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CCM8C2 Machlne ro[ecL

1erm 1 A? 2011 2012

Machlne ro[ecL SpeclflcaLlons
r|ntf Adventure
?our machlne pro[ecL for Lhls course wlll be a C lmplemenLaLlon of a slmple LexLbased advenLure game 8lghL now
you may be concerned LhaL any halfdecenL advenLure game needs a vlbranL lnLeresLlng explorable world uon'L
worry you won'L need graphlcs for Lhls lnsLead you wlll be consLrucLlng your game worlds wlLh Lhe power of
narraLlve (loLs of prlnLf and scanf) 8efer Lo Lhe followlng descrlpLlons of Lhe baslc game elemenLs

Came Elements

Came Level
lmaglne each level as a map or a game screen ln an advenLure game lL should glve Lhe user a brlef gllmpse of Lhe
surroundlngs ln all lLs lmaglnary glory Cnly ln Lhls case lL should be LexLbased and should aL leasL feaLure Lhe
followlng elemenLs
O -ame every memorable work of flcLlon has locaLlons wlLh lconlc names!
As a player lL also helps Lo know where ln Lhe world you currenLly are (max 32 characLer sLrlng)
O uescrlpLlon words wlll serve as our llghL so Lhe descrlpLlon wlll be Lhe lmage of Lhe world (max 128
characLer sLrlng)
O ConnecLed Came Levels lL wouldn'L be an advenLure wlLhouL explorlng buL of course you should only be
able Lo Lravel beLween connecLed levels 1he player should only be able Lo Lravel beLween dlrecLly
connecLed levels (max 4 connecLed levels)
O lnLeresL polnLs Lo keep Lhlngs lnLeresLlng you have Lo allow Lhe player Lo examlne some Lhlngs and
maybe dlscover some lLems along Lhe way A level can have mulLlple lnLeresL polnLs (max 4 lnLeresL
polnLs per level)
O lLems Lhey're well lLems More wlll be dlscussed ln followlng secLlon (max 8 lLems per level)

lnLeresL olnL
lnLeresL polnLs are parLs of game levels LhaL can be furLher explored" Lo dlscover lnLeresLlng lLems ln Lhe splrlL of
lnLeracLlvlLy you have Lo force some Lhlngs on Lhe user even lf lL's Lhe mundane acL of examlnlng Lhlngs lL should
O -ame how else would Lhe user choose Lo examlne" Lhe lnLeresL polnL lf lL dldn'L have a name? (max 32
characLer sLrlng)
O uescrlpLlon agaln lL descrlbes whaL's so lnLeresLlng abouL Lhe lnLeresL polnL (max 128 characLer sLrlng)
O lLems some lnLeresL polnLs wlll hlde one or more lLems 1hese lLems wlll only be avallable for plckup
(meanlng added Lo Lhe lLem llsL of Lhe game level) once Lhe lnLeresL polnL has been examlned (max 8
lLems per lnLeresL polnL)

lLems are [usL collecLlble Lhlngs found ln every game level usually hldden ln lnLeresL polnLs 1he user can only plck
up lLems ln Lhe game level buL noL ln unexplored lnLeresL polnLs AL flrsL game levels have few or no lLems ln Lhelr
llsL Cnly afLer an lnLeresL polnL wlLh an lLem ls examlned wlll Lhe game level have LhaL lLem on lLs llsL 8lghL now
lLems have no purpose aL all ln Lhe game aslde from belng vlewable ln Lhe lnvenLory
O -ame same purpose as names ln lnLeresL polnLs (max 32 characLer sLrlng)
O uescrlpLlon Lells a sLory of how awesome Lhe lLem ls (even lf ln reallLy Lhe lLem does noLhlng) (max 128
characLer sLrlng)
O CounL Lells how many unlLs of an lLem ls ln a level lnLeresL polnL or Lhe player lnvenLory

^[Y^am Functi[ns and Featu^es

?our flnal pro[ecL should feaLure Lwo runnlng modes 1he flrsL mode wlll be Lhe Map 8ullder mode where an
auLhorlzed user can edlL and laLer on selecL whlch map ls used ln Lhe second mode namely Lhe Came Mode

hase 1 of your pro[ecL wlll be dedlcaLed Lo programmlng [usL Lhe bulld mode lL should lnclude Lhe followlng

Map 8ullder Mode

Adm|n Log|n afLer selecLlng Lo run Lhe map bullder mode Lhe user musL flrsL provlde a valld username and
password palr before belng provlded Lhe opLlons Lo edlL Lhe maps 1hese accounLs can be predeflned ln your
program buL Lhere musL be supporL for mulLlple users wlLhouL uslng bruLeforce code

Leve| allows Lhe creaLlon (seL name descrlpLlon eLc) of a new Came Level and adds LhaL level lnLo a
llsL of game levels
Interest o|nt allows Lhe creaLlon (seL name descrlpLlon eLc) of an lnLeresL polnL and allows Lhe user
Lo llnk lL Lo an exlsLlng game level
Item allows Lhe creaLlon (seL name descrlpLlon eLc) of an lLem and allows Lhe user Lo llnk lL Lo an
exlsLlng lnLeresL polnL

Leve|s llsLs Lhe names and descrlpLlons of all Lhe levels
Interest o|nts llsLs Lhe names and descrlpLlons of all lnLeresL polnLs
Items llsLs Lhe names and descrlpLlons of all lLems (no dupllcaLes)

D|sp|ay Informat|on (lnclude a feaLure for vlewlng and selecLlng a speclflc game elemenL Lo dlsplay)
Leve| Informat|on prlnLs ouL a game level's compleLe lnformaLlon lncludlng Lhe names of Lhe lnLeresL
polnLs and lLems Lhe level dlrecLly conLalns
Interest o|nt Informat|on prlnLs ouL a selecLed lnLeresL polnL's deLalled lnformaLlon as well as Lhe
lLems lL conLalns
Item Informat|on prlnLs ouL a selecLed lLem's deLalled lnformaLlon

Leve| removes a level from Lhe map
Interest o|nts removes an lnLeresL polnL from a level
Items removes an lLem from an lnLeresL polnL or game level

Leve| leLs Lhe user asslgn level connecLlons (whlch levels you can go Lo from a cerLaln level)
Interest o|nts allows Lhe removal of an lnLeresL polnL from a level
Items allows Lhe removal of an lLem from an lnLeresL polnL or game level

Came Mode

1o be dlscussed soon

?ou may refer Lo Lhe sample program uploaded ln our ?ahoo! Croups for a reference for Lhe game mode

1 1hls ls an lndlvldual pro[ecL All Lhe code ln your pro[ecL musL be your own Copylng code ls consldered
plaglarlsm and wlll be rewarded wlLh a grade of 00
2 lnclude all lmporLanL error checklng code (eg handllng dupllcaLes lnvalld llnklngs eLc) ln your programs We
wlll do some buL noL Loo much sLress LesLlng on your pro[ecLs
3 uocumenLaLlon
O A user's Manual musL be provlded showlng lnsLrucLlons on how Lo use Lhe program lnclude
screenshoLs lf needed
O Also lnclude a documenLaLlon of how you organlzed your daLa Pow you grouped lLems LogeLher and
shorL descrlpLlons of Lhe sLrucLures used
4 Submlsslon
O Submlsslon uaLe
n or before ctober 27]28 2011 (n]I) dur|ng the f|rst 1S m|nutes of c|ass
O Submlsslon lormaL
1 lnclude your source (*c) flle ln you cd and Lhe complled (*exe) flle 1ake noLe LhaL your
grades wlll be based on Lhe source flle so make sure lL complles wlLhouL errors A grade of 0
may be glven for source flle submlsslons LhaL conLaln compllaLlon errors
2 1ype Lhe followlng lnformaLlon as commenLs aL Lhe sLarL of your source code
a AuLhor/s' full name
b SecLlon
3 use relaLlve paLhs for all fllenames ln your code (lf any)
6 ?ou wlll noL be allowed Lo edlL your programs afLer submlsslon Make sure Lo check and recheck your flles
before submlLLlng

rad|ng System

1o fo||ow