln Lurn make lL
correspondlngly more dlfflculL Lo recelve subsequenL wlshes