Set some goals!

I would like to have guests at my “Avon in Your Home” party I would like to reach $ in total sales to obtain $ in brochure product! I would like to collect $ in orders before my party to help reach my goal!

After the party
Calculate your rewards:
Guest Sales: Free brochure product reward:


List the future parties booked from your party:
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* Don’t forget the 25% booking bonus you can receive.

I would love to help you start your own Avon business. As an Avon Independent Sales Representative, you would have earned $________ in commission from your party.
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Your Avon Independent Sales Representative and “Avon in Your Home” party details:

Name Phone Number

Party Date and Start Time I will arrive at Host Bonus just for you!

Who will I invite?
Call, e-mail, and mail invitations to everyone you know! Over-invite since not everyone will be able to attend. Call and/or e-mail a reminder 2 days before your party.
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Rewards for being a Host!
LeveL 1:

$100-$249.99 in Sales = $25.00 in Brochure Products

Phone #

Attending? Yes

LeveL 2: LeveL 3: LeveL 4:

$250-$499.99 in Sales = $50.00 in Brochure Products $500-$749.99 in Sales = $100.00 in Brochure Products $750-$999.99 in Sales =$200.00 in Brochure Products $25.00 more for each $100.00 increment
All amounts listed above are before shipping and taxes. The above rewards are a suggested guide.

SALeS oveR $1000

Thank you for hosting an Avon in Your Home Party! This planner will ensure that your party is a success. After 125 years, Avon continues to empower women by offering them innovative products designed to satisfy all their skin care and beauty needs. Your guests will also enjoy our wide selection of jewellery, children’s gifts, home decor and so much more – all in the comfort of your home. I look forward to partnering with you to make your party a big success!

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Show the brochure to everyone who is unable to attend. Outside sales can increase your show total and help you earn more free brochure products.

Booking Bonus
For every one of your guests who holds an “Avon in your home” party with guest sales of $200.00 (before taxes) or more in the next 6 months, you will receive 25% off your own personal order.

Become a Representative
Do you love our products and want to share them with everyone you know? Let me show you how you can create a successful Avon business! Turn your party sales into your first order as an Avon Independent Sales Representative and you could earn 40% of those sales.

Don’t forget
• friends • family • co-workers • school teachers and staff • neighbours • people you know from church, clubs, and hobbies

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