HOW TO EXPRESS THE FUTURE WILL / WON’T - make predictions based on your own

opinión about the future. We often use words like THINK, HOPE, BE SURE + will - make a decision at the time of speaking. - make promises and offer help. - plan or intention. - Scientist believe the weather will be more extreme. - I hope she will write son.

- What would you like? I’ll have a coffee, please. - That bag looks heavy. I’ll carry it for you. - My daughter is going to be a teacher. - What are you going to do next Saturday? - Look! It’s going to explode.

BE GOING TO am/is/are (not) going to + infinitive without to PRESENT CONTINUOUS (be+verb+-ing) SIMPLE PRESENT

- make a prediction based on present evidence

- an arragement at a definite time in the future.

- Mrs Smith is meeting engineers next month. - I’m having dinner with my grandparents tonight.

- future events which are part of a timetable or schedule

- On Wednesday I have English. - Next Year the Chinese New Year starts in January.

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