Stopping mass medication in our community by Terry Lee Clark, Arcata Op-Ed, Eureka Reporter, Published July 2, 2007 If the

Humboldt County medical and dental communities were genuinely concerned about children and the most vulnerable, they would have taken to the streets and raised large sums of money to protest the killings of Christopher Burgess and Cheri Moore, and demanded immediate action to help prevent future shootings by law enforcement. There was not a peep from the fluoride proponents as to the underlying chemicalized society that led to those and subsequent shootings. Instead, a substantial majority of people in the health care business who took a public stand, with only a few honorable exceptions, focused their energies on frantically scaring the voters of Arcata into voting down Measure W, the Safe Drinking Water Initiative. Now they seek to drug McKinleyville, Blue Lake, Manila, Glendale and customers of the Humboldt Community Services District, as has been done in Arcata and Eureka. Before that occurs, people might start pondering the implications of an industry that, for more than 150 years, has placed dental fillings containing mercury in the mouths of children and other living beings. Patients might begin to question the silence of pharmaceutical sales representatives masquerading as doctors while vaccines containing preservatives including mercury and ethylene glycol (antifreeze), - have been foisted particularly on seniors and upon young people under threat of expulsion from school and removal from the home by Child Protective Services. It doesn't take a rocket scientist - or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., - to recognize we have a serious problem, Humboldt. Too many questions about the widespread harm caused by fluoride and mercury would eventually lead to class action lawsuits that would make the tobacco cases seem like a lovefest. Also frightening to the medicine establishment is the possibility that people might have even more doubts as to the wisdom of taking toxic medications that serve to mask symptoms without doing anything to heal the underlying problem, which thus continues to fester. More than $21 billion was spent by the pharmaceutical drug cartel in 2003 to influence the opinions of medical practitioners (, and the recipients of that largesse have no interest in departing the gravy train. Look at your doctor's pens, notepads, tissue boxes, coffee cups, clocks and other drug paraphernalia and you will see who has bought their loyalty and obedience. Some claim the government is already adequately protecting the public. Not so: The pharmaceutical companies have the best government money can buy. See, for example, The Center For Public Integrity's well-documented analysis at And the corporate news media? It's not going to bite the hand that feeds so well. Look, for example, at all of the advertisements there are in a typical half hour of the evening network news. Big Pharma spent more than $4 billion on advertising in 2004 alone (, and that has bought much loyalty - and silence. In the view of the dental-medical-pharmaceutical complex, fluoride represents a domino that must not be allowed to topple, for if it falls here, other communities will follow. The harm caused by fluoride is seen as mere "collateral damage" - and an opportunity to make even more money. Tell your local water district to protect children - and adults - from fluoridosis, thyroid problems, bone disorders and other preventable maladies inflicted by the addition of fluoride to water. Stop the current and threatened expansion of the medication of the masses.