Firy signs : Aries, Leo and sagittarius Airy sign : Libra,Gemini and aquarius According to astrological theory, air signs are the talkers and communicators of the zodiac. Typically they are supposed to be intellectual, analytical, articulate, and versatile – able to discuss just about any topic. Air signs are also seen as the masters of social graces because they enjoy socialising and are very good at "small talk." They are often seen as so objective that they are unable to be practical and realistic. At worst, air signs are supposed to be so changeable they will not stay anywhere for any length of time, and so restless they have trouble with serious concentration on any single job they might be required to carry out. Air signs' role is seen as providing the ideas that make the future different from the past, whereas fire signs carry out the actions necessary for this. Air signs are seen as complementary to fire signs because they provide the ideas that allow the fire signs to carry out their action. However, it is often thought that fire signs are too flagrant and impatient for the air signs to tolerate permanently. In human relationships, air signs are said to be gregarious and extroverted, often attracting friends very willingly and easily with their charm and ability to communicate. However, air signs are believed to be lacking in passion and unable to form strong, lasting relationships; Air signs are supposed to more or less understand earth signs because they share a basically rational nature. However, whilst air signs are supposed to admire earth signs' will to achieve, they supposedly find them too timid, pessimistic, undemonstrative, and cautious, and the earth signs, though attracted by the air signs' unique thoughts, find them overwhelmingly unrealistic and flippant. astrology believes air signs hate water signs as too subjective, secretive, and illogical. For their part water signs supposedly deride air signs as emotionally shallow, excessively concerned with worldly pleasure, and uncaring towards others. air signs will find themselves most compatible with fire signs, who share the similar traits of being positive, extroverted, outgoing, and fun-loving. Fire signs may not be as intelligent or rational as air signs, as air signs may not be as passionate or controlling as fire signs, but they can generally adapt to each other's ways, and find they have a lot of different traits to offer in fufilling one another. water sign : Scorpio, Cancer and pisces According to astrological theory, water signs are characteristically intuitive, imaginative and deeply emotional (unlike the shallow emotional character of fire signs). Water signs are believed by astrological theory to often possess a much more penetrating insight into the true nature of other people than other zodiac signs: they are supposed to be remarkable in their ability to judge people. Water signs are seen by astrological theory as sensitive (often hypersensitive) people, and to possess a great desire to help others. Although they are not seen as intellectually weak, water signs are occasionally referred to as mute signs because they supposedly rely so much on non-verbal communication rather than logic. At their worst, water signs are supposed to be withdrawn, secretive,

possessive, and pessimistic, often withdrawing into their own private world rather than facing difficulties. They are also often unforgiving if injured or even slighted. In human equations, water signs are generally supposed to be reserved and not gregarious, but are exceedingly passionate. This intense passion and devotion to a spouse under all conditions, along with their emotional intimacy with children that allows for easy relation to them, means water signs are often referred to as fruitful signs or fertile signs. They are seen as being complementary to the earth signs who provide them with the stability that they need to develop, whilst the water signs allow the earth signs to work more effectively. Although water signs are often, according to astrological theory, attracted to fire signs because of their ardent, passionate character, in general water signs will eventually find fire signs much too rude, outspoken, and honest to be comfortable with them. Water signs are supposed to have strong aversity, even hatred, for air signs, whose personalities they regard as shallow, uncaring, cold, and excessively worldly, though sometimes an air sign can be the yin to a water sign's yang (thus creating a great friendship). Earth sign : Taurus, virgo and capricorn. Earth signs are traditionally associated with stability, solidarity, and practicality. dependable people with the ability to rise steadily to positions of power and control at their worst, they are said to be highly materialistic They are seen as negative, introverted, and not very sociable, owing to their focus on their own work and goals that tend to move them away from an active social life with others. It is said earth signs tend to be most satisfied when they have accumulated material possessions rather than knowledge (air signs), personal security (water signs), or power (fire signs). Earth signs supposedly find air signs fascinating because they can be attracted by their strange thoughts and share their more or less logical way of thinking. However, earth signs supposedly believe air signs to be "up in the clouds" and trying to put forward ideas that never will work in practice. Earth signs are said to be attracted to water signs because the two share qualities of acquisitiveness, retentiveness, and self-protectiveness. The earth signs supposedly feel that the water signs will nourish them, whilst water signs supposedly feel that the earth signs offer them the emotional security they desperately want. Whilst water is considered compatible with earth, water signs supposedly do not share much of the earth signs' practicality and the earth signs supposedly often view water signs' idealism as quite unrealistic, sometime even fanciful.

Aries : Mar 21-Apr19 Taurus : Apr20-May20 Gemini : May21-June20 Cancer : June21-July22 Leo : July23-Aug22 Virgo : Aug23-Sep22 Libra : Sep23-oct22 Scorpio : oct23-nov21 Sagittarius : nov22-dec21 capricorn : dec22-jan19 aquarius : jan20-feb18 pisces : feb19-mar20 Capricorn- The goat Dec.21- Jan 20. Emotional Traits: Jealous, selfpity, malencholic. Mental Traits: Methodic, acquisitive, ruthless Habit Traits: Cautious, changeable,practical Capricornian is usually silent type and know what he wants & sets out to get it so people believe him to be ambitious to the extreme. But actually capricornian want money rather than glory. They are hardworking, industrious, painstaking, thorough, economic minded. Usually thought to be selfish but competition in struggle for life do demand tenacity & some ruthlessness. Most capricornians are thoughtful & studious in demeanour having the making of scholars. They are selfconfident, sincere & outspoken but are quite capable of harbouring resentment & prone to selfpity.Most reliable person ( i seriously doubt this) . Have a sense of humour that many find attractive but not exactly the center of attraction. About profession: Mainly go in academics or industries. Money comes late & through hard work. Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, capricorn Can be good with: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces A 50-50 chance with: Aries, Sagittarious, Leo. Doubtful with: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra ( i feel very bad to see that) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Libra- Scales

Emotional traits : Equability, sociability Mental traits: Artistic critic, approbative, sagacious Habit traits: Changeable, restless, independent The innate desire to be different is deeply rooted in librans. Librans always argue the opposite point of view whenever he find himself involved in debate or discussion.Evenwhen he favours a certain line of thought. The reason behind all these is desire to equate. He can be readily wounded without showing it at all on the surface. To most of his friends the libran appears to be equable generous, sociable & sentimental. He is a good mixer & an excellent conversationalist. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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