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23 Nov.

2011 - MEETING AT THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ON EMF & HEALTH On the 23rd of November 2011, MEP Jill Evans organised a meeting on EMF and Health in the European Parliament in Brussels. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the following MEP's: Keith Taylor, Michèle Rivasi and Frieda Brepoels. The following speakers attended the meeting: - Dr. Isaac Jamieson (DIC RIBA DipAAS BSc(Hons) MInstP) presented his newly compiled "Smart Meters - Smarter Practices" book, commissioned by the UK Radition Research Trust (RRT), comprising 265 pages of research & current knowledge of health & environmental effects from the smart meters. During his talk Dr. Jamieson emphasized the importance of "best practices" in regards to smart energy meters and that a wireless system for energy meters is not only very fragile (to solar flares for instance) but also that the microwave radiation emitted by the smart meters poses a direct threat to public health. - Eileen O'Connor, Director of the EM-Research Radiation Trust, has been lobbying the UK Government and EU authorities for the past ten years to invoke changes to recognise EMF & Health. During her discourse she criticised the current official advisory committees on electrosmog, saying “public health does not seem to be a priority”. She ended with a clear message to the MEP's: "We need you to take immediate action now.” - Dr. Gerd the many microwave Oberfeld's applied." Oberfeld, health advisor for the Salzburg Government, discussed scientific studies which prove the harmful health effects of radiation at levels much lower than the current limits. Dr. final statement was: "The precautionary principle should be

- Steven Boone, coordinator of the (2), discussed the petition text, which is supported by +13,792 citizens, 98 M.D.'s and 24 professors. He noted the direct link between the exponential rise in electrosmog and the rising number of patients with chronic illnesses. This link is confirmed by more than 1,000 German professors and M.D.'s in the Freiburger Appeal. Steven Boone also discussed the recommendations of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the Seletun Scientific Panel to lower the EMF-exposure for all citizens. This was also demanded at
the recent European Electrosmog Protest and the Smart Meter Protests.

Note: Before the EU Commission meeting on the 22nd November Steven Boone provided Eileen O’Connor with copies of the 2-page 16th November, European Electrosmog Protest leaflet (3) with a request to hand deliver copies directly to members of the Stakeholder Group on EMF (electromagnetic fields) (4). On account of the European Electrosmog Protest a meeting in December will be organised by Dr. Laurent Bontoux of the European Commission. This meeting will be attended by the organisers of the protest and by Prof. Mattsson (SCENIHR).

(1) The book "Smart Meters - Smarter Practices" will be available from next month via the RRT-website: (2) (3) %20laatste%20versie.pdf (4)

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