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Infrastructure Optimisation

Business agility through your IT service

Infrastructure Optimisation from Charteris
Does your organisation suffer from overly complex IT systems, too many servers, a disparate desktop estate and inadequate use of management tools, processes and security practices? If so, the performance of individuals, teams and your whole business is being held back every day by high cost, inefficiency and lack of responsiveness. Worse still, if your IT service cannot deliver a truly agile, business-enabling infrastructure, revenue and reputation, productivity and profit will all, over time, be dragged into a downward spiral. “Attaining a truly agile infrastructure requires an unerring focus on operations during solution design, coupled with the right blend of business, project and technical skills. At Charteris we draw on our extensive experience of best practice design and architectures for Microsoft infrastructure technology, and we deliver a secure solution within a sound and proven framework based on both MOF and ITIL.”
Steve Black, Head of Infrastructure Optimisation, Charteris plc

The answer is Infrastructure Optimisation from Charteris, a dynamic framework that helps an IT service achieve operational excellence within a specific time period. It drives significant cost reductions and efficiency gains by aligning IT and business goals, delivering a programme of change that enables an IT service to attain a high degree of agility with a low cost of ownership. We offer three complementary strategies to enable the transformation to an agile infrastructure: 1. Ensure Your Business is Always Running 2. Reduce Unnecessary Cost and Complexity 3. Establish a Responsive Infrastructure. Within each strategy we concentrate on areas known to drive cost savings and efficiency gains, such as: ✔ Standardisation — reduce desktop, server and application platform running costs ✔ Controlled environment — prevent problems which affect productivity ✔ Consolidation — centralise and reduce server population ✔ Eliminate complexity — simplify technology and process ✔ Business continuity — align with actual business needs ✔ Virtualisation — ensure cost-effective server consolidation and disaster recovery ✔ Security management — control access to data and applications ✔ ITIL — implement technology with supporting process and procedures.

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Infrastructure Optimisation

Transform IT into a strategic business asset

Effective enterprises enjoyed 83% lower IT labour costs and 20% faster deployment of business applications*
Centralised Standardised

Rationalised Virtualised

Service and Policy Based

Uncoordinated Infrastructure

1 Objective


Reduce complexity

Consolidate and pool resources

Holistically managed services

2 Ability to Change 3 Charging Model 4 Business Interface 5 Resource Utilisation

Weeks or months

Days or weeks

Hours or days

Minutes or hours

Ad hoc

Fixed costs

Reduced shared costs

Variable use costs


Arbitrary SLAs

Service SLAs

Business SLAs



Rationalised, shared resource pools

Service and policy based pools Business and IT service aligned

“The work has allowed us to extend 24x7 operational support to cover all global business-critical applications, regardless of location, and make obvious cost savings. When the next stage is completed, we will have replaced 80 domain controllers with 12 AD domain controllers – a further 85% reduction in hardware.”
Alison Foulds, Director Global IT, Group Information Division, Inchcape Shipping Services, talking about a Charteris Infrastructure Optimisation solution based on Citrix, Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange 2003.

6 Organisation 7 Processes and Monitoring




Ad hoc

Basic monitoring, minimal processes

Advanced monitoring, mature processes

Full service management

The transition to an agile enterprise
We help you make the transition to an agile enterprise Using the model above (based on the Gartner Maturity Model), we measure your organisation’s infrastructure status then help you make the transition to an agile enterprise in which IT is a strategic business asset. We can help you implement: ♦ A variable cost operating model by defining a service catalogue, so your business users select only the IT services they require ♦ Service level agreements to keep the business running ♦ Management processes based on MOF (the Microsoft Operations Framework) or ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library of the UK Office of Government Commerce) to pro-actively manage and support your business requirements from IT.
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♦ Initial 50% reduction in hardware ♦ Initial reduction of 40 NT domains to one AD domain ♦ Improved service to the business
*Average gains enjoyed by Effective companies over Basic companies. Source: IDC ‘Optimising Infrastructure’ Report 2006.

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Improve quality and security, and reduce costs – right across the enterprise

Charteris Infrastructure Optimisation solutions are designed to provide a rapid and substantial return on investment through a combination of immediate cost savings and far-reaching business improvements. Typical benefits include: ♦ You operate an agile, operationally excellent IT service which becomes a business differentiator and enabler, helping you to succeed and remain competitive in a global economy ♦ You provide a higher quality of IT service to support and enrich the services that run your business and generate revenue ♦ You significantly reduce IT revenue costs through the standardisation, consolidation and virtualisation of services with complementary operating processes ♦ You improve operational effectiveness, responsiveness and customer service ♦ You increase business user productivity through improved service availability and rolebased desktops ♦ You improve IT staff job satisfaction and morale by freeing your people from mundane ‘business as usual’ tasks to focus on IT service improvements. Proven, practical and cost-effective Charteris Infrastructure Optimisation is delivered within the rigorous frameworks set out by MOF and ITIL, which provide ‘how to’ guidelines for achieving missioncritical system reliability, availability, supportability and manageability of Microsoft technologies. In this way, we address fully the people and the processes, as well as the technologies, needed for the cost-effective management of complex, distributed IT environments. MOF: (Microsoft Operations Framework) – a discipline for operational efficiency

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Infrastructure Optimisation

Proven cost The move from a Basic to an Effective savings and proven enterprise can reduce IT costs by business value around £250 per PC per annum*

EXAMPLE: Economic and business value gained from an optimised server infrastructure

Efficiency up

Revenue cost savings ♦ Hardware costs ♦ Software licensing costs ♦ IT staff costs (manage more with existing IT head count) ♦ Utility costs (electricity, air conditioning, hosting).

Increased operational efficiency ♦ Improved service and responsiveness to users ♦ Increased security, reliability and performance ♦ Servers and workstations more tightly controlled via management tools ♦ Skilled resources focused on higher value tasks ♦ Proactive monitoring increases health of infrastructure and reduces business risk.

“The benefits surpass my expectations. We’ve exceeded time and reliability estimates, and increased security. In terms of technology, this project has been the biggest leap forward the Council has made in the last 10 or 15 years... it provides everything we require in terms of stability, forward progress and deliverability.”
Alan Nairn, Deputy Director of Corporate Services, Perth and Kinross Council, talking about a Charteris Infrastructure Optimisation solution based on Windows Server 2003.

♦ 50% reduction in servers ♦ 25 to 1 reduction in backup hardware ♦ Service availability dramatically increased
* Source: ‘Optimising IT Infrastructures: Using Best Practices to Drive Down PC Labour Costs’ by William Barna.

Costs down

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Infrastructure Optimisation

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Why Charteris? Experience – the difference

Charteris offers unrivalled hands-on experience and leadership in both business process and technology implementation. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Infrastructure Optimisation concept of improving quality of service and lowering costs as part of a structured move towards an agile infrastructure. Our strengths ♦ In all our projects we focus on reducing costs and increasing efficiency to facilitate business agility via your IT service ♦ We consider technology adoption in isolation an unviable solution – maximum business benefit is derived only when technology supports operational processes and strategic goals ♦ We employ highly experienced practitioners who will interact with you throughout to produce the best possible results from an engagement ♦ We use a proven approach to building cost-effective and operationally excellent IT infrastructures based on ITIL and MOF standards and methodologies ♦ We offer unrivalled infrastructure experience, evidenced both by our accreditation as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (for Information Worker Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Business Process and Integration, Networking Infrastructure Solutions and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions,) and our regular inclusion in global Microsoft early adopter programmes ♦ We possess a deep understanding of best practice architecture and design, operational process and business efficiency, and systems and service management ♦ We have a proven record of implementing Microsoft infrastructures for enterprise customers that is among the best in the world ♦ We retain significant expertise and experience in the full range of Microsoft server, desktop and management products ♦ We advocate end-to-end and discrete services, ranging from envisioning and strategy, through to deployment, benefits assurance and operational reviews ♦ We build your IT staff’s knowledge of our solutions in all our engagements through skills transfer workshops at appropriate project stages CASE STUDY HIGHLIGHTS ♦ 99.95% availability ♦ Overnight software updates to 60 sites ♦ Culture change to service-oriented ♦ We act as a partner in sharing the responsibility for driving down costs, increasing availability and delivering higher quality of service to the business.

“As well as making large savings on costs and time, we have reduced total cost of ownership because the IT team can remotely assess and address desktop issues at outlying sites. Where we are today, compared to where we were before, is fantastic. We can see what is going on at any location and at any time.”
Laurie Brown, Infrastructure Manager, The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, talking about a Charteris Infrastructure Optimisation solution based on Systems Management Server 2003.

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Infrastructure Optimisation

A selection of Charteris Infrastructure Optimisation solutions

We offer particular experience of designing, planning and deploying the following technologies: Microsoft ♦ Windows Server Family ♦ Active Directory ♦ Windows Desktop Operating Systems
Best Practice Operational Management Enhance management and service delivery processes through ITIL and MOF procedures for lasting cost savings and operational excellence in your organisation. Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by introducing infrastructure management technologies and increasing standardisation. Enterprise Directories and Identity Management Employ an enterprise-wide directory management tool to integrate business applications, coordinate user data in disparate directories, and reduce administrative costs.

♦ Windows Terminal Services ♦ System Center ♦ Systems Management Server ♦ SoftGrid ♦ Operations Manager

Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Enhance e-mail functions, centralise messaging, improve collaboration, and create shared workspaces by implementing Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint server. Provide access anytime, anywhere through any mobile device to corporate mail and data using best practice secure remote access methods.

Business Desktop Deployment Move to a standardised, manageable desktop environment using zero touch technologies. Execute large-scale desktop deployments on time, to budget, and without productivity or data loss. Provide self-service facilities to users to enable self management of their IT environment to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

♦ Exchange Server ♦ Virtual Server ♦ Internet Information Server ♦ ISA Server ♦ SUS/WUS

Migration, Consolidation and Virtualisation Migrate or upgrade to the latest Microsoft OS for significant scalability and efficiency gains. Centralise administration and reduce management overhead while cutting long-term server and maintenance costs through consolidation or virtualisation.

Application Infrastructure Build infrastructure environments for applications that follow strict standards for security and build to provide the performance, scalability and resilience required by the latest business and database applications.

♦ BizTalk ♦ SQL Server ♦ SharePoint Portal Server ♦ Live Communications Server ♦ Rights Management Server

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Ensure your data is protected from site, server, or application failure with proven disaster recovery and business continuity methodologies. Improve operational availability and efficiency by adopting tried and tested procedures.

Security Ensure your Microsoft environment meets all recommended best practices for securing both the desktop and the back-end infrastructure – from operating system to application through to data – thus minimising potential data loss, fraud and downtime.

Citrix ♦ Citrix Presentation Server ♦ Citrix Access Gateway

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Infrastructure Optimisation

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Enabling the agile enterprise through the strategic application of technology
About Charteris Charteris helps leading organisations transform business performance through the strategic application of the latest proven technologies. We focus on three key business areas:

A selection of Charteris clients: Abbey Argos Avis Barclays Boots Cabinet Office Criminal Justice IT Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Financial Services Authority Guardian Media Group HBOS Inchcape John Lewis Partnership KCI International Marks & Spencer Microsoft NHS National Services Scotland Perth and Kinross Council Premium Credit Reuters Sainsbury’s Scottish Enterprise

Customer Centricity
Enabling organisations to deliver a fully integrated service to their customers, irrespective of the sales or communication channel.

Intelligent Integration
Transforming mid and back office processes and integrating real-time decision-making into business operations.

Infrastructure Optimisation
Implementing coordinated and efficient IT infrastructure and achieving operational excellence. Charteris solutions in each area, whether taken in total or in part, are designed to help client organisations progress along a proven and cost-effective path towards enterprise agility. We combine our capabilities with in-depth industry specific knowledge, with particular focus on: ♦ Financial Services ♦ Retail, Manufacturing and Services ♦ Law Firms ♦ Media ♦ Public Sector ♦ Telecoms

SWX Swiss Exchange Tesco

Charteris plc Head office: Charteris House, 39/40 Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7JN Tel: +44 (0)20 7600 9199 Fax: +44 (0)20 7600 9212 email:

For more information on Charteris, visit, email or telephone +44 (0)20 7600 9199.

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Infrastructure Optimisation

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