1he 8oller CoasLer SLory by Ana

Ana ZapaLa
3° LSC Aţ 2011Ŵ2012
lŦLŦ ºvŦ Canada 8lanch" London

Pe cllmbed lnLo Lhe seaL [usL before Lhe buggy moved offŦ Pe pulled down Lhe bar as Lhe vehlcle
sped upŦ 1he muslc began Lhe llghLs flashed and he moved fasLer and fasLerŦ 1he rollercoasLer was
beglnnlng Lo move backwards when l spoLLed a man ln black ln Lhe buggy ln fronL of me looklng back
aL meţ observlng me closely as lf he was Lhere Lo spy on meŦ Pls face showed absoluLely no moLlon
or expresslon as lf he hadn'L smlled for yearsŦ l grew very aware LhaL lL was only me and hlm on Lhe
rlde and everyone else was walklng down Lo 8rlghLon plerŦ
1he man ln fronL of me was whlsperlng someLhlng Lo hlmselfŤ aL leasL l LhoughL he wasŦ Pls mouLh
moved and Lhe gesLures he made were as lf he was Lalklng Lo a close frlend nexL Lo hlm buL no one
was LhereŦ
l goL off Lhe rollercoasLer panlcklng and wenL Lo flnd a place wlLh aL leasL some wlLnessesŦ l looked
around and Lhereţ rlghL ln fronL of meţ was a mllkshake shopŦ l boughL a sLrawberry mllkshake whlch
was Lhe flavour l haLed Lhe mosL buL aL LhaL momenL l was Loo sLuck ln LhoughL Lo careŦ 1he man
was behlnd meŦ Lverywhere l lookedţ he seemed Lo be Lhere llke a hawk lnLenL upon lLs preyŦ 1he
beach looked beauLlful buL l was afrald Lo go down Lo Lhe waLer as Lhe man goL closer and
whlspered Lhlngs ln my earsŦ
l goL Lo Lhe Lraln sLaLlon Lo Lake Lhe Lraln back Lo LondonŦ l was Loo afrald Lo Lell anyone my problemŦ
My hands were shaklng franLlcally and lL made my LhoughLs mlx upŦ l was noL sure of whaL or where
l was golng l saL down and Lhe man saL down wlLh meŦ under hls breaLh he Lold me Lo glve hlm my
handţ l dld as l was Lold because hls volce was very lnvlLlngŦ My hands were as whlLe as snow and my
mouLh couldn'L speak a slngle wordŦ Pe Look ouL a small black dagger and dug lL lnLo m palm maklng
sure lL pressed ln deeplyŦ l screamed and l Lrled Lo pull my hand awayŦ 8uL l only felL paln as Lhe
dagger Lore Lhrough my sklnŦ Pe grabbed my hand and spoke flrmly uslng Lhese exacL wordsť ºnow
you're mlne"Ŧ l losL consclousnessŦ
When l opened my eyes l saw LhaL l had sLopped ln London alreadyŦ 1he knlfe was sLlll dug lnLo my
palm buL Lhere was absoluLely no welrd man abouLŦ l lefL Lhe Lraln noL even noLlclng my wound or
how much blood l was loslngŦ l felL sleepyŦ When l was walklng up Lhe sLreeL Lo my house and
everyLhlng l saw Lhrough my eyes wenL black and whlLeŦ l could noL Lell where l was walklngŦ 1he
nexL Lhlng l felL was Lhe cold floor klsslng my cheekţ and slrensŦ A pollce woman Look Lhe dagger ouL
and Lraced flngerprlnLs Lo flnd Lhe evllţ psychoLlc man who had done Lhls Lo meŦ l needed my
revenge and l was deflnlLely golng Lo geL lLŦ