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Mastership is Revealed through
Our Actions
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, International Christmas Retreat, Florida, USA, December 23, 2001 (Originally in English) Videotape #725

sometimes read reports that say people come to you because you look so happy and so kind. And whenever we go out to lecture and you volunteer to distribute flyers and so on, some people tell me, “I came because they looked so kind and happy, and I wondered why. So I came to have a look and see why they’re so happy, and that’s how I came to You.” You see? It’s because you’re so kind, so happy, so disciplined and so good that you can convince people to go back to the kingdom of God. That’s mastership. Mastership doesn’t mean sitting here and having the Supreme Master title and talking about birds and dogs and so on. (Laughter) Mastership is people recognizing you as something extraordinary, having something above or something that they can learn. Then you’re a teacher. If someone looks up to you as someone who can teach them something that they don’t have or that they don’t know, then you’re a teacher. You’re the master of yourself. And from then on, the whole universe knows who you are. And the more you do it, the more you realize yourself that you really are something: that you teach, not by words but by actions, by example, by just being yourself. Just your silly face is already good enough to attract people. (Master and everyone laugh.) You don’t even have to talk. I read some reports that said people kept going back and forth many times and didn’t want to take the flyers. But even when you were far away, because you radiated this happiness and were so attractive, they couldn’t resist. Finally, they had to come and take a flyer and then come to the lecture. You see how incredibly powerful you are? And you don’t even know it. But it’s a good thing you don’t know! (Applause) Many people distribute flyers outside but they don’t look happy, so people don’t want to take them. But you radiate this happiness from inside; even from far away, people can feel it and see it. So it’s a good thing that you don’t know you’re powerful, because like this you don’t have any ego. Who needs it? We need the power but not the ego. So, you’re cool. The more you do things, the more it reflects on you, and then you realize how powerful you are.
2 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180


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Published: March 19, Golden Year 4 (2007) Founded: August, 1986 Published By The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publisher: Hsieh Hsin-lin A Little Message: In speaking of God, or the Supreme Spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist terms to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He. She + He = Hes (as in Bless) Her + Him = Hirm (as in Firm) Hers + His = Hiers (as in Dears) Example: When God wishes, Hes makes things happen according to Hiers will to suit Hirmself. The Supreme Master Ching Hai News magazine is published on the Internet in the following languages: Aulacese, Chinese (in both traditional and simplified versions), English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. Please refer to the Quan Yin WWW sites of The News magazine for related websites.

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Panorama of Events



the True Holistic Lifestyle
By Colorado News Group (Originally in English)


[Boulder] On February 10, Golden Year 4 (2007), fellow practitioners from the Colorado Center participated in the Nexus Holistic Expo in Boulder, Colorado. Displaying Master’s pictures, cookbooks, sample booklets and alternative living flyers and bags, our booth, which was placed in a strategic corner next to the bookstore, attracted large crowds of people. Many visitors showed extraordinary interest in Master’s books and video lecture. A man walked by the booth and put his ear next to the screen in order to better hear Master’s soothing words. Then he kneeled down so he could watch the video at eye level and listen to every word Master said. It touched our hearts to witness his great sincerity to hear the Truth. One elderly woman warmly explained, “It is very unusual to find a spiritual person who does not charge for meditation and initiation.” Therefore she wanted to know more about the Quan Yin Method and Master. Many of the people who stopped by the booth also expressed surprise that we were giving away the alternative living bags for free. Over the two days at the fair, the initiates experienced the numerous ways that Master reaches all sentient beings with Her grace and love.


Aulacese New Year Festival
By Initiate-brother Vinh Lai, San Francisco, California, USA (Originally in English)

[San Francisco] Tet is a traditional Aulacese holiday to celebrate lunar New Year as well as the coming of spring. On February 11, Golden Year 4 (2007), the initiates from San Francisco Center joined the Tet Fair organized by the local Aulacese community. Dressed in gracious traditional Aulacese outfits, our sisters looked like celestial beings, reminding people of their inner glory and beauty. A lot of people were attracted to our booth and took pictures, thus had the chance to be acquainted with Master’s teachings. We also distributed free shopping bags, which not only had
4 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Panorama of Events
Alternative Living messages printed on them, but also contained flyers introducing Supreme Master Television and Master’s program on San Francisco Local Radio, sample booklets, lists of vegetarian restaurants, recipes and Master’s aphorisms inside. To all the children, we gave free balloons carrying a loving message “Love Animals. Go Veggie” and also the website “” Furthermore, vegetarian sub-sandwiches were prepared. People responded to our food and gifts with great enthusiasm. In less than 5 hours, nearly 700 bags, more than 200 balloons and over two thousand flyers were shared with the public. All the initiates worked together in joy and harmony. It seems like San Francisco Center is speeding up fast to catch up with Master’s pace by doing multi-tasks to spread the teaching. Thank You Master, for blessing the festival by stopping the rain in the morning and for giving us an opportunity and the strength to serve God’s children.


Promoting the lternative iving through the Tet Festival
By Montreal News Group (Originally in English)



[Montreal] On February 4, Golden Year 4 (2007) Montreal Center took part in the Lunar New Year’s Festival organized by the local Aulac Community in the Olympic Stadium. A corner of our booth, showing many small animals happily together in the grass, caught the eyes of many children, while their parents gladly accepted Alternative Living flyers. After tasting samples, some visitors asked us more about the vegetarian diet and how to prepare a healthy meal. A projection screen was also set up to broadcast Master’s lectures, Her poetry,
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 5

Panorama of Events
humanitarian activities, and other special reports of Supreme Master Television. A lot of visitors sat down to watch the programs. Some even stayed up to three hours non-stop. Upon leaving, we offered them the Supreme Master Television flyers. When people saw us all dressed up and smiling, they glanced at Master’s picture and asked us more about our Association. We realized that people often look at disciples to get first contact with Master and Her teachings. People felt peaceful and comfortable to ask us spiritual questions and exchange views with us about the vegetarian diet. Some even asked the address of the center so that later they can come and learn more about Master’s teachings.


at Health Research Institute
By Hsinchu News Group (Originally in Chinese)

Vegetarian Feast Receives Affirmation

[Hsinchu] Researchers at Formosa’s National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) were treated to a sumptuous vegetarian feast prepared by local initiates on January 18, Golden Year 4 (2007). The NHRI is an academic research institution established by the government in the Hsinchu Science Park to upgrade medical research and enhance health care in Formosa. Hsinchu initiates realized that the NHRI can give strong momentum to a vegetarian trend if its employees understand the benefits of a vegetarian diet and adopt
6 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Panorama of Events
this healthy lifestyle. Over thirty researchers from the NHRI’s Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics enjoyed the feast and could not express enough praise for the dishes. Even those who once thought that the vegetarian diet was lack of variety and flavor, were full of praise. “If vegetarian food can be so delicious, then we should have no problem adopting the diet,” they said. Some researchers were considering beginning a vegetarian diet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Fellow initiates immediately supported the good start. Although this vegetarian promotion effort covered a small number of people, the sincere gratitude, praise and affirmation expressed by the participants touched the hearts of fellow initiates and gave them great encouragement.

Lunar New Year Vegetarian Feast
By Taichung News Group (Originally in Chinese)


[Taichung] On February 3, Golden Year 4 (2007), our Taichung Center hosted a LOHAS vegetarian feast in celebration of the Lunar New Year. It included a cooking demonstration and sampling of a vegetarian New Year dinner, a seminar on vegetarianism and health, a display of New Year dishes by models, and entertaining interludes by two lovely piglets. Guests were highly impressed and acknowledged the message conveyed by the event at the Taichung Art Garden Boulevard. Over a dozen Aulacese and Thai women married to Formosans attended the cooking demonstration under the guidance of Miss Mai Yu-zhen, President of the Changhua County New Immigrants Association. To welcome the New Year of the Pig, fellow initiates especially arranged for the presence of two vegetarian piglets to let the public see how cute our animal friends are. Many parents brought their kids to touch the piglets and feed them

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 7

Panorama of Events
by hand, which would undoubtedly develop their love for animals. Towards the end of the event, we served 800 portions of vegetarian snacks, which were quickly taken by our enthusiastic guests. *LOHAS is the acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.


Green Group Expresses Appreciation and Inspiration toward Noble Goals
By Gwangju News Group (Originally in Korean)

[Gwangju] Green Korea United is a civic organization working to protect ecosystems and promote public awareness that harmonizes people with nature. Initiates from Gwangju, Korea, have worked with Green Korea United in several co-activities. From our provision of delicious vegetarian food for every event, our group has become known as being representative of vegetarianism and the compassion of Alternative Living. For our efforts, on February 1, Golden Year 4 (2007), Green Korea United presented us with an appreciation plaque at their annual assembly, saying that they were grateful for our ‘green’ help and calling us “beautiful earthlings.” In the ceremony, they introduced our Association with the following words: “This group of people has brought vegetarianism into practice, which we previously only theoretically knew. Along with their green efforts, they’re also developing spiritually so as to distribute their love to every corner of our society.” After the ceremony, they told us they’re planning to form a vegetarian group and that they needed our help for future affairs. We are happy for the opportunity to work with this noble group toward the goal of living in peace and harmony with all sentient beings.
8 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Poem Panorama of Events

Emotions of
arly morning, My car is running through The first light of a rising sun. Right and left, tireless rice fields Welcome the gold and red dawn Of a new unpredictable day. … Emotions, Feelings of commotion In the very deep Mansion Of my soul Reflections Of an indescribable language Spoken by billions of Still lazily swaying dewdrops On every stalk Of the growing rice plants And the unpredictable Is there… Great Master, There, In each dewdrop Shines Your gracious silhouette Whispering Your silent language of God… Suddenly At the edge of a huge extension of rice fields, My car stops. And like in a transcendental rapture I see myself Standing in the grass Where the water of a tiny stream Silently brings life and humbly Greets God. In a while (it could have been one minute, or millions of years) The illusion vanishes And a light, like violet ethereal clouds, Surrounds the scenery While angels are dancing To the harmony of a celestial Melody…

a Divine

Dedicated to the beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai
By Ermanno Re, Bali, Indonesia (Originally in English)


…Emotions, Rising feelings of commotion Struggles, fights and pains, Unforgettable karmas Deep and painful turmoil of battles The best and the worst In a life. Desperation, Burning hot-white tears Scarify deep wrinkles On my cheeks. Karmas Terrifying echoes of hammered drums Of Kal The call…the day…the moment For every grasping human entity Still searching for the Truth And the way That leads back Home. Mutant shadows of human entities, We cannot be late! Slowly… the nightmare of memories And the pains dissolve, And the vision Turns to caress my heart. On my lips I feel from deep in my soul The smoothest whispering of Your name Humbly glorifying The God incarnation of You, Master…of You Namo Ching Hai Wu Shang Shih Divine Mantra to the eternal Truth Of our beloved Master…

* The poet, a Convenient Method practitioner, is also an Italian professional writer.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 9

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat
Combined reports by Formosa and U.S.A. News Groups (Originally in Chinese and English)


February 16 – Joyously Welcoming Master’s Return

ellow initiates were busy decorating for the Lunar New Year International Retreat, when a yellow taxi drove up to the main entrance of Hsihu Center. The passenger inside rolled down the window and gently asked the guard at the gate: “May I enter?” At first, the guard was stupefied, then amazed, and shouted aloud: “Oh! Master is back!” Faces filled with the joy of seeing Master after such a long time, everyone rushed to the entrance and lined up to welcome Master Mommy who had returned to Hsihu after more than ten years. Master asked the driver to move forward at the slowest speed possible, so that She could wave and say “Hallo!” to all the fellow practitioners. Her merciful eyes, perpetually glittering like diamonds and deep as the ocean, gazed at each one as the car passed by. Tear-filled eyes and smiling faces revealed the remembrance and emotions of missing Master. Watching Her come back to Hsihu alone in a taxi, wearing casual clothes and carrying the luggage by Herself, we could imagine how She toiled around the world wishing to give the least trouble to Her disciples. Master’s infinite consideration and love deeply touched the hearts of fellow initiates!

February 17 – New Year Eve Reunion Celebration
In the afternoon, fellow initiates lined up on both sides of the road outside the main gate to Hsihu Center, cheering and clapping to warmly welcome the honorable guests from

Mr. Manuel Morato (left), President of the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, and his nephew.
10 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Secretary and assistants to Mr. Morato.

Master greets Former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, Mr. Thelmo Cucanan, and his wife, Mrs. Belinda Cunanan, Editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

Master stands with Philippines Senator Heherson Alvarez and his wife, Chairman Cecile Alvarez, Presidential Advisor on Culture.

the Philippines. Master invited the guests to the Nectar River, joining the fellow initiates to enjoy a barbecue in the evening. Towards midnight, Master and the guests joined us again to greet the Year of the Pig in a countdown and a cheery toast. A long line of fireworks looked like cascading springs of light. The brightness and sparkles made us feel like we were in a fairyland.

Master and honored Filipino guests watch the astonishing cascade of fireworks.

February 18 – Happy Peaceful New Year
Fellow initiates from all countries, dressed in the most colorful traditional dress of different nations, celebrated the arrival of Golden Year 4. In a garden-party style, all fellow initiates and guests were treated to a sumptuous feast of New Year delicacies from different countries. Wearing the costume of the Ching Dynasty Emperor, Master arrived in a sedan chair and waved to greet everyone. She stopped at various food booths along the way to taste the snacks with the guests. When She came to the ‘Aulac Village,’ She was very happy to see some New Year delicacies and cultural artworks that She remembered from Her youth. Master explained each item in detail to the guests and cordially presented many of them as gifts. Later, Master went to the Hall of Sacred Love - the big meditation tent area - to celebrate with the fellow initiates and watch their exuberant performances. She sang a cheerful Happy New Year song with us from lyrics that She had created Herself as follows, sung to the tune of the Happy Birthday song: “Happy New Year Heaven, Happy New Year On Earth, Happy New Year All Beings, Happy Peaceful New Year.” Master said, “There will be peace, just like God has spoken. There will be light. It seems like we are going to have peace and pretty soon, even though we still have little frictions

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 11

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat here and there between some previous life incarnation enemies. So they are ironing it out, their problems. But looks like we have more peace than ever, and it’s going to be more peace, and this is the way it has to be… because in peace we can rebuild countries, only in peace can we rebuild human relationships; only in peace can we attain Heaven.” Master also gave an inspirational discourse on environmental issues, explaining that we ought to save energy, for example, by using energy-saving bulbs, buying pollution-free cars, sharing vehicles together to go to work or shopping, recycling usable materials, saving water, saving electricity, and so on. This is not just for saving money, but also for saving the world. It is good that we are already vegetarians, because the vegetarian diet is also a crucial element in saving the world, as proclaimed in a new report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which states that livestock generate a large share of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. (For more information, please refer to http://www.fao. org/newsroom/en/news/2006/1000448/index.html)

Special Reports

Shining World Leadership Award Presentation
That evening, a Shining World Leadership Award presentation ceremony was held at the Hall of Sacred Love, honoring the former President of the Philippines, Fidel Ramos; President of the Gusi Foundation, Mr. Manuel Morato; and Senator Heherson Alvarez, for their philanthropic deeds in helping the Aulacese asylum seekers many years ago. The local dignitaries that attended this grand ceremony were Mr. Gu Min, UNESCO committee member; Mr. Su Wen-hui, Chief of Miaoli Civil Administration Bureau, and his wife; Mr. Huang Lungfu, Chief of the Religion and Traditional Customs Department; Mayor of Hsihu Township, Mr. He Mu-yan and his wife; Ms. Yang Xiu-xia, former Hsihu Township Mayor; Mr. Wu Jun-yi, Village Chief of Sanhu Village; Mr. Gu Mu-xian, Director of Hsihu Township Farming Society; Mr. Zhu Zeng-cheng from the Police Department; Town Citizens’ Representatives Mr. Zhu Qiu-rong and his wife; Ms. Huang Mei-ying, former Director of the Taipei County Volunteer Worker Society; and many others.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Honored guests from Formosa

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

The guests first watched “The Golden Heart of the Philippines,” a documentary describing how the Philippine government and its people rendered humanitarian aid to Aulacese asylum seekers. In 1979, Imelda R. Marcos, then First Lady of the Philippines, was the first-ever vanguard in garnering support and providing temporary shelter for thousands of Aulacese boat people adrift in Manila Bay. In 1995, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) halted funding for refugee camps throughout Asia, so some countries found it necessary to initiate a repatriation process, much to the inexpressible anguish of the refugees. Feeling their deep sorrow, Supreme Master Ching Hai devoted much of Her time, energy and resources to alleviate the suffering of those desperate in their countryless plight. She offered them words of consolation, material comfort and spiritual support. At that time, Mr. Manuel L. Morato was deeply moved by the Aulacese refugee situation. Having just met Supreme Master Ching Hai and sympathizing Aulacese initiates offer flowers to their Filipino benefactors. with the desperation of the refugees, he took the initiative to appeal to the Ambassador of Foreign Affairs on their behalf. He then personally accompanied Supreme Master Ching Hai to meet both government and private officials, providing pivotal help in the quest to alleviate the refugees’ suffering. In 1995, President Fidel Ramos issued an order granting permanent residence to 5,000 Aulacese refugees, at the same time that other nations were turning them back to sea. Mr. Heherson Alvarez worked to pass a law that gave rights of refugees to people like those coming out of Au Lac, so that they could stay in the Philippines. Dr. Rene Santos and family took Master to different television and radio stations so that She could have the chance, through their nationwide broadcasting network, to plead for the Aulacese refugees’ plight. Countless other anonymous but compassionate hearts, including members of the Catholic Church and other Filipino citizens, all lovingly embraced and welcomed the Aulacese refugees as their own. After watching this documentary, fellow initiates from Au Lac offered flowers to their kind benefactors. The former president of the Philippines, Fidel Ramos, was invited to be the lead honoree. Even though he was unable to attend because of a previous engagement co-chairing an annual world conference in China, a larger-than-life photo of him dominated the center of the Master offers flowers to former president of the Philippines, Fidel Ramos stage, and Master went up on stage specially to offer flowers to his photo in gratitude for the humanitarian help he rendered to the Aulacese asylum seekers. At that point, our loving and humble Master became quite emotional and shed tears. Following that, Master presented the Shining World Leadership Award to Mr. Morato and to Senator Alvarez . Mr. Alvarez recalled how they had helped the Aulacese refugees to settle. He also praised Master for Her help and for having
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 13

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat so much love for the refugees. Mr. Morato, during the ceremony and in a correspondence sent after he had returned to his country, expressed his gratitude to Master and Her Association. He also praised Her as a very loving person and said that when She came to him for help, he felt it was his pleasure to do so. He also said the he felt electrified, very refreshed and enlightened in his time with our group, and added: “How I wish all the people of the world would behave the way Your fellow members do. Then the world would truly be a peaceful place to live in.” Master also spoke from the stage to express Her thanks to the Filipino people for helping the refugees in their time of need. She said the awards were being presented on behalf of all the refugees in the world to show our gratitude to all the nations. Master presented the Shining World Leadership Award to Mr. Morato and to Senator Alvarez. She thanked them again for helping the refugees to heal their wounds and get their human dignity back. She hoped that in the future, war would not exist and the word itself would be forgotten in the vocabulary of humankind, and that one day there would not be even a single frontier left between nations as we all would become brothers and sisters in the big global family. After that, the Lunar New Year celebration program began. The high standard of performances from fellow initiates in various countries won thunderous cheering and applause from the entire audience. After the performance program, Ms. Cecile Alvarez, on behalf of Mr. Joe Lad Santos and Mr. Ricardo Nolasco from the Filipino Institute of Komiks Arts and Sciences, presented a plaque of appreciation to Master, together with samples of paintings by some Filipino artists. She also gave Master a videotape of a program that had been hosted by Mrs. Alvarez, which reported Master’s compassionate actions in helping the disaster victims in the Philippines. Mrs. Alvarez also offered Master a piece of fabric from a Muslim community, symbolizing that “regardless of race and color, there is a common humanity,” as well as her gratitude for assisting the Earthsaver’s Dream Ensemble. On behalf of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Mr. Morato presented a painting to Master.

Special Reports


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

Mrs. Alvarez presents gifts and plaque of appreciation to Master.

Mr. Morato presents Master with a painting from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

February 19 – New Year Wish
Fellow initiates continued to arrive from all over the world for the five-day international retreat, which started officially on February 20, the following day. A grand tent, constructed for the retreat and named the Hall of Sacred Love, was used for meditation. Inside the tent, the stage was decorated in the theme of an ancient Chinese imperial palace with a golden roof made of bright cloth with colorful stripes. The bare ground of the entire hall was covered with a comfortable carpeting. Thanks to God’s blessings and the talents of many fellow initiates, the entire Hsihu Ashram had been converted to a gracious paradise emitting a joyful and peaceful vibration everywhere. In the evening, Master came to the meditation hall, dressed in a golden vest and light golden shirt, and greeted everyone with Her wishes for a happy New Year and world peace. She told us not to blame outside people or anything if something undesirable happens, because everything is caused by the karma of some individuals and the collective karma of the world. Master advised us to let go of everything such as distracted thoughts, gossiping and worries, and concentrate only on God, on Buddha and meditation, so that we can succeed in spiritual progress. Then She meditated with us for a while.

February 20 – Retreat Begins
The first meditation session started at 4 o’clock in the morning. There were four meditation sessions, three hours each, every day. Many initiates also meditated through the night during the retreat. In the very early morning, Master came to the Hall of Sacred Love and led the fellow initiates who had meditated through the night in chanting the Holy Names. She then meditated with us. In the morning, we lined up on
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 15

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

both sides of the road outside the Center to see Master’s guests off. Some initiates dressed in colorful Aulacese traditional dresses, holding fresh flowers and Filipino flags. As the cars carrying Master and the guests slowly drove through, we all sang the Happy New Year song, clapped and warmly waved good-bye. We then returned to our meditation. In the afternoon, Master came to the meditation hall wearing a pink Chinese traditional blouse and white trousers to see initiates from Mainland China and Formosa. She told a Chinese story about a poor young scholar who was content and humble and who was later blessed with wealth and a beautiful wife. The story was to remind us that we should be a good person and don’t worry or ask for more things. Whatever belongs to us will come to us naturally. We will get more merit when we help others, if we don’t ask for it. And when we encounter some undesirable events, it is all because of karma. As we persist in spiritual practice, slowly we will become more patient, more tolerant, and our state of mind will also change. It will be easier for us to accept whatever happens, and when the time comes, everything will be resolved and then the situation will improve. In the evening, Master came to the meditation hall again, this time in a red Chinese traditional dress and a white shawl. She told us a bedtime story about a person who became rich by saving a turtle. So we should save more turtles (meaning animals) by not eating them. The person in the story represented one who has repented and so the merciful heart of Heaven not only forgave him but rewarded him greatly and also gave him the opportunity to be a prince in the palace. Our situation is similar. We have committed many mistakes before by eating meat and drinking alcohol. However, as soon as we come to the right path, we become celestial beings, even though we are still on Earth.

February 21: The Butterfly Effect
When coming to see us in the afternoon, Master said, “The scientists’ research has proven that even the flapping wings of a butterfly affect the whole atmosphere of the planet. Can you imagine what the flapping of your mouth and mind does to the whole atmosphere of humankind? That’s why I have told you again and again that you have to be pure in action, speech and thought. If you know already it is wrong and you still do it, it is even worse.” In the evening, Master came to the meditation hall to see Aulacese initiates and told us an ancient Aulacese story.
16 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

February 22: 13th Anniversary Celebration of Ching Hai Day
In the afternoon Master came to the Hall of Sacred Love to see Westerner initiates. In Her initial comments, Master highly praised the beautiful job that the construction team had done in putting together this simple and grand meditation tent, the Hall of Sacred Love. Then Master told us a story about some farm animals that ran away because they feared being killed for Christmas dinner. She hoped that one day animals wouldn’t have to run from us in fear and will instead feel the friendship and love from humans. Master also said that animals are very intelligent and understand everything humans say; it’s just that humans cannot understand them. Thus, Master said it is terrible that people could kill these beautiful, harmless and innocent animal friends just to eat them. Master wished that one day the human race would wake up to know that animals and we are the same, just different forms. Suppose we were living with other giant creatures and they killed us all the time to eat one by one; we would feel helpless, miserable, sad and terrified. How can it be that a world exists like this where we make ourselves into such fearful, vicious kinds of beings? Everyone should rethink the program of their life and lead a noble life. If there’s no more killing, this planet will be a heaven. In the evening, Master appeared to join us for the celebration. A short video about the origins of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day was shown. Following that, various joyful and outstanding artistic performances were presented by talented initiates from different nations including singing, dancing, magic show, and musical instruments. They were so creative, spiritual and professional that we were all deeply inspired and impressed. Master also praised the quality of the programs. together. In the early morning Master meditated with us and instructed all to do sound meditation

February 23 – Appreciate God’s Best Arrangement
In the afternoon, Master told us a long ancient story about an Iraqi king who asked God for a son, which God didn’t want to give to him because it would have made the king suffer much more. Master explained that whatever comes naturally and easily, that means it is our destiny to have it; otherwise, we may have trouble in the long run. Whatever we have, we
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 17

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

should be happy with. In the evening, we enjoyed a delightful vegetarian barbeque with Master. Cheers and laughter were everywhere. Master invited the chocolate-colored brothers and sisters to come sit with Her. They happily chatted, sang, made jokes and ate together. Before leaving for the evening, She reminded us to make sure to meditate before sleeping.

February 24 – Bid Farewell with Master’s Love and Blessings
Shortly after the early morning meditation session began, Master came to the Hall of Sacred Love in a white dress. Pleased with the initiates’ diligent meditation, Master happily rewarded us with a beautiful poem by ancient Master Jelauddin Rumi, “All Through The Night God Is Calling Us.” In this poem, Master Rumi encouraged and urged His followers to meditate through the night for more spiritual progress:
Don’t sleep for just one night, My beautiful friend, And the treasure of Eternity will appear before you. The sun of the invisible will warm you all night; The collyrium of mystery will open your eyes. This evening I beg you, fight against yourself, Don’t sleep So you will discover those splendors that spread ecstasy. It is at night that beauties unveil themselves; The one who sleeps never hears their soft calls. Wasn’t it at night that Moses saw the burning bush and heard its miraculous sermons to come closer? It was during the night he traveled so far that he came to see a bush drown in glory The day’s for earning a living, the night’s for love So the eyes of the jealous cannot spy on you. The rest of the world may sleep;
18 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

but real lovers Throughout the night talk inwardly with God... All through the night God is calling us, “Rise up, use this time richly, you poor man! If you don’t, you’ll burn with regret When your soul’s separated from your body.”
(Teachings of Rumi, Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston, Mass., USA 1999;

Master explained the poem, sentence by sentence, according to Her personal experience. She also told us that meditation through the night was indeed very beneficial. “Rise up, use this time richly, you poor man! If you don’t, you’ll burn with regret when your soul’s separated from your body.” Master said that Rumi was telling the complete truth. Many people experience this after passing away. They feel very sorry because they are still at a lower level, watching others speeding by, flying to a higher dimension and regret that they have wasted their time on this planet for nonsensical purposes. Rumi was a Muslim, but he mentioned Moses. In the old times, any Master would know that all religions point in the same direction. So Rumi had no discrimination against any other religion. Master said we can recite this poem every night, reminding ourselves to be more diligent. Then Master told us two wonderful jokes explaining that we really have to love our enemies, who often come back as wife, husband, sons and daughters. That’s the way we have to love our enemies. So, we can do it now or do it later, do it willingly or by order of the law of karma. In the afternoon, Master came to the Hall of Sacred Love in a light blue cloak with white collar and trim, looking graceful and regal in bearing, to conclude the retreat. She told us some stories including one about a holy Muslim king who earned his living by hand-copying spiritual books, and his servant’s lucky experience on the way home with the very little yet very clean money given to him by the king. Finally, Master wished everyone well on their return trip home and to bring with us Master’s love. Some initiates packed at that time and left for home full of God’s blessings. Others stayed longer in the Center to continue enjoying meditation and being together with Master. Soon after the retreat had ended, at about six o’clock in the evening, under a night sky beautifully lit by the moon and stars, Master granted a reception for the working team members at the square in front of the Treasure Pavilion. After treating the fellow initiates with candies, biscuits, drinks and other blessed food, Master told us that She fully understood and appreciated the work we had been doing quietly for the retreat. Her tender words touched the hearts of all
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 19

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

initiates present. Master then recalled our memory that this was the same place where Master created Her historical painting, “Hsihu Sunset.” Master said that the scenery at Hsihu Center then was nothing special - not many trees around nor any high-speed railway nearby. Over the years, through the concerted efforts of Master and disciples, the Hsihu Center today has been transformed into a beautiful “Holy Mountain”! Master congratulated us that our diligent spiritual practice truly makes everything better. She also told us some stories related to spiritual practice, and conveyed Her wish that our world would become increasingly better, just like in the times of the Sage Emperors Yao and Shun, when people would not pick up any lost objects on the road, and had no need to close their doors at night. In the evening the remaining initiates enjoyed another barbeque and tea party with Master. Master and initiates sang one song after another throughout the whole evening and had a wonderful time. As soon as the party was over, it rained heavily through the night, seeming to cleanse everything in the world.

February 25 – New Year Gifts to Children and Guests
This was first Sunday of the Lunar New Year. Many fellow practitioners brought their relatives and friends to see Master. In the afternoon, initiates and guests sat together in the Hall of Sacred Love. Master came and wished everyone a happy New Year of success and prosperity. Master said that, for world peace and for our own happiness, in addition to taking care of worldly obligations, we should meditate whenever we have time so that after leaving this world, we can go to Heaven. Apart from worldly matters, we also have to take care of big matters after this world such as knowing after death where our soul goes. While living, if we do good, be good, keep precepts, avoid hurting others, and help people, then we don’t need to care too much about after-death matters. Even if we don’t have much to leave materially, our merits are better than property and money. The life after death cannot be bribed with money or exchanged for position. We should earn more spiritual merit and refrain from hurting animals, the fewer the better, and should have vegetarian diet, the more the better. With loving hearts to help the animals to live longer, we also will live longer. For whatever good we have done, it will return to us in
20 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

An Unforgettable Event: Golden Year 4 Lunar New Year Celebration and International Retreat

Special Reports

manifold ways. After that, Master told us the story about a scholar from a family that had been poor for many generations. The scholar wanted to complain to God. On the way to find God on an island, he met a rich man and a farmer who kindly let him stay for several nights, and a turtle that ferried him across the river. Each of them entrusted him to ask God something. In the end, when the scholar had finished asking God all the questions on behalf of the others, God left, and he had no chance to ask about his own problem. Nevertheless, the fate of this scholar changed completely afterwards. Especially if we take care of people first, God certainly will take care of us. After telling the story, Master distributed the New Year gifts, including colorful piggies, balls and bats, etc., to all the children there. The joyful atmosphere highlighted the beautiful memory of these Heavenly days with Master! Media Reports Philippine Daily Inquirer, February 20, 2007 (Originally in English)

“Chinese New Year in Taiwan”


n February 20, 2007, the Philippine Daily Inquirer published an article entitled “Chinese New Year in Taiwan” written by Belinda Olivares-Cunanan. Belinda attended the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in Formosa with an invitation from Mr. Manuel Morato who explained, “Belinda is one of the most important columnists in the Philippines. That’s why I invited her and her husband to go to Taipei because it’s a pity

for the world not to know about the goodness of Master’s heart and mind.” In the detailed article, Belinda wrote about her time in Hsihu, including the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

celebrations and the “Shining World Leadership Award” presentation to honor former Senator Alvarez and Mr. Manuel Morato for their role in helping thousands of Aulacese refugees obtain asylum in the Philippines during the Ramos administration. She also wrote a brief introduction about Master Ching Hai, Her winning the Gusi Peace Prize Award, Her help to Filipinos, Her Association and the “Quan Yin Method” of meditation that She teaches.

(For the entire report, please refer to
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 21

Master Says

It’s Time to Clean Up Our Earth in Peace
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, December 31, 2006, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Germany (Originally in English)

o, the time is right that everyone should push for peace now, at any price, because without peace we cannot build anything up. There are more pressing matters now than killing, my God! There’s global warming; there’s ice melting. And it’s not just the warming: after it has warmed it might get cold. And that’s even worse. If it’s warm, you can jump into the water, but if it’s too cold I don’t know if you have enough things to keep you warm when it’s freezing all the time. Because of the changes in the atmosphere, it might get worse and become freezing even, after the warming period. Sometimes the pollution damages the ozone layer and then maybe all the heat escapes. Then after a while we won’t have any heat, because then maybe too much pollution covers the sun and with too many changes then everything will get so bad and it might be freezing. That’s even worse also.


Start Now to Implement Life-sustaining Solutions for the Planet
I watched on one of the British channels before, there was a very scary documentary. They said that along with the global warming, the sun is also getting cooler somehow. So warming and cold: it’s too warm in some parts, and then some parts will be too cold. Or after the warm will be cold, and if it’s too warm then the ice will melt and then we’ll have floods. And if after that there’s no ice left to balance the things anyway, either the planet will become very heated or it could be very cold, because of too much cover or the ozone layer being broken.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Master Says So, many things can happen, and they could happen soon. Several decades are not long. So right now it’s time that all the people of every country should get together and think of the solutions quick, like biofuel or something with sustainable energy like solar power or wind power. You can install it in your home if you can afford it. Or, you can put money together and install one home at a time, OK! For instance, two of you could pitch money together and install it in your home. Draw a lotto to see who’s house gets installed first, so it’s fair. And then next time, pitch money together and install it in her home. When I lived in the, in the cave in the mountains I lived only with solar energy. I charge my phone with solar energy. I watched TV with solar energy. My fridge ran on solar energy. It’s a little complicated but you can learn. To save lives, we must learn. To save the planet, it’s worth it. It’s complicated but it’s not un-doable, you know. It’s simple enough to do it. You have to capture the solar energy into some batteries, and then you connect with those batteries to use it to run your household. At least you can save energy, and you save money in long run anyway. You can even sell it back to the government. In Spain it’s like that. There’s wind power also; it might be difficult, but you can install a small wind mill. (D: A turbine, or wind mill.) A wind mill, the old fashioned way, it also does work. The turbine takes a longer time and a lot of money and maybe it’s not so ‘in’ yet, so you can’t get it so easily. But you can do that. Do what you can, OK? And go together in one car to work or go shop together, in one car. It saves money and saves energy. And if you can, buy a hybrid car,. They’re not that expensive. I got one; maybe it costs you in the beginning, but later it saves you a lot. It saves your life, too, and saves the life of everybody else! But you can check on the Internet to see which car is cheaper and more convenient for you. And soon in the future we will run it on biodiesel and biofuels like corn fuel, sugar cane or garbage. We can recycle garbage. And maybe we don’t even have to do that if they push the wave energy program! A long time ago in Norway they began that program, to use ocean waves as energy. That would be limitless. You can use it forever, just like the sun. Energy is free everywhere actually. You can even harness power from thunder and so on. And that would be limitless, limitless! There would be no cost for anybody. It should be free for everyone, the basic things in life, like water and electricity - should be free actually, yeah! And it soon will be free. All this money that’s put into war, my God we could build a paradise on Earth! It’s about time everyone should know about this. So if you know of any of government important persons, you can remind them by writing or doing something.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 23

Master Says Do something in your power. Or, if you know how and where, just write. Write to the government. Remind them; help them; support them. Support their idea of environmental protection. If we don’t act now, we won’t have any Earth left to even fight over with each other: no land to possess, no land to put the guns on or to install the cannons. It’s about time; my God, it’s the 21st Century already and we so called civilized humans are still fighting. I cannot believe it! Sometimes when I sit down, I don’t know how it’s possible. It’s not possible that we live in an era in which humans kill humans. How can we do that? How do you train such a beautiful, pure, handsome, strong, heroic young man to go into battle and just shoot someone like that? There was no quarrelling and no cause before, except the ‘big one’ somewhere behind telling him to go and do it: “That guy is an enemy; you go and shoot him for me.” That’s it.

War Is Never a Solution
This is wasting human resource also. These soldiers are the most brilliant generation of our time! They’re there to pass down better DNA for the new generation. They’re not to go there; they’re not born to die. I don’t care if it’s to die a hero or die a what; it’s the same. It’s a waste of resource! Do you know how much money it costs to grow a man like that? At least a million dollars until he grows into maturity. Growing men is not like growing trees: it’s not cheap. And he has so much love from the family, so much friendship from companions, so much teaching from the teacher and the school - so much affection going on around him. He’s not just ‘nobody’ – he is somebody. He has family; he might even be married and have children already. But he is forced to go out there and shoot someone he doesn’t even have any enmity with. Isn’t that ridiculous? This is crazy, and we live in it! My God, what kind of the world is this? It’s about time they stop all this - just stop it! We cannot tolerate this. It’s incredible that humans can kill humans! Even animals don’t do that. They might kill one for some reason, but they don’t go out and kill a whole mass like that. For the sake of whatever, I don’t care. I don’t care who is right, who is wrong; it’s all wrong. For example, even now, I read in the media or saw on television that the number of deaths of American soldiers is exceeding the number of victims from 9-11. And that’s not counting the other people: the women and the children, the victims of war, the innocent bystanders. So war is never a solution. The more war, the more death; the more death, the more enemies; the more enemies, the more war, and so on. It’s a vicious circle, and there is no end to it. So we just have to stop. We just have to shake hands and forgive each other and then let’s go on with our lives, because there are so many pressing matters now. With all the money that’s spent on war, can you imagine? Africa would become like Europe if they used all that money on Africa, on one continent alone. And with all the money that’s still going into the war, we could build space ships. We could have more time, more energy and recruit more talent. Instead of all these young men dying, they would become living bodies of the


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Master Says future, building houses for the needy.

Let There Be Soldiers of Peace
If all the soldiers changed their jobs, we’d have soldiers of peace: buildings soldiers who bring medicine to the sick and build homes for the homeless. They are able-bodied, intelligent, strong and handsome. They are beautiful beings; it is a waste that that they go there and just die like that. Just one bullet like this. (Master gestures to show the small size of a bullet) Can you imagine? It can go anywhere from anywhere and kill one handsome, beautiful, aspiring, pure, energetic, young human being - just like that. Can you imagine? And it costs millions of dollars even, to raise him, and so much love from the family and friends so that he grows up like that. We cannot teach him hatred when he grows out of love. You cannot change that into hatred; this is not right. You should continue to nurture the love that he has in him, the trust that he has with his family and friends, and with the nation that he’s born into. You cannot change that love into hatred and tell a young man who has been loved all his life until now, to come out and turn into a hateful person - and then use a gun to kill another person who has also grown out from the love of a mother and father somewhere, and who has somehow has been nourished and nurtured all this time like a beautiful flower in the garden with all love and care, attention and hope for the future. And then – boom, just like that – with one bullet, finished. Such a beautiful dream is gone, collapsed. How many more generations until we can cultivate many young beautiful men like that? They are at their prime, and they are so inspired by heroism. We cannot use that to turn it into hatred for any reason at all, because it is wrong; it’s wrong. You who have children, you know that! You nurture your children up, not to just to die like that. Can you imagine all these mothers, all the fathers and all the loved ones, all his friends, even his neighbors - it’s terrible! It’s time we have to stop all this nonsense. Anyone with intelligence cannot tolerate this, cannot continue to support this kind of world, can we? (Audience: No) One doesn’t have to be a Quan Yin practitioner or a Zen monk to understand this. It’s just common for a human being to have this knowledge, this understanding that humans are born to live.

God’s Gift of Life Is for Love, Not War
There’s nothing worth dying for. Nothing! God doesn’t give birth to you so that you have to die for something. Except to find God, there is nothing really worth dying for. People should be given hope, inspiration to live, not to die. Remember in one of my poems, I said that I don’t ever want to grow up to be a hero, to keep the war and die? It’s not my job, is it? It’s nobody’s job. You’re not born to grow up just to keep a war and then die for it. Isn’t that ridiculous? We should never have a war anyway; we’re so backward. If it hadn’t been for you, the Quan Yin practitioners who grace this Earth, who bless the atmosphere with love and universal energy, this Earth would soon be ‘kaput’ (meaning “ended”) already. So, we’re just holding it and waiting for humankind to wake up more and do something. If

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 25

Master Says not, it has to go. We can leave it sooner or later anyway; we don’t care. But it’s such a negative way. Suppose the Earth became kaput now, we could go up to a higher level. We are already there and we already have our ‘security card,’ but the people out there, if they die like that, they will be living in shock in such a state of stupor, for a long, long time - thousands of years - before they wake up. And then their atmosphere will manifest in another kind of world again, and they’ll war with each other again, because they haven’t finished their thinking process. They haven’t gotten to the understanding about peace and “Love thy neighbor.” They haven’t done that. So if they wake up again from their stupor after thousands of years, they’ll do the same thing again.

Peace Costs Far Less than War
I therefore really hope that this is the time they understand this very simple concept. Even a child understands peace at all costs. But peace doesn’t cost anything: that is the thing. Only war costs something. War costs human resource, war costs emotional upheaval, war costs tremendous financial resource and every other resource of humankind. All this equipment they build for war could be used to build houses, to build railways for the tram, to build underground train stations or build bridges for the poor countries. And all this money - billions of dollars - something like $7 million per day or week in Iraq, for example, and how many weeks or years have already gone by? Do you understand how much that is? You don’t because it’s too much. It’s too much for us to even want to think about. It’s just too ridiculous when people are hungry or starving and don’t even have the basic things like clean water to drink. And we spend tons of money and tons of human resources, tons of world metal resources or any resource just to build a killing weapon. This is beyond imagination! No wonder our world is lagging behind, compared to all others in the galaxy. But mind you, be happy. Our Earth is getting better of course, number one. Number two, our Earth is still better than many other planets. There are worse planets. There are planets whose people are evil, just pure evil. And they will harass you day and night. Some of the warlords have been born there; I don’t know how much longer; I don’t want to see. It’s terrible. Even if they repent, they don’t even have time to pray. Can you understand that? That’s why they have to stay there forever, because they don’t have time for anything. They’re just running and running, running and hiding, running and hiding, all day long, with no time. It’s such mental torment that hell even sounds better. So at least we’re born on this planet, where it’s half-and-half, and we’re pushed to go nearer to God. But even then I don’t know if I could ever get used to the kind of people who go out and kill each other like that. I mean, if you want to be a soldier,


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Master Says you have to have instilled in you the hatred; otherwise how can you kill? Just killing at random like that, killing as ordered. There’s no turning back. If you turn back, then you are killed too, by your own people for betraying your country.

Use Earthly Resources to Build and Help Others
We should use all this money and intelligence and time and resource to train people to love and to build. This makes more sense, yes? We should use it for a peaceful purpose. The soldiers are so strong and healthy and in the prime of their life, and they also very idealistic. When we are young, we are very idealistic; we are heroes. We want to do good for the world. So this good and pure energy and enthusiasm has to be used for a peaceful purpose, for building the world and for helping the needy. That is the kind of heroism that the young people love to spend their energy on; they will love it. Suppose any government tells the soldiers, “Look here: no more war, you go out and build houses,” they’d be very, very happy. They would be relieved. They would feel that this is really what they want. I bet you that’s what would happen. Any soldier - you ask them - they would want to do that. We can retrain them. There’s still time. Because they are young, they can learn fast. What I mean is that their youthful inspiration and heroism and idealism should not be misused. It’s a waste. The young people are the best. You tell them what to do, and they will do it. They are so eager to serve, they’re eager to learn, they’re eager to do something good because they’re full of energy. If they are used for war, it is a pity. It’s a misuse of their purity and their idealism. So it’s better to use the soldiers for peaceful purposes. We can keep the army. Keep it and use it to build things up. In the Philippines, they are trying to do that. That is a very good idea, and I hope they will. Maybe the Filipino soldiers should do that first, and everyone else will follow. We have to start somewhere. Our world would have been a paradise a long time ago if we did not have so much war going on, which is wasting a lot of the energy, finances and resources of the Earth. There’s no need to believe me; you know it yourself. This is terrible; so now I hope that all signs of peace are coming our way. It is coming, and I hope more will come. The true peace really must come, because that’s the only way to survive on this planet, my God. We must use our time now, to change the course of history; otherwise we’ll all die together. The good and the bad, the powerful nations and the weak nations, will all be gone. Being gone is no problem; the problem is that not all of the people on the planet are ready to integrate into paradise. After they’re gone they’ll still stay in shock or in misery. And that state of mind will keep them for a long time in a hellish existence, worse than this planet’s. They’ll be warring with each other in that kind of existence and then wake up and become human again, warring with each other again. Have you heard of those stories that in some of the big major battlefields, sometimes

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 27

Master Says those who have psychic power can see that the soldiers in their astral forms are walking around and trying to fight each other still? Or, looking for the fighting or thinking that the war is still going on, because if you’re not enlightened now, you won’t ever be. Not after you die; you just suffer more, because you can see more. With a body you can shield yourself from some of the emotional distress, and recover or don’t see the suffering. But without the body you’ll see more; you’ll see the naked misery in hell and you will suffer more and more. And this is terrible.

Making a Model for the World
So the question is not whether I care that the planet is still alive or not, it’s just for the people who live in it. They have to know this concept; they have to awaken to this peaceful solution, to the real human purpose, to build up the peaceful atmosphere, to find God or to remember God at least, and to be at peace with each other, just like God wants us to be, like one time paradise. Otherwise if they die like this, they will suffer more than what they do now. You understand me? That is the reason why they have to stop the war and begin to build peace now. Otherwise if they die, it would be terrible: more terrible than being alive, more terrible than the war in Iraq, more terrible than 9-11, more terrible than any terrorism can ever cause you to feel. So that’s the reason we practice hard, we really pray for peace in our way, and we’re pushing for it inside our hearts. And then peace has to come; people have to stop. Just stop like that! Just shake hands, with no conditions. There shouldn’t be any condition for peace at all because both sides will gain. Maybe you lose one piece of land but who cares? If Noah and the flood ever come again, you’ll lose everything. You’ll lose the whole land, not to talk about one piece! Because suppose a typhoon like Katrina comes, we would also lose billions of dollars for nothing. So if we lose billions of dollars or a piece of land or even a country for a peaceful purpose, let it be. Why do we need a frontier? Why do we need the country anyway? If you don’t have Egypt, you can go to live in Germany. If they dissolve the border, for example, between your countries and you become another citizen, why not! Just like me, I’m Aulacese and I’m British and now I’m in Germany, who cares? And you guys even come from England, Finland, Poland, Greece, Croatia, France, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Romania, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Africa, Ukraine welcome! Bulgaria, Italy and Israel even. (Congratulations, your country is getting good. We celebrated your country’s peace with the Palestinians for one week. We had cakes and dancing, just to support more peace and make it more real, make it getting better, like a little push.) Where else? Sri Lanka, Columbia, Belgium, of course Germany, India, Armenia, Australia, New Zealand, Iran - Oh, wonderful. It’s international, a big United Nations, and we are happy together. (Applause)


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Master Says This is a model for the world to follow. So your actions of coming here have many meanings. Number one, you of course want to see me, your lovely Princess; that I understand. (Applause) Second, you want to meditate together, which is very important, and third... eating! (Laughter) But the most important thing is that you make a model; I let you come so we can realize peace in one section of the world. Because we are all telepathic, I told you already. And if we are peaceful here, we will be peaceful everywhere. (Applause) This is a mini-model for the world to follow; this is how the world should be, and they should follow our example, that we live peacefully together. Here no one cares if we are from Iran or Czechoslovakia. We eat the same food and we sit on the same floor, if you have a seat at all. So here you fighting for property and also for food, but in a loving and peaceful way. And we are so happy; even you can sit in the corner like that. This is all we need, just a little square and we’re so happy! So whatever you do here with us together, it will affect the world. Whatever you do in your house, in your group meditation weekly, it will affect the world. And then it will change. Some people learn slowly; some people learn fast. They better learn fast! There’s not too much time. But they are learning fast.

Be Prepared to Act Positively and Quickly
I think the world is getting very aware now that they must do something. There’s no more excuse to say they don’t know; they do know, because what affects the neighbor affects you. Imagine if all the people from the lowlands, when the flood arrives, they don’t have time to build a Noah’s boat. They will not know and it will hit them quick, according to the reports, which is logical also unless a miracle happens. Imagine these people who have nowhere to go and who will then all run into the city, to higher land, where there’s no flood, no disaster - where do they go? They’ve lost everything by then. At that time there’s too many people for us even to go and rescue or to help because there’s so many, and then they will have no home. They will have lost everything; there’s nothing to lose anymore and they will be very chaotic. They will go looting the cities, and they might even have worse war than we’re having now. So, whatever affects them, affects everyone. It’s not like, “OK, I am the President, it doesn’t concern me.” Or, “I am the Governor, a high official; it doesn’t concern me,” or, “I live on the high land; I don’t live next to the sea; it doesn’t concern me.” It does concern everyone because if they come in hundreds of thousands at the same time, hungry, stressed, disoriented, starving and confused, they’ll do anything. They will be like so-called zombie soldiers and that’s the worst you could ever be confronted with. They don’t know anything anymore at that time. It’s too big a grievance for them to even keep their mind together. And there’s no weapon that can stop this kind of war. It will be terrible. So we’d better be prepared, and whoever has the authority and the power must use it to change the way we live our life. We have to clean up our planet, and quick.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 29

Positive Improvements on the Planet


Global Efforts to Go Green
oday, as we look around the world, we do see there are clear signs that the ‘green’ march is quickening in pace, a development that only befits the arrival of the Golden Age. We see leaderships emerge from the private sectors, government and nongovernment organizations, as well as individual citizens, implementing initiatives towards achieving environmental sustainability.

The Global Green Transformation
By Singapore News Group (Originally in English)

limate scientists have presented compelling evidence that global warming is real. Global warming is responsible for the intense hurricane activity, melting of polar ice and has caused drastic changes to our weather patterns resulting in extreme droughts, floods, and heat waves all over the world. To turn the crisis around, a global concerted effort is necessary in reducing carbon emissions. To this end, increasing energy efficiency is one of the most easily implemented measures to take. The good news is that there exist many proven and inexpensive ways to save energy. In its January 29, Golden Year 4 (2007) issue, Newsweek magazine outlined seven ways that could have the biggest positive impact on saving the world from global warming through energy efficiency: Apart from good insulation materials, zero energy homes also use renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. 1. Use effective insulation materials Space heating and cooling make up 36% of the world’s total energy consumption. As shown by prototype ‘zero-energy’ homes in Switzerland and Germany, the use of state-of-the-art insulation materials can scale down or even eliminate heating and air-conditioning equipment; the amount of savings can be tremendous.
30 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Positive Improvements on the Planet
2. Change light bulbs
Lighting uses up to 20% of the world’s electricity, 40% of which is used to power incandescent light bulbs, which waste most of the energy it consumes on unwanted heat. Compared to the incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps not only use 75 to 80% less electricity to generate the same amount of light, they also last 10 times longer.

An energy-saving, spiral type compact fluorescent light bulb.

3. Improve heat-exchange efficiency
Merely a fraction of the energy pumped into water boilers, space heaters, air conditioners and other existing heating and cooling systems is actually used to change the temperature. A more efficient alternative solution is the use of a heat pump, which can remove and use ambient heat from the air outside or the ground below to heat a building or its water supply. The system can be reversed to cool buildings as well.

4. Redesign factories’ energy infrastructure
Industrial factories around the world use up about a third of the world’s energy. The opportunities for energy savings are tremendous. For instance, Japanese steelmakers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have been pioneers since the 1980s, cutting energy use by more than 70% by using heat from steel furnaces to run turbines that generate electricity.

5. Driving ‘green’ vehicles

BASF’s new plant in China - heat produced by one chemical process is used to power the next or create electricity for another, optimizing energy efficiency.

25% of the world’s energy—including two thirds of the annual production of oil—is used for transportation. One can improve fuel efficiency by 6% simply by keeping car tires properly inflated. Gasoline-electric hybrid cars can improve mileage by a further 20% over conventional models. Clean and powerful modern direct-injection diesels technology can also achieve up to 40% better mileage compared to gasoline-powered cars. 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid Sedan
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 31

Positive Improvements on the Planet
6. Use energy efficient home appliances
More than half of all residential power goes into running household appliances, producing 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. Manufacturers have increased the efficiency of refrigerators and other home appliances by as much as 70% since the 1980s, but there is still room for improvement. By adopting energy saving appliances, households can save the most money over the life of the appliances, and cut global residential power consumption by 43%.

7. Devise creative means of funding energy saving investments
Energy services and utility companies can pay for energy-saving retrofitting cost in return for a share of the client’s utility-bill savings. In a novel approach, California utilities are giving consumers extra rebates for cutting power use by 10% or more. This way, the utilities benefit by lowering peak electricity demand, avoiding Reference: the need to build additional billion-dollarpowerplants.

Energy-saving LG Panorama fridge - besides energy efficient technology employed, there is no huge door to let chilled air escape


Positive Commitment for Positive Climate Change

From Supreme Master Television News, Episode 65


he United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), held to implement positive solutions to global warming, took place in Nairobi, Kenya, from November 6-17, Golden Year 3 (2006), and was attended by more than 5,000 delegates. Kenya’s Environment Minister, Kivutha Kibwana, urged negotiators to take concrete actions on immediate priorities. In response, the European Union pledged US$18 million towards reducing the effects of global warming over the next four years, especially in developing UNFCCC Logo UNFCCC Map - Green: UNFCCC countries. Member; Peach: UNFCCC Observer; Gray: Not party to UNFCCC
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Positive Improvements on the Planet
Italy vowed to lead by setting an example in making significant improvements. New Zealand announced it would focus on positive changes impacting agriculture and encouraged all nations to step forward and join together in light of the Stern report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern, ‘The Economics of Climate Change.’ Kenyan Nobel Peace laureate, Wangari Maathai, introduced the Billion Tree Campaign to plant a minimum of one billion trees in Golden Year 4 (2007). United Nations Environment Program Director, Achim Steiner, said the Billion Tree Campaign offers a direct and straightforward path which all sectors of society can step down to contribute to meet the climate change challenge. With such single-minded devotion and wholehearted cooperation among References: all nations to solving the global warming issue, improvement is surely in sight.


A Way to Store Hydrogen

From Supreme Master Television News, Episode 73

ydrogen is quickly becoming a popular source of alternative energy but the problem with all alternative energy is how do we store it and how do we do it effectively? The University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom has found a way to store large quantities of hydrogen in small porous structures, leading to the obsoleteness of the expression bigger is better. The scientists working on the new development are Professor Martin Schröder and his colleagues, Professor Neil Champness and Dr. Hubberstey from the School of Chemistry, with Dr. Gavin Walker from the School of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Nottingham. The breakthrough achieved by the professors could very Reference: well bring the world closer to a more hydrogen-based fuel economy.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 33

Positive Improvements on the Planet
Helping Save the Planet through Home Improvements
From Supreme Master Television News, Episode 64


ccording to a 2006 survey, almost a third of British householders have carried out energy-saving improvements in their homes over the past year. The home improvements are practical for the homeowners who ultimately save money by cutting gas expenses and electric bills as well as contributing to decreasing global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The survey conducted by the Halifax Building Society reflects people’s on-going commitment to improving energy Reference: efficiency by thinking of the future of the planet can_help_save_the_planet.php and the next generations to come.

UK Hospitals Get Cash to Fight Global Warming
News provided by Singapore News Group (Originally in English)


n its efforts to cut the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy consumption, on January 4, Golden Year 4 (2007), the British government announced a 100 million pound (about 193 million US dollars) fund to help the National Health Service in the battle to curb the global warming crisis. The money will go towards more energy efficient appliances, building insulation and combined heat and power plants. This will help hospitals and other health sector buildings cut carbon dioxide emissions, increase energy Reference: efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Avoid Meat and Dairy to Help the Environment
By Brisbane News Group (Originally in English)


ritain’s environment minister Ben Bradshaw has publicly declared that cutting out meat would go a long way towards stabilizing climate change. Mr. Bradshaw announced this as the UK government launched a new website advising

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Positive Improvements on the Planet
consumers to help the planet by avoiding meat and dairy products, and vegetables grown out of season. The website states: “The production of meat and dairy products has a much bigger effect on climate change and other environmental impacts than that of most grains, pulses and outdoor fruit and vegetables.” The website explains that eating beef, lamb, chicken and dairy products contributes to global warming because of the energy and land required to raise them. Mr. Bradshaw also stated that food production is just as detrimental as private transport and housing, and that the Government was considering a labeling system for all food products, based on the farm-to-fork impact each product has on the environment. The Greener Food website also mentions: “Healthy eating is also important and many people could benefit from eating a larger The Energy Saving proportion of fruit and vegetables and less saturated fat in their diet.” Recommended logo in UK The UK is leading the world by example, using scientific facts endorses products that are to inform people about the harmful impacts meat and dairy products amongst the most energy efficient available. have on our environment.


EU and Airlines to Take Positive Steps to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
From Supreme Master Television News, Episode 71

viation emissions are increasing rapidly. To help curb greenhouse gas emissions, all airlines coming or going from EU airports are now asked to participate in the EU’s carbon-trading scheme. British Airways support the emissions trading as they found it the most effective way in terms of economy and environment to cut carbon dioxide emissions. The first phase of the scheme aims at emissions from the power sector and heavy industries, and the next phase will aim at the second largest

Jet trails are part of the gases emitted by aircraft

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 35

Positive Improvements on the Planet
source: cars, ships and planes. The Environment Commission is now working on the operation and allocation methods. Reference:

British Airways is willing to participate in the EU’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme.


World’s Largest Solar Farm
From Supreme Master Television News, Episode 53

wo start-up companies in the US are teaming up with New Mexico State to build one of the world’s largest solar powered energy farms. Located near Deming, New Mexico, it will be about 30 times larger than the world’s largest solar farm to date. The panels will cover about 3,200 acres and generate about 300 megawatts of natural energy, enough to light up 240,000 homes (an incredible amount of light beam Reference: energy). The team will make special light sensitive panels in a new factory, thus creating new jobs. Wal-Mart Uses Its Leading Market Position to Promote Energy-saving Light Bulbs
By Singapore News Group (Originally in English)


al-Mart the giant discount retailer also unveiled an environmental plan to become a leader on issues like fuel efficiency, reducing both energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Wal-Mart plans to spend $500 million a year to increase fuel efficiency in Wal-Mart’s truck fleet by 25% over three years and doubling it within 10 years; reduce greenhouse gases by 20% in seven years; reduce energy use at stores by 3%; and cut solid waste from its U.S. stores and Sam’s Clubs by 25% in three years. Wal-Mart CEO Mr. Lee Scott
36 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Positive Improvements on the Planet
Another way to cut energy consumption is to use the more efficient light bulbs that use much less electricity. Compared to the more widely used incandescent light bulbs, the new compact fluorescent bulbs A Wal-Mart display of energy-saving consume 75% less electricity, last 10 times fluorescent light bulbs in Secaucus, longer, produce 450 pounds fewer greenhouse New Jersey, U.S.A.. gases from power plants and save consumers US$30 over the life of each bulb. Wal-Mart is determined to promote and see such bulbs installed in at least 100 million homes. Having America’s biggest company, with a huge customer base and influence with suppliers, encouraging 200 References: million shoppers to save energy has truly given the ‘green’ dfdd70524b7590ei=5088partner=rssnytemc=rss&pagewanted=all movement a strong boost.


Solar Cells
From Supreme Master Television News, Episode 60

apan is currently the world’s leading producer of solar cells. Now one of its sunshine filled areas is becoming the center of its production. Another benefit to the area is that it experiences fewer earthquakes than other regions. Both Fiji Electric and Honda Motor Co. had been invited to set up factories in the region by Kumamoto Prefecture. They hope to build 100 million yen (US$846,600) worth of solar equipment and to have solar cells shipped out by 2010. The companies hope that solar cells will become a popular method of energy, as it is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Honda Soltec Co., Ltd. factory (artist’s impression), established on December 1, Golden Year 3 (2006), Reference: to produce and sell solar cells in latter half of Golden Year 4 (2007)
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 37

Positive Improvements on the Planet SINGAPORE
Green Mark Program and Other Initiatives
By Singapore News Group (Originally in English)

s part of the Singapore government’s continual efforts to promote sustainable living practices for the island nation, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched the Green Mark program two years ago in January Golden Year 2 (2005). Green Mark aims to encourage developers and building owners to adopt environment-friendly designs, technologies and practices. With a rating system that evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performance, Green Mark’s objectives are being achieved through the implementation of Varsity Park Condominium such technologies as energy-saving air-conditioning systems, water(artist’s impression), saving technologies and solar power. awarded Green Mark Gold Currently in Singapore, 34 buildings have Green Mark certification, with the public sector taking the lead in embracing green building technology. Starting April 1, Golden Year 4 (2007), all new public buildings and those undergoing major renovation must have Green Mark certification. For example, all new flats built by the government-owned Housing Development Board, which is the largest housing developer in Singapore, will be Green Mark certified. The government has also made a total pledge of S$70 million (US$46.6 million), launching two other initiatives that encourage sustainable development. First, developers can obtain cash incentives of up to S$3 million (US$2 million) per project from St. Regis Hotel & Residences S$20 million (US$13.3 million) that has been allocated to the Green (artist’s impression), awarded Green Mark Gold Plus Building Incentive Scheme. Second, Singapore-based companies and individuals can also apply for grants from a R&D fund of S$50 million (US$33.3 million) allocated for development of green technologies in the building industry.
References: 1. Green Mark Incentive Guide - GMIS_guide.pdf 2. Green Mark 2006 -

The Sail@Marina Bay (artist’s impression), awarded Green Mark Gold

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Positive Improvements on the Planet AUSTRALIA
Solar Powered Car Breaks Transcontinental Record
By Brisbane News Group, Australia (Originally in English)

group of university students from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia, has shattered the 1994 world record for the fastest solar powered road trip from Perth to Sydney. They traveled approximately 4000 km and averaged 700 km per day reaching speeds of up to 70 km per hour. The students demonstrated that the future of transportation lies in innovative thought, advanced materials and renewable solar energy. 1 One of the engineering students, Andrew Pratley, hopes that people will start looking to greener alternatives for transport. “Climate change is a huge topical issue and examples like this show we don’t need fossil fuels to drive on the roads,” he said. This brilliant demonstration is a leading innovation for The solar car Solarswift III our future use of solar energy for our transportation needs. on the road Photo source: Reference: 1. http://www.sunswift. com


Solar Cooling Technology
By Sweden News Group (Originally in Swedish)

n December 4, Golden Year 3 (2006), the World Economic Forum held in Geneva, Switzerland, announced that ClimateWell, a Swedish company, was granted the Technology Pioneer 2007Award for its ground-breaking Solar Cooling technology. ClimateWell has developed a highly efficient solar cooling system that has the unique ability to store energy and convert hot water to cooling and heating available around the clock. All cooling and heating systems involve some form of heat exchange process. ClimateWell’s system is based on a thermo-chemical one between water and some hygroscopic salt that takes place in a vacuum. The basic working principle is: water evaporating from a tank inside a refrigerator-size unit is
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 39

Positive Improvements on the Planet
absorbed by salt - Lithium Chloride (LiCl), housed in a connected tank; the salt, being hygroscopic in nature, attracts and absorbs the water molecules and turns into a slurry. As water evaporates, it gives up energy, which is then released inside the salt tank. This energy transfer results in the water becoming colder, while the salt slurry heats up. We now have a cold water tank and a hot salt tank, which is essentially a heat pump. By connecting coiled tube to the two tanks, water circulating through the tubes can transport energy, hot or cold, out of the system and to the environment. In principle, we now have a cooling and heating system. In order to store energy in the system, the salt tank can be connected to solar panels. The heat from water connected to the solar thermal collectors evaporates water from the salt, which will be dried and energy is stored in it for as long as it is needed. As soon as water is remixed with the salt, that energy is released, again cooling the water tank. Since a third of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions come from heating and cooling of buildings, these emissions can be drastically reduced by adopting technologies that are based on the use of renewable energy. ClimateWell’s achievement is certainly a step in the right direction. References: ase%20English.pdf /Tech07PressRelease

ClimateWell’s CW10 Solar Cooling System

A drawing of how the CW10 looks at the inside


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

he Brazilian rainforest in the state of Mato Grosso, which forms a valuable canopy and is the natural habitat of many animal and plant species, has been rapidly threatened. From 2001 to 2004, over one million (1,334,369) acres of rainforest were lost. According to a recent report compiled by researchers from the University of Maryland, the main culprit for this deforestation is cattle raising. American scientific writer Jeremy Rifkin stated that even in the 1980s, for every hamburger eaten in the USA, six square meters of rainforest had been converted to pasture. While most of the trees are cut to create pasture land, the rainforest is also being destroyed to produce soy crops that are exported for cows in Europe. According to data provided by the FAO, the clearing of forests to create pastures and fields creates 5,291 billion pounds per year of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the most potent greenhouse gases. In Brazil and Bolivia, it is projected that almost seven and a half million acres of forest will be lost by 2010. One third of the ice-free parts of the earth’s surface are currently covered with pastures for cattle, while 33 per cent of the world’s arable land is used to grow food for animals. Raising livestock is a very ineffective way of feeding the growing population of our planet: In order to produce an overall 127,868 million pounds of meat a year, an annual 169,756 million pounds of food have to be fed to the animals. The 41,888 million pounds of food wasted this way could feed millions of people instead, and millions of animal lives would be saved! According to another study, deforested land greatly contributes to global warming, raising temperatures up to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Croplands also tend to significantly heat up the environment, Sources: followed by pastures. In contrast, rainforests (German) transpire water through their leaves and roots, creating a natural cooling effect. These green lungs of our planet Earth also absorb a lot of Further reading: CO2 and “exhale” oxygen instead. The Amazon Jeremy Rifkin: Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture. rainforest, for instance, produces more than 20 Frances Moore Lappe: Diet for a Small Planet. % of the world’s oxygen. These findings show very clearly that to prevent global warming and the resulting climate change, a vegetarian diet is one of the most effective ways. Besides, it saves lives!
Rainforests - the green lungs of the Earth Burning the rainforests destroys a natural ecosystem This scorched and barren landscape is the cost of just a few hamburgers!



Hot Topic

a Planetary Protector - the Rainforest -


with a

Vegetarian Diet
By Vienna News Group (Originally in English)

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 41

The Golden Age Lifestyle

The Island of Samso, Denmark:

An Ecological Wonderland
By Dallas News Group, USA (Originally in English)


n 1997, the ecological-minded Danish Energy Agency sponsored a national contest to select the off-shore island with the best plan to become 100% energy-sustainable within a 10-year timeframe. Without any local conventional energy sources, the island of Samso was selected as the best site to perform this controlled experiment. The results have been amazing. Today, 100% of island inhabitants use green electricity from the numerous wind turbines dotting its horizon with 75% of heating needs satisfied via solar power and biomass energy. It has been estimated that Samso has reduced its emissions of key pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide by 142%, 71% and 41% respectively as the result of these efforts. The next challenge is the transportation sector where Samso is applying two radically different concepts to address transportation energy needs. The first is rapeseed (canola) oil that is simply cold-pressed, strained, and fed directly into slightly modified diesel engines. This effort is targeted at large diesel users such as farm tractor and ferry boat operators. The next longer term project is the development of a hydrogen plant to eventually fuel other motor vehicles. To facilitate public education and generate interest in this new endeavor, hydrogen trucks manufactured by H2 Logic Alps would be used by the island in various vocational capacities. In addition to all the positive environmental changes, the Samso ecological revolution has brought the community together to enhance their economy. Investment cooperatives allow inhabitants to earn substantial investment returns on shares of wind turbines. Excess wind generated kilowatt hours are transferred to Denmark’s main power grid helping to raise wind power’s share of the Danish power consumption to 20%. Danish wind turbine manufacturers, experiencing a major surge in demand, now account for 40% of the world market with Germany and Spain buying 24% and 10.5% of Danish turbine exports. That accounts for 3.4 billion in US dollars or approximately 1.8% of Danish GDP. Note also, that Samso has become very innovative in its use of available resources to improve its overall quality of life. Straw from crops
42 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

The Golden Age Lifestyle

such as alfalfa (considered carbon neutral) is burned in super-efficient centralized kilns that supply home waterbased heating in winter. Combined with local district solar plants, studies show that inhabitants enjoy a 20% cheaper rate vs. buying and using heating oil. In addition, the ash from the kilns can be sown back into the fields to fertilize the next cycle of alfalfa. The by-product, green mash cake, from the rapeseed bio-diesel presses is used as nutritious vegetarian animal feed, eliminating the need to import feed from abroad. Locally grown organic produce growers thrive as the local people try to avoid imported produce grown with oil-based chemical fertilizers. By enhancing regional self-sufficiency, new markets have opened in turn generating good-paying jobs. The introduction of these renewable energy projects has led Samso inhabitants to embrace a lifestyle that stimulated their economy, improved their way of life, and kept their environment clean. Community commitment provided the foundation for success because the local people wanted to take more personal control over the quality of their life. Inhabitants see that their efforts have brought benefit to References: themselves, their island, their country and the world. As such, Samso is a shining model of what all communities can evolve toward.

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 43

Beautiful People


Beautiful Events

A 10-Year Old

Takes Action for Cleaner Air in Cars
By USA News Group (Originally in English)

ustin Kvadas , of East Hartford, Connecticut, USA, is working to get a bill passed by his state legislature that would ban smoking in automobiles, to protect children from second-hand smoke. “If you can’t eat, drink or talk on a cell phone while driving, how come you can still smoke? It can be just as dangerous, or more dangerous,” Kvadas said. Kvadas started a petition and got about 200 signatures. He began an e-mail campaign, wrote the governor, met with Mayor Melody Curry and caught the attention of state Representative Henry Genga. Representative Genga drafted and filed a slightly amended bill that would ban drivers from smoking if there’s a child in the car. Early this year, Kvadas testified before the state legislature about the dangers of cigarette smoke and the need for legislation to protect children from second-hand smoke while they are riding in cars. About fifty of Kvadas’ fellow students from O’Connell Elementary School filled the seats behind him, some waving hand-made signs with such affirmations as “Let Us Breathe” and “Don’t Smoke around Kids.” Sources: “It’s important to keep trying because you don’t want artfeb07,0,6636664.story?coll=hc-headlines-politics kids to have to inhale all of the toxic and cancer-causing chemicals; it’s bad for their health,” Kvadas said. He also said that if that bill doesn’t pass, he won’t give up. On February 9, Golden Year 4 (2007), ABC News named Kvadas “Person of the Week.” Arkansas and Louisiana have already passed similar anti-smoking measures, as has Bangor, Maine. Nine other states are considering doing the same.
44 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180


Shining World Leadership Awards
Saves Lebanon Beach
Shining World Leadership Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai was presented to a 17year old teen, Mokhtar Hasbini, in Beirut, Lebanon on February 3, Golden Year 4 (2007), honoring his initiative in cleaning up a Lebanon beach that was seriously polluted by an oil spill. Alongside the award letter and the plaque, US$5000 was also given in order to assist the young boy to continue his noble works. The 15,000 ton oil spill, due to a recent war, was the biggest environmental crisis in the history of the Mediterranean Sea. Mokhtar Hasbini came to the beach on the first day it happened and began cleaning up while bombing went on. He not only cleaned the beach but took pictures and spread them to the mass-media so that the public could be aware of the seriousness of the pollution. Within weeks, the volunteers’ example was responded to by a massive government clean-up effort. He is truly a shining example for all, especially for young people. Upon receiving the award, Mokhtar Hasbini expressed his deep appreciation to Supreme Master Ching Hai and hoped other young people could be also very active in improving the world to be more positive. Later, on February 11, Mokhtar wrote an e-mail to Master, saying: “It is an honor to be recognized for my hard work, and receiving this gift motivates me to continue to strive for excellence…. Your generosity has made a profound impact on my life and I am truly grateful to be the recipient of your reward. Receiving the “Shining World Leadership Award” is of tremendous benefit to me….”

A Young Eco Hero


By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean)

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 45

Shining World Leadership Awards
One Person’s Loving Dedication Brings Benefit to the Lives of Many
n February 12, Golden Year 4 (2007), fellow initiates from Virginia Center went to Arlington, Virginia, to present Dr. Jane Goodall with the Shining World Leadership Award in recognition of her outstanding efforts and enlightened leadership. Besides the plaque, they also presented Master’s letter of congratulations and a $10,000 check for her nonprofit humanitarian organization, the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation. We were quite mesmerized by the numerous pictures of Dr. Goodall’s works and the bronze statue of a chimpanzee at the entrance of the institute. They signified simplicity, dedication, and humanitarianism. As introduced in News Magazine No. 174, Dr. Goodall is the world’s foremost authority on chimpanzees, and her research has transformed scientific perceptions of the relationship between humans and animals. Her recently published Mr. Bill Johnston (right), book, ‘“Harvest for Hope: A Guide president of the Jane Goodall Institute, to Mindful Eating,’“ also promotes receives the Shining vegetarianism and changes in the World Leadership way people produce and consume Award plaque on behalf of Jane Goodall along food. It offers many ways to create with Master’s letter and positive change for the future of our a $10,000 check. children and the planet. Through the years, Dr. Goodall became a conservationist and a social activist, calling on people to protect animals and the environment as well as promoting youth humanitarian education. In 1977, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation to provide ongoing support for field research on wild chimpanzees. Today, the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute is to advance the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate
46 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180


By Virginia News Group (Originally in English)

Shining World Leadership Awards
action to improve the environment for all living things. The Institute is a leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats; it has become widely recognized for establishing innovative community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa, as well as the Roots & Shoots education program, which is now available in more than 70 countries. Despite her hectic schedule and countless projects, Dr. Goodall always looks so peaceful. The answer to her serenity lies in her book, ‘“Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey.’“ In this book, she mentions one of her experiences while visiting a church; she heard inner music that brought her to a feeling of eternal bliss. She believes this inner spiritual experience and her other peaceful inner sound experiences connect her with God’s power, inspiring her to work as a God’s messenger to spread the word that human beings should have a proper relationship with the animal kingdom. So it is her strong faith in God and her pure loving heart toward all beings that helps her in doing this unconditional selfless work for the world. Dr. Goodall is a wonderful example of a person who is loving, courageous and humble. She has received numerous awards including the Gandhi King Award for Nonviolence. In April 2002 Secretary-General Annan named Dr. Goodall a United Nations ‘“Messenger of Peace.’“ She has also published numerous books for both adult and children. Due to Dr. Goodall’s busy schedule, she was not able to attend the award presentation. The Vice President of Communications received us with a warm welcome and hospitality while we were waiting to meet with Mr. Bill Johnston, president of the Jane Goodall Institute. Mr. Johnston, in receiving the award on behalf of Dr. Goodall, said ‘“it’s a wonderful honor’“ and told us that the money will help the Institute to create ‘“sustainable livelihoods around the world.’“ After the award presentation, a member of the Virginia Center was able to speak with Mr. Johnston about the Jane Goodall Institute. Mr. Johnston proudly acknowledged that this year is the 30th anniversary of the Institute and indicated that there are events around the world to celebrate all the great accomplishments of the Institute, which range from protecting the chimpanzees to protecting the forests all over Africa. Mr. Johnston explained that deforestation is the biggest threat to the chimpanzees and in fact leads to the bush-meat trade where hunters kill and eat animals including chimpanzees. Mr. Johnston also reminded us that Dr. Goodall is a vegetarian and that the Board of Directors is always served vegetarian meals. Mr. Johnston went on to say that Dr. Goodall’s biggest loves are children and education. She created the Roots & Shoots program to allow children of all ages to help their own community, help the animals, and help preserve the environment. The symbolism of the name is that roots make a firm foundation while shoots can break concrete to reach the sun. As a final note, Mr. Johnston said, ‘“No one can replace Jane. She is one of a kind.’“ As we exited the building, we all felt honored and blessed to have been a part of this God-sent event.
For more detailed information, please refer to the following web sites:
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 47

Shining World Leadership Awards
Dr. David Suzuki
world-renowned geneticist, academic and broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki has educated the public for over 40 years on environmental issues. Dr. Suzuki is the passionate author of more than 30 books and has earned a reputation world-wide as an environmental guru. became the host of The In 1979, Dr. Suzuki Nature of Things, which became one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s most popular television shows. For three decades this award-winning program would make viewers aware of little known subjects such as the language of animals; the growth of big business Dr. David Suzuki farming; and the future of the Arctic. Always ahead of his time, in 1987 he broadcast a groundbreaking episode focused on the emerging AIDS/HIV epidemic, providing many viewers with their first understanding of the disease. Since 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation has been dedicated to finding innovative solutions to help conserve the natural world. Most recently the Foundation has come forward to encourage Canada to implement the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas reduction. The world has gratefully acknowledged Dr. Suzuki’s passion for science. Awards include a UNESCO prize for science, a United Nations Environment Program medal and an induction as an Officer of the Order of Canada. He has 15 honorary doctorates from universities in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. In addition, Canada’s First Nations people have honored him with five native names and he has been formally adopted by two tribes. Recently, David Suzuki traveled across Canada, visiting 50 cities, on the “If you were Prime Minister” tour. The aim of this tour was to find out what Canadians all over the country want to do to protect the environment, and take these concerns to the government in Ottawa. To facilitate this, there is a website ( where people can upload their own 15-30 second home video expressing their viewpoint. David Suzuki believes that protecting our world is everyone’s right and responsibility. Today Dr. Suzuki dedicates his time to informing the public about the importance of the
48 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180


Compiled from Supreme Master Television News, Episode 63

Shining World Leadership Awards
natural world. Highly respected as a person who speaks his truth, he is often placed alongside the likes of Carl Sagan and Jacques Cousteau as one of the world’s most effective ambassadors of science. For his dedication and enthusiasm to protect the natural world, Supreme Master Ching Hai has awarded him the Shining World Leadership Award, to which he expressed his appreciation: “Thank you for the recognition of my work. I am deeply honored at being the recipient of the Award.”

Letters from Dr. Suzuki and his Executive Assistant to express the honor and acknowledgment of receiving the award from Master.

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 49

The Sentient World of Animals

Respecting God’s Timing
in the

Natural Process of Death
By sister-initiate Debbie Knight, Los Angeles, USA (Originally in English)


he death of a pet is a very heartbreaking experience. Only pet owners understand this kind of sadness. Our dog, Angie, died after being with us for about 15 years. My husband and I had adopted her when she was only six weeks old. At that time, we were not initiated yet and did not imagine that one day we would have to make important decisions for Angie’s medical treatments and for not interfering with her process of dying. In the USA, it is very common and is considered humane to ‘put down’ animals or put them ‘to sleep.’ Whenever a pet has an incurable disease and is in pain, or its prospects for a good quality of life are not felt to be good, euthanizing is suggested and often used. When I first adopted Angie, I also believed it was OK to put animals ‘to sleep.’ I thought that this was the kindest way to end their suffering. But after my husband and I were initiated about eight years ago, we started to love animals more than before. We also became closer to Angie and loved her more and more. She taught us a lot about being good spiritual practitioners, showing us how to love unconditionally and how to be a good companion when one of us was sick or sad. She cared for us so very tenderly and attentively. In fact, there was no one in this world who would not have felt loved in her presence! At some point after my initiation and my closer relationship with Angie, I realized that I no longer believed in euthanizing pets. I prayed to Master that I would not have to make this decision for her. When Angie turned 13, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The veterinarian was going to perform a biopsy and explorative surgery and offered to “put her down” if the cancer had already spread throughout her body. I was devastated because I didn’t want her to be euthanized, but I also did not want her to suffer for the rest of her life. I prayed to Master for guidance to make a decision and to find
50 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

The Sentient World of Animals a way to make Angie’s wishes understood. So, I sat down with her and talked to her about her diagnosis. I told her that we didn’t want her to be ‘put down’ because we didn’t believe in doing such things in our spiritual practice. Angie’s eyes became so loving and caring when I was talking to her. It was like she understood what I said, and she understood our dilemma. Suddenly, from her eyes, I knew that she still wanted to live and to be with us, and that everything would be all right. My husband and I decided not to ‘put her down’ no matter what the doctor would find. We told the doctor to do whatever he could to save her life. It turned out that her kidney cancer was localized and the doctor only had to remove her left kidney. Angie then had to go through a series of chemotherapy treatments. She recovered quickly and was able to enjoy a normal happy life for the next two years. When Angie was 15, I somehow knew that her time would not be long. I spent as much time as I could with her. One day, I noticed that she was losing her sense of smell. I was so sad because I wondered what kind of life would that be for a dog who could not smell. Not long after that, she started to separate herself from us. She would move away from us when we wanted to pet her and she would not look at me or come when I called her. Then, she started to reduce her food intake and finally stopped eating altogether, flatly refusing even when I encouraged her. At this point, my husband and I had a difficult decision to make: whether to take her to the veterinarian or to let her be. Feeling that her process of dying had begun, we decided to allow nature to take its course. After Angie stopped eating for five days, she stopped drinking water, too. Even when I tried to drop water into her mouth, she closed her mouth tightly. Her body became weak and she could not get up anymore. This is the point when some people might send their pet to be euthanized because they are afraid he or she is in pain and will die from dehydration. But Angie looked so peaceful, not agitated, nor did she make any noise. It looked like she slept most of the time and that she was in a meditative state. She would open her eyes but did not look around or look at us with interest. Once in a while when I touched her she would respond with a blink or a nod. She stayed in this kind of condition for three days after she stopped taking water, and then she was gone. After Angie died, my husband and I grieved deeply. Although I knew that what I had done with Angie was right, I wanted some verification. After some searching, I found an article on the Internet: “Lessons for the Living,” an interview with Denys Cope, RN, BSN. In this article, Ms. Cope, who has over 35 years of experience as a nurse, described the mental, physical and spiritual process of dying. Although she was talking about humans, the process she described was so similar to what I had seen with Angie. Humans also withdraw themselves from social activities when they become old and dying. They tend to go inward and like to be alone in their last days. They usually refuse to eat or drink in their final days. The physical body of a human makes preparations for the soul to depart. Reading this article helped me to understand the process of dying naturally and to be at peace with our decision. I also felt that in the last days of her life, Angie taught us another spiritual lesson: that animals can die naturally without having to be euthanized and that we should treat animals the same as humans from their birth to their death. Animals are children of God, too.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 51

The Sentient World of Animals

Master Takes Sammy to Heaven
ammy was a beautiful collie/shepherd dog that we had since he was a baby in 1992. His mother had been our companion for 4 years when Sammy was born, and then the two of them were with us for another 11 years until she passed on. Then it was only Sammy! Sammy was the most darling dog you could ever imagine. He followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom. He was my constant loyal companion, my loving child, my shadow. Sammy was getting older, and one February morning, Golden Year 3 (2006), we went for our walk but halfway we had to bring him back home because he couldn’t walk, his back legs were paralyzed. What should we do? We didn’t want to euthanize him. Though as he suffered, we sometimes wondered if we were making the right decision. Still, Sammy seemed to love life, no matter how physically debilitated he got. He was a big dog, and when he couldn’t walk anymore, we made a wheelchair for him out of copper pipes; we copied what we saw on the internet. It was easy to make and inexpensive. How Sammy loved that! For six months he used the wheelchair and wanted to go everywhere; in his mind he thought he got the use of his legs back. Then he lost his sight and hearing. Not long after that Sammy could no longer use his custom-made wheelchair! We had to lift him up and down the stairs to go out to the bathroom. It took both of us, and we are pretty big people! We felt so blessed that we work from home, so we could be around him all day and night. During the summer we took Sammy for a month camping trip, with him sleeping between us in the van every night. He adored that! We knew that Sammy’s time to depart this plane was soon coming, and talked to him about it. We told him that it was all right to go, that we would miss him, but that was okay. One early February morning, Golden Year 4 (2007), I woke up and felt the need to go to Sammy. He was breathing heavily, and I didn’t want him to suffer. I prayed to Master to take him quickly. Within two minutes he was gone; he looked so peaceful. Two days later during his meditation, Saiid, my husband, saw Master come. She was in a white and gold dress, with a white hat, walking with Sammy. Sammy ran up to Saiid; he looked so beautiful, all healthy and robust. He licked Saiid’s hand, as if to say good-bye. Master called Sammy, and away he happily went toward the light. We feel so happy that we let Sammy live out his natural course of life, and are so delighted and grateful that he has a very best Friend in heaven. Thank You, Master!
PS. As You have probably already discovered, Sammy loves his tummy rubbed everyday!
52 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180


By sister-initiate Alice Staael, Vancouver, Canada (Originally in English)

The Sentient World of Animals

An Understanding oose G

By Nantou News Group, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)


r. Huang is a farmer in Nantou County. He has a goose as a pet because he thinks geese are friendly creatures that understand humans. He named him Dearie. Dearie is a very special goose. He accompanies Mr. Huang’s eighty-year-old father for a stroll in the fields every day. Every time old Mr. Huang calls Dearie, he goose steps his way out of the barn and answers with an “aw” as if to say “I am coming.” Vehicles on the road usually slow down to let old Mr. Huang, Dearie, and a little black dog walk safely and slowly by the roadside. When we heard Dearie’s response to being summoned, we couldn’t help but feel that animals are our good friends. Mr. Huang eagerly told us, “One day, my father was not feeling well and could not go for his daily walk. Dearie walked up to the glass door of the house and tapped it with his beak as if to remind my father that it was time to take the walk.” Dearie’s friendliness and understanding of humans is really remarkable. He even gives Mr. Huang arm massages by gently squeezing them with his beak from the wrist up to the elbow. After massaging one arm, he starts on the other arm. When we went to visit him, Dearie was kind enough to give us a soothing massage, too. Miss Huang said that Dearie is well-loved by her family and neighbors, and her family have stopped eating goose meat. She sincerely appeals to people to take lifelong care of their pets, no matter what kind they are.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 53

Vegetarian Children
arvard Graduate School of Education Doctoral Student Karen Hussar is researching children aged 6-10 who have become vegetarian, to write a dissertation on the reasons for children becoming vegetarian. She looked at a total of 45 children and inquired, through role play, about their reasons for adopting a plant-based diet. She had four different categories of reasons: moral, personal, meat-eating, and social. To her surprise, most of the children had moral reasons for their choice. For example, Alejandra Tumble, 10, talked about why she became vegetarian. She thinks it strange that a pig can be processed into a thin slice of pink meat, and thinks it’s wrong for her to eat that. Many of the children, even those who came from non-vegetarian homes, have similar reasons, like “I don’t like the idea of killing animals,” or “I love animals and I didn’t want to eat them. I just wanted to be nice.” Ms. Hussar believes we can learn a lot about morality from vegetarian children as they don’t have any prescribed or preset answers to explain their decision, so they are giving authentic responses about their reasons for deciding to keep the vegetarian diet. This research is also very interesting as the results show that children are capable of making independent moral decisions at this young age.

Vegetarian Era


By sister-initiate Sheila Coodin, Vancouver, Canada (Originally in English)

Events Datebook


keep pace with the planet’s ongoing spiritual elevation, the local centers of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association are holding more and more video seminars and other Truth-sharing events. You are welcome to join in these activities with your friends and relatives. For the latest schedule of our activities, please visit the following URL:
54 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Vegetarian Era

City of Greater Vancouver Embraces
By Vancouver News Group (Originally in English)


aradise Vegetarian Noodle House, an initiate owned and operated vegetarian restaurant in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, opened its doors three years ago. Every few months there was a very positive unsolicited review of their restaurant in one of the two main newspapers of Vancouver. However, recently, the two initiates that own the restaurant say that there is a dramatic rise in their lovely customers’ commitment to vegetarianism. People come in, try the food, come back again, and say that they have become vegetarian! In their restaurant, there are also vegetarian recipes and information provided, including the Alternative Living flyers and sample booklets in 11 languages. The restaurant is located at the borderline of two of the smaller cities which make up Greater Vancouver. On February 7 and 9 respectively, the community newspapers of both cities, New Westminster and Burnaby, published wonderfully positive and informative articles, which can also be accessed on-line, about the restaurant, including Alternative Living flyers and the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai on compassion for all living beings, and the benefits of vegetarianism in general. The newspapers have a combined door to door circulation of more than 65,000 households, plus many public places. Indeed, veggie heaven is here and now, and more and more people happily step in!

Articles in the Royal City Record newspaper of February 7, Golden Year 4 (2007): Articles in the Burnaby NOW newspaper, February 9, Golden Year 4 (2007):
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 55

Media Reports

Pulsar magazine, February 2007, Austria (Originally in German)

Light Shines into Television Darkness

Supreme Master Television brings Light to the World of Television
ou always hear the complaint that television only broadcasts negative news. But who actually wants to watch such dark reporting? Television broadcasters do precise research to determine which programs are popular and which are not. And apparently most of the audience wants negative journalism. I won’t explore the psychological reasons here. Does a positive channel stand a chance? Recently this very topic was discussed at the Basel PSI Conference as part of a discussion about what was successful: everyone participating (including Harald Wessbecher) was unanimous in that a television channel that only broadcast positive news had no chance of surviving. Shortly thereafter a press release from a TV channel that swore only to broadcast positive material made the rounds here. The channel is called Supreme Master Television and was founded by the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. The Association has already made a big name for itself throughout the world for its humanitarian aid.


By Marlis Bach

What’s showing?
The program is more diverse than I supposed and even the titles of the shows sound so agreeably positive like: A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms, Words of Wisdom, or Vegetarianism - the Noble Way of Living. These shows will beautify many an evening. Maybe this channel attracts precisely those people who, in contrast to mainstream TV, do not always want to be deluged by or even sprinkled with negative headlines. Maybe Supreme Master Television speaks to all those people who are already searching for a better world and, in order to stay on the path, need some support. In any case, I am very excited to see how people will react to this positive channel.

Online or Hotbird-Satellite
Technically, the channel presents a couple of hurdles that cannot be ignored. Watching the press DVD was quite a bit more practical than it is for other viewers. The simplest would be to receive the show by satellite. But most satellites are set to Astra which cannot receive Supreme Master Television. However, you can get a second satellite dish and set it to Hot Bird. This would have the advantage that you would receive more channels overall and would be able to choose from many English language channels. The second option would be to get an adjustable satellite which allows you to switch between Astra and Hot Bird at the touch of a button. Those who are fond of WebTV can also watch the programs on the internet (especially recommended when the internet and television set are connected). However, there’s no way to get around registering and downloading some programs before finding the show you want. Nonetheless, I do hope that many PULSAR readers will make the effort and watch positive programs instead of the usually negative shows.
56 The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Information: TV: HOT BIRD 6, 13° East, Frequency 10853 MHz


Master Tells Jokes

Need to Quack No About That!
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, January 2, 2007,


Duisburg, Germany (Originally in English)

here was a herd of cows in the field, and two of the cows were talking together. Cow A said to Cow B, “Wow, it really makes me worry, all this mad cow disease news going on. I don’t know if we are safe, if it’s already here and if we’re OK or not. Do you know of any sign, to know if we get mad cow disease?” And the other cow said, “I have no idea, really, but I think it’s still far away, no?” So the third cow nearby, Cow C, chipped in and said, “Oh, that shouldn’t worry us ducks, you know!”

Grandpa Must Be a
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, February 3, 2003, Florida, USA (Originally in English) DVD #755


boy asked his grandpa, “Were you on Noah’s Ark?” “No, of course not!” his grandpa said. “Then how come you were not drowned?”

Please visit the following websites to enjoy the original sound tracks of these jokes, and you may also share the joy of Master’s humor with those around you: http://
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 57

Love in Action

God’s Love


Reaches South America – Part 2


By San Paulo News Group

n the face of the disasters caused by heavy rains in some regions of Southern Brazil, our fellow initiates have put Master’s loving instructions into action to render some relief to Nova Friburgo and Sumidouro.(Please refer to the report in News #178.) Later, a group of fellow initiates again brought Master’s comfort to the needy in two cities: Campos de Goitacases and Muriaé. By the morning of January 25 in Campos de Goitacases, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, four fellow initiates met with Ms. Ana Regina Campos Fernandes, the chief of Social Development and Promotion Secretariat, to find out which kind of products should be purchased in enough quantity for all the people who had been moved to a provisional public place. We then bought R$17,972.89 (about US$8,405.27) worth of detergent, household bleach, disinfectant, hand soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and baby diapers. By the late afternoon, the products were delivered to “Dom Delfim” Educational Center, one of the temporary storage places for relief contributions. We also bought R$10,000.00 (about US$4,676.64) worth of toothbrushes, which were delivered in February. That night, one brother went to Muriaé, a city in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, and arrived the next day. According to the people at the Social Development Secretariat of the city, in the beginning of January, two floods had already forced many people to either leave their homes or lose their possessions. Before people could recover, Muriaé had just suffered another flood on January 25, making more victims. After talking to Ms. Eveline Amaral, the chief of this secretariat, the brother bought 191 portable mattresses worth R$5,440.00 (about US$2,544.09) for the city’s victims, especially the recent ones. The mattresses were soon carried onto a city hall’s truck and taken to a club where the relief materials were temporarily stored. We felt that it was God’s arrangement that we always arrived in time wherever we went to bring Master’s love and some material comforts to those in need.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

A child helping to carry diaper packages into storage places.

Love in Action

A receipt from Social Development and Promotion Secretariat in Campos de Goitacases

A receipt from “Dom Delfim” Educational Center (on behalf of Social Development Secretariat in Muriaé) for the 191 portable mattress contributed to flood

Fellow initiates with the Social Promotion and Development Secretariat personnel in Campos de Goitacases

Expenditures of Disaster Relief Rendered by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her Association to Victims of Heavy Rain in Southern Brazil
Description of Relief Items Amount (in Brazilian Real) Appendix Related Reports Food, daily necessities and cleaning-related products R$20,000.00 A1~5 News #178 to the cities of Nova Friburgo and Sumidouro Cleaning-related products and daily necessities to the R$27,972.89 B1~3 News #180 city of Campos de Goitacases Portable mattresses to the city of Muriae R$5,440.00 C1 News #180 R$53,412.89 Total (US$24,950.00)

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 59

Love in Action


Blanket Distribution in Barmer
By brother-initiate Adil Bhai, Rajasthan, India (Originally in English)


ecently, the district of Barmer in India experienced an extremely cold winter. The temperature dropped to zero and people would shiver even in the day time. They were in urgent need of woolen clothes and blankets. With the financial support from Master, fellow initiates from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association distributed 500 blankets worth about 175,000 Indian rupees (US$3,833) to the most desperate people, such as widows, the disabled and the poor. The initiates divided themselves into five groups of 3-4 members and spent five days to complete the mission. Upon receiving the loving gifts the recipients were very grateful. Some commented that they might have died without the blankets. The initiates were glad to bring God’s love to those most in need.
Rajasthan Patrika, India 14 February, 2007 (Originally in Hindu) A local newspaper article entitled “Blanket Distribution to the Needy,” reports that with the support of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, the distribution of 500 blankets gave relief to the poor and the needy people from the unbearable cold.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Love in Action

Expenditures for relief work rendered by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her Association in Barmer, Rajasthan, India
Description of relief items 500 blankets Total Amount (Indian Rupees) 175,000 175,000 (US$ 3,833) Appendix A1~30

California, USA

Putting Master’s Teachings into Practice


By Los Angeles News Group (Originally in English)

n January 20, Golden Year 4 (2007), with Master’s love, Los Angeles initiates held a dinner featuring delicious vegetarian food at the Armories Shelter, in Santa Ana, California. Almost 200 people attended the dinner and there were some sweaters, hats, gloves, as well as personal hygiene items distributed to our homeless friends. Side by side, the sisters and brothers worked to help serve everyone as a feeling of love filled the air. After the event our homeless friends rushed to express their gratitude, with many saying, “We’ve never been treated with such respect and love.” The initiates’ collective reply was “Don’t thank us. Thank God.” One commented: “It’s really great to have people in this world that care about others.”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 61

Love in Action


Sharing Heartwarming Love during Lunar New Year
Compiled by Formosa News Groups (Originally in Chinese)



he Taipei Center of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association has continued to extend love and concern to homeless friends in metropolitan Taipei. These loving actions date back to the contribution at the end of 2005 of a mobile bath facility to the Taipei County Volunteer Association of the local government’s Homeless Friends Service Center. Since then, we have helped renovate dormitories and install new living facilities for Guanzhao Yuan, a halfway house for the homeless in the county. We have also given the underprivileged people gifts and warm clothes, and held soul-elevating seminars, Convenient Method teaching sessions, and other activities for them. In addition to warming the hearts of our homeless friends, we have witnessed a continuous elevation of their body, mind and soul. Another piece of good news is that Guanzhao Yuan currently serves vegetarian meals for more than ten whole days each month. To express gratitude for the our long-term contribution to the less fortunate people, Taipei County Magistrate Chou Hsi-wei presented a certificate of appreciation to our Association at a yearend celebration dinner held on February 12, Golden Year 4 (2007). Some of our Association members were invited to sit at the head table together with the County Magistrate, the Social Affairs Bureau Director Li Li-chuan and Deputy Director Chan Yu-jung, as well as Chairman Huang Hsing-hua of the Volunteer Association.
Fellow initiates introduce Master’s book, “The Realization of Health,” and the Supreme Master Television to distinguished guests.



he Hsinchu Center conveyed the love and care for homeless friends and wished them a happy Lunar New Year by distributing gifts on February 6. These less fortunate people in Hsinchu

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Love in Action and Miaoli accepted the gift packages that included instant noodles, undergarments, sleeping bags, eating utensils, seasonings, sauces, dish cleaning materials, and sanitation items. Apart from directly distributing to needy homeless friends, we also delivered gifts, at the advice of the Social Affairs Bureau, to The Cyun Ying Work Group Advance Confraternity, Hsinchu Homeless Shelter and Miaoli Homeless Shelter, so that the items could reach the most needy people at the right time, thus achieving the greatest efficiency. On the same day, fellow initiates delivered used garments and toys to the Catholic Hua Kuang Mental Ability Development Center and contributed Supreme Master Ching Hai’s spiritual books to its library for reference by teachers.


On Lunar New Year’s eve, fellow initiates from Changhua visit needy local households and present them with New Year gifts of cash funds.

t the invitation of the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, the Kaohsiung Center participated in a year-end dinner jointly convened for lonely old folks and homeless friends by the Genesis, Ren-an Foundation and Huashan Foundation on February 10. We prepared 300 gift bags containing warm clothing and an Alternative Living leaflet for the underprivileged people. The homeless friends were surprised to receive the gifts, exclaiming with delight, “We have gifts too!” A homeless mother held the hands of a fellow initiate and said, “I am very grateful for your love!” The event ended on a beautiful note with concerted effort by volunteers from the different groups.


The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 63

In the following list are those among the good nations in which basic or greater freedom of faith is respected. If there is no contact person in your area, please contact our headquarters or our office nearest to you.

Our Liaison Practitioners around the World
P.O.Box 9, Hsihu, Miaoli 36899, Formosa, R.O.C. P.O.Box 730247, San Jose, CA 95173-0247, U.S.A.
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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 65

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The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180

Music and Life


Golden Lotus Has Left the World
- In Memory of the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac
Compiled from Supreme Master Television, Episode 161 and 162

n a morning in late March 1991, during a lecture tour in the United States at the time, Supreme Master Ching Hai accepted the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac’s gracious invitation to visit an Aulacese temple in Los Angeles, USA. The Most Venerable Thich Man Giac and Supreme Master Ching Hai had the affinity to have known each other in earlier times. On this occasion, they conversed with each other like close friends since time immemorial. Their exchange was filled with laughter, as if Heaven and Earth joined in the festivities; thus the essence of Zen seemed to permeate throughout the worldly realm. The Most Venerable Thich Man Giac, also a distinguished poet, was the abbot of the Aulacese Buddhist Temple until his passing on October 13, Golden Year 3 (2006). Moved by news of his passing, Supreme Master Ching Hai has composed the poems “Golden Lotus” and “Sayonara” in dedication to him. As the current abbot, Truong Vi , mentioned in a recent interview at the temple, it was clear that the respect between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac was mutual. On February 21, Golden Year 4 (2007), some fellow initiates visited the Aulacese Buddhist Temple to present Supreme Master Ching Hai’s gift of US$7,000 to the temple. Upon receiving this gift, Abbot Truong Vi was deeply moved and speechless. He offered a book of the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac’s and wrote:

Respectfully to Bodhisattva Manifestation Supreme Master Ching Hai Thich Nhu Minh Vietnamese Buddhist Temple Los Angeles, California Spring, Year of the Pig 2007

A note from Abbot Truong Vi, dedicating the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac’s book to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

 Supreme Master Ching Hai has respected the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac’s

poetry and recited his poems in the traditional Aulacese style. These are recorded in the collection titled “The Golden Lotus,” on DVD-770 and CD-M035.
The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 180 67

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest Books

Elevation of the Soul

The Dogs in My Life
English edition (Chinese and English bilingual edition will be released soon)

he latest publication by Master, “The Dogs in My Life,” has just been released! This fabulous real-life doggie tale, which Master has dedicated to Her canine companions, is available in a two-part set, complete with many full-color photographs. Master’s dogs have been part of Her life since 2001 when She began adopting them, one after another. Before the recent retreat in Formosa, Master spent a great deal of time compiling and selecting hundreds of photos for the first public release of this book set. Along with Her role as author, editor, designer, and caption poet, Master was also one of the book’s photographers! Master said that it was actually the dogs who gave Her the inspiration to compile and write these books, which provide the complete story of each dog’s miraculous journey to rebirth and a new life, free of previous suffering. Full of love and warmth, the books’ many photographs let us witness both touching and humorous moments as Master bathes, walks, feeds, hugs, sings to, watches TV with, tells bedtime stories to, and shares moments of closeness with Her dogs. All of Master’s ten dogs vowed to follow Her as their only guide and to be Her guard their whole lives, which moved Master deeply. Their expression of courage and devotion is truly humbling, as described in one account where Happy and Lucky cried with Master when She was emotionally low, steadfastly staying by Her side and refusing to leave the whole night long. Master said that if we humans could love God like Her doggies love Her, we would attain the Kingdom of God immediately! Master hopes that after reading these books, we will better appreciate what noble beings our animal friends on Earth truly are, and thus, come to respect other sentient beings even more.


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