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Marvel Tea

Marvel Tea is the 1st largest branded packed tea on the portfolio of branded teas in the North India. The story of Indias favorite brands reads almost like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, in 1987, a tea business was stated in a nondescript house at Uklana. The beginnings might have been humble but the dreams were big enough. The aim was to fulfill the gap between packed tea & loose tea market, but after struggling 7 years a company Marvel Tea Estate was established in 1994 with the aim to provide best quality of packed tea throughout the year. Initially company started its business with Haryana & Punjab state. As the time moved on, the tea market continued to grow..... and Marvel Tea grew along with it. In 1997 company entered into Rajasthan state and in the same year it was re-christened as Marvel Tea Estate Private Limited. Until 1999 company expanded its business to Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Delhi and Chandigarh, & rechristened as Marvel Tea Estate (India) Limited. The company was dedicated to maximize the wealth of its family by constantly launching new products and attractive market schemes. Until 2003 company was present in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. In 2004 company stated with the government supply (C.S.D.) across the nation, where it achieved multiple growth every year. In year 2005 Marvel Tea crossed the nations boundaries and got a remarkable place in Dubai market (U.A.E.). The flow of growth was continue and stated with other countries such as Korea, Italy, California, etc. Today, after those tentative first steps, Marvels fairy tale is not only going strong but blazing new standards. The company had got ISO 9001:2000 certificates in 2003 for better quality maintenance of products, packaging of tea with highly equipped machineries, and continuous research & development. Having succeeded in garnering the trust of almost one third of Indias population, 1.2 billion, and a strong management at the helm means Marvel will continue to dream big on its path of quality and innovation and millions of consumers will savor the results, happily ever after.

Historical Milestone.......
1994 The company was established as Marvel Tea Estate in May 1994. The home State i.e. HARYANA was fully covered in this year. 1995 Company started its business in Punjab state. 1997 Company became Marvel Tea Estate Private Limited. The same year company expanded its arms in Rajasthan state. 1998 A new state, Himachal Pradesh was added to the portfolio of the company. The same year company entered into Jammu & Kashmir State. 1999 This year was a major turn in the history of company. Now the time was for revolution. In the beginning of this year company became Marvel Tea Estate (India) Limited. The same year company expanded its coverage area and entered into Karnataka State. After the successful launching of Karnataka company moved its steps towards National Capital of the country i.e. New Delhi and to the Chandigarh state, the same year. 2000 The new century took the company to the new heights. In the January 2000 Company entered into Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand state. 2001 A new state Madhya Pradesh was added to the portfolio of the company in this year. 2003 This year Company got the certificate ISO 9001:2000 & became the 1st North Indian Tea Packaging Company to have quality maintenance system. 2004 A new FMCG Unit, Marvel Chemicals India Limited was established & launched toilet soaps under Lay, Touch n Glow, Asmi brands. Company also launched the product under a new brand name i.e. Maryada Soap.

Marvel Chemicals India Limited introduced a new product Detergent Powder under the brand name Maryada, & Marvel in the same year. 2005 Marvel Tea was introduced into CSD Canteens (at 34 canteens across the nation). 2006 This year group started exporting Marvel Tea product in Dubai, Italy, California (USA), & South Africa. 2007 This year was a turning point in the history of Marvel Group, started Real Estate Business in January 2007. A new unit Marvel Build well Private Limited was setup and a town Marvel City was developed in Hisar City. 2008 The group expanded its Global Tea Business to Korea, Italy, and other gulf countries. 2009 With the beginning of year Marvel Tea was launched into Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Maharashtra.


Marvel Yellow Tea

Product USP - Rich in taste, flavor and aroma TG- premium class segment Marvel Yellow Tea is a Premium blend of CTC grade tea from selected tea gardens of Assam. When each of premium granules of tea comes together a strong fine blend evolves into an outstanding flavor to give us a unique tea drinking experience. Mr. R.C. Jain (CMD) says whoever drinks Marvel Yellow Tea for 14 days will never forget its flavor and aroma

Marvel Gold Tea

Product USP - Rich in taste and strong in colour

TG- -Medium class segment Marvel Gold Tea is rich in taste and strong in colour. It is carefully chosen from thousands of tea plants to give you exquisite aroma and taste. As name it indicates that the colour of the tea is like Gold. Marvel Gold Tea is for those who want a strong cup of tea in the morning, without compromising on quality. Marvel Gold Tea is highly loved our Indian Soldiers as well. The cup of Marvel Gold Tea is life of every tea lovers.

Marvel Red Tea

Product USP - Strong in liquor and Rich in flavour

TG - Lower Class segment Marvel Red Tea provides you strong colour of tea which keeps you refresh during full day. It gives you feeling of strangeness. People say if it is not Marvel Red Tea its not my cup of tea.

Marvel Glory Tea

Product USP - Strong in liquor TG - Lower Class segment Marvel Glory Tea gives you perfect refresh ness thats what you need to start your perfect day. This makes you feel strong and refresh. The quality of this tea is such unique which satisfies the needs of an individual.

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