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NTU RU LEY ee WHBsssssasssesess " sssesessseses: Al SoSoeeeseee: 33333 SS SBEEBSERESSBBBEBRBBEBRBBERBEBNE onaN i I Editorial 72_Effusive Magmatism or Volcanism =f ‘The Universe 73 _ Effusive Magmatism z Theories of Space 73 Volcanic Structures I The Space and Outer Space 77 Intrusive Magmatism or Plutonism = Modern Astronomy 79 Major Land Surface Types I Astronomical Terms 81 Deserts ‘The World of Sound 83_Islands I Galaxies 85 Gradation or Denudation i Our Home Galaxy : The Milky Way 85 Weathering ! ‘The Worldof Stars 88 Erosion Constellations 89 _Denudation and Accumulation Agents: Magnitudes 90 The Wind Life ofa Siar 90 Waters of the Surface Run-off The Solar System $2__Waters of the Sub-surface Flow Other Planetary Systems ©7_Snow and ice The Sun 100 Geographic Distribution of The Inner Planets Contemporary Glaciers The Outer Planets 104 The Hydrosphere Sacalliias. or bnocs 104 The World Ocoan : General The Earth's Moon 1 Si f Satellites Eloor ‘The Comets 110_The Temperature of the Sea Water ‘The Asteroids 111_ Salinity of Oceanic and Sea Waters Shooting Star or Meteoroids ‘The Earth The Origin of the Earth The Age of the Earth Movements of the Earth Spherical Coordinates of Earth 112 Chemical Composition of Seas and Oceans 113_Gases in Oceanic and Sea Waters 114 Organic Marine Lite 115 Sea Water Pressure and Density 115_The Mov f We The Time The Time Zones ee ‘The Internal Structure of the Earth 120 Ocean Currents — Lithosphere 121_General Information about Rivers Continental_Drift 123 Major Riverside Cities Plate Tectonics 124 The Longest Rivers of the World Landforms 125 Highest Waterfalls of the World I Exogenetic (Exogenic) Forces 128 Lakes 67 Uncontormity 136 Swamps and Their Geological I 68 Earthquakes ‘Significance i This one Ne me" TECTIA SDHJ-R93-W9OBX a 139 The Atmosphere 208 The Pre-Cambrian Era 139 The Significance of our Atmosphere 209 Palaeozoic Era 140 Atmospheric Layers 209 Mesozoic Era 143. Atmospheric Elements 209 Caenozoic Era 143 Solar Energy 210 Quaternary Era 144 Heating of the Atmosphere 211 Geological and Biological Changes 145 The Heat Energy Budget 217 Human Geography 146 Air Temperature 220 Life in Tropical Deserts 147 Temperature of the Atmosphere 228 Tribes in india 148 Vertical Distribution of Temperature 220: Hasse of World 150 Horizontal Distribution of Temperature 28). Wand Popjiaton 152. Atmospheric Pressure 236 Population Problems i 7 237 Urban Settlements 152 Measurement of Air Pressure 350: Eeanomic Gacgraphy 154 Variations in Atmospheric Pressure 240 Agricuture ter Wed 253 Industries 188 The Wind Systems 258 Transport and Communication 162 Ait-Masses 263 Geography of india 167 Tropical Low Pressure Systems 264 Rivers 168 Special Winds 264 Main Rivers of India 171 Land and Sea Breezes 268 Climate 172 Some Other Winds 269 Vegetation 174 Humidity and Precipitation 271 Soils 174 Water-Vapour in the Atmosphere 272 Source of Irrigations 175 Instability 273 Multipurpose Projects in India. 177 Condensation 278 Agisfure i 179 Types of Fi 281 Mine 100 Clouds 283. Major Industries i 182 Rainfall 285 India's Population-2001 184 Types of Rainfall 286 Final Population Table of Census of fj 186 Other Forms of Precipitation India-2001 2 183 Climatic Typee. 288 Working and Non-working Population 189 Climatic Types of India Census-2001 : 196 Blosphere 289 Scheduled Casts and Scheduled 200 Ecology Tribe Population of India 204 Pollution Census-2001 206 Antipollution Measures 290 Some Special Facts on Population 207 Evolution 2001 207 Geological History 303 Objective Questions ‘The concurrence of the views ofthe Editor is not necessary for any ‘matter or figure published in Pratyogta Darpan. — Editor %. elt al ‘Geography / 6 fy on er D