Employee Performance Appraisal

Employee Name: vivek dutt tripathi Employee Designation: Software Engineer

MAJOR JOB FUNCTIONS * Please highlight tasks which are assigned(already scheduled) and categorize them MAJOR JOB FUNCTION % Performance Standards

Release activities

25 Completion of all use cases on time. Bugs reported on Use cases developed. Writing Design docs for use cases. Quality of coding, logging and exception handling Completion of Use cases with Quality.

Product Knowledge

15 Your knowledge on the product you are working. Over all product understanding. Showing Interest to know other modules. New ideas and innovations - Product


5 Knowledge about Over -all Architecture of our application 5 Turn around time. Prioritising bugs Commens while fixing the bugs Bug Analysis. How often do you work on Production bugs. What is the turn around time.

Fixing Bugs

Supporting for Production issues

Mentoring New joinee/ Training people in the team Working with QA Interaction with QA folks. Reviewing of test cases. 5 Clarifying Iussues with QA Technical Capabilities 15 Knowledge of Core Java Expertise on Web technolgies ( Jsp, Servlets)

DAO Architecture. J2EE knowledge New enhancements and technologies Any others skills ( Ejb, Web service, Taglibs etc….) 10 Knowledge about our SQL standards. Writing effective Queries. Understanding the database schema and relationship. Database Designing Skills Performance tuning Understanding about Internal Frameworks


Design Knowledge

10 Designing Skills Approach taken to come up with a good solution for a Use case 10 Verbal Communication with peers. Wriiten communication with products team and others. Knowledge sharing within team Workload sharing and management participation in team meetings

Soft Skills

Participation In Interview process

Major features developed.

Action Items/Feedback:

Average Rating : 3.75


* Please highlight tasks which were a part of self improvement and also any personal achievements o and rate them accordingly MAJOR JOB FUNCTION % Performance Standards

Action Items/Feedback:

1 2 3 4 5

PERFORMANCE LEVEL DESCRIPTION Job performance falls below the required standards and the employee need performance

Job performance meets some of the required standards but the employee ne Job performance meets the required standards and the employee is perform

Job performance consistently meets and sometimes exceeds the required s standard

Job performance consistently exceeds the requirements of the job and the e standard

Employee’s Signature Date

: :

Department: Engineering

Lead’s Name: Prashant Shenoy

e them Employees’ Rating (1-5) 1-Worst, 5-Best Lead's Rating Comments/Feedback by (1-5) 1-worst, 5Employee best


completed all my usecases on 4 time,worked on other's feature.








5 Good interaction with QA.


I learnt XSD ,how can we use xsd for generating Castor 3.5 object.worked on FreightInvoice.xsd . But I need to understand how can we make our code more generic. I need to learn how can we tune our query.how can we add and use indexes to improve performances of complex queries.Also which type of indexes we should use 3.5 etc.





3.5 I need more improvement in my communication skills.

personal achievements on what you feel Employees’ Rating (1-5) 1-Worst, 5-Best Lead's Rating Comments/Feedback by (1-5) 1-Worst, 5Employee Best

rds and the employee needs to make significant improvement in overall

andards but the employee needs to improve overall performance and the employee is performing well

mes exceeds the required standards, and the employee is performing to a high

ements of the job and the employee is performing to an exceptionally high


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