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Prabhata Rashmi


Harih Om Tat Sat! Jai Guru!

I was speaking and emphasizing the point that we generally take into account only the
functions and functional effects of the mind and cal the mind a disturber! It is true that the
mind is a disturbing element. But the point is that it is this mind that we want to be non
disturbing and also delightful. That means the it is the same mind that is going to change its
behaviour and structure.

This will be possible only if you understand that apart from the functions, the mind has its
won substance and character. When that is understood, things will become easier.

The entire spiritual gospels are meant to expose this potential and possibility of the mind. For
the defects of the mind we are seeking refuge under the mind alone. This is done by the
intelligence by introspection.

Asthavakra Samhita is a very beautiful text. Sage Asthavakra is giving a personal instruction
to King Janaka, who is very much known for his Self-Knowledge excellence.

He says: Listen my dear King, “yadi deham prithak kritya chiti visraamya tishtati, adhunaiva
suhki santo, bandha mukto bhavishyasi”

One little verse, this is sufficient! All of you should listen to it, learn this verse and you don’t
need any further knowledge! Yadi deham prithak kritya –if you are able to separate in your
understanding, in your mind, in your awareness, the body, separate it, and then chiti
visraamya tishtati, once you separate the body, what remains? The body is animated by
Consciousness. So the Consciousness is the animator, body is the animated. So understand
that your personality is a combination of two. One is the animated, matter, energy body
another is the animating spirit or presence, Consciousness.

If you are able to understand the two and separate the body from that Consciousness, not only
that, visraamya tishtasi, and mentally you must be able to take your restfulness on the
Consciousness, that is actually the mind substance, adunaiva sukhi santo, this very moment,
Janaka, you will become comfortable and peaceful, bandha mukto will also
be liberated from bondage.

Just imagine what is mentioned there!

The entire Sadhana consists of this process of separation. Apart form the thoughts, there is
something called the thinking substance, the mind. You must be able to get into the thinking
substance, the mind as different from the thought process it evolves.

A function can be had only when there is functioning source or a functioner (functionary).
The functioner is different from the function. When you walk, walking is a function. This is
possible only when you have legs. When you stop walking, walking alone ceases, stops, but
not the legs disappear. So, there is something called legs which you are employing for
walking. So, the walking is only a motion conducted by the legs. The legs remain separate
from walking.

Similarly, thoughts are a function. The substance which does the function is the thinking
substance or the thinker. That is different from all the thoughts. Unless you are able to probe
into the thinker, thinking substance, then you understand that these thoughts are arising and
subsiding, arising and subsiding, arising and subsiding 4.33, emerging and subsiding. If they
are emerging and subsiding, then why are we worried about that? Wherever thoughts are
useful, make use of them! Wherever they are useless and disturbing, simply disregard them.
This twin process can you not do it keeping the mind? If you say you cannot do, I cannot only
say you refuse to become wise and knowledgeable. You are ignorant, you are a fool and you
want to cling to this ignorance and foolishness. Nothing else! It’s a very, very simple and
straightforward process. Nobody may say it, but I say it no doubt! Because I am so much
particular about this simple truth should be understood and practiced by all the seekers.

Harih Om Tat Sat! Jai Guru! Transcribed by prabhakaran/01-09-2008