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Alfresco Case Study: Reed Managed Services

Reed enjoys a leading position in the UK recruitment, training and HR consultancy sector at a time when people are recognized to be the key component of any organization’s success. Reed was founded in 1960 and since then the company has grown organically into one of the UK’s largest private businesses, with over 3,000 employees and 305 branches that now generate sales of over £0.5bn a year.

A Single Desktop for all Branch Consultants
Reed Managed Network Services (RMNS), part of Reed Managed Services, provides IT services to the six Reed companies. The top priority project for RMNS in 2005 was to provide a single desktop for all branch consultants. This desktop, known as Xpress, was designed as a single point of access for all applications required by the consultant. One of the key components of Xpress is online access to documents to improve the availability of information relating to training, client accounts and best practice procedures. As the RMNS development team was fully occupied developing the front office application, an offthe-shelf document management solution was investigated. After considering several possible options, the team’s recommendation was to adopt Alfresco.

Business Challenges
• • • Single desktop for all branch consultants; Single point of access for all applications; and, Online access to documents for training, client accounts and best practice procedures.

Technical Challenges
• • • • • Replace current business excellence manual and incorporate role-specific training and computer based training; Produce best practice in documented form; Distributed access for all Reed Employment including Hospitality, Industrial Divisions and, in the next phase, other Reed companies; Login identifies which documentation is accessible; and, Email and workflow integration.

“Open Source changes the whole cost profile of Enterprise Content Management.”
Patsy Drake, IT Director, Reed Managed Services Plc

These resources will be available throughout Reed Employment. The user’s login will identify which documentation is accessible. This development will also provide a source for newly created Best Practice Standards documentation. Excel. Head of Technical Architecture. content. links and CBT courses. PDF. Alfresco shifts focus from the ‘document’ to the content of the document. While the majority of content will be in the form of template documents and links to external resources. html. Web Services and Aspect Oriented World of today. UK Tel: +44 (0) 1628 876 500 Fax: +44 1628 876 501 info@alfresco. based on industry standard tools. • Range of documents has huge scope and can use Word. • • • Distributed Access to Best Practice Documentation and External Resources with Email and Workflow • The main aim of this project is to provide a consolidated resource containing the best practice tools. The next phase of development will be to include the other Reed companies. which offered performance and scalability. Reed-in-Partnership. Alfresco Software. allowing RMNS to use only certain functionality and add new features as requirements grow. • Control by specific teams and co-members. 30339.Why Reed Managed Services Chose Alfresco • Alfresco’s architecture is open-source. Reed Executive. i. categories and folder location. 2839 Paces Ferry Road. Suite 700. Bridge Avenue. The AspectOrientated design of Alfresco provides the unusual ability to blend software components with content – therefore. and Reed Learning. Reed Managed www. USA Tel: 877-238-4651 Alfresco Software. The Place. This was made much easier by Alfresco’s stated aim of making anything they do transparent and open. there are certain levels that require additional functionality .com Reed1110 . including their Hospitality and Industrial divisions. GA. Atlanta. for example for teams always dealing with queries. zero training requirement’ which was easily met by Alfresco. • • “Alfresco takes ECM from the Client-Server World of the 90’s into the SOA.” Romain Sutton. RMNS also had an ‘easy-to-use. guides. Reed Managed Services Plc The Benefits of Using Alfresco • Fully searchable site based on attributes. rather than implied form. Reed wanted an open source solution. The first development will be for Reed Employment and is intended to replace their current Business Excellence Manual and to incorporate role-specific Training materials as well as existing Computer Based Training Packages.for example. • Less confusion – time saved by individuals. • Documentation is in one place. SL6 1AF. The benefit of the Alfresco development team’s many years of designing document management tools was that they had employed a user-centered design that was able to package easy-to-use portal components for managing and organizing content. and training materials that a Reed consultant needs to perform their role effectively. Maidenhead. and. making mini-applications out of previously inert documents. email and workflow.alfresco. • Easily maintained by users and therefore contains information that is up-to-date and of a high standard. which will see best practice in a documented.e. modular and standards-based. Reed Personnel Services. but that could easily be integrated with the existing infrastructure.